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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 26, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaFloor plan first b second Levels Slat Antt Alumina atm sunday july 26, to of the off a split level features sunken living room basement 8 garage plan rec. Fam. Garage Bsat by Andy Lang i advocates of the split level go a variety of reasons Why they Are partial to this Type of House design. Seldom do they mention the original reason for the Advent of the split level its suitability for what is called rolling terrain a kind of fancy term for a sloping lot. Builders soon discovered that Many prospective Home own ers wanted split level houses constructed on Flat ground because they liked some of their advantages among them the fact they give More liable space for less Money than comparable ranches. House of the week Des in s-55 is a transitional split that is it blends con temporary and traditional elements. Architect William g. Chirgotis has done a Good Job of providing an attractive exterior and a practical Interior with at least one Bonus feature. There Are the usual first and second Levels with a recreation room on the lower garage level and a basement a few Steps below that. The Eye Catcher is a spacious living room slightly sunken below the adjoining dining room and separated from it by on one Side a tapered Slat divider and on the other by a distinctive Stone Corner fireplace. Adding to the attractiveness of the room Are a triple window unit a t be front the House and a single Side window meeting it at the Cor Ner. The dining room looks out on the rear and is adjacent to an almost Square Kitchin with sufficient space for a Dinette set. The Kitchen by the Way can be reached s-55 statistics 55 is a splat level with a Liv ing room dining room Kitchen three bedrooms two bathrooms and a foyer on the first and second Levels total ing 1765 Square feet. On the Tower level Are a re Creatina room laundry lavatory and two car garage which is entered from the front of the House. An inside garage door leads to the upper level Steps and the Stair to the base ment. From the front foyer without going through any other rooms. To the left of the living area up a few Steps is the bedroom level which has plenty of Wall and closest space. The master bedroom has a private Bath with Glass enclosed stall Shower and two closets one of which is a walk in. The main bathroom is convenient to the two other bedrooms As Well As the Liv ing action it is compartmentalized with a full Wall mirrored vanity in the outer portion and a Bathtub and water closet air the other. On the Lawer level a Wood panelled recreation room lavatory and laundry room Are located behind the two car garage. The Laun dry is directly below the main bathroom which Means that its plumbing lines and those of the two upstairs bathrooms and Kitchen Are close together an important Factor in keeping Down construction costs. Because the exterior of a split is necessarily it can be made attractive without too much trouble. In Carroll Righter s from the Carroll Righter Institute general tendencies with the cooperation of an up to Date person you have Opportunity today to dissolve old problems now facing you. You can Settle them in an ethical manner despite Adverse conditions. As a result there will be Many benefits for All concerned. Aries mar. 21. To apr. 19 listen to Loyal associates for backing you need and right answers to questions. Do not be so concerned about finances. Listen to suggestions of a Wise person you know also. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 put aside study of finances and assist a Good Friend who is in trouble. 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Dargan 669-6095 business booms for Long distance passenger trains in Australia editor s note Long Dis Tance passenger trains Are hav ing their problems in the United states. But in Australia there Are no signs of the trains going out of business. In fact they re building new expresses perhaps the most modern trains in the world by Gordon Tait associated press writer Sydney Australia a at the vast Sydney Central rail Way station fhe shining expresses pull out with every sleeping berth taken making it seem As though the airlines were going out of business. Long distance passenger Rains May be fading away in other countries gut they Are still big business in Australia. These Days the airlines Are carrying about four times the number of interstate passengers o and from Sydney As the rail ways but there Are still passengers on these rail sex resses every Day. Central station is a train Vatcher s Paradise in the even no with this timetable of departures Brisbane limit id express Brisbane excess Wollongong Losford North West mail 00, Southern Aurora to Mel Mourne Are two sex Ress outgoing lines North coast mail spirit of pro Jess to Melbourne and so on. But Are the passenger trains making Money we Don t really expect to Nake profits from says the new South Wales com Mission for railways Neal Mccusker the head of the system in new South Wales state. We make Money from hauling freight and have a responsibility to the Public to provide comfortable transport and an efficient com Muter service at a reasonable the new South Wales system on a Normal Day operates 29 air conditioned Long distance passenger trains hundreds of other trains for Short hauls and for freight. In a year it carries 233 million commuters and 15 million country and Long Dis Tance travellers. Mccusker said passenger services in new South Wales earned Only 2 per cent of rail Way Revenue and took 52 per cent of the Effort. Freight earned 69 per cent of Revenue with 48 per cent of the Effort. There is some Revenue from other sources. Australia s newest trains Are two Indian pacifier Eadi of which does a return trip be tween Sydney and Perth a week. The journey is Miles Ach Way and takes 65 hours. On the top trains such As the Indian Pacific and the Southern Mel Bourne there Are sing e and twin bed Cabins each with let. The twins also have a hot1 Shower and there Are showers at the end of each Carriage for those who travel in the single berth Cabins. Each train has a dining room and the Indian Pacific has a lounge car with taped music and a piano plus a club car where you can drink anything from Coffee to cocktails. The Indian Pacific on its run across the Nul labor Plain trav Erses the longest straight rail line in the world with one stretch of 297 Miles without a curve. The train is fully booked in first class nine months ahead. But the costs Are High. The Indian Pacific carries 144 Pas sengers and a needs a Crew of says Mccusker. We need Only a Crew of three for a ton freight j still the trains Are slow com j pared with the hours to i Melbourne compared with 75 minutes 65 hours to perth1 against 5% hours. So Why do people still keep the trains virtually fully1 booked wander around among the people As they Are about to leave on the Southern Aurora for the 13-hour trip to Mel-1 8 . Arrive you get some or the j answers. Planes scare says an elderly woman. Trains Are so much cheap says another woman. The train fare Sydney to Melbourne ranges from Economy class on the Daylight express to ?22.18 on the Southern Aurora first compared with Economy and first class on the jets. With the trains i get away from the phone for 13 Lovely says a businessman. And another puts it 1 a this by train i have dinner aboard read a Little then 10 hours in the cot then breakfast. And at 9 o clock in the morning i m right in the heart of Melbourne this transitional design the architect has effect vely combined red Cedar siding vertical a joint to i r d i n a Brick veneer Asphalt shingled roofing and a disciplined repetition of awning Type and fixed ribbon it is the kind of that will fit into any neighbourhood. More detailed plans full study plan information on this architect designed House of the week is obtainable in a 50-cent baby blueprint which you can order with this Coupon. Also we have available two helpful booklets at each your Home How to build buy or sell it and ranch including 24 of the most popular Homes that have appeared in the feature. R the House of the week Florence morning Florence South Carolina 29501 enclosed is 50 cents each for baby blueprints of design no. Enclosed is 1 for ranch Homes Booklet. Enclosed is ?1 for your Home Booklet. Street. City. State zip Carolina gardening Check your Trees for caterpillars brother seeks to solve mystery of Man who disappeared in 7967 Tokyo a nine years go japanese parliamentarian to Masanobu Tsuji packed his bags and left on a fact finding tour of Indochina. He never returned. His disappearance coupled with his background As a top Vcci strategist in world War a has communist China called the re developed into a mystery. In the Plain of lavs in Laos the report claims Tsuji boarded a soviet plane in november 1961 and flew to Hanoi where he later was transferred to China and placed under House arrest. North Vietnam denies Tsuji Ever stepped into its territory. A younger brother Masa Yoshi believes Tsuri is alive in 3hina, a prisoner accused of espionage which he never com Masayoshi belief on instinct bases his Tsuji s last Contact with his Amily occurred in May 1961, a month after he left when his wife Chitose received a package rom Thailand containing per Sonal effects. Since then theories have stopped up regularly about Tsu i s whereabouts. One claims lie shaved his Lead disguised himself in the Saffron Robes of a Buddhist Monk and headed North from Bangkok to Laos carrying pie ures of Mao tse Tungho Chi Minh and Gamal Abdul Nasser. Port unfounded. Radio peking then report that the . Military killed Tsuji in 1962 when he tried to re enter Laos. Another report says Tsuji a former colonel credited with the Conquest of Malaya and Singa pore was teaching guerrilla warfare at a military Academy in Kirin Northern China. Peking labelled this one recent claim from Laos says the Patchet lao imprisoned Tsuji in june 1961, court mar titled him on espionage charges and executed him a year later. It viewing All these claims brother Masayoshi says he can not hold any one of them True. He says his brother was not the Type to run into danger. The missing Man who would he 67, was officially declared dead by his wife last july. But Masayoshi says the wife still has a firm belief of her Hus band s Kunizo Yamaguchi election manager for Tsuji refuses to Ive him up for dead. He continues to keep Tsuji s election of ice open saying he would be bitterly disappointed to find it closed. Yamaguchi recalled that Tsuji disappeared from Bangkok in August 1945 when he Learned of Japan s wartime defeat. At that time Tsuji disguised himself As Buddhist Monk wandered for four years throughout Southeast Asia and China returning to Japan Only after War linked charges against him were dropped by the Allied Powers. The mystery of his latest Dis appearance will perhaps last As Long As the War in Indocci said Yamaguchi. Kakusuke Miyake foreign ministry official for Laos and Carn Bodia said the government has dosed its official search but still continues to gather information. Trash and garbage pick up Yard work lilt a Santa Tori f him. By Cora a. Harris if you Are taking a Vaca Tion first look up into your Trees and see if there Are webs filled with caterpillars. If you value your Shade or fruit Trees or even shrubbery better do something about it before you leave. July through september Are their favorite months to go Chom Ping. Here Are two distinct groups first the tent Caterpillar webs Are found in crotches of shrubs fruit Trees and Shade Trees. A co ony of Worms lives in the tent and goes out each Day to eat leaves of Trees. They return to the tent at Sundown. The Colony usually consists of about 150 or More caterpillars. Tent caterpillars Are among your worst enemies and by looking up into your Trees you la soon earn that the dirty whitish web near the Crotch of the branches Are filled with fuzzy caterpillars. If the tree in which they Haive invaded is too Large for the do it yourself Job get an experienced tree Man to eradicate these pests. The old fashioned method1 of burning the tents is still used by some but it is dangerous to the tree and to you. One of the main reasons for destroying these tents As quickly As because each worm when it has eaten until it is full grown will let itself Down on a Silken thread to the ground where it will find a hiding place and spin a pupa Case in which it spends the Winter. Clean them up and get rid of them As quickly As possible. The second enemy is the fall webworm which consists of hairy caterpillars eating and chewing As they go. These Are found in webs at the ends of branches and appear in the latter part of the summer. Fall caterpillars webs Are entirely different from the tent Caterpillar for they Are carefully made at the ends of branches and contain an overwhelming number o f caterpillars which devour leaves As fast As they can. Again i recommend getting a reliable tree Man to get rid of them. You la find that the fall webworm appear on fruit and Shade Trees and even some shrubs. Both groups have voracious appetites and Trees that suffer from severe attacks of either group of these Leaf eating insects May die due to the Caterpillar s ability to destroy foliage from making and storing its own food for growth and endurance. Foliage Spray programs applied by expert tree men is the Best method of control. One More group of Worms should be destroyed if you Haven t done it by now. It is the bag worm. He is a sneaky fellow and they even move their bags with them if you bother them. Bag Worms Are caterpillars and they attack evergreens such As junipers arborvitae and Cypress. Their bags Are about two inches Long. Cut Ting them off is one Way of control but a dose of Lead arsenate will kill the e caterpillars a tree Man can handle this situation better than the average Home owner. The bags Are disguised but they hang Down from the branches and Are visible. Take a Good look and you May see spindle shaped bags carefully camouflaged on. Take a look at Pear Apple and Shade Trees. I be been warning readers about bag Worms since Early Spring. The Bryant co. Mortgage Marion s. C. Pm. 423-157.2 p. O. Box 89 available to invest in Cha and a Loans. In Terest up to 35 years to pay. Available to invest in commercial Loans. When available up to 20 to 25 years to pay. Conventional Money when available. Us Holp you own of your Choice built on your lot of it will buy the. Lot of your Choiu Ond All financing. Call Marion Days 423-1522 Nighti 423-2394 or mail Coupon today Addrell boy Don. City Stow Coll Florence mall space Multi room Cooling cosmopolitan room air conditioner court on Carrier for Quality concealed touch control Center two Speed Day night Cooling flexible air flow controls automatic eve temp thermostat separate exhaust ventilation controls extra Large filter easy servicing slide out Chassis weather Armor protective customize cosm Polites change the hardware a variety of cabinet7 fixtures can be used in place of the original hardware. Ask at your nearest hardware store. Paint the simply remove the hardware and apply Carrier sealer ph23ja-016. Once dry Spray or Brush on your favorite color. Other models As Low As mall Florence Btu weather Mort

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