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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 28, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning it s saturday july our 50th year no. 208 Florence s. C. If if daily 10sunday Weicker clash Over investigations Washington a for Mer White House aide John d. Ehrlichman declared Friday that drinking habits and per Sonal morals of dates Are fit subjects for investigation and disclosure in Politi Cal campaigns. He charged in testimony to the Senate watergate com Mittee i know of my own knowledge of incumbents in of fice who Are not discharging their obligation to their constituents because of their drink ing and he added it distresses me very much that that is not in an Exchange with an openly astonished sen. Tawell p. Weicker jr., a Conn. Ehrlich Man defended his hiring of for Mer new York policeman an Thony Ulasewicz to do outside investigating jobs for the White House. But Ehrlichman insisted that during the months in 1969 and Early 1970 that he supervised Ulasewicz his Only probe of an individual politician concerned sen. Edward m. Kennedy. D mass., and the Chappaquiddick incident in which a Young Wom an died in an Auto Accident. Ulasewicz told the committee last week he had investigated the sexual habits drinking problems Domestic difficulties and. Personal social habits of political opponents. Weicker and Ehrlichman quickly broadened their debate to the general propriety of such activities rather than any specific instances. Ehrlichman concentrated on drinking problems and declared you la agree with me Sena Tor that someone with serious drinking habits is of doubtful fitness for the sort of heavy duties that you Bear for in stance or that any senator the former Domestic adviser to president n Ixon said constituents at Home have no Way of knowing that you can go Over Here in the gallery of Congress and watch a member totter onto the floor in a lion of at least partial inebriation which would preclude him making any sort of sober judgment on the issues that confront this Ehrlichman said the news Media have an unwritten Rule against publicizing such habits and said they won t reach pub lie attention unless brought out by the challenger of an incumbent. Weicker his voice rising at times said do you really want to bring the political sys tem of the United states of our campaigns Down to the level which you Are talking about right replied Ehrlichman i know in your situation your life style undoubtedly is impeccable and there would t be anything at Issue like Ehrlichman acknowledged that maybe my standards Are All haywire that everybody in the Congress ought to be immune from scrutiny on that subject but that seems to me to be an indefensible position on your i am quite satisfied that our system our institutions Are perfectly capable of passing de cent judgment fair judgment hard judgment on political Fig ures Public officials without the Covert operations of Nice like or. Said Wei Cher. Ehrlichman had earlier told a committee a Story at wide Vari Ance from the account it had heard from John w. Dean Iii about crucial White House meetings on watergate earlier this year. Ehrlichman and Weicker also tangled As they had thursday Over Why l. Patrick Gray Iii was kept on As acting director of the Fri even after the administration had clearly lost Confidence in him. Citing derogatory comments about Gray from John Dean in Early March Ehrlichman s approach to Pentagon papers judge Matthew cynic about the Fri Job in Early april and Gray s own admission of april Sec watergate Page 6a astronauts ready to launch today Cape Kennedy Fla. A the skylab 2 astronauts pre pared on Friday for a record 59-Day space stay during which they will put a new Sun shield on the space station and learn More about Thel Earth the Sun and Man s trips to other Alan l. Hean. Jar Qwen k. Garriott and Jack planned to Board Apollo spacecraft atop a Saturn in rocket at about . Not saturday. Rocket was to hurl them to the 85-ton space Laboratory that has been empty since the skylab -1 Crew ended their 28-Dav Mission june 22. They Are to link up with the space lab 270 Miles overhead at . Saturday. At a Cape Kennedy news con Ference Friday skylab project director William c. Schneider said the skylab 2 Crew would. Make a space walk next tues Day and extend a Long ice shaped Sun shield Over the space station s living quarters. The space station lost its heat shield when it was launched in May and the skylab 1 Crew carried up an umbrella like shield which they extended through a Hatch in the roof and popped pen. Schneider said Nasa decided to deploy a new sunshade to cause the blazing Sun of space May have caused the first fab Ric and aluminium shield to deteriorate. The skylab 2 Crew will concentrate on solar astronomy during the stay in America s Cabin in the sky adding to the masses of data brought Home by the skylab 1 Crew last month. Scientists also Hope to learn More about tiie physical adaptations to weightlessness that occur cd in to in bodies. Of the skylab. 1 Astro nauts during 28days in space. The skylab 2 astronauts had Early morning physical examinations at Cape Kennedy on Friday then spent the rest of the Day relaxing and talking with friends and space Center officials. When they arrived at Patrick air Force base near the Cape on thursday the smiling and confident Crew Lold a Small crowd of Well wishers thai after More than two years of train ing they now looked Forward to Only one thing blasting off from Cape Kennedy and setting a spaceflight endurance record. Prosecutor Cox seeks itt files likes it gov. John c. West appears to like his tee shot at the country club of South Carolina As he tees off during a round Friday afternoon. The governor and his party played the Florence course after taking part in a Welcome Center Dedi cation on 1-95 near Dillon. The governor invoked executive privilege and did not reveal his score. Photo by Sonny Smith Senate House conferees work on farm measure Washington api sen ate House conferees Friday tentatively accepted towered guaranteed prices for Farmers re solving a dispute Over the fan hill., a Republican conferee said he Helie cd the Nixon administration which had threatened to veto the Bill would approve the measure with its guar alced prices and a clause thai could eventually raise guarantees to meet higher production costs. The conferees accepted the House passed figures for a new target Price concept Well Clow those approved by the Senate and also look the House s Var Sion of a controversial Cost of production escalator. The target Price guarantees the Farmer a set Price for his product. The Cost of product ton escalator would raise Ihrl target Price Asp Duclion in crease through the four year life of the Bill. The conferees announced they would try to Complete their work saturday. The remaining including a House passed ban on the Stamps for most strikers. In a Victory for Cotton inter ests the conferees rejected a House passed provision that would not have allowed additional subsidy payments where Cotton allotments arc leased or sold. Under the target Price a Farmer would be guaranteed s2.05 fur a Bushel of wheat. Si.38 for a Bushel of Corn and .38 cents a Pound for Cotton. The Senate Bill which the conferees abandoned would have guaranteed s2.28 for wheat. Si.53 for Corn and cents for Cotton. Rep. Wiley Mayne. A Iowa. Said a High ranking administration whom he Dit not identify had indicated that the action taken Friday by the conferees would meet administration lie said this report was relayed to the Senate House panel by a Republican member of the conference group who announced he had Strong reason to believe the committee s action in adopting the House escalator and the House target prices would meet with administration under the target Price concept a figure would he designated for the first year and the escalator would annually adjust the level. If existing relationships arc continued Between farm prices and crop production costs in subsidy payments would be necessary. But if prices drop sharply growers would receive payments making up the differ ence Between the target and their sales returns. Rep. . Poage. A Tex. Chairman of the House agriculture committee and a member of the conference panel said the conferees acted in the Hope and anticipation that the administration will accept the Compromise. Earlier the conferees tentatively agreed to give agriculture Secretary Earl i Butz control Over food prices. The move would Force presi Dent Nixon to make appropriate adjustments in ceiling prices charged for any farm product when Ruiz finds Price controls will bring Supply Short Ages and supplies can t he boosted by any other method. The agreement was worked out by farm state congressmen in a third Day of closed door sessions on four year farm legislation. It would cover meat poultry. Vegetables fruit and All other farm commodities at any Point in the distribution Chain. The language would require the president to act if Butz deter mines supplies will he reduced to unacceptable Levels. In proposing this Price adjustment provision originally accepted by the House in its version of the Hill earlier this month. Rep. Harold v. Frochlich a wis. Argued that if the Cost of living Council keeps sole control Over food Price regulations we can expect to Sec Barren grocery shelves skyrocketing food prices and a famine which will make the Days of the depression look like a lenten but it was attacked by rep. Benjamin s. Rosenthal. D-n.y., who claimed it would give the architect of those policies that have led us to the Brink of empty supermarket shelves a License to cover up his own policy mistakes by dipping once again into the pockets of con the Senate House conferees restored consumer Protection to the title of the comprehensive farm food stamp and food for peace Bill. Washington api Spe Cial prosecutor Archibald Cox disclosed Friday he has asked the White House to turn Over its files on the internal onal Telephone Telegraph corp. He called the file of Ulmos import Lance and said his re quest for it has been pending for sometime. Cox also said he asked for a confidential intelligence file kept by former while House counsel John w. Dean Iii. He Lold a news conference he would seriously consider is suing another subpoena for that material if something he comes urgently Cox did not elaborate or de scribe what might be in the itt file but his office has had under investigation the administration s handling of an anti Trust Case against the giant International conglomerate. It also is possible that Hie file contains details of itt s contributions in support of the 1972 Republican National convention at a Lime when plans called for lie convention Al a Lime when plans called for Iho convention in he Field in san Diego. In the meantime Loffi White House indicated that president n Ixon is planning to speak out on the watergate scandal some Lime soon perhaps within he next two weeks. Julie Nixon Eisenhower said her father would address him self to the Issue within that time irame and Deputy press Secretary Gerald l. Warren said he would t dispute her very Good i would not say anything which might he construed disputing what Julie Warren Lold newsmen. He would not pin Down further the Lime for the Nixon action How Ever. Sen. Lowell p. Weicker or. Ii Conn. A member of the sen a t e watergate committee charged thai Nixon attempted to Institute a presidency Ratti or than a democracy and said it threatens to bring Down America s constitutional form of democracy. In a speech to the National press club Weicker rejected an allegation thai his hard line role in the watergate investigation was disloyal to n Ixon. My oath of office was to the Constitution of the United slates nil Louk Weicke said tic significance of water Gate lie added depends not on who is punished but on Haw we. The people carry on from Here. Having seen How close we be come to losing what had been created for us 200 years ago. We must now make sure we never again become so careless that we risk losing it on thursday after Nixon re fused to comply with Cox s subpoena demanding Wal create a called tape recordings and documents. Cox asked for a court order requiring Nixon to comply. Dis Ricl court judge John j. Sirica gave the while House until aug. 7 to respond. Court of appeals f i stays bomb ban i Watkins Glenn really rocking the . Court of appeals stays until aug. 13 a District court order Banning bomb raids on Cambodia. Page 3c. Unable to recruit enough volunteers. The army eases its stand Ards. Page 3c. Index churches comics deaths editorials 7b several major Banks push their markets 4c prime rates to eight and three sports quarters per cent a new record. So Page 8b. Weather partly Cloudy with a Chance of thundershowers. High Low 90s. Low. Low 70s. 8 details Page 3a. G pee Dee housewives Stock up on meat . Morning news staff writer pee Dee area Consumers appear Cully anticipating a Sharp jump in beef prices after the Price freeze is lifted sept. 12 Are flocking to meat counters in unusual numbers this week. Several Florence area meat managers reported beef sales were unusually High and supplies getting harder to obtain. They re hitting us heavy on beef. Bilo meat manager Bob Murphy said Friday. I think they re anticipating a jump in prices after the freeze is lifted but we Haven t limiting our he added. A p food store manager Richard Isgett. However said he had noticed no Rush on the meat counter this week and did not expect his supplies of beef products to run out. Things Are a lot different this Carl Woodle. Meal manager of the Cherokee Thrift Way store affirmed. Our customers seem to be buying cheaper cuts of beef they re really buying out our specials. I think they re stocking their freezers before prices he said. Meat Industry officials Are predicting serious beef shortages next week if the Price freeze in t lifted immediately. Well be out of meat by big a grocery owner George Reddick of Timmonsville said late Friday afternoon. Maintaining a humorous approach to the situation Reddick told the morning. News. While you re checking around if you find any place thai has any Clra beef i la be glad to buy in from them i be called three meat packing plants Loday but still Haven t been Able to buy we be been out of Tbone steaks since Reddick continued my supplier Only shipped one third of what 1 ordered this Friday s beef cattle sales were Slimmer than usual nationally and beef processors say they can t live with a continuation of the beef Price ceilings. The ceilings of All food items except beef were removed last week under the phase four economic program announced by president Nixon. An american meat ins dilute spokesman said Friday thai the situation is continuing to deteriorate. Beef is disappearing from wholesale agriculture Secretary Karl l. Buu accor Ding to a spokesman has agreed to meet wednesday with beef Industry representatives. Cattle receipts Al ii major National Ter Minal markets the american meat Institute spokesman said for the first four Days of this week were More than 15 per cell below similar periods last week. Watkins Glen. . Api with automobiles jamming roads bumper to bumper for Miles thousands of youths inched through this Liny Village of less than 3.000 Friday in route to a Rock concert expected to be the Niggel since Woodstock. The Cano pied stage at the Watkins Glen grand prix Racetrack was set flanked by seven sound towers and two Light Lowers and ready to Rock from noon to Midnight saturday. Some 200.000 Rock frs arc expected to Allenl the 12-hour fast. the pro Gram features the or Alful dead the Allman a rollers and the band. Schuyler county sheriff Mau Rice Dean estimated persons were already on hand Friday night. Cant. Monty Kun Slon. A Deputy Al the Walkins Glen grand prix race track site of the festival estimated persons had already set up Camp. They re arriving in cars with people Riding on the hoods Riding on the Rucks and Riding on the Kuston said. Concert promoters said the Advance Sale of tickets exceeded with 80.000 sold in the new York cily area. In Rock events attracted persons at Woodstock and 300.000 at Altamont tells and ican los dolled Ifie area inside the Irack grounds thursday and Friday nights. Those who did l use Lens had sleeping bags stowed in cars or slept in Van Type Rucks and of her vehicles a thursday night rainfall accompanied by lightning created Large patches of mud but failed to Dampen spirits. Many brought their own food and water. Bui Concession islands pizza trucks and ice Cream wagons did a Gold Rush business. A thousand portable toilets were set up throughout the area. Water was available from 10 Wells that had been especially drilled. Some of the would be concern goers have been arrested a few on Misdemeanour charges that included Possession of drugs and others for traffic Vio lations. But a Schuyler county Deputy sheriff Manning a com Mand Post at the Irack said. The general behaviour of the people has been very four persons were killed in traffic accidents thursday and Friday while driving to the con Cert site Al the Walkins Glen grand prix race Irack. Those killed in the traffic accidents wore

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