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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 28, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaThe family circus Andy Capp Herb has bees very me to me lately in pact last night he gave up Bow Mug practice to Florence morning news saturday july crossword no Fwy they live up to Mary Worth cur i Mowa shadows on i m sure you la i a Judy i m sure j for leaving mrs Judy is frightfully tired have appear Row a except m Cam .1 a r f the critics would t let it die with dignity Thev wrote the most brutal reviews Ai show Ever redoing said about we a breakdown Dick Tracy ill make More Coffee while Vou that 2-Way. Look Coffee hot7v i m going to sleep we be been awake so hours sleep Vou half baked Aib woe who needs Vou general tendencies an Adverse Day if you attempt to make a snap judgment of others or if you become involved in any arguments with Overly sensitive persons. Postpone making any serious commitments until a better time. Avoid undue criticism of make any new Wynn items. Akilia mar. 21 to apr. 19 conditions May be difficult at Home so engage in outside activities and accomplish a great Deal. Put off shopping until tomorrow. Take health treatments and make sure that you have a Good diet. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 being careful in motion is most important right now. Don t become angry when one makes a Sharp comment. Take care of your purse when out shopping and losing credit cards should be avoided be Alert gemini May 21 june 21 you have ideas about finances that could bring arguments with close ties so be careful. Don t spend lavishly when you can t afford it. Some advisers could be off the track. Use own judgment Moon children june 22 to july 21 although you May be thinking others Are imposing on you look at things objectively and you find it is not so. Take care of your health and appearance. Avoid one who Bickers. july 22 to aug. 21 you feel hemmed in by things you cannot control and you get Little assistance from loved one who is Busy now with other matters. Attend to important duties that need handling quickly. De Wise Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 your reliable friends could be quite confused so Don t rely on them today forget forcing anyone with regard to a personal aim you May have. Take time to engage in your favorite Hobby. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 try not to do anything that could jeopardize your position with higher ups or where the Public is concerned. Make sure that you your Bills. Attend the social tonight. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 Don t engage in any new interests right now or you could get into a Heap of trouble. Take part in routine affairs. A Friend needs your help so Don t fail. Sidestep one who belittles you Sagittarius nov. 22-to dec. 21 make sure you keep promises made to others and Don t expect Hanks. It is your duty. Being too forceful with mate could Lead to trouble. Show that you Are a thoughtful person Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 avoid an associate who is upset Wilh personal problems. One who opposes you should also be avoided. Become involved in outside interests. Think along co comical lines. Improve your image aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 Don t take any risks now. Attending Public affairs at this time can be helpful to you and others. Make sure you Don t criticize others even though it May be due. Relax tonight. Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 do those things thai have been satisfactory to you in the past. Don t engage in any activity that you can t afford. Keep Busy Al creative matters a Good Day to meditate and Clear your thoughts if your child is born today he or she will be one of those capable Young people who knows How to solve troublesome situations so direct the education along problem solving lines. Teach objectivity in personal and emotional matters and life . The study of languages would be very in helpful in career. Give Good spiritual training Early in life. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for August is now ready. For your copy Send your birthrate and is to Carroll Kig Hlor forecast. Florence morning new to Box 629, Hollywood Calif. 90028. M across in Florida 22. Certificate ebb Hob 6. Whiles facing 11. Printer s direction a nral composition 13. Hunting hound 39. Born 14. Woolly Parol 40. Hide 15.darkens 17. Onsager 18. Swarm 20. Faily Oto graph 24. Fake to court 25. Mike 27. Deep voice 31. Pine sugar 35. Clement 36. Girl s name 37. Journey Eek he sigh be Ana de n Beetle Bailey i m of " dial Pomps pet Weil my Launis Flusek setting a lot Flintstones of l Abner Arfell take Mah usual Misoo. Of a Day suite Mah Monet Omen As a wont am you la cask is Green. Moor oomph axiom is Apt 36 to 33 42. Eyet Elri 44. Roof Edge 45. Wasing Bird 46. Sleigh 47. Conduit solution of yesterday s Down 4, Snail 25 37 parltn.c37.nin. 2. Mccraner 3. Artificial Lake i i 38 35 8 39 of not Taquia 30 5. A musketeer 6. Turki Sli chamber 7. Kind of race 8. Piece of Jewsky 9. Wisdom 10. Seaweed 12. Slices 15. Upstage 19. Opera heroine 21. Players 23. Soil stroke 26.t3biltia of the 28. Virun doer 29. Frozen rain 30. Poems 31. Prepares the Way 32. Perfect 33. Artless 34. Furlough 38.understand 41. A font first 7-1 43. Chill conf Crof Bridge psychological warfare ask Gay Qunilon Lor Andy it on a Poil card and mail in id the Florence morning news p. 0. Box Iii Florence. 5. C. 21101. Andy sends Complete 20-volume set of inc Merit students encyclopedia in or null h anal. 11. Of Montgomery pa., for his question How big is a Redwood seed suppose you plan to raise your own Grove of redwoods. Since the great Trees Are conifers you could Start your ambitious project from seeds. If you order one ounce you get about 7700 Rusty Brown seeds. Kach seed is about As big As a Pinhead. Possibly they fell from a 2000-year-old Parent tree standing 2go feet tall. With special care a few of your Liny seeds May sprout. But in is not possible to raise a Grove of mature red Wood Trees in Pennsylvania. They survive Only in certain parts of California. East dealer. Neither Side vulnerable. Noktih 9 8 2 j 7 5 k j 104 West East 7 4 va942 vkqj108753 9 South a a q j 6 3 44 q8g 532 the bidding East South West North 4v 5v opening Lead nine of clubs. Dear or. Becker most players Don t grasp the psychological factors of the about because i be been playing in the same rubber Bridge game for Many years and i am far and away the biggest Winner in the game. It s not because i play better than the others it s because i have a big Edge Over them in psychology. For instance i won a rubber the other night the very first one we played. My partner and i did t have the cards to. Warrant such a Mammoth win and actually we should have lost on the rubber. It was he psychology that did it and it was this hand that got us off to a flying Start. 1 got to five Spades and West led his Singleton club. I won with the King led the ten of Spades and finessed. West took the King and made the Good play of a Low heart in order to get a club Ruff. East started to steam in Wardly when be saw the heart Lead because he wanted a club return also. And when he put on inc ten of hearts it held the trick because 1 discarded a Diamond discarding a Diamond was a key play and if you Don t understand Why or. Becker you re missing the Point completely. East Laid Down the Ace of diamonds which now made West very angry Over East s failure to return a club. I ruffed and claimed the balance making five. You never heard such an uproar As now took place As they berated each other bitterly for failing to return a club. Neither of them had noticed my seven card suit. From this Point on they were each so upset that they could t do anything right and All this was brought about by my Brilliant Diamond discard. Cordially yours John q. Dough. Wan s inhumanity to the exploitation the of the p00f2 real and weak "3. Reason the. 15 Cut. I j got did you grow a Beard and become a hippie because of Twe War a Redwood tree is ready to slice its final seeds Al the age of 70. The Brown Cones among the Lacy Pale Green foliage Are about one Inch wide. A few seeds Ripon under each of be crusty Scales and fall to the g a Parent tree Roaches maturity at 300 years and continues to shed millions of seeds every season for several thousand years. In 2000 years or so. A California Redwood weighs 1000 tons and May stand More than 350fcet All. One would suspect that the stupendous tree must sprout from a super sized seed. Not at All. It started from a seed that measured the of an Inch. About 123.000 of these Rusty Brown Pinhead sized seeds weigh annul one Pound ii is slim Ald Ihal Only one in a billion Secris has a Chance to grow in the parcel Grove. This is because Ali so huge Trees require very special growing conditions which arc not favourable to their seeds and seedlings. The Magnifico no California redwoods Sequoia Sempr Vircks. Or Ever living grow among califor Nia s coast Range. Their Groves crowd beside streams and on certain slopes. There the from across inc wide Pacific Are forced to change their vapor into misty moisture. During the dry season when inc Rusl of the slate basks under sum Mer Sunshine the tops of the redwoods arc lost in Cloudy Gray miss. Moisture condenses onto their Pale Garcon Needles arid drips to the ground. The paths through the ferny for Cal floor arc Damp and spongy. The lowest boughs of he redwoods Are Aboul 100 feel above the ground. But Only a few shafts of Light penetrate through their lofty crowns. Though inc great Trees land close together each has a shallow Root system often spreading through More than three acres. The Forest floor is a matted tangle of thirsty tools. Strewn Wilh fallen Conifer Needles Only a few Plant species can survive in the misty floor under the Majestic old Redwood Trees. Seedlings need airy Light and plenty of Rich soil. In i hair Parent s Grove Only one in a billion Redwood seeds has a Chance to sprout and survive. The rest Are lost and finally decay on inc Forest floor. The giant redwoods Sequoia Gigantes grow farther Inland in California s Sierra Nevada. They Sproul from Pinhead sized seeds and thrive under similar conditions. They arc not so tall but they live longer than the coastal red Woods. The famous Sequoia named general Grant sprouted 3500 years ago. It stands More than 267 feet Tail and is still growing. The tallest known coastal Redwood is 36r feet 7 inches tall and still growing Al the age of about 2000 years. Andy sends a seven volume set of the chronicles of narnia o Kathy Hurley age ii of Rochester. N.v., for her question How Noks an earthworm Tell Light without a doubt the earthworm is a Small Miracle. He manages to get around without legs wings or fins. He manages to Telf the difference Between Daylight and darkness without any definite cacs. Actually he does not see a Clear Pic Ture of the world. Hut he has a number of Light sensitive Ceils that Tell him All he needs to know. These special cells arc buried in his skin and Fine nerves connect them to the major nerve hat runs alone Tho impish of his body. 1973 King features Syndicate inc Here s to your goo health by Peter j. Steincrohn . Another hocus to a Kip on Sokimi dear or. Steincrohn Asa Small child i would lie in bed at t night and cough away with what was Ihnn called Catarrh. It subsided somewhat in Early adulthood and i even wondered if it might have something to do with the fact that i started smoking. When 1 was to. I quit smoking for six months. I think i coughed worse than Ever. I never got Over wanting to smoke. After gaining 20 pounds. I gave up and wont Back to smoking. About a year ago. I had a combination of Hong Kong flu and pneumonia which brought on a really terrible cough although x showed my lungs Are Okay now. I still have a pretty bad cough. I often Start roughing when i lie Down or i Wake up after several hours Wilh a coughing spell. I am 52 pc Arnold. I have asked my doctor to prescribe an Antihistamine for i me since i improve temporarily when i try the kind i can buy in the drugstore without a prescription lie refuses. All he will say is. Quit he will not believe that i had this cough Long before i Ever had a Cigar cute. Granted smoking does t do any Good however. I am no longer motivated to try quitting again after what happened before. I would appreciate your comments and suggestions. Mrs. A. Comment i agree Wilh your own doctor. I would refuse to prescribe the Anli histamines for you while you continued to i smoke. To give in to your attempts at rationalization would be extremely poor practice of Medicine. On the other hand you a be taking antihistamines. And on Hie other puffing away. It would he like applying a band Aid to a serious wound hat required special alte lion i admit your Long history of cough May be evidence of allergic disturbance. 1 am not minimizing your past but it underlines inc fact that in would make Good sense to consult an allergist. Meanwhile though resolve to quit smoking. Whatever in is thai causes your bad cough daily j smoking will Only aggravate in. The Choice is yours medica1.f.ttks replies to readers v dear or. Steincrohn i am a 16-year-old girl love sports. And want to use tampons instead of sanitary napkins. But my Molher Obj cols and will not even ask her gynaecologist them. What do you think miss h. Common t 1 think it would be All right to use them. But Betler get an opinion close to Home ask your mothers gynaecologist yourself. If he says yes then your problem will be solved most Likely. Dear or. Steincrohn we have just Learned that our 73-year-old Molher has been taking sleeping pills the year. She says they relax her and give her a Good night so. Sleep. She s a Beautiful woman in per feel health and walks threes to four Miles a Day. Her doctor who examines her Verv sixt months cells us not to worry about he bicep Iii tablets

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