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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 26, 1970, Florence, South Carolina4tarttttt0 published by the Florence printing company John m. O Dowd president and publisher James a. Rogers editor s. P., sunday morning july As. 1970 attention on september time to remove the training wheels wujam5.mn Agnew heresy role popular All Over South Carolina attention is being focused these Days on the end of the dual school system when schools open in september. Sixteen years after the supreme court first declared against segregated schools that decision is reaching its ultimate implication for Public schools in the South. As it does there Are several Fea Tures of the Public mood. First there is general resignation to the fact that further resistance would be an e x e r c i s e in futility. Every source from which Relief could come the courts Congress the White House and the depart ment of health education and Wel fare is committed to unitary schools. Second there is natural wide spread concern rooted deeply in both reason and emotional factors parental concern for the safety and welfare of children general con Cern for the effect the transition will have upon the Quality of Public education anxiety Over questions of discipline unhappiness caused by the enforced uprooting of Atten dance patterns and a great Deal of trauma because historic cultural and social customs Are being radically altered. To these we would add a third which hopefully is gaining ground namely a Public mood to make the Best of the situation by accepting it with the dignity and Grace which Mark a stable and self respecting society. To this end the press of the state is lending a Strong voice. Comment ing on the Columbia situation the state says the Challenge to the Community lies in doing what must be done with a minimum of disruption to race relations. In addition to the educational involvements there Are matters of neighbourhood stability of Community Pride and reputation of economic Well being and of future growth and the Marlboro Herald advocate says to its readers Pupil attitude parents attitude teacher attitude and administration attitude will determine How smoothly the plan will work. We quite naturally Hope and Pray that Good Faith optimism and a sense of understanding and fair play will characterize our people As they move through these next months and weeks of adjustment. In far too Many places parents and other adult members in other communities have become so emotional and violent that the pupils welfare has been forgotten our attitude toward this school year will largely determine the attitudes of our children. And their attitudes toward our schools will largely de Termine the attitudes of our Chil Dren. And their attitudes toward our schools will largely determine How effectively our schools can do their these Are but examples of the reasoned approached newspapers across the state Are asking of parents As september approaches. In Florence there is yet no certainty about the shape of the compliance plan. But there is certainty that compliance will come either under a court or hew approved plan. For that reason cultivation of a Public climate for making the transition As orderly As possible should become a common commitment. Public education the peace of the Community and its reputation Hope for the future race relations the growth of understanding and All the factors that make for a stable Community relationship and an optimistic Outlook Are at stake. If we can Bridge this period with dignity on the far Side the problems we see now will begin to appear in truer perspective and education and All else May be the gainer for it. This is what we should and if we believe it strongly enough it will come to pass. If seeing is be Lieving believing is also seeing. Jack Anderson bullets required to Stop each Viet Cong one Here one near one ahead those who Deal with Industrial prospects say that three negative factors have worked against efforts at Florence Industrial expansion. They Are listed As the absence of a College deficiency in recreational Opportunity and the need for a first rate medical Center. The first of these has been re moved. Francis Marion College fills the need for a four year lib eral arts institution. Though just beginning it promises to become one of the better institutions of its land in the Southeast. Developing plans for a major regional medical Center have also been announced and these plans will unfold in the months ahead. A citizen move to obtain three quarters of a million dollars for constructing a modern family . Has met with encouraging response. Yesterday s announce ment of another major gift from South Carolina Indus tries brings the total in Cash and pledges to above half a million. Campaign workers privately report that they can see the they have set As an objective being reached. Thus of the three aforementioned primary deficiencies one is now an accomplished fact another is near realization and the third is in the planning stage. The medical Center is of longer Range scope than the . But the information we have holds out considerable Promise for it. The More immediate task is to Zero in on the . As a facility which offers the kind of recreational Opportunity attractive to those seeking an Industrial Home As Well As responsive to the needs of present citizens. A Jaycee sponsored opinion sur vey showed that prevailing opinion in Florence lists the need for Ade quate recreational activities As the one which should now be Given top priority. The City s listing of expanded recreation As one of the major Cate Gories in a proposed major capital improvement program adds emphasis to what the Jaycees found. Washington it takes bullets statistically speaking to kill or maim a Viet Cong. This is the conclusion of a classified defense depart ment study which puts the total number of Small arms rounds fired in combat each year at 2.5 billion. Bullets Cost a Nickel to a dime apiece. To gun Down a Cong with Small arms fire therefore costs the tax payers Between and there Are no figures for the estimated 80 per cent of All casualties caused by artillery bombs mines and other methods of mayhem. The classified study prepared under contract with Secretary of defense Mel Laird s office relies upon the controversial body counts which Are the Best available figures for casualties. For the purposes of the study it is also assumed that one enemy Soldier is wounded for each one killed. Critics say the body counts Are too High. If this is True takes More than bullets to do in a Viet Cong. In any Case the Price of death on the Battlefield has gone up. It took Only bullets to produce an enemy casualty in world War ii. Federal Reserve Board for failing to loosen monetary controls adequately to expand the Money Supply. He appointed his chief economic Counselor or. Arthur Burns As Federal Reserve chairman expecting Burns would be Able to persuade the other Board members to adopt an easier Money policy. Burns has had a difficult time moving trumped the president at a private White House meeting. Paul Mccracken the president s chief economic advisor assured him that the Supply of Money was now expanding. We Are going to have larger than Ordinary rates of monetary promised Mccracken. In 68, we overshot at 7 to 8 per cent. Now we need to come Back up from about 3 per cent to about 15 per the fed is usually too late on expanding and too Early on holding said the president sourly. One thing was certain Mccracken agreed. People Aren t going to be Able to hold More Money than the Federal Reserve president Nixon s right hand apparently was t coordinated with his left hand in the Back rooms of the recent state Republican convention i n Richmond a. Senator John Tower the Texas Bantam rooster went to Richmond to work the Back rooms in behalf of senator Harry Byrd jr., the renegade Virginia Democrat. As chairman of the Senate Republican Campaign Tower is eager to elect a Republican Senate in november. H e considered Byrd the strongest candidate and tried to persuade Virginia republicans to give Byrd the gop nomination. But governor l i n w o o d Holton the first Republican to govern Virginia in 84 years did t want to share control of the gop Organiza Tion with a rival As powerful As Byrd. White House aide Harry Dent slipped Down to Rich mond to help Tower in the Back rooms. But another White House aide Harry Flemming passed the word that the president was Neutral on the nomination. Washington the trials and triumphs of Spiro have made of him such a vice president As never was and of the vice presidency such an office As had never been before. He has become a phenomenon without example in politics a vice president with real and powerful in fluence both within his administration and with the Public. And there is scarcely a politician alive Here not some who most loudly denounced Agnew in who does not in a Way envy this Man who has put life and meaning into a position of historic Semi obscurity if not of total frustration. How then has it All come about in part Agnew. Has made Agnew what he is by the Cut and thrust of his rhetoric and by abandoning certain sacrosanct political attitudes. But then the More bitter Sec Tion of his opposition has enormously contributed to his Success by its policy of overkill. Hit a Man too hard and too often and too viciously and the Public will sympathize with him and in extreme cases such As Agnew s experience has provided will actively rally with him. An instance in Point is the recent accusation in a publication Many Veteran political writers never heard of until now so ugly and absurd As to assist Agnew no end. This amounted to a charge that a so called secret paper involving a plot to cancel the 1972 presidential election and repeal the Bill of rights had been found in the vice president s office. Agnew of course denounced this As despicable false. The Only consequence was to convince an additional number of americans that if there is any plot on foot it is one to get Spiro Agnew. The More reckless and mean of his detractors in Short Are making it absolutely cer Tain in Case there has been any doubt about it that Agnew will never be dumped by president Nix on in 1972. For when criticism proceeds from the rational and reasonably fair to the meanly irrational a Gresham s. Law of politics comes into just As bad Money drives out Good Money so do attacks on a politician of limitless venom drive out More or less negate in Advance sound and sensible caveats As to a politician s shortcomings. Thus the More the vice president is assailed in terms of sheer hysteria t h e stronger he will be with both the Public and the president. Still while this is an important part of the explanation of the importance of being Spiro Agnew there is another Side for which he himself is solely responsible. This is the fact that when he entered the vice presidency he threw away some of the most venerable traditional rules of the game. The first such Rule is that a politician should avoid an absolutely total Candor in favor of a certain but still not an utterly lambent one. Agnew acted As though there Well might be no political tomorrow and the sheer Novelty of it caught on with a bored people. He went on to Jettison a second imperative of the methodology of politics. This one is to the effect that a Man in office simply must adopt to a degree anyhow a stance with the Public that if not really lick spitting is at least read applying. That he has got away with these heresies is both the Central Point of this piece and the source of the enviously incredulous View held toward him in a Senate Over which h e constitutionally presides. They would All like to go and do likewise every one of them. But he has actually done it. One of the most durable of Senate stories illustrates the Point. Several tired and elderly members years ago were talking in the cloakroom of what they would do if suddenly they had a million old Tom Connally of Texas put it this Way Why i would pack my grip and go Home and when i walked Down main Street some kid of 24 would come up to me and say senator i bet you Don t even know my name and i would Tell him you Damn right i Don t and by god i Don t want to " English lesson by w. L. Gordon words often misused avoid such expressions As anyhow i am or anyway this is of no it is much better to say in any event i and in any event this is of no often mispronounced inundate. Accent first syllable preferred. Often misspelled Loath the adjective meaning loathe the verb meaning to regard with synonyms pensive thoughtful attentive meditative reflective melancholy Wistful. Word study use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today s word Junto a self appointed committee especially with political Aims. We must keep a watchful Eye on the activities of this forbidden fruit the sure Way to make certain that a Book will be widely read is to ban it. The latest Case in Point is in Ker Shaw county where Kershaw sheriff l. L. Debruhl demanded and got removal of the Catcher in the Rye from the shelves of Kershaw Public school libraries published in 1-951 under a Book of the month rating the Catcher is a novel described by the sheriff As filthy and it contains four letter words which concerned parents understandably would pre Fer their children not seeing. But it also is said to have the redeeming feature of some Fine literary Quali ties. The Book Market today is flooded with books featuring obscenity without literary Worth. We hold no Brief for Catcher in the but in being Over zealous to get rid of the Book the Kershaw sheriff and his supporters have boomed it into a Best seller. A Kershaw county Public Library spokesman said that everybody is wanting to read it and in co Lumbia the ban resulted reports say in a new burst of popularity for it. Despite signs that the Economy May have bottomed out and May now be creeping up president Nixon does t expect a significant upturn before the november elections. He is prepared to blame economic conditions upon past democratic policies and to predict a Bright Republican future. B u t privately he expects the economic lag to counteract the conservative tide that otherwise he believes would help the republicans. The president is painfully aware of the political damage a faltering Economy can cause. He attributes his own defeat in the 1960 presidential election to an economic downturn. In the privacy of his Oval office Nixon blames the Roscoe and Geoffrey Drummond big protectionist favors sought the axiom about the sweetness of forbidden fruit is As old As the Garden of Eden. It was arranged for Nasser and but they both sent substitute to Washington special interest congressmen Are going to fantastic lengths to take advantage of the High protectionist madness now gripping both the House and the Senate. Industries Are lining up in clusters to grab a share of the protectionist Domestic Market Walling out Competition from imports. This lets prices go where they will which is up. Politicians Are lining up to hand out the goodies and they see votes at Home when they do. Just when you think that the worst is Over it in t. Something More comes out of the legislative factory now running at High Speed for no Good purpose and oiled for the coming elections. And who is fashioning the latest bit of h i g h p r o text zionism gone berserk none other than two of the normally most thoughtful and careful men in the prestigious Liberal majority Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana and the distinguished Republican conservative roman Hruska of Nebraska. They Are proposing a restrictive Trade which shows what Cani happen when two usually reasonable and responsible men get caught up in the Home Industry protectionist mania on the eve of a con Gressional election. It s a revealing Case study because if there is a Good Bill then the Liberal two Way trading policy which has brought so much Prosperity to the United states is bad. The Bill is presented As a health Bill which it in t not As a keep out imported meat Bill which it is. Its purpose is described As providing for thorough health and sanitation inspection of All livestock pro ducts imported into t h e United and it is specifically added that every can every Pound of fresh Frozen or chilled meat must be thawed and inspected piece by piece at its entry. Sens. Mansfield and Hruska know that health endangering meat is not being imported into the United states. They know that americans Are not dying or being made sick by poisoned meat imports. They know their proposed additional inspection is a trick a gimmick designed to close off such a meat imports. They know that their Bill would mainly Hurt the poor because the imports they Are trying to keep out Are mainly ingredients for hamburger and sausage. Maybe some few livestock men Montana or Nebraska 01 elsewhere will find themselves benefited b u t certainly not the consumer certainly not agriculture As a whole and certainly not the nation s total Economy. This is special interest protectionism at its worst. The health Issue is phony. Says or. H. M. Steinmetz of the consumer and marketing service of the agriculture department meat prepared in foreign countries for importation into the United states is equivalent to that produced under Federal inspection in our is american agriculture a limping Industry which can t compete in the world Market not at All. American Farmers exported a near record of billion in farm commodities in the last 12 months and this is a billion dollars More in commercial sales than the year before. We sell abroad far More farm commodities than we buy abroad Over a third of our wheat crop 40 per cent of our soybeans 60 per cent of our Rice. And if we apply unneeded discriminatory Trie tons against countries Selling meat to the United states there would inevitably be Retalia Tion. This is one of the reasons Why aled p. president of the american meat Institute opposes the Mansfield Hruska atrocity. The meat he says now finds a Market in foreign countries of half a billion dollars yearly for its meat and livestock products. While the advocates of Protection for . Livestock producers Are endeavouring to build a Fence around this country to keep foreign pro ducts out they will discover that fences Stop Trade in both no wonder president Nixon threatens a veto if such mad Ness As this gets through Congress. 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