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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 26, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaFinal discharge All parties interested Wil please take notice that Lola Mae n. Harrelson administer matrix of the estate of Joseph d. Harrelson deceased has this Day made application unto the court or probate of Florence county for final discharge As such administer matrix and that the a w. Weinberger wrote him hat the commission shares four concern that such advertisements for the counter Road icings May be a contributing Factor in drug abuse prob Ems in the United Weinberger said the study has been Assn died the highest priority in agreement with your evaluation of the Gravity of the introducing his Resolution Moss who is chairman of the Senate s consumer subcommittee said parents May be setting bad examples for their children by addictions to sleeping Tab lets to ease the Burden of the nights two cups of Coffee to get started in the morning bended Rine tablets to get through the Day Tranquili Zers to ease the tension and of course a couple of cocktails at the end of the Day to wind added Moss whose mormon religion forbids stimulants the drug culture finds its fullest flowering in the portrait of american society which can be pieced together out of the hundreds of thousands of advertisements and it is he said which mounts so graphically the message that pills turn rain to Sunshine gloom to Joy depression to euphoria solve problems and dispel Moss said the problem is not limited to pills Bif cigarettes cigars soft drinks and commercials for other products which portray the key to happiness As things to Swallow inhale Chew drink and Moss said the Etc probe would cover three major Points extent of its authority an analysis of theories of deception and specific cases which have been brought and consideration of coordinated government pro Grams to come to grips with television advertising of such products. La Nett front Tom Sirius sunday july 26, Wos a go Josephines the sergeant wears eyeshadow lipstick editor s note this is the but it s miss Jones instead of mister. It s yes a am instead of yes and the sergeant wears Eyesha Dow and lipstick. But other Wise life in a women s corps Basic training Center is much like Boot Camp at any male military base. It just takes longer to on makeup. By Jurate Kazickas associated writer it. Mcclellan Ala. A the Glassy Shine on the Black pumps reflects the hem of the Pale Blue skirt starched As stiff As an open umbrella. The Little Cap is angled jauntily on hair teased into puffy wings. The Wue eyeshadow and Pink irides cent lipstick Are on just so. It is . Army time. Twenty four. Pairs of shiny shoes Clatter for a fraction of a second and Are still. Three straight lines eight girls in a Row. So begins another Day of Basic training for the wac battalion at it. Macleuan. Parade he rest legs apart hands quickly fold in Back. From a Distant Corner a record scratches and skips into the first notes of reveille. It is ., and the girls love it. A11 e n Hoot Forward March. Left left. And then the trainees be Gin to sing i Don t know but i be been told. The . Army is As Good As i san Antonio tex., with blonde Gold sound was sing. They sing on their Way to class they sing in their Barracks they sing on the Way to the mess Hall they sing on the Drill Field they sing while doing up. We sing so we won t says one wac jokingly. We sing so we won t fall says another. For Many of the 650 was in training Here the daily routine ended at 9 one recent at 3 ., hours before the official makeup. They have been up ironing uniforms that May have wilted in the Damp night air spit shining their shoes and checking on the bathrooms once again to see if dust has settled on the tiles Dur ing the night. Left. Left. Left ditty bags looking something like men s shaving kits but hold ing lipstick pen paper and cigarettes Are Slung their As they March into the mess Hall. They Load their Metal god no one new trainee exclaims with eggs Bacon Rolls and fruit and the girls Circle counterclockwise to their tables. You re going the wrong Way a Stocky sergeant in tones. You. Go Back and get some i joined the to take or says Jerri Sperry 21, from Cody Wyo. But other girls have different expectations from the . Pretty Mary Fernandez of streaks Down the Center of her Brown hair says my father served and so did my four cousins. I be always wanted to be in the ." Wanda Harper 19, from to bile Ala., voices an Oft heard patriotic sentiment if a Guy can give his life for his country then we should be Able to give three years to Petite Diane Kirbt from mar Ion ind., says she joined the to learn a skill. boy Friend was t too Happy about it but then he said hell go wherever the sends and for some there was really nothing better to do. The is keeping me out of Trou admitted Olivia Elan Chard from Arkansas. After breakfast it s off to class marching and singing. You can Tell her by her walk you can Tell her by her walk walk the eight week training course includes 350 hours of classes designed to transform the most awkward civilian into the s version of a lady who says yes a am and no a am and snaps to at Tention at the sight of bars or stripes. In class the girls sit erect at desks that Bear witness to the wac trainees of yesteryear desks with careful Penc Illings and scratchings Echo 3 is the Alpha is no. Vietnam. Larry the class is personal stand Heath crony takes Post of exchequer you will please take notice that you Are hereby required within Twenty Days from the service Hereof upon you of this summons and petition to apply for the appointment of a guardian and item to represent you in this action or petitioners will apply to the court for the Relief demanded and that the a i ointment of a guardian and item to defend the action your behalf. Raymond k. Mckenzie Florence s. C. July 17, 1970 attest James c. Gregg clerk of court Florence county july aug. Notice to creditors All persons having claims or against the estate of Ann h. Delk deceased Are re of a sent the same itemized Ai Quested to present the same it Emild and Trifid to the uen designed duly qualified admin istra trix . Of said estate within the time prescribed by Law five months and All per sons indebted to the said estate Are asked to make prompt pay ment to the undersigned. Gena j. Melton William attorney at Law Florence . Final discharge All parties interested will please take notice that Dorothy c. Jones executrix of the estate of Benjamin Algernon Collins deceased has this Day made application unto the court of probate of Florence county for final discharge As such executrix and that the 28th Day of july 1970, at 10 o clock a. M., is the time appointed for a hear ing on the petition. Dorothy s. Grimsley judge of probate Florence county july 26 aug. 2, 9, Plantation patrol a South vietnamese armoured personnel Carrier moves through an Alley of rubber Trees on the chup rubber Plantation near Kampong Cham 70 Miles Northeast of phenom penh Cambodia. The troops Are part of South Viet Nam s 318th task Force. Crime measure vote shows Potency of Law order Issue lawyer the hard Way studying As a world War ii prisoner through the International red by John Chadwick associated press writer Washington a once again a Senate vote has demonstrated the Power of the Law and order Issue and indicated that major portions of president Nixon s ant crime program May Cross the new Chancellor is even More basically an econ yet be passed before Congress in Mist. J members face the voters in no almost everything we want vember. To achieve As a nation is depend-1 ent on getting our Economy and a crime control Bill for the conservative a Little More District of Columbia passed by the Senate 54 to 33 thursday and previously by the House 332 to 64, is the first of Nixon s proposals to Clear Congress. It provisions for preventive detention no Knock police searches and mandatory mini mum sentences came under heavy attack on constitutions. Grounds the same Issue that has slowed acion on other parts of the administration package. In essence the debate Cen _ tired around balancing he Ain is in the Midk of a nation rights of society and the rights wide Dock strike. Of defendants a problem that our taxation on to a sound foot he said in a statement accepting the thorny financial Post. With Heath s government Only than a month old Barber faces major problems. Wages exploded in the latter months of the labor government unemployment this month reached 2.5 per cent of the work Force the High est for july since 1940, inflation is running Strong ind Staal production has slipped and Brit plagues Boh Congress and the courts in dealing with crime. Sen. Sam j. Ervin jr., d-n.c., a strict constitutionalism led he fight against the District of co Lumbia Bill but he was up against Senate leaders of both parties As Well As the adminis traion. And of 26 senators running for re election this year who voted on the Only eight voted against it. Among this group who voted for the Bill were eight demo rats usually classed As liberals. Charles e. Goodell r-., represent states where Boh these practices Are sanctioned by heir own Sale s Muskie and Goodell were among he senators up for re election this year who voted against passage. Ervin appealed to his col leagues not to yield to the Siren voice of that old Devil polio Cal expediency and vote for the Bill on grounds it would enhance Law and order. He contended the Bill is honeycombed with unwise unjust and unconstitutional democratic Leader Mike Manfield of Montana said the one of these was sen. Joseph i Bill says to the criminal in d Tydings d-md., who was i terms that Are Clear and simple floor manager the Bill. He that his nation and this City o . I 1-hn.wioalimc into maintained that much of the opposition was based on misinformation and misstatements. Referring to no Knock entries and pretrial detention Tydings said that two of he chief critics of these proposals Sens. Edmund s. Muskie a Maine an have committed themselves this an All out fight against crime in any shape or Ards and social concepts for second week troops and the lieutenant in charge is having difficulty keeping her wig on this morning. One Day Well give you a pass and you la go out to civilization. 1 want to show you How to carry your purse and your she adjusts her hair. Yes guidance military customs and Greengrass do mine for me courtesies and maintenance Supply Economy and Cost con-1 tre girls run around the room scion Ness. Drill and Scremo j in houseboats bras and slips Nies takes up 39 hours of the re j smoking and polishing their fruits training an for most and they Iron and Iron the was drills Are the Waltz of As much As eight times a Day this finishing school. They love i and some go through 16 cans of it. Spray starch during Basic. Feel so cruddy if your As the girls Man Euver around shuffles to attention. Hands in the Parade Field one behind the Back. Private John girl is distracted by a jeep Load son a am. Why can t i my soldiers passing by inv is into my whats Matler the gloves into my s Geant shouts. Never Well it looks better to carry Iman ser seen a them with the cuffs out. It s More ethical this while some girls Are in class Othas have up duty. It s a pleasant they say. They roam the Large c 1 e an Kitchen making 800 Rolls pre paring pieces of Chicken and 150 pounds of peas. Dressed in their Blue gym uniforms and hair nets the was insist we love it. It s a lot of fun when we work six girls stand around and watch one out the butter parties. For their mid morning physical training class the girls change into Blue bloomers and Black anklets and sneakers. Abdominal contractions the twister squat thrust Circle-0. Three Cross pull relax. Four Cross pull one Pale wac crumples into a tired Heap of and legs. The sergeant smiles at her exhausted class and tells them they can relax for one minute. The girls lie on the ground. And they sing. Sergeant Prewett is a girl. She s the Best in All the world. Sound platoon sergeants come in All shapes and sizes All tempera ments. We like them said Polly Robinson 19, from Chicago. Some May look mean but deep Down inside they re really N.C. and they care about you. It s like when your parents Are strict you May hate them but then you realize they re ight and you love yeah Well i think some sergeants should take a Charm course or said one recruit. But a sergeant does t need Charm. She has the Merit. You know what i got 10 gigs for this morning a hair on my said Ruth Pool from Karabit to. The sergeant was right. I should have known better than to comb my hair after putting my uniform although was Are essentially trained for clerical medical or administrative positions some was think women should fight. If they need us to fight for our country i d go. I really says Mary Belkeiy 23, from Wilmington . And the girls get a taste of combat on their Field trip which comes at the fifth week. The was have to run through a Gas chamber take off their masks in an atmosphere of nonlethal Gas blurt out their name rank and serial number replace the mask and run out. Thought my hair would turn said one bleached blonde the was love it. But despite the general enthusiasm for Basic training some was Don t love anything about it. Of How my Recruiter said one trainee at break time during classes. This place is like a prison. I want a frail bespectacled girl overheard and commented she s just a baby. Some people never adjust to wac officers estimate that about 10 per cent will fail to Complete the course successfully classes go on through the aft Vernoon and include such subjects As achievements and traditions of the character Cuba fiesta celebrates Christmas sugar Harvest revolution Etc. By Theodore a. Ediger associated press writer Miami fla., a they re Dancine in the streets in Cuba to celebrate Fidel Castro s revolution the sugar Harvest Christ Mas new year s and Mairdie gras. Havana radio reported Satur Day Tot a nationwide carnival began Friday night and will continue through aug. 2. Dancing will be interrupted sunday night for a massive gathering in Havana s Plaza of the revolution to commemorate the occasion. Monday was declared a fiesta Day with All offices and stories to close. But Castro said earlier he was postponing the three traditional holidays until the revolution s anniversary Date in order not to interfere with Cane cutting Dur ing this year of the 10 Mil while Castro missed the 10 million Lon sugar goal on which he had staked the Honor of his revolution he claims the har Vest of his Dollar crop reached an All time ugh. Havana radio reported the Harvest had ended at tons with a Little Cane remain ing to be milled. Sugar workers from through out Cuba have arrived in Havana for the july 28 Celebration said bag casts monitored in Miami. Slot. . Ii sae 10w 40 he motor Oil from cult of 100% Lubo Oil tto Eki. Forum lotto to of cod the. Automobile i Moil .v.r. Pirfo Manu extra , Long waiting additive. Compound Mok. . Motor Oil Tho choir. For Molori who Sutiri the in Inginio lubrication. Available at your local service dealer distributed by Central Oil Supply co. 210 n. Ir8y Florence s. C. 667.8188 men. They re called Trees around Here Here the men Are is tree territory. But gee i Livan t seen too Many of sighed one trainee. If the girls Are extra Good at the end of their fourth week in training they Are Given a half Day pass to go into town or to visit the service club on base. There they sit in self conscious Little groups starched to Perfec Tion gloves with the cuffs out and tap the toes of their shiny sensible oxfords to Rock n Roll music. There Are no alcoholic beverages allowed and absolutely no landholding. But some prefer to stay around the base and Putter around their Barracks. It gets to be a lot like Home. The Barracks hold 30 Beds to a room with Wall lockers and foot lockers near each bed. The bulletin boards Are Deco rated with latest news clippings keep off the grass marijuana posters instructions like no talking humming singing or whistling in the and figure control charts and pictures of Kittens and Flowers. And explicit instructions on How the foot locker must be organized. Stockings must be rolled tightly like stubby sausages and the girls scream in Delight As some one named Greengrass perfects the tiniest and tightest stocking. Of feel shouts one wac. In t that she laughs As the stocking bounces off the floor. Of uniform has a wrinkle some says one wac in shorts and sandals. The girls sing As they scrub the floors and do their dusting. Trainee trainee Don t be Blue. Your pig was a trainee too. Sound off a sergeant enters and rubs her hand along a window Sill. She checks the Chain to a Bathtub stopper. And Here and exults As she reaches behind the toilet. The recruits Grimace. Outside there is a party for the Alpha and Bravo troops who graduate the next Day. The girls Are dressed in play tiniest of mini skirts ruffle blouses Bell Bot Toms and even one tight red see through pants outfit. They dance the Funky Chick in together in the lounge. Someone asks the lieutenant to dance but s he laughs and says of no All i can do is dazzle is the com Mand and the proud beaming girls in tight pants and minis Kirts swivel on their heels turn the lines inside out split the lines pass each other and stomp like rockette. They perform just As beautifully the next Day for graduation. In the Chapel the voice quaver As they sing to Pallas Athena. There Are tears after the simple ceremony As friends part to continue training in their specialities at other bases. And As they gather marching shoes and stroll for once not March in shiny pumps Back to their Barracks they sing the Saddest thing i la see is fort Mcclellan minus handcrafted color to Only Zenith has Chroma color finished Walnut veneers and select Hardwood solids exclusive o decorative from. Conveniently located front mounted Colof controls. Portable Zenith table am radio 1563 w. Evans 662-7089

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