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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 26, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morn ing it s thursday july 207 daily 10sunday 15 continues Stout denials justifications Washington api John d e h r i i c h in a n insisted wednesday he qui Tyand was not fired from his lop while House Job. That president Nixon suggested he take a leave of absence during the watergate up Roar. The former chief Domestic advisor to the president in a second Day of Stout denials and finely worded justifications forc the Senate watergate com Mittee also testified found nothing improper in broaching the directorship of the Fri to the Pentagon papers judge. Mathew w. Byrne Dur ing the trial of Daniel Ellsberg. Never relayed any presidential offer of executive Cle Mency to the watergate liar Glass in july 1972 when the president directed that no while House staffer discuss clemency with anyone. Never told former White House counsel John w. Dean Iii to deep six materials taken from he Safe of convicted West create conspirator e. How Ard Hunt. Administration would have been far better off if j. Edgar Hoover had been retired As Fri director Early in Nixon s first term. Has not considered whether to raise the president s refusal to provide tapes of White House conversations As a bar to prosecution if he is indicted by a watergate grand jury. Summing up his Man View of All his activities during he Al Sherg and watergate period. Khz Lichniak rave an instant yes when sen. Daniel k. In Ouye. Hawaii asked you have maintained you did no wrong everything Yon did was be Gal and Inouye continued. I believe Kli Lichman said. Then asked Ino nyc. Why did former ally. Gen. John n. Mit Chell Tell the committee that the departures of Ehrlichman and ii. H. april 30. "1973. Were evidence of Nixon lowering his Mitchell was t aware of Nix on s motives replied Ehrlich Man. If you were clean Why did lie fire asked Inouye. He did t. I said Ehrlichman. The self assured rapidly talking former Seattle zoning lawyer said Nixon had in fact asked him merely to take a leave of absence and continue with As Many while House Sec watergate pagc6a bombing of Cambodia ruled unconstitutional John d. Ehrlich Ian confers with attorney John j. Wilson both supported president s right to act for National defense Ruckelshaus new Post jury i aim a Federal court jury found underworld figure Meyer i an sky innocent of income tax evasion charges on wednesday. The ailing 7i. Was not in the courtroom As the jury resumed the verdict after nearly Lour hours of deliver ii Tion. . A reputed financial brain in organized crime was found not guilty on Al three counts in the government indictment accusing him of Evad ing taxes on gambling profits. He was charged with one count of conspiracy to evade lacs and two counts of filing i Alse returns in 1967 and to. The trial which lasted Highl Days was conducted under shortened hours because of s health. He underwent open heart surgery earlier this year. The key Issue in the trial was the credibility of Star prose culion witness Vincent big Vinnie Teresa. Before handing the Case to the jury. . District court judge Joe Eaton rejected a defense motion for a mistrial. Defense attorney e. David Rosen said he would notify . Who was at his Home in Miami Beach of the verdict by Telephone. Kosen said Lansky next faces trial in i As vegas. Nev. In september on charges of having a hidden interest in the Fla Mingo hotel. Jansky is cur really free on Bond pending a peal of a one year jail sentence imposed earlier this year for criminal contempt. Teresa a self described mob Ster and Bank robber testified last week that he had turned Over profits from foreign Gam bling operations to Lansky and co defendant Dino Cellini in 1968. Washington api Wil Liam Ruckelshaus. Former head of the environmental Protection Agency and acting head of the . W ill be Iid med thurs Day As Deputy attorney general congressional sources reported wednesday night. Kuckein Shius who reportedly had to. Gen l. Richardson s first Choice Foi the Post will succeed Joseph t. Sliced. In cd. Former Dean of Duke Law school and Deputy attorney general since Only Early 1973. Was nominated by president Nixon wednesday for a seat on the. . Court of appeals for the ninth circuit. I Ruckelshaus. To. Became assistant attorney general in charge of the civil after being Defeated by Senj Jilch Flash. 196s. New York api a Feder Al judge ruled on wednesday that the . Bombing of Cam Bodia is unconstitutional and he enjoined further military operations in that country without congressional approval. There is no existing con Gressional authority to order military forces into combat in Cambodia or to release bombs Over declared . District court judge Orrin g. Ludd in Brooklyn. He stayed the execution of the injunction until 4 . Edt Friday to allow he government to Appeal. . Attorney Robert Morse after consulting with the Justice department filed a notice of Appeal late in the Day. Lie said papers for inc Appeal were being prepared and he would seek a stay of the order before it goes into effect Friday. The ruling came in a suit brought by freshman rep. Elizabeth . And three air Force fliers based in Guam. It sought to have the Cambodia operations declared unconstitutional on the ground that the president had usurped Congress Power in declare War. The plaintiffs pressed the suit even after both houses of con Gress voted to Cut off funds for the bombing and. In a com Promise the president agreed to halt the air War by aug. 15. In arguing the Case Oil july the government held that the Cambodia operations were Parl and parcel of a War that has continued for Many years. Now one phase of that War is in his 36-Page memorandum on the basis for the decision. Judge Justl look Issue with that argument the question Here is not the one posed by the government whether Aerial action in Cam Bodia is the termination of a continuing War or the initiation of a new and distinct War but whether Congress has author fixed bombing in cambo Iii after the withdrawal of american is who prefers the feminist designation said Al troops from Vietnam and the her Washington office that h e release of prisoners of War. Was extraordinarily pleased the congressional action be fore and after the beginning of by the decision. "11 reasserts the hostilities in Camax Ilia does not Sim Vional requirement that no include authorisation to bomb Cambodia in order to achieve a cambodian cease fire or even to protect the Vietnam cease fire As urged by defendants freeze angers beef Industry by the press representatives of the nation s beef Industry angered by the continued freeze on beef prices. Asked wednesday for an immediate meeting with treas Ury Secretary be Ciric p. Sulu. They said the Frecoe could Lead to scarcities of beef in super markets i the request for a meeting with Shult Sami As whole salers across the. Country predicted rapidly diminishing sup plies of beef and As retail prices for other meats continued to climb. Herrill do Graff president of the american meat Institute telephoned Shutlz s office Afler meeting with about 100 Industry leaders at a conference in Chi Cago. The Industry leaders want president Nixon to life the Price ceiling on beef. In announcing phase to last week. Shully said food prices could Rise in proportion to increased costs of production. The Lone exception was beef where prices remain fro zen until sept. 12. Industry spokesmen at the Chicago conference said there is no doubt the nation will face a critical beef shortage in the coming weeks. A spokesman said cattle producers will not Market their livestock at cur rent prices and packers cannot afford to Slaughter steers unless they Are permitted to pass on higher production and labor costs to retailers and ultimately Chicago Dallas Detroit Miami los Angeles new York Philadelphia Providence Salt Lake Seattle pork chops a Asket comparison .63 .71 .63 .62 .89 .79 .71 i7 .58" .72 .74 .89 .63 .62 .91 .79 .69 .67 .66 17 7.26 7.78 7 25 so 19 1 59j159j x lto.09ho.49 4 x a 14 9.709.99 3 159j1.74j 9 155 j155j x x to Consumers. With a Choice of closing their City said some wholesalers Are of meal doors or purchasing beef on inc so Short of supplies they have wholesalers were particularly Black Market. Only. 10 More Days to stay in upset claiming they Are faced Albert Mayer of new York business. Do Graff predicted that in the beef Price ceiling is not lifted Consumers will face from now until mid september a shortage of beef Polen Lilly More serious than any Ever before sex while prices forja Jerk and other meats continued o Rise under to eased Rusl rails of phase i. Wholesalers inter viewed across the country con firmed he predictions made in Chicago that beef supplies arc becoming critically Short. Buck sloops a wholesaler in Kansas City predicted a Black Market in beef if inc Price is nol lifted. His View was echoed in Washington by Clarence g. Dainy. President of the National association of chains. We really thought thai this would nol happen for two or three said Adamy. Very soon there la a very limited Supply which will Goon a Black there were also reports of Consumers buying Large quantities of beef and in Nashville. Tenn. He Sale of Home was reported to have risen drastically. And the Price of pork kept going up. In Portland ore., a grocery store Chain has raised he Price of Bacon 25 cents a Pound to pork has gone up about 25 per cent with pork chops Selling for and si.9r a Pound. See food Page 5a american lives can be sacrificed Thill no american lives can risked and that no american taxpayer s dollars can go to a military a Forl thai the extent of the Power has not been approved or an granted by Congress depends by she on the language used by con said. Gross nol on the president s Burl ecu born. Assistant be statements to Congress. An Gal director of the american emergency does not create civil liberties Union which Power unless Congress has represented the plaintiffs. Said x1 1 russians now have a most powerful Navy Jane s fighting a naval authority says Russia now has world s most powerful Navy. Page 3c. Index v comics 9ch deaths Lee Marvin s mate for six years now wants a divorce but they editorials were never married. Page 9b. 120 8 markets 10c the . Must get its Economy sports 10b in shape before any monetary re form can be achieved. Page 5d. State area in women 8a weather mostly Cloudy with Chance showers and thundershowers. High upper 80s. Low around 70. Details Page 3a. Village awaits big Rock concert answer to subpoenas due thursday Washington api the chairman of he Senate water Gate committee said wednes Day he has heard absolutely nothing about president Nixon s plans for responding to subpoenas which demand that he produce White House materials related to the watergate investigation. The Legal deadline for Nixon to respond to the subpoenas with which he was served on tuesday evening is thursday Al 10a.m., Edt. Again he chairman. Sen. Sam j. Ervin jr., . Called on Nixon to Tesi by in person before the Sena j committee but added that he did t think inc committee would in so far As to subpoena the president to appear. Ervin talked to newsmen Dur ing a recess in the wednesday afternoon session of the hear Ings. I deeply regret to say that i am not in the Confidence of he while Ervin said when asked if he knew How Nixon would answer be Haven t had a Telephone Call from Ervin said to hoped that Nix on would move to have the subpoenas killed because he Case would then be thrown to the courts eventually to he supremo court. That course prob ably would result in a Quick decision. Krvin said because the Case is a matter of interpreting Law. Not a Case of Ducler raining fact. If Nixon just ignores the subpoenas. Ervin said the com Millee would nol seek a con tempi citation but would seek a declaratory judgment against him which would in effect be a court order for Nixon to pro Duce he documents and pipe recorded conversations the Eom Millie is seeking. Ervin said he nought Nixon would obey a court order if he has any respect for Law and or another subpoena was served on Nixon tuesday by special watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox. It. Too. Is answerable thursday. This committee is out to got nothing except he truth. Bul the committee is determined to get the truth wherever in May Ervin said. I have said time and time again and it s absolutely True j presume thai the president is innocent and i will give him the presumption of innocence of any wrongdoing in connection with watergate until the evidence compels me to Roach a different conclusion. There is nothing that would make me happier As an Ameri can citizen than to say that on the basis of evidence produced by this committee including evidence of tapes and papers in the while House that the pres ident had no connection with authorizing the Walcer Gale and in connection with the cover up then Ervin called on Nixon again to appear before the committee. There is Only one re liable Way in which to Delco mine inc testimonial Trust worthiness of any human being be he Prince or president and that is for him to testify under oath under circumstances where he is subject to Cross examination i d be glad to have the president come Down Deputy White House press Sec Clary Gerald l Warren had Lold newsmen not to cup Cal Nixon s responses on wednes Day. Earlier. Warren said Nix on would make an appropriate response before the deadline and thai the response would be consistent with Nixon s past refusals to Lurn Over the material. Nixon based his refusal on the doctrine of spa ration of Powers because the committee is a legislative body and Cox. In taking White House evidence before a grand jury would be using the material in a judicial Branch proceeding. If Nixon moves to kill the subpoenas. The Issue will almost certainly wind up before the supreme court. Meanwhile congressional re action to the deepening Legal Langle varied from full support for Nixon s position to a Sug Gellion of impeachment. Watkins . . Api Loe Conley will take in the chaise lounges in front of Bis Motel this weekend bul will leave the american Flag flying. There is going to be a Rock concert in this town of .1000 people probably the biggest since is fill when More than 400. Ink people assembled at Wood Stock . Anil an estimated 300.000 gathered Al a Lamont in California. People in this Community Are willing to put up Wilh nearly anything hut they wan it said mayor Bill Sim Iele we arc sweating this one out. We Don t want to income known As another the concert will be held sat urday at the Watkins Glen grand prix racecourse an automobile track a few Miles Oul Sid Coptown. Three bands the grateful dead. Inc Allman Brothers and the band Are scheduled to appear at the 12-hour concer that begins at noon saturday. The concert promoters say tickets sales will Slop at 150.000. Stale to Ico i prop10 without lick is 20 Miles Down inc Road. Bul sheriff Maurice Dean expects at least 200.000 people in the area. Everyone in Lown is a Little Dean said. At the same Lime the local people arc All talking to me about How to gel lick is for their races Al the track have often attracted More than 100.000 people. It s a scene people in Walkins Glen have Learned to Cope with. This is said Sim Iele. It s something new and nobody knows what to expect. It s an unknown. Everybody is deeply concerned bul nobody is talking much about Conley. The Motel owner spent tuesday collecting inc signatures of 37 businessmen on a petition sent Togo. Nelson a. Rockefeller. Since the Sale has granted the permit for the concert said the petition the undersigned businessmen and taxpayers do solemnly and respectively re quest that our property and Well being be preserved and the petition Speaks for in said Conley but i la ill you his. I Don l exp Cal All those kids to go to sleep saturday night when that concert is a Vanguard of several Hun dred people with Back packs and sleeping bags has arrived in town. Barefoot Cut off jeans Long hair it s a sight that some resident find disturbing. I norm3 Rogers now sleeps at night in the food stand she manages since someone broke in and cooked hamburgers on in Krill

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