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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 27, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaSaturday morning july 27, 1957 the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Page f names in the news tall to actress wins divorce Hubby Callegher party proper of the associated i la Ess a statuesque actress has won a divorce in los a gels on Tesla Jiny her husband called her a parly Irish Mccalla 27, television s Sheens Queen of the said publicist Patrick h. .mclniyrc.jo, was always the last to leave a party. When she urged that they leave she said it was embarrassing to have him i braid her As a parly or spoil sport. She won custody of two sons monthly support and monthly Alimony. The West German supreme court has ruled that a husband is under no Legal obligation to risk ills life to save his wife from drowning. The court thus cleared the Way for Anna Kuncl a Middle aged widow to collect Accident insurance which covered her late Hus band. He drowned Lix years ago while trying to pull her out of a River. Passersby later saved mrs. Kunkel. The court ruled that Kun Kel. By trying to save his wife had not acted under Legal compulsion and therefore died an Acci dental death. This made the widow eligible to collect under the accidental death policy. Pope Xii Wai Given rousing cheer by of rival or his annual pontifical summer rfcs Erncr on Hake Subano near calf a can Dolfo Italy. The is old head of the roman. Catholic Church later appeared on a bal Cony and bleed the villager gathered in his courtyard. He is expected to remain at Castel Gai Idolfo until november is his custom. James Reynolds 65, american author and artist has died of a heart attack at Bellagio Italy where he had spent his Summers for the. Past 20 years. Reynolds wrote ghosts of Irish which to a series of books on flip supernatural and also did illustrating. He was awarded a Gold medal last year by the italian ministry of education for his Book pages of x Farmer Arthur Martin Drew a Aiken county Man admits brutal slaying of women Aiken july 20 my a 46 year old Aiken county resident confessed today to brutally Chok ing his wife and another woman to deals at the same time with his Bare sheriff Wyman p. Busch of volume Price upon tobacco in new record by Tiik associated Tress Selling at record breaking prices Tobac co Farmers Are about Lour million dollars ahead of last season in returns despite the Early Narl of sales. The . Department of Agri Cudire Friday reported Gross re Ceiplis for the first six Days Al compared with Soa for or same period of 1956 when Selling started seven Days later. Volume and prices showed Little change Friday the seventh Day of sales and the last of the week. The bal wide Price average Rose to a new record thursday for the fourth straight Day. It was a Hundred up 84 cents from the old Mark of the preceding Day. Cash returns for the Day Loori at nondescript Best thins 38, up 4. Aikin county to whom the Man. Crowd in hurry it Miltom ale Kan. Martin s tractor which he was repairing in a Field caught fire an helicopter on a train ing flight zoomed overhead with two big extinguishers. A Scarb Power company line Crew gave Martin first Aid and passing Motorist drove him Home. A neigh Bor then look him to a doctor who rested the Burns on his right and hand. Or. Robert w. Crapps has re signed As pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Hickory ., to become assistant professor of re Ligion at Furman University in Greenville. A leading Reu Deputy quit the italian communist party after months of debate with parly leaders following the hungarian Anli russian revolt. The resignation of Antonio of lilt Well known figure in Italy was the Lya lest of i series of defections from the parly since late last year. Pittsburgh police radio operator Stanley Lowe got a Call to Send an ambulance to a Pittsburgh address for a maternity Case. Lowe dispatched an ambulance. Then he jumped into his own car and raced to the Hospital. Ambulance and car arrived St James Harris of Howlan Villei the same Lime. Several hours confessed called in one of the most shocking and brutal crimes Ever comit cd in the Savannah Eicr area. Harris is being held for the Mur Der of his wife. A till 20, and Edna English about the same age. The sheriff unearthed the bodies of the two women this morning about from a Shal Low grave in a Gully behind the Harris Home at How Landville just North of Warren Villa. Sheriff Busch said Harris admitted choking Bot i women to death. The women had been missing since february. Questioned Al the Lime of his wife s disappearance. Harris told Busch she had left to visit miss English. At the time he gave the. Sheriff a note purported to be written by his Wile stating she was an extended visit to her Laler Lowe was the father of a seven Pound boy the Lowe s second Chiw. Tommy Manrill the last of the Oldt me playboys says he and his 10th wife have parted. Nch k of the rift in his two and a half month Long marriage to follies girl Pat Gaston 27 came As she returned East after a Ristl with relatives in san an Tonio tar. The year old Manville says his blonde six foot wife is staving with a girl Friend in new York City and has ref sad to return to his Home a Chap Paqua n. Y. In Utah the deals penalty for murder is by either hanging or shooting. Warehouse Bonds going d r Friend de a near record for 158.209 pounds. 11. The Friday average and sales he markets i be released sat urday the us a said that several grades of nondescript jumped to a Hundred Aiu uhe Best of group averaged an almost unbelievable to a Hundred. Auction bid averages per 100 pounds Friday on a limited num Ber of . Grades were As Fol lows Leaf Good Orange in irom thursday fair Lem on 62. Down 1 fair Orange 62, Down 1 Low Lemon 61, Down 1 Low change 61. Down 1 poor Orange 59, unchanged. Cutlers Low Lemon 63. In Chan cd Low Orange 62, unchanged. Good Lemon 62. In Good Orange 62, in Good Orange 62. Unchanged fair Lemon Down 1 Weir Orange 60, unchanged. Priming Good Lemon 5b, to Chiin ged fair Lemon 54, Down 1 fair Orange 53, unchanged Low Orsengo 43. Down 4. Lugs changed changed final discharge All parties interested will please take notice that Ray a. Howard. Administrator of the estate of i Obert Fulton Howard deceased has this Day made application in to the court of probate of Flor ence county for final discharge As hich administrator and that the 20lh Day of August. 1957 at 10 o clock . Is the time appointed for a hearing on the petition. C. Kenneth Grimsley a Urlce of probate. Florence county july 20-27 aug. 3-10__________ final discharge All parties interested will plonk to tsp notice Ihal i Larryl e. Gra and Francis Arnold Graham administrators of the estate of Posgraham deceased Lias i Day made application unto Cou re of probate of Florence county for final discharge As administrators and thai inc 20lh Day of air isl. 1w, at 1" o clock . Is inc Lime appointed for a hearing on i lie Odilion. A Kenneth Grimsley Ludsy of Florence county july 20-27 aug 3-10 notice to whom it May Ron Ken i Lutt by live Nolly i my aortic no As Fiir of the of Vrnon and Mary Alice min ors in probate court for oar Lim inn county .s.c., hid i will to probate a Marl or final Lis Chart o clock in inc Forenoon in a Pul 21, ouf Irdis sheriff Husch became suspicious and he had the handwriting on the note Analysed. It was found that the writing was not mrs. Harris s but her husband s. The Sner Ift then went to the Harris Home to investigate. The bodies reduced to skeletons were uncovered As sheriff Busch probed the ground with an Iron staff. He called in members of the county Chain gang to assist in excavating the bodies of the two Harris sheriff Butch he choked both women to death following an argument with his wife. He started choking her and when miss English started to Aid her. Choked her to death also. Harris Lold the sheriff that the actual killing was done at night. He said he buried both women the following morning in the place where they were found. Columbia Tilly 26 commissioner of agriculture Wil Liam a Herrelson says the Premium on stale warehouse Man agers Bonds will be reduced for Brazil is practically the Only source of Bountiful quantities of inc second Lime in 18 months effective aug. 16. Dalid at 10 dollars per thousand in january 1956, the Premium was reduced to 8 dollars per thousand in August 1956, and beginning this coming aug. 16 will be reduced further to 6 dollars Pec thousand. Harrelson termed the reduction a Clear Cut indication to Banks and lending agencies thai the Grain and Cotton stored in the slate warehouses and the Negolia Able slate receipts for these stocks Are being carefully and properly handled by both the department and the Liechtenstein a Liny kingdom o f Square Miles was once a de of Austria. In 1918 it declared its Independence. Pearly Dura n t funeral services for Pearly Durant of Timmonsville will be held this heat s a crying shame do yid Lynn Knips 10-Monrh-old Oklahoma City boy is pretty much upset Over the summer heat. His attempt to keep Cool in the 94-Degrce weather backfired. David was doing just Fine Cooling him self and the area around him with a Garden Hose when he slipped and fell on the hot photo Fox baptismal water Cut off for Sweet daddy s Hose Detroit july 26 my Ordi Nance magistrate John d. Watts Cut off Sweet daddy Grace s baptismal water today. Watts revoked the negro Relig ious Leader s City permit to use a fire Hose and hydrant for mass outdoor baptism. He also revoked Sweet daddy s sound truck permit and ordered the s religious services be held inside a one time theater converted into a Church Solon refutes vote obstacles the Mornout Irwi Wiltil Nilam Washington. July 26 South Carolina congressman look the floor in the House of Ite pre Senta Tives yesterday to refute statement the Washington p o s that negroes were blocked fron voting in South Carolina. Sixth District rep. John l. Me Millan called the attention of con Gress loan article in the pro integration Post headlined new stimulus expected in South i lowering vote bars to the Post s Story written by a staff reporter said of South Carolina despite the obstacles placed in the negro s Way there is evidence that he is on the move politically. This can be Altri Sutet o the new kind of leadership found among negroes i would like very much for the author of this article to give me information As to the obstacles placed in either the White or coloured Peoples path to pc i vent them from voting or offering for followers of the House of prayer. Walts acted on a complaint Filec against Sweet daddy two elders and the congregation by residents of the Northwest Side negro District. Sweet daddy was represented in court by elder Claude Wilkerson we come not to disturb but to make people Happy and full 01 Wilkerson declared. Mrs. Melba Campbell a Prin Cipal witness against Sweet daddy said the Only thing we neigh Bors want is for Sweet daddy am his people to go into the place quietly and close inc the Stock Market stocks make slow Retreat new York july 26 the Slock Market went into a slow re treat shortly after a mixed open ing today and it continued Back ing Down to the close. Final prices were Al about inc toy s lows but losses for the most part were held to fractions. In isolated cases they ran to about 2 Points. A few issues moved up Zig sins he general trend. A distinguished feature of the Market was its dullness. Volume came to Only shares a Low since april 1 when Only 000 shares were traded. Turnover yesterday totalled shares. Volume never got up to two Mil lion shares on. Any Day this Wek. In contrast a year ago it exceeded two million shares on four of the five trading trays. Steels motors and rails favor ites Ove the last three Days were under most pressure. Also lower were rubber chemical and radio television shares. Oils and non ferrous meals ended mixed. The associated press average of 60 stocks closed Down 90 cents to with the industrials off rails Down and utilities Down 30 cents. This did not completely wipe out the gains of the Hrop Hay Standard pc poor s 500-Stock Index closed at 48.45, minus .16. Of 1.122 issues traded 302 advanced and 559 declined. There Weie Only 10 new highs for the year in contrast to 4.1 new lows. It was a sell on the Good news Day. This urge appeared most prominently in Chrysler which tumbled on a wonderful earn Ings report but it was noticeable elsewhere. Bethlehem steal for example fell after news late yesterday thai its earnings in the first six months exceeded any six month period in the company s history. Allert Corn m a Al Mckean r 5sv4 Allisch mis .14 to Mont Ward am air i i Nat am can Cash Kcf am smell i r Nat airy am toll Nat nist a t t 173vs nut 13 Anaconda cop a eng Eire Ifil i co by cent a c 1, o a no am Ala 25 All or no Pac Aco Mik i Oun male 55 i Bah Rock pc wit 391? Owens c fib 61 High Grade Quartz Crystal important in precision pleasant methodist Church in Atkins with the Rev. A. M. My in Roll officiating. Bowman Howard funeral Home is in charge. Final discharge All parties interested will please take notice that Lolie h. Lynch. Administer matrix of the estate of Foster m. Lynch deceased has this Day made application unto the court of probate of Florence county for final discharge As administer matrix and that the 27th Day of August 1957. At 10 o clock a. A. Is the Lime appointed for a hearing on the petition. C. Kenneth Grimsley judge of probate. Florence county july 27, aug a political congressman Mcmillan said. I have been in politics for a Long time in South Carolina ant i have never heard of any obstacles being placed in the Way of any person who desired to Vole or run for political office. This is the Lype of propaganda that we people in the South Are continuously having to Mcmillan said he could not have let the Post s statement pass unchallenged. Notice to creditors All persons having claims or demands against the estate of Pauline m. Cirsosky deceased Are requested to present the same itemized and verified to the undersigned duly qualified administrator . Of said Clale within the Lime prescribed by Law. Six months and All persons indebted to the said Stalc Are asked to make prompt payment to the undersigned. Joseph a. Cirsosky n. Douglas Street ext. Florence s. C. July 27-aug National Council of the churches of Christ in the . A is composed of thirty separate denominations. By Jimmy Hado they la do it every time he Ivull be Wjt Trie club if she 6et6 a at the checks he s si6neo where he was supposed to be workirj6 util me put checks he Coes Matt 8arracwa-to 6et Hep 4 present for his red he4ded a. Could you Send my ram statement to my office instead of Home or i m at the i c4n Tell by the wobbly si6rj4ture time he s been of Olej the Bubble water circuit that s a join it account in t i it v your wife s v omy those cancelled checks is to waylay the m4ium4h1 the first of the month these Ope pjs All. The ,1uo a ratio m it he notice to creditors my persons having claims or de mands against the estate of Fred .1. Slackley deceased arc requested to present the same itemized and verified to the undersigned duly qualified executor of said estate within the time prescribed by Law six months and All per sons indebted to the said estate arc asked to make prompt pay Mentlo the undersigned. Frank Slackley route no. 1 Florence s. C. July 27 aug. .1-10. Baldwin l r k 0 Bendix aia Beth steel Boeing air Borden co borr warn Budd co Burl Mill Bur add men Cannon Mills car p l Case .1 i Ca Leroll to Pacific Mills Sofia Aram pict s5 Penney j c 49 Penn re cola Phillips Pel Pitt 54-n proct Cam Pullman co pure Oil 50vi radio corp j3w steel Bros 17sj me Pun St Reynolds b 36 the morning news financial i hews markets at a glance new York. July 26 lower trading Quirt. Bonds mixed convertibles drop. Lower hedging operations. Chicago improved demand. Mixed september higher. Lower favourable crop weather. Soybeans lower liquidation. Not enough sold to test Market. Top 922.00. New York july 26 map Fri. To birr. .102 412 advances declines 433 i 2fi1 2fi2 Tot Al issues 1 122 1 1 27 new 1957 hit is in new 1957 43 24 Cotton new York july 26 a futures moved nervously today Over modest Price ranges in fairly Active dealings. Final prices were 15 to 50 cents a Bale lower. Trading was the heaviest of the week. Ideal crop and weather news caused Selling with pressure also Ain created of uncertainty Over the 1957 loan rate. On declines the Market encountered support from shorts. This buying was based mainly on technical considerations. Washington announced that the support Rale for the 1957 Cotton crop would not to made Public until after the August Cotton crop report is released on aug. I. Nor Mally the Secretary of agriculture announces the support rate for Cotton around aug. 1 when the mid july parity Price report is re leased. The july parity is the base used by the Secretary of computing the year s support Price. Trade speculation was that the crop will be above a year ago because the parity for Cotton is higher now. Traders now believe however the support Shade lower than they expected a shot time ago. This was responsible for some of the Selling in Fulcs Al the close of the week. P till res closed 15 to 50 cent Bale lower than the previous close. Open Hurh Lew close Oct.31.36 3459 34.50 34.55 10 jvrj4.5i 34.59 34.50 34.58 iih1-.u.sfi 14.72 34.62 34.68n 9 play 34 fi9 34.73 34.p2 34.68 llv34.2ft 34.29 34.19 34.26 ocl33.50 33.52 33.40 33.4fi dec.33.45 33.4.1 33.35 33.40n 5 middling spot 35.45n state Market Columbia july m reports at the. Columbia Market steady Supply Light 4t Mand fair to food. Produce Pri Cesas reported by the tale Beans .1.50 ecu Planti 1 1 Nora 2.50-3 no. 2 okra Orchard run caches by the half Bushel Basket food Lun Lily 1.25-1.75 air Quality 75-1 peanuts .ftq-5 Field peas 1.50-2 no. 1 new Irish potatoes 1.23 Sweet potatoes Good Quality 1-5.50 fair Quality 2-3 tomatoes Treena ind pinks 2-3 watermelons Alt sizes i Lvi ends per Pound 6-10 cents Columbia area Farmers prices or irad cd tags steady Supply barely Ade lunar. Demand Good. Columbia area arse medium 37. Small 23, Harls Villa Irea Large 40, medium 36, email 13. Renville Lartie 42, medium a Small 27, wholesale prices for graded Gefis. Included Columbia area Large 49-50, me cum 43-45. Small 32. Hartsville Are Force 47. Medium 43, Small 3d. Greenville rear Large -.3. Medium 42, Small 33. Columbia area farm prices for in uni broilers or fryers steady at ii apply adequate demand fair to food. Greenville Price also 21. Columbia heavy in Market steady at 16, apply adequate Lemajic fair la slow. Grain unchanged. Columbia local buyers hoes Choice no. S 50 higher at 20.50 Florence and Kings ree Cash buying stations steady at 20.50 Walterboro auction sales thursday 10.90 11.45. Walter born cattle Mies Good vital 17-21 Utility t commercial veal calves 14-17 Good Butcher steers and Helf. S 18-22 Utility 4 commercial Butcher 2.50-34.75 canners and cutters m2.50 Ood it Choice Stocker steers and Heifer a 7-20 medium it Ocker Steen Tad heifers 15-17. Grain Chicago july 26 in wheat futures closed higher on the Board f Trade today for the first time his week but other grains ended he session mixed. All whet deliveries september Orn and most deliveries of Rye closed higher while the More Dis ant Corn contracts and All it liveries of Oats and soybeans de clined.1 new crop wheat closed it to higher Corn higher lower oals a s to lower Rye unchanged o 1 higher soybeans 1 to lower and lard 2 cents higher to 3 cents a Hundred pounds lower. 1 of Johns Makeni Friday Prev. Day week ago month ago 1957 High 1957 Low 195b High 1956 Low notice of Sale notice is hereby Given that Pur Suant to a decree of the court of common pleas for Florence coun by signed by his Honor g. Badger Baker judge of the twelfth judicial circuit daled july 19, 1957 in the action of Security building and loan association of Florence. Versus Tom Smoot and the South i Carolina tax commission defend ants. 1 will sell at Public auction o the highest bidder for Cash be Ore the courthouse door in Flor ence South at twelve noon on the first monday sales Day o August to wit August 5, 957, the following described pro party All that certain piece parcel or lot of land with All improve ments thereon or to be constructed thereon situate lying and being in the stale of South Carolina. County of Florence just outside the City limits of Florence on the North Side of Gladstone Streel be tween Cannon Street and Alex Ander Street. This lot faces on Gladstone Streel sixty five and four tenths feet 65.41 and runs Back in depth on its Eastern line one Hundred fifty nine feel 1s3 and on its Western line one Hundred and a evenly la acc and one in nah feel h measures on its Back or Northern line sixty three and nine tenths feet ii is known and design a nerd As no. 72 on a plat of Carver place made by . Ervin in january of 1050 and recorded in records of Florence county in plat Book i. It Page ii is hounded on the North by lot no. 85, on the cast by no. 7.1. On inc South by Gladstone sired and on inc West by Uil no. 71. And is the same properly conveyed in Tom Smoot by deed of j. B. . Notice is further Given that Pursi inn to snid decree Iliili inc highest bidder no said bulb r than the bin Milf. Will make i rash to Kimsil of five per Calll i. Pel1 till i Lif Bill to Cirinc a Nin Tii y Anil til f tied Hilli shul lilt Lii Dalilig will nut i Iii tin open but will be final a Dolic ency Ludg Rocth bus been Tohms of w. Mph draw in july 20 -27 am. 3 corp Seah Al Rix 34 i o sends Roeh coca cola co 43h come credit 47 i Socony vac 62 .4 come soul 17 Sou car kick 2v4w cons edit 427i Southern co com on Sou nut a 4fi Corn Sou Pac Cruz St Sou my 44 Curt Wright 41h Sid brands flour air std Oil Cal 58 Dow chem cd Sid cd i Pont 201v4 Steens .1 p 227 All Stewart War Eastman Rod ill i Sill to 4 co 33m Erie or co 74 Firestone rub Tes Gulf sul Florida pm 56 text Ron corp Ford c Fox 2b Frueh to 1h4 l .Lbldt 123v. Gen Bav co in in 30 Gen unit airline 28 Gen food t not arc Gen hot 4b unit corp n Gladden co unit fruit 43 Goodrich rub 79 unit Imp 35 Goodyear rub us rubber Grey bus us Small let Sou Gulf mob i 0 us steel 704 Gull Oil us Tobarco hit liar Van fld corp in min i cd 30vi Vick chem 53 in paper 104 vol car chem 20 int t t t 3.v. Warner Picl Wesson ois cop we5l in Kreste is want lib me lib lilt White sew m m Wynn Nivie a lilt Wool f w no 11 Young unlit Stock averages 30 15 15 Cal . Tull. Stork -.9 j777 130.4 74.5 117.1 74.b 18b.o 75.0 156 73.fl 132.2 76.7 189.2 77.5 72.2 188.0 76.9 191.5 69.6 171-6 ,.278.7 1320 277.2 129.0 ,.269.5 125.2 272.0 h2.2 ,.280.0 134.7 2w.6 113.4 ,.276.3 155.1 .244.0 126.2 new York. July 26 in Cotton fray Roods Market remained slow today. Was to 5mall lots of print cloths and carded yarns. Mills reported a Tew in quiries in Hie Market Tor fourth Quarter delivery Jinous. Hut his were below the Market and Mills would not entertain the business. Only a few specially items were sold in the Woolen arid worsted goods Market. The Industry reported reordering of women s Wear Spring fabrics. A fairly Large Busl nest in these items was booked several months ago hut since then alack ened to a Small volume. Trading in Man made fibres picked up at the close of the week. Converters bought nylons acetate and Dacron Cotton blend fabrics. All goods were bought for spot and fourth Quarter delivery. Livestock Chicago july 26 we the hog Market advanced in Active Trad ing today with butchers up Gener ally 25 to 50 cents and sows Strong to 50 cents higher. Top Price for butchers was paid for some no. 2 3 grades scaling 200 to pounds others of the tame Grade weight brought prices Down to butchers grading no. 3 and scaling 290 to 310 pounds sold from to j21.50. Mixed Grade sows scaling 325 to 425 pounds brought to grades scaling 275 to 325 pounds were sold Al. To fresh cattle receipts at 400 were too few to test the Market. Trad ing was slow with most offerings iced Over for monday s Trade. Some Standard and Good Slaughter steers brought to a package of Choice heifers sold for 2.1.25. Utility and commercial cows brought to York Only h fault to air arts Are Ripe tree it lip. Poultry Virid. Final discharge All parties interested will Elfast Ake notice that George m. Mccown jr., w. I. King and b. Dcharles exo Culores of the of Norge m. Mccown deceased have Day made top Lisalinn ii Iilo Cui irl of i l Buli of Klur to incr county for Lynul disc Iii is Midi kor Culores mid thai hit cell j Iny of August 1h57 at 10 o clock ., u Iho Lime Appolon cd for a j on the Pel in inn. C. of or half Florence county Tilv to s7 new Orleans july 2fi futures declined Here today under Long liquidation and Hedly idling. Closing prices were Cady 25 cents to 50 cent a Bale lower. Open her a loft clone .3456 34.60 34.50 34.59b 9 34.51 31.49 34.59 5 34.66 34.fi9 34.64 34.69b 34.66 34.70 31.61 34.70 .34.28 34.30 34.20 34.26b 33.49 33.53 33.40 33.45b .33.33 33.33 33.31 3.6b s ocl. Rife. Mar. july. Oct. Dec. A bid. New Orleans july i6 Cotton closed steady 50 cents a Hale i or. Sales 151, Low middling 27.20. Mill link 33.70 Good Middle Lar 34.45 receipt flock new Orleans. July 26 average Price of on Inch spot Cotton no 1 designated Southern spot markets Torino was 20 a Bale lower Al 33.93 c a Pound previous Day 33.97 week Aso month Ajo 34.00 Middle let 15-18 Inch avenge 32.63 Alt 22.362. New York. July 25 Augiar future no. Closed 1 to 2 Hajj her. Sales 3d contracts. Hich Low Cli sep5.55 5.55 5.55b o 5.77 5.77 5.77b a bid. New York july 2fl cottonseed Oil futures closed 3 to 12 lower. Sales 210 contracts. Hath Low .15.65 15.52 15.54 .15.40 13.32 15.30b sep. Oct. Nee. Mar. A july. Closing bids Jan. 15.1in. A bid .15.11 1s.1s 15.u 15.3s 15.25 15.25 151b 15.21 1521 15.35 15.35 15 2ub Chicago july 26 1-Biil to steady wholesale Selling prices unchanged s3 score a 92 90 b 57 i 19 c 55v-i-56. Bus unset wholesale sell Lufi prices handed to 1 cent higher 65 per cent Hetter a while 40-40h mediums 35 35w a lanyards 25-30 checks 23vi-241.j. Wheat old up.2.14w dec. Wheat new sep. Dec. Mar. May Ohn j.14li 2.14 i 113m 1.15mi .2.1hh 2.18h .2.19u 2.19 2.13v. J.1w dec. Mar. Oats sep. Hoc. Mar. May Rte sep. Dec. Mar. May be. No. Ian. May lard sep. Oct. No. Dec. 1.32v, 1.34h 1.3hi 1.s314 i.2nr. 1 1.3214 1.3514 1.33u .66 .651.1 .65 .71 .71vi .71 a .7m4 1.2r a 1.2714 1.s7m 1.31v4 .31vi 1.3ui 1.35 1.34u 1.34w 2.441.4 2.42 2.42rt 2.31 2.36u 2.36v4 2.42 .4 2.40v. 2.4014 1.43v 2.44h 2.i4w 2.45v1 2.43 2.47 2.47 2.44 13.32 13.45 13.32 13.37 13.50 13.65 13.50 13.57 1337 13.40 13.35 13.37 13.60 13.67 13.57 13.60 Bonds new York july 26 w . Government Bonds advanced but corporate wree slightly lower on balance in Dull trading today. Investment Quality corporate and industrials edged slightly higher rails were firm but Uli Lithiel and foreign Dollar Bonds drifted lower. Eola utilities and foreign Bonds touched new lows for tin in the a Index of m rese Lalive Bonds a convenient yardstick of Market movements fading volume dwindled to Par value on the big Board thursday. . Government Bonds Leir second Day on the upside with strength especially evident Mong Long Range issues. Over the counter dealers quoted the of 1963 and the Victory of december 1972-67, up 2-32 each it 91 28-32 and 86 16-32 bid re pc Lively. The 30-year ind he 40-year 3s moved up 4-32 it 93 12-32 and b8 4-32 bid. Among utilities Wisconsin elec Ric Power 2 is lost 7 at 78. New financing activity was sparse. Bond averages compiled the pm 10 in Kalli ind. It Rance 90.0 19.9 89.9 5t he Fth 82.5 8h.o m.6 871 b21 981 rfi.9 Julik. 7i.9l h4.lt 10.1 90.1 80.1 80.5 84.4 85.0 b5.1 91.2 90.9 a4.s 98.0 100.3 12.1 90.s 10.1.7 80.5 switch to custom made Schaefer clothes fit right feel right Clyburn the tailor 151 East Evans Loans ten Bucks til payday or larger instalment Loans to meet your requirements Deal with Home folks that understand problems Dixie credit company 175 Nimy strut Ftp Laymont

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