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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 26, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year no. 207 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. C., sunday morning july 26, 1970 daily Loc sunday 15e Strom Nixon popularity is Low Washington a sen. Strom Thurmond the Republican party s most influential and demanding Southern ally the administration is so unpopular in his Region now that he would not want president Nixon campaigning for him in South Carolina. Is not up far re election this in an interview with the associated press that recent Nixon administration actions concerning school desegregation have reduced his popularity and it probably would not be a Perti nent time for him to make a political appearance in the South. F Thurmond said he Hopes Nix or. Will Pijie White House of Liberal and Ultra Liberal advisers who Are Northeast to tips the senator who played a major role in the nomination and election of the Republican ticket in 1968, said former Secretary of education and welfare Robert h. A White House Jerris Leonard assistant attorney general for civil rights Are among the administration officials he could do without. Here Are the questions and answers q. When president Nixon ran for office he spoke of a one nation this has been interpreted As a Southern Strate has he succeeded generally in that goal Thurmond interview a. I think his desire has been to make such a a icy Success Ful. But i think some of the lib eral and Ultra Liberal advisers around him have perverted this policy. Q. In what ields a. In the Fields i spoke on last week for instance. Plans were being Mads to Send lawyers and marshals and Justice depart ment agents to the South concerning the school problem. Why Send such agents 0 the South Only instead of to Utica go which has More segregation than the state of South Caro Lina then too on the Nutter of the voting rights Bill the presi Dent did recommend Tysl Only nationwide. But the congas the by l and n red it to the South again narc he states that void few o Dwater in 1964. I think the present should have vetoed that bid he Caus it was not in Accord with his Tion. But he signed that Bill. Q. Hov. you reconcile to a. Well t Don t. That Woi m be a matter for explain. You a k them that. 0. When the names a invt and Terris Leonard Zzz up at a news conference Gnu made no secret that these Are two of the president s advisers you could do without. Is Correct a. Well i think he has some could obtain advisers who would be More conservative and sounder. Q. One goes with the other a. I speak of a conservative As one who believes in the Philo Sophy of tie Constitution of the United states. Q. You think some of the president s advisers Are lacking in this respect a. Ill i think he has some Liberal and Ultra Liberal advisers around a. Q. The president has revoked see sen. Thurmond Page 7 a sen. Strom Thurmond he says Nixon s popularity has slumped a boy chasing lands English lass in jail to 28 Days Reading England a a Lovesick girl was jailed saturday for refusing to Stop chasing the boy she wants to marry. Irene Avery 20, was led to prison shouting i have to see him again and i will. Wait and see miss Avery a maid at the Royal Berkshire Hospital was jailed for 28 Days by local magistrates because she refused to agree to Stop continually pestering 18-year old Paul Taylor. The court was told that Irene repeatedly visited Taylor s Home calling i want after he broke off their Romance. She kept calling at the front Gate and stood on the front Lawn of the a police officer testified. She refused to leave and finally the police were called and she was taken away by policemen. She was allowed to go but she persisted in pestering or. Taylor and followed him to work at a construction site where he is a dumper Driver. This was embarrassing for Irene admitted causing a break of the peace but told the court she would say no More until Sno saw Taylor. Chairman Leonard Vickers asked her will you agree to Irene replied i will behave until Paul comes Back from Holiday in two weeks time. Then i will go Back again to see the chairman then asked her to sign an order promising to be of Good he added unless you agree to this you will spend 28 Days in i Don t said Irene refusing to sign the order. She was arrested and taken by policemen to London s Holloway prison for woman. A court spokesman said the girl could be released whenever she. Agrees to sign the order Taylor contacted by newsmen after Irene was jailed said i m sorry it had to work out like this. U. S. Proposes missile limits Washington a the these timely discoveries of getting under Way. The chief . Negotiator at Veinna disarmament director Gerard c. Smith is reported to have made the . Offer after Nixon decided to seek a limited .-sovist agreement As a first step instead of across the Board package. A Complete disarm Emont United states has proposed to s nne great Issue that makes it the soviet Union that the two us necessary to approve abm per Powers limit their strategic makes me a Little nuclear missiles to about the the Arkansas Democrat told a number they have now or per newsman haps less. Just part of pr0pa. The . Offer would place an Ganda to get their Over All numerical ceiling on each nation s intercontinental democratic Lead ballistic missiles sub or Mike Mansfield Marine fired missiles and Long coincidence that the . A Range bombers with some Flea y. Bitty for each Side in How to mix its weapons within the limit. Under the missile ceiling there would also be a limitation on size of missiles aimed at preventing further soviet deployment of huge ss9 rockets. And the two Powers would hold their anti ballistic missile abm systems to by what the soviets now have. The russian abm now deployed is said to consist mainly of 64 around Moscow. These features of the . Proposal became known saturday following its presentation to the soviets at the Vienna strategic arms limitation talks Salt Friday. At White House Brief Ings for key congressmen Henry a. Kissinger president Nix on s National Security affairs adviser is said to have portrayed the administration s program to push ahead with the . Abm As an important bargaining Chip in the Effort to reach an agree ment with the soviets at Vienna. This Drew a protest from chairman .1. of the Senate foreign relations com Mittie a leading opponent of the administration abm plan. The Senate last year okayed by Only one vote the starting the administration s safeguard sys tem. With the Senate now weighing a proposal to expand safeguard to four Sites Ful Bright described Kissinger s argument its an Effort to Lay blame on the Senate if it does not approve the abm expansion and the proposed Deal with the soviets does t work out. Gunmen Hijack mexican jetliner Mexico City a four gunmen hijacked a mexican Jet liner after it took off from the resort of Acapulco on saturday and ordered it flown to Cuba. Americans were reported the 27 passengers. The dc9 of Aero Naves de Mexico stopped for refuelling at Mexico City and then proceeded on to Cuba. The airline said it landed in Havana at . None o the passengers or the four crewmen was permitted to get off the plane during the re fueling Stop Here. The airline said the Ameri cans on the flight were return ing to the United states via Mexico City from vacations in Acapulco on Mexico s Pacific 1 coast. Presidential group eyes 72 budget san Clemente Calif. A president Nixon opening a 10-Day stay at the Western White House conferred with aides saturday in Advance of formal meetings Early the week on the 1972 budgets for defense and Domestic programs. The Pace was leisurely but the White House has passed the word there will be plenty of work for the president during his stay on the West furthermore a previously announced trip til Mexico appear entry won t Turki into what file president Callie his first vac a Tion in five years. White House press Secretary Ronald l. Zei Ler now is projecting it As an Assad or Hugo Margain Callec at the White House last with a Silver Humidor anniversary gift from. Fiaz Ordaz Nimir on was talking of getting in a vacation a Beautiful resort in not Acapulco. An official visit Points to less protocol and formalities in the offing than would a state visit. Nixon brought to California Only part of his Domestic team israelis Confer on peace plan Camp courage place for special things a special group of children Are learning and doing some special Florence s Camp coverage. See Page to. In Many big City ghettos terror lives on the Doorstep. See spotlight report Page 5-a. Project thrust designed to find employment for teenagers in Florence has begun a Job Hunting process for several Hundred area youths. See Page 2-a. Weather partly Cloudy and hot today and Mon Day with Chance of afternoon and evening Thunder showers. High today and monday around 90 Low tonight around 70. Details Page 8-d. Index arts 8-b business 6-a deaths 2-a editorials 4-a features 1-d Gall. Poll 5-a Horoscope 7-b sports 1-b women 1-c when he arrived late Friday rom Washington. He Hac stopped along the Way in Fargo v. D., to meet with five Plains state governors and in Salt Lake Lity with the Hierarchy of the mormon Church. But on monday there will be a general meeting to size up its economic Outlook in preparation or sessions tuesday for Early see Nixon Page -8-a family a pledge Karl m. Guelf right president of South Carolina Indus tries presents a pledge card in the amount of to or. Myers h. Hicks general Campaign chairman of the building fund for the greater Florence family , or. Hicks said this gift bring the total of the building fund to Date to the goal for the Campagna which actually has already ended in Indian official urges atomic space program new Delhi a the Sencial for economically sup chairman of India s atomic Energy commission called Satur Day for a massive combined 10-year, atomic Energy and space program to help India overcome its poverty. It is my firm belief that the problems of poverty and Region Al imbalances in our country cannot be effectively tackled without it atomic or. Vikram a. Sarabhai told a parliamentary committee. Sarabhai and prime minister Indira Gandhi made Clear to the parliamentarians there would tie no change in India s Long standing policy of developing atomic Energy Only for peaceful purposes. The government s View is hat nuclear weapons will not add to the Security of the coun Sarabhai told a news conference after the meeting. He added that mrs. Gandhi s government considers the use of atomic Energy for every meaningful peaceful purpose As he said the possibility of peaceful underground nuclear such As for the extraction of Low Grade Ore and Oil being studied but that none could be expected in the near future. The biggest portion of Sarab Hai s proposed budget is for atomic Energy which he urged the expenditure of billion. He said this could permit in Dia to have a vast nuclear com plex for Power production and other uses such As widespread application of isotopes in Indus Triail processing food preservation Storlin Atyinn of medical products Medicine and re search. Nuclear Power is today is plying Energy in Large parts o the and is moreover the Only major Supply on which we will need to fall Back in per haps less than 50 years he asserted. Pushing for More space re search he said several uses of outer space can be of immense Benefit to us As we strive to Advance economically and socially. Indeed without them it is difficult to see How we can Hole our own in a shrinking he listed communications and meteorological uses of Sale cities As examples. Cabinet meeting scheduled today Tel Aviv a israeli leaders suspicious of Egypt s approval of a . Proposal for Mideast peace talks mulled Over their response saturday but reliable sources said Israel probably would agree to a qualified israeli legislators cautioned the government to avoid letting itself become politically isolated but they advised the regime to take time in framing a response to Washington s propos Al. Representatives from the ranks of the Hawks and doves gave their views in a series of radio interview s. Both elements agreed in general that the plan should be accepted on Condi Rae i fears that the limited cease fire it. Calls for would give Egypt time to bolster its Posi Ion along the Suez canal zone. Avraham offer a member of he Dove group in Israel s parliament said the cease fire would be accepted on Condi Ion that proper International supervision could be activated o prevent an Arab arms build up along the waterway. Shmuel Tamir a parliament atry Hawk agreed that Israel should go along provided that he russians move their troops and military advisers out of Egypt. Shimon Peres a parliament viewed As a close associate of defense minister Dayan warned that Speed does not necessarily i see Mideast Page 8-a Arab group balks at peace move b a d d a w i refugee Camp Lebanon a the head of the marxist popular from for the liberation of Palestine said saturday his guerrilla group will oppose the position of a peaceful solution to the Middle East crisis with All our or. George Hab Bash said acceptance of a peaceful solution would inevitably Lead to the crushing of palestinian Resis Tance. Our objective is very simple. We want o live in our country Palestine As you live in your he told More than 60 foreign newsmen summoned to a news conference at this pales Tinian refugee Camp 60 Miles North of the lebanese capital of Beirut. Hab Bash said he called the news conference because of very serious developments of the past few which included the acceptance of an american proposal for a peaceful solution by president Gamal Abdel Nas ser of Egypt. Nephew of ousted libyan King called Mastermind behind plot Damascus Syria a a Nephew of Libya s ousted King Idriss i was the Mastermind he Hind a plot that the libyan government says it has crushed the egyptian Middle was news Agency said saturday. A dispatch from Tripoli Libya s capital said confessions of 11 men arrested there described a Force massed in the neighbouring african Republic of Chad for an invasion aimed at overthrowing the revolutionary government of col. Muammar Sadafi. Sadafi ousted pro Western King Idriss in september and the Royal family has been living in exile. Sadafi s regime is radio Tripoli reported Satur Day that Sadafi told a Demon Strating crowd at government a miso that the 11 men would Law sentenced to death it quoted the libyan strongman As saying All 11 arrested plotters will soon be brought to trial and we shall have no mercy for the Trai tors. They must be the egyptian Agency said the Mastermind was Prince Abed Abullah Al Sanusi. It added that the plot was financed and armed by the . Central intelligence Agency. The dispatch said the counter revolutionaries were armed with Field aircraft artillery armoured cars rifles machine guns pistols and Poison daggers used in Chad. The weapons were purchased by the Cia in Switzerland the dispatch quoted the alleged confessions As saying. Sadafi announced in a speech in Tripoli on Friday night that his government had crushed a plot Lead by prominent figures of i he ousted monarchy. Lift claimed the plot was hatched by the self am Nassr family a powerful business family in the Southern town of Letha. The Middle East news Agency said the confessions of the men held As plotters were made available to its correspondent in Tripoli. The Agency said the plotters admitted to have planned to size control of Sabha in South Ern Libya and proclaim a sep Arate Republic. It gave this account from Sabha the plotters planned to Send a mercenary Force on a two pronged March of about 600 Miles to overrun Tripoli and Benghazi. Should the March fail to bring about a Quick overthrow of a Dali the plotters intended to Send mercenary planes to bomb and wreck Fields. Libya s huge Oil

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