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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 27, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaA of i we Orence Mohning news Friday july -7-a astronauts Takina tiny zoo with them Cape Kennedy. La. Riding with the skylab 2 astronauts when they rocket into space saturday will be a zoo of Liny creatures pocket mice minnows vinegar gnats flies and two spiders named Arabella and Anita. Most will be aboard in the in Terest of science to determine How space weightlessness affects various functions. The flies will be fed to the spiders. They will be packed in the Apollo ferry ship when Astro nauts Alan i. Bean or. Oberik. Garriott and Jack r. Lousma Are launched to rendezvous with the orbiting skylab station astronauts prepare to leave Houston for Cape Kennedy commander Alan bean left. Owen Garriott and Jack Lousma longest to dote Cape Kennedy. Fla. Api As the skylab 2 astronauts prepared for 59 Days in space. Scientists said thursday the skylab 1 Crew s 2ji-Day Mission the human body appear adapt o weightlessness by shedding Annec did muscle tissue Calcium and red blood Cecils. J at a Cape Kennedy news con scientists said decrease in muscle tissue. By the three skylab i astr to losses exhibited by people on finer to bed for Long periods they said the decrease number of red cells in the As Iro Nauls blood which aver about 14 per cent for All apparently occurred the spacemen breathed air that was at lower pressure and had a higher oxygen con enl than the Normal air of dearth. J the skylab 2 crewmen Alan l. Liean. Or. Owen k. Garriott and Jack ii. Flew to Cape Kennedy from Houston thursday to be Gin final preparations for Satur Day s . Kot Blastoff to the orbiting scientific Labora tory that is to be their Home for two months. The medical researchers said data from i Mission which ended last month showed that a 59-Day slay should cause no serious medical problems. But the data raised some questions about the debilitating effects of the months Long flights necessary to reach Mars and the other planets. Or. Michael d. Whittle a Royal air Force medical officer working with Nasa said the skylab 1 astronauts experienced the greatest weight loss in their legs. We now think this weight loss is a pure and simple Adap tation to he said. In orbit they Are using their legs very Little and we have in formation that the amount of muscle in their legs dropped off said. The Calcium loss seemed to be a result of decreased stress on the leg Bones. Whittle said adding that the loss was Only about one per cent of the total amount of Calcium in the body. The loss would have to continue for a year before we would have to worry Aboul a Man breaking Bones but it May be a problem when we get to whittle said. Or. . Hawkins said Post flight experiments showed that while each skylab 1 astronaut suffered some physical debilitation the rate of debilitation was proportionate to the amount of exercise each Man undertook. Samba s clearance _ Sale on men s shoes continues Florsheim and Winthrop 210wi.ev4.ns Florence for a record 59 Days in space. The six mice each about the size of a Man s thumb and the knots will be monitored by experts on the ground seeking to learn if a body s circadian rhythm is upset by the change in environment. Circadian designates the h a v i o r a. I or physiological rhythms associated with the 24 hour cycles of the Earth s Rota lion. In Man circadian rhythms such As glandular metabolic and sleep often Are upset by moving quickly be tween time zones the so called Jet or. Robert . One of the Experiment s investigators said that generally individuals become tired irritable and do not perform As efficiently when their biological clock gets out of beat. Besides travel lie said the rhythm can be upset by such things As emotional upsets or when a person works irregular hours or otherwise alters his routine. We want to do a lot More biology experiments on future space Lindberg explained. If weightlessness affects circadian rhythms in will be much More difficult. We Hope to find thai the circadian rhythm is stable in weigh swapped research for space space Center. Houston api or. Owen k. Garriola the scientist Pilot on skylab 2. Gave up a promising career in research and teaching to tackle the risky business of space flight because it offered the Besl outlet for his wide ranging curiosity. Garriott 42, was a professor at Stanford University and heavily involved in research when he left it All to become an astronaut. Space he says was a unique Opportunity for a scientist to become closely involved in Many aspects of science. Skylab s an Ideal he says because it is really a multidisciplinary scientific re search station. You study Man. You study the physical sciences you study the Sun. The Earth. That s the soil of study that i really prefer. The less narrow and the More general the More fascinating i find Garriola was an expert no Stanford in electronics Elco Iro magnetic theory and ionospheric physics. He taught graduate students and even wrote a textbook. During the 59 Days of skylab. Hell conduct experiments in those areas but hell also be the Crew medical Man. Take a space walk make photos of the Sun and conduct a variety of other experiments. Garriott is a native of Enid. Okla., the son of a chemist. The astronaut remembers that when he was a Hoy his father asked him one evening if he to go to a Ham radio meeting. Garriott went and was on the path toward a career in science. You can i race Back my in Terest in engineering and Sci ence to that one suggestion from my father that we run off to a radio code class one eve recalls Garriola. I Arriott received a Bach Elor s degree from the univer sity of Oklahoma. Afler a three year tour As a Navy offi cer serving on destroyers around the world he enrolled at Stanford where he earned masters and doctorate degrees and conducted research using satellites. When the space program started looking for scientist astronauts. Garriott prepared himself by taking flying lessons and earning a Pilot s License. He was selected As a spaceman in i965 and the space Agency taught him to Fly jets. Tessness so we won t have to worry about artificial Gravity Lindberg said signals Send to Carlo on body temperatures and activities of the mice will determine if Here is a change. The mice he said tend to oper ate on a 23-hour, 45-Minutc Day. Waking up 15 minutes earlier each Day after a six hour sleep period. The vinegar goals will go Inlo space As pupae. Kex Perimenis show the gnats do not emerge from the pupae As adults until some kind of internal signal is Given. This signal can be Trig gered by a Flash of Light in the Laboratory. So a Light will be flashed in the spacecraft at different times for the four groups of pupae to see if the gnats emerge in the same Lime period they do on Earth. Arabella and Anita a pair of 6-month-old common Cross spi Ders will be enclosed in a Glass Cage where they will try to spin their webs As they final in weightlessness. Judith Miles. 17. One of 19 High school students whose experiments were selected for the skylab Mission came up with the idea for the spiders. I thought in would be inter Esting to see How weightlessness would affect their web weaving she said. She said the spiders on Earth use two organs on the forelegs to determine the direction of Gravity so they can drop from a High Point to a lower Elevation to snarl the Structure of the web. Which traps their food a spider needs a web for survival. Ii is instinctive 1 she said. So the spider is really going to try to build a web. I want to see if the instincts of the spider Are Able to overcome the Lack of Gravity the astronauts will photo graph the spiders from Lime to time to record Ihei Progress. By studying the photographs audit i said we can determine inc deviation from Normal. We will be Able to count the number of Radii in each direction the angles and inc length and Wiilla of the Frame of the before launching each spider will be fed a Fly. Enough food to Las several weeks. Two Flics will be taken up by the Alro Nauls and fed to the insects at some Point in the Mission. Donald f. Lowe rpt takes pleasure in announcing that Wilberta Wildermuth rpt will hereafter do associated with him in the Phat the of physical therapy once hours by b03 g69-390t 50v w. Cheves Street Florence. S. C. 295o1 _ save on this exciting realistic stereo receiver. 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