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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 29, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather partly Cloudy hot and we ref scattered afternoon and evening thundershowers. High 95 Tow 74. Details Page 5-a. Published in the heart of the pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto Reader s tip Florence s buddy Baker be came the first local youth to win the championship of the Junior Golf tournament. See Page 1-b. Vol. Florence s. C., of Koday morning july 29, 1955 daily 5c sunday Loc weekly 356 Aiken House in distress by Frank Iii Gelli morning staff Avrile a the Aiken House Florence s largest build in. If unquestionably in an official of the Federal housing authority told the morning news Washington Bureau yesterday. The official also slated that the Cha is currently considering a proposal made1 by .1. Rooue Aiken. Owner of the building to take it off his hands. Earlier yesterday Aiken told the morning news when questioned on the matter that the Story in t True at he added neither they the1 Cha nor we have made any move in that Aiken attributed the first information on the Mailer to gossip. Gym Inbody is just starting a Rumor i suppose. They probably have ulterior he said that his company certainly did not have any plans to turn Tho build int Over to the government hous mortgage on the building. Tin Aiken House completed in 94 j is reported have Cost the Cha official declined to explain the terms of Aiken s proposal now under consideration. He re plied that such things were Busi in Agency now or in the i. Mal cars the later the Cha official was quoted As saying. There s no question Aboul its being in distress. It has been or some time and we Are currently considering a proposal by or. no decision on the proposal has been reached As yet. He said. Asked if it was True that Aiken Liples involved and were therefore in his Inion not. Publishable. He said that he alleged ?100.000 loss could have been the amount of Money that Aiken had in the build ing. The apartment building located ill the Corner of Coil and Evans streets in downtown Florence was Timnerman hits at Ike on race Issue stood to lose on the pro privately financed by Independent postal. The official said that s the sources and the Cha acted As first i be heard of j warrantee on the project. He said there is a in the event such projects go into default due to insufficient pay ments on mortgages the owners have two alternatives the Washington report explained. They can either sign the mortgage Over to jibe housing authority or they can i tender the building. Asked if he thought the Aiken House would revert to the Cha the official said it s entirely possible but i Don t think one could say w. E. Moore director of the Cha in Columbia said that his office had received no reports on the matter from either Aiken 01 Columbia july 28 a Timmerman today took a verbal swing at presi Dent Eisenhower for what he called recent integration appointments am urged the South to never give up in resisting moves to break Down racial barriers. Timmerman told a news Confer ence hat any doubt where the president stands on integration Federal government s housing Agency. However a spokesman close to he Aiken firm reportedly said a Wop Osal from Aiken to the co Lumbia office is in the mails. The Aiken House has 48 apart ments on six of its eight floors. The lop floor is occupied by two penthouses and the ground floor chant of the auctioneer was absent at the one Day Market near Kingstree yesterday where buyers for the Southeastern aromatic tobacco co. Left j. S. Wilkins of Shelby n. And j. A. Few of Anderson purchased of turkish tobacco raised on 10 acres the first in this Section. The crop averaged per Hundred pounds. Y morning news photo there were a lot of jokes passed about it but Clarence Turner left and Ferrell Prosser probably bought More tobacco in Pamplico yesterday than anybody else. Marketing tobacco that is to go under government loan they picked up somewhere above 50 percent of the to Bacco on the floor at the first Sale at Pamplico. The prices they paid seemed to be pleasing with the Farmers too. Morning news photo Weed record May be set government buying Best is Given Over to office space. Seven office areas arc Locatti. On the ground floor four of which Are reported to be vacant at pres should have been removed when he appointed Frederic Morros. Hack Ansack. N.j., negro to an import ant White House Post. The governor said he understood in that Morrow one of Eisenhower s j advisers in his 1952 presidential i ii d t Campaign was or is a Field Secre jul Sqq tary for the a act National Assn. For the advancement of col ored Timmerman termed this build ing a pipeline from the a act into the while Timmerman also commented that he was definitely encouraged to hear of the . Senate delay in confirming the Nomina to be a liability mich., july 21 circuit judge Henry hearing a divorce property Settle ment Case ruled today that a Monde is not an asset but a the ruling involved an item list Tion of Eisenhower s Choice for the 41 h circuit court of appeals s. E. Soboloff of Maryland. Timmerman pointed out that this is one thing our representatives in Congress can do something about the governor also lashed out once again at the . Supreme court for substituting the Law for be writings of questionable characters to change the Law of the land in such areas As Public school segregation. They were More guilty than the three boys who were captured and brainwashed by the find Chi nest. asserted. He referred to the Trio of american sol fliers who first choose commit ism. Then elected to return Homcik recently. I deferring to reports that some parts of the accepting desegregation in Public schools. Timmerman said he has noted an increased resistance to integration in the South and More Syma thy toward the Southern particularly since the a act stepped up its integration drive. Ing a blonde in the division of common properly in a divorce suit. The plaintiff s counsel Ermid the blonde the cause of be separation and divorce and said she should be Worth some Hing in settlement. Indge Beers said i have known too Many men n similar cases who will argue Vith great Force based on sad per onal experience that such an item s not an asset hut is rather a Remendos new Type of Weed is grown in pee Dee by Thelma Smith morn Iff news slate editor Kings tree july a tiny warehouse just out of a miniature Type of tobacco was averaging per Hundred pounds today. The first turkish tobacco Ever to in this area about pounds was All marketed during the Day. A simple operation the Small Bales were loaded Onlo a conveyor hell to pass before two men conducting the Sale one who named the Grade the other who announced the the Farmers seemed pleased Hundred pounds. Much of is pulled from the wires and bailed going to with the Price and As t. S. In tobacco sold Here Burlap bags. The 20-40 Pound my la Lale of Lake City put it if brought top prices and arc then ready for the mar White House gets report on air chief Washington july 28 transcripts of a Senate hearing on the outside business activities conducted by Ibe Secretary of the air Force Harold e. Talbott were delivered to the while House today for president Eisenhower s person perusal. The president has said he will study the record in the Case and can get my expenses out of this i 1 portion brought less Iha Nistl. Sale with what i be Learned today a strange Type of tobacco to this Section Farmers were in sus Pense for the Sale. With such a limited knowledge of the i others planting the Small Bacco were Hill Mccollough of Indiantown two acres Marion few of to acres de Floyd of Ola la. One feel that in the future i can make the tobacco averaged about ,000 pounds to the acre and natures in less than three weeks. All the tobacco is purchased Southeastern aromatic tobacco j bring. Co. There is no competitive bid color and texture seemed rela on today s Sale As the Farmers Are King unimportant. Greenish look nol paid at the Sale. The Grade. There Are Only seven tobacco often brought higher Price weight and Bale number Mishich Range in Price irom prices than some with Lenin James c. Magorty said he did nol know How Long it might take Eisen Hower to read the verbal in report of the Senate hearings which Cov Best bidding Onlo Grade by Jimmie Iio Lis moral diff news farm editor despite the Lack of participation by buyers pee Dee tobacco sales appeared to have set an All time record for opening Day sales yesterday with reports of averages ranging As High As per Hundred pounds. All reports were unofficial late last night As Ware House Crews worked late into the night in most markets Irving to balance figures of a probable record Sale arc hauling Joel Weed it was impossible Lor them ill Arris. Agriculture teacher of Lake to predict what the Sale would City two. Exact figures were not available pushing out Jesus a Isbone s meditations by Alley Larry Cribb morning news staff writer e Are crowding Jesus out of our youth. The turkish tobacco evangelist Luck Harris told a of loss handling than flue mately 1.000 at the Florence Christian youth crusade last Bacco since no grading on color ticketed in Triplicate. So desirable in flue cured tobacco. Aroma is the primary Factor ill i turkish tobacco. Although Aboul a i acres were in ibis area Only id were i harvested. Many tanners planted Ismail patches Here and there just for experimental purposes. Live Farmers planted an acre or More each and worked at they say promises to be another Money crop " is area a Rcd three Days of Public Iusti or whether president would Wail for the investigating committee to file its report before reaching his own decision. Asked whether a resignation or Olfer of a resignation had been received at the while House from Malholt. Hagery replied. Barbot is ordered to employ Foreman the Farmers who heir biggest and Best crop Ever o the Markels seemed satisfied i Ith the prices they received but Here was considerable concern Over the amount of top Grade to Bacco that was going under the government loan. A sports irom Farmers who sold nearly every Market were to participation increased during the afternoon to boost the average. The first warehouse to sell he said had on average Sale of with the top Price of going for one pile. A. Haselden report had hem Ingway next in line on average Price with pounds Selling or an average of 39.17. Haselden said this was the High was picked up by the average Ever recorded on the in the effect Well Over per cent of the tobacco Market Hal went on the floor this morning stabilization Coo Crali there was a heartening sign however in the fact that the per Hemingway Market and reported Farmers pleased with sales ranging from 15 to s70 a Hundred. Cell age of Weed to be stored in City supervisor Marion s. The cooperative houses slackened Bowler reported prices in the from an estimated 70 during Range with pounds first sales to something close to As being sold. Although night. Clicking packing and unloading Lor Cigar los Pontius City editor members of the Florence City requires instigated action to by pass the o Street department Foreman. Proposed in a recommendation to City manager Council have manager to him Harris delivered his Sermon what must 1 do with is turkish to a Large crowd gathered in the tent at Maple. Not require Topping iwo main topics s composed the if i should do o baf5.6mms Dom Las out d6. Vav pm mints Sermon. Wha of o Jesus and u hat i should not do., m he be should not crowd out unto him let him be Cruci a the to service our Danny the choir Iri Fin of ii Een sans what will in Bacco Hes the seed. In Bagg Iii and a Grade and lives crucify him s Pat Hose of Florence and love c cod by Sandra Hidge confess him As a c fort Smith. Ark., offered to give two a trumpet Suli Liau a Trio composed of Sylvia Sweet. Kay Anil holy Allen Oil laced a lie1.1, ill Lull. Till o till till join the afternoon. The morning rounds found the interested Only in the grades and the bidding there was fairly competitive. The consensus among Farmers was that government graders were Grad Iii ii much on the Low Side on the top grades of cigarette Leaf. Most no Complete figures were not Avail Able. Fowler said thai the 763.81s pounds sold in the five warehouses for an average of per Hun Stevenson. Id Vance of plan lug. Farmers in this Seel Ion. Accustomed to growing cigarette loj councilman Bacco made the mistake of allow Burough ing much of the turkish tobacco to Over Ripon before gathering. Hai Szalc. Who raised Throe acres More than any other Fanner in Aid that Licul year lie plans to gather the tobacco every a Arbot is the hiring of w. 1. Moorer one time superintendent of the City trash department. As a Tore Man at a salary of a month. The recommendation bears the signatures of mayor David ii. My . Councilman i h. Gilbert and mrs. Maye w. Sai the i numerous Cili ago. As Sim Hll i year mall s sin is through his a old the group. Harris inert de me nails and be Al to to close the crusade. Harris his life store no conver the text Tor his which has appeared in the youth Sermon. Matlou Pilate in Hal shall i do Lin Job several Alcil mayor Mil. Cod said the Council signed i not a Mailer of a Warhol s head Man has applied Lor Jhc Jonii and we re Ninon minding him Liu Mel end he was Mil Hyiev in Hull in very will i i Nippur Mill in Louis o. Vai was approached in sign the . Said he u As not signing any paper Hal was not taken up in the proper he Fure a regular session if City i Micil. or t l Ella Fil til Utill Allenl Iii Iii . V. Liiro in Tun i Iii i but id 11.1 told Liy maim i Iii film miss pal i men my Hihi us City ii Iii la declined to him to the Post co Iii Ilman Gilbert said be Iii Cilman Mailland s has need Mooi Elroi the fore in who Leim Lodh a i Eliise Harris Lias night and killed out each morning Man position because i hunk in the . Via attended Fri Nan i Ninci Shiv 1ml Bain is open Chr Day he s Chr Best Man Avail me. In us no inv u ii lil Ami annl is now enrolled no Alai Lor i i i or ran in Laie june re a Hasipi bed for the not be lied in com men Winch if. Called Christ they Ull ily in Winro in. I alter about 10 the Loba Collion and be has Boon recommended the Mallei. These also agreed that in the next few Days the government grades would Slacken and the bidding would pick up. Most of them dred. One Lake City warehouse had 32.4 percent of All to ent Iloan and another said its percentage would not exceed 40 per cent. This was believed hat government graders were to a Little on the High Side intimated 32.4 percent of All t Al buyers were bidding very Soverne to be slightly less than the general aver age. The also seemed that the would bring Lake Civ average was he m

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