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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1968, Page 1

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 28, 1968, Florence, South CarolinaOur 4sth year no. 210 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence South Carolina sunday morning july 28, 1968 daily Loc sunday ise communist plot alleged in King slaying Memphis term. Apar thur j. H Anes James Earl Ray s defense lawyer told newsmen saturday an International communist conspiracy was involved in the slaying of or. Martin Luther King or. Hanes said that immediately after King was assassinated Here april 4, . Atty. Gen. Ramsey Clark called the slay ing a one Man Job. Ray is charged with murder in the death. But Hanes said i am Here to Tell you right now that in my judgment the attorney general of the United states is 100 per cent wrong. There is a giant conspiracy Here and my client is being used by the Hanes did not elaborate except to say that he had this in formation from a reliable source and that it All would come out at Ray s trial next no vember. Speaking at an Impromptu news conference Hanes also As sailed what he called a Lack of privacy for his client and an in Vasion of his rights since his arrest in London june 8 and his return Here. And Hanes told of threats against his own family. I definitely feel that my client s rights Are being Tram pled and his privacy invaded while i think sheriff William n. Morris and his people Are trying to protect my client s political rights they Are at the Sams time trampling his individual referring to the closed circuit television that monitors Ray in his jail cell the former Bir Mingham mayor said neither my client nor t like the idea of cameras being focused on him 24 hours a Day. He has to hide his head under a Pil Low in order to get any sleep. He even has the evil Eye of a Cam Era on him when he uses the bathroom. Furthermore when i ing on him. Gentlemen this is Hanes said threats had been made against him his family his Secretary and maid. He said Tempo is picking up. The the Ball game is getting rough. The threats on my life and members of my family Are becoming More serious. There Are forces there yesterday 1 went to use at work in this country that do the bathroom and i go on to. Gentlemen this in my opinion is an invasion of his privacy and it is hurting his health because lie can t sleep with cameras Blaz not want to see this Man tried and they will Usz any Means in my judgment to see that Nei ther he nor i appear in the conventional Hall Chickee a Chickee is a Seminole Indian Structure used to provide shelter from the Sun and rain. Roy Cypress and his family Are building seven of cd levees around the Miami Beach convention Hall site of the National Republican convention which opens next week to shelter police and guards. Cypress is a Seminole Indian from the Dania reservation. A . Navy planes sink 218 enemy Supply boats Saigon a . Navy , flying from three earners off the coast of North Vietnam Sank or damaged 218 Niemy Supply boats saturday in Liat a . Spokesman described sunday As the largest bag of boats for the the nearly 200 Navy warplanes pursued the enemy kits and barges on Rivers. and coastal Waterways through the Southern Panhandle of North Vietnam sinking at least 118 of the Craft and Damag ing another the spokesman said. Ranging from the carriers intrepid Bon homme Richard and a third unnamed ship the . Planes caught the Supply boats in a wide area stretching from i9th parallel the Boundary for bombing in the memorial mass held for slain policemen , Ohio a three Cleveland policemen by sniper bullets on the i Ity s cast Side tuesday night eulogized at a memorial saturday As just Ordi nary Guys who pledged their jives to protect human rights just before the requiem mass St. John Cathedral mayor Carl b. Stokes announced the i of emergency measures i1 Ken to Deal with racial unrest ruched off by the sniper attack. Seven negroes also were killed in the shootings in the Glenville area. Looting and arson which Fol imbed the Battle Between police ind snipers have tapered off my mayor Stokes lifted the cur few which had been imposed on the troubled area for two nights. Police who had been working 12-Hmir shifts returned to regu Lar duty hours and nation Al guardsmen left the City. About guardsmen remained on a standby basis some 400 policemen including seven out of slate delegations marched from the mall at the Center of the City to the Cathe dra for the services for the three while Leroy Jones 47, and patrolmen Wil Wolff 30, and Louis Colon a 37. The solemn procession led by police chief Michael Blackwell was escorted by a motorcycle squad and mounted police. In the March were policemen from Boston Buffalo Chicago Birmingham ala., Gary ind., Detroit and the Pennsylvania stale police. Ohio marchers in addition to Cleveland included police from departments in Cincinnati Akron Columbus the Cleveland suburbs and the Ohio Highway patrol City councilman led by coun cil president James v. Stanton also were in the procession. Mayor Stokes sat with members of his Cabinet at the front of the l for the one hour mass celebrated by the it. Rev. Msgr. James Quinn vice Chan cellar of the Cleveland Catholic diocese bodies of the slain officers were at funeral Homes in their neighbourhoods. It is in Humble gratitude that we tribute to Jones Wolff and said msgr. Quinn in his Eulogy we Are grateful for their dedication to god and their Fel Low Man. They Are heroes just Ordinary Guys who pledged their lives their fortunes their Honor to protect human rights human dignity and to secure Law and order that Are the True Meas ures of human msgr. Quinn said Clevelan Ders can provide a lasting me Morial for the slain policemen through our Charity our con Cern and care for others of every race Creed and color especially in those moments when emotions test the sincerity of our North to Cape Mui Ron 75 Miles to the South. The spokesman said bomb damage to roads and Bridges in the Southern Panhandle below the 19th parallel had forced the enemy to depend increasingly on boats to move its supplies southward. The heavy attack was in response to this change in strategy the raid followed announcement saturday that two More american planes have been downed in the air War Over North Vietnam raising to 872 the total of . Aircraft lost on combat missions there. In a delayed report . Spokesmen said a Navy f4 phantom and a Marine a6 in Ruder were downed by enemy ground fire in North Vietnam s Panhandle thursday. Three of the four Crew members Are listed As missing and a fourth was rescued after surviving 20 hours in enemy territory. Maj. Curtis Lawson 37, of Sharon pa., the intruder Pilot parachuted into a North Viet namese antiaircraft Battery. He lid in a River and directed air strikes against the enemy guns until they were silenced and a Rescue helicopter was Able to reach him. . B52 bombers flew seven missions Friday and saturday u thing enemy Supply routes and Roop concentrations near the cambodian Border North of Sai gon and the northernmost 1st corps area. In Thailand american officials were expecting More Ter attacks on the seven . Bases there following Friday s raid by red guerrillas on the adorn air base. Michigan unrest site quiet grand rapids Mich. A scattered Rock throwing con inked saturday in a predominantly negro Section of South Eastern grand rapids where eight White persons were dragged from cars and beaten Friday night in what police said were assaults by negroes on passing motorists. Several persons were arrested and charged in connection with the disturbances. Police it. James Hendricks said however the situation had not been serious since 7 . And described saturday s Inci dents As minor and scattered. He said things Are pretty at the same time Hendricks said authorities were hoping a forecast of rain would Oyt and Dampen tempers. He described the late Friday and Early saturday assaults As spontaneous with attacks being carried out by groups of negroes ranging from five to 30 or 40. He added that police had no idea what might have Trig gered them. Two of the most seriously injured were army it. Col. Carl Johnson recently returned from Vietnam and his wife Natalie both of whom required surgery. Edsel Johnson the colonel s brother said he and his wife Esther the colonel and the lat Ter s wife had just turned off an expressway into the disturbance area when 20 to 30 persons stepped into the Street and halted his car. I should have run Over he bitterly told a reporter saturday. His wife added he stopped so none of them would get mrs. Edsel Johnson said the men swarmed around their car breaking windows and then beating the passengers with rocks and Sticks with women Ater stepping Forward to Rob them of wallets purses and jew Elry. She said the Johnsons had no idea a disturbance was in pro Gress when they turned into the area. The Johnsons finally were res cued by police and All taken to a Hospital. The Edsel Johnsons were Able to leave after treat ment. Col. Johnson suffered severe lacerations his wife a smashed nose. Czech Liber a trend affirmed thousands visit since it was first opened to the Public last summer thousands have toured Talaya the brooding Castle like Structure overlooking the Atlantic near Murrells Inlet. See Page 1-c. Mrs. Hubert Humphrey the nation s second is campaigning hard to make her husband president which does t leave her much quiet family time. See Page 5-a. Index arts 10-b building 7-c business deaths features sports to log women 6-a 2-a 1-c 1-d 7-c 1-b Cloudy with widely scattered late afternoon and evening thundershowers today and monday. Not quite so hot monday. A Gilt today mid-90s. Low tonight near 70. Minister urges combat Alert Moscow a defense minister marshal Andrei a. Grechko called sunday on so Viet fighting forces to increase combat readiness because of an attempt by International imperialism to make a breach in East european communist Unity. He apparently referred to Czechoslovakia. Although he did not mention Czechoslovakia by name Grechko used the same phrases being repeated Here in the cur rent soviet press Campaign against Prague s liberals. In an order of the Day for so Viet Navy Day Grechko said the present Day world Situa Tion is marked by an aggravation of International tension and increased and Between capitalism and socialism. The greatest danger to the cause of peace comes from the continued . Criminal War in Vietnam activation of militarism and Revan Chism in West Germany the aggressive de signs of the israeli extremists in the Middle East and the attempt by International imperialism to make a breach in the socialist system and change the Power balance in their he said the phrase change the Power balance in their favor has been used repeatedly during the Czechoslovakia crisis to de scribe alleged attempts by Western imperialists to sub Vert Czechoslovakia and lure it away from the soviet military Alliance. In these conditions Grechko said the top priority task of the soviet armed forces is to in crease further their combat the Tass news Agency sum Mary of his comments gave no further details. There was no reference to current Maneu vers on soviet soil near the Czecho slovak Border and the continued presence of soviet troops in Czechoslovakia because of delayed withdrawals following last month s Warsaw pact exercises. Kurner report supplement new study gives portrait of rioters Washington a to characterize negroes who participated in riots As Riffraff out siders or criminals is to seriously misconstrue the 1960s according to a new re port on the subject. The negroes involved were More typical to their communities than commonly believed said a Survey released saturday by the National advisory com Mission on civil disorders. The study a supplement to the so called Kerner report shows that a comparison of arrest figures with Survey data on potential rioters disclosed figures under repro sent the number of women who participated in riots by an Esti mated 30 per cent. Policemen for one reason or another Are permitting Large numbers of female rioters to go a apprehend 45 and 73 per cent of All arrests Are of persons 15 to 24 years of age yet this age group represents Only 13 per cent of All potential rioters. Criminal element is not overrepresented among rioters if arrest records Are compared with past convictions. The report said close police surveillance of the negro Community results in a disproportionately High number of arrests among males and it is expected that Many would have arrester criminal records. But these Are for the most part not serious arrests and to Label most rioters As criminals is simply to Brand most Mem Bers of the negro Community As overwhelming majority of the rioters were not outsiders. In seven of nine cities surveyed 97 per cent of those arrested were residents. Yet the study says Many first hand descriptions do Indi Cate that some organizations and radicals encouraged and tried to exploit the riots. It adds it would have been surprising if they had done uprooted Southern negro did not play a major role in the riots contrary to one popu Lar Assumption. We conclude that the uprooted thesis of riot participation is not supported by our data. Northerners Are just As Likely As southerners to participate in riots and More important native born residents of the state Are More Likely than those born in other states to be come involved in was a Strong similarity Between the occupational distribution of those arrested and the Community Sample of Poten tial rioters and Only a slightly smaller proportion of arrested skilled or White Collar workers to the potential in this group. Consequently although our data clearly support the thesis that a Large proportion of the rioters hold unskilled jobs it must also be pointed out that about just As Many potential rioters As arresters have Low skilled jobs As operatives or la the Survey concluded that for similar offences lower class persons who tend to have most of the traits of the Riffraff unattached uprooted unskilled unemployed and criminal arc much More Likely to get arrested than Middle class persons. Therefore it is to be expected that the Riffraff element would be among riot Dubcek addresses nation via to Prague a Czechoslovakia s communist party chief Alexander Dubcek acknowledged Satur Day night that there Are anti socialist tendencies and some anti soviet invectives and moods in his country but suggested they did not give the soviet Union the right to threaten intervention. Dubcek s mild and Lowke statement perhaps an attempt to set the tone for meetings nex week Between soviet communist leaders and Prague s re formers predicted the talk will contribute to a gradual re Moval of the in charities which have shown in our Mutual rela it was accompanied by an apparent new gesture of Good we toward the soviet Mal censure of it. Gen. Vaclav Prchlik for urging that othe communist nations have Ai equal voice with the soviet Union in running the Warsaw Prchlik was removed from i Post As the top czechoslovak communist party Security offi cer thursday. Prchlik a Liberal had com under severe soviet attack. An official statement distribute in the news Agency ctr said Prchlik s views do not express he official Dubcek talking about the coming showdown talks with the soviets told a nationwide Road East audience i believe hat the idea of International so on which we have base our relations with the Sovie Leople will come out cleaner and strengthened in the turning to soviet led claims hat the communist party is los no its leading role in the demoralization process Dubcek Aid we do not deny that we also ave shortcomings in realizing he communist party s policy in he party organization in its elected organs and in the press and propaganda work. There Are also anti socialist tendencies and some anti soviet invectives and moods As the aay plenum of the Central com Mittee has already pointed out and As we have pointed out in or reply to the Warsaw letter from Prague s five hard line but this is not a determining actor in our development. De Erminino is that More and Nore people in this country Are meaning toward socialism to the of the communist party. Surely this will show results n our Alliance with the socialist countries and especially with soviet Union something which we value very Dubcek broke into a smile when he was handed before the television camera a pile of is with signatures Back no his Liberal course. Sponsors Hope to collect Sev ral Hundred thousand Signa Tures before the crucial meeting f soviet and czechoslovak y leaders. See czech Page a a wife baby held captive by gunman Sydney Australia a More than 60 armed police kept Vigil saturday night at a suburban House where they said a Man armed with a Shotgun and a Rifle was holding his 19-year old wife and baby As hostages after killing a woman believed to be his Mother in Law. Senior police officers com pared the siege with the recent one in suburban Glenfield where Wally Mellish held out for nine Days after forcing police to let him marry his 19-year-old Host age Beryl muddle at gun Point. Police said the cars of passing motorists were riddled by shot gun pellets. They said they have blocked All streets in the area Revesby about 10 Miles out of Sydney and Are occupying the Riouse next door. The gunman not yet identified shouted that he would shoot anyone coming near according to police. First police on the scene sat urday afternoon found the body of a woman who had been shot through the head in a car marked in nearby Carrington Street. Deputy police commissioner a. Mccluskey said later he woman was believed to be the Mother in Law of the gun Man. Late in the evening the Man Aid he had seven guns include three rifles and would shoot o kill anyone trying to get near Dolliee reported. Utiss Hartsville crowned water Estival Queen Beaufort . Christensen miss Harts Ille was chosen Queen of the Arolina sea islands Xiii at he Beaufort water festival sat Day night. The 18-year-old Beauty from ii Bee had won the swim suit Competition Friday. About people have Vised Beaufort county since the 3th annual festival began Mon a. The activities end sunday. Among the dignitaries present saturday were gov. Robert me air rep. Mendel Rivers d sen. Ernest Rollings d a. And former gov. And Secretary of state James f

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