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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 25, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaThe family circus it s Ama or Kos How those seems Cam cure the blues there s another one and another a daddy can t you sleep around those poor Andy Capp it bothers me people la think i of Sou Aven t shaved Tab a son people Are aoin1 r see that some Oft Whis Are 5rey Mary Worth but one do the Mirage every actor about owe 10 pass 1 read Forth pwt of toe works dau6hter in a Broadway bound pm Andt it then 1 8egwto sctt and bit Paris in pathetic Tutu of5-6rdadwav companies never Dick Tracy Beetle Bailey Flintstones Florence morning news wednesday july 11-b Carroll Righter s crossword do from the Carroll Reg her Institute general tendencies change is possible if you face facts Early and reconsider your plans from a More logical Point of View a prominent person you Admire May disagree but your attributes will be highly appreciated make plans for the Days ahead. Aries mar. 21 to apr 19 taking care of routine matters and talking out your problems with experts make this a rewarding Day keep Busy with routine duties. Show More Devotion to loved one relax at Home tonight Taurus apr 20 to May 20 ways of achieving greater abundance will present themselves. Decide what must be done and then carry through. Someone More experienced in business matters can make your future More secure gemini May 21 to june 21 the morning is Ideal for evaluating your present status. Don t Stop there but get Busy making proper changes. Evening is Fine for social activities that bring excellent results. Moon children june 22 to july 21 your future goals should be Analysed without outside influence. Once you decide on the right course others will turn to you for help assist them before tackling new projects. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 let your magnetism go to work exciting new contacts could develop into meaningful friendships. Engage in new social activities but Don t Nufi Eccl old friends who have much in common with you. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 your career plans requite attention this morning. Whatever you do must reflect common sense and logic new equipment can increase your efficiency Dine in an atmosphere of splendor. Libra sept 23 to oct 22 interesting persons give the right ideas for your future advancement. Good time to plan that trip you be been thinking about. Make sure household is running smoothly before making commitments. Scorpio oct 23 to nov 21 there Are new ways to meet your responsibilities. Let your natural dynamism enu Igo show Courtesy and kindness to loved one and things will change for the belter be More cheerful. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec 21 associates can suggest changes to make your current efforts More successful getting in tune with the needs of others can Speed business and social Progress. Take health treatments. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan 20 be Frank in discussing the work ahead of you with those involved cooperate with others for More harmonious results. Show your enthusiasm. Take necessary Steps to improve appearance. Aquarius Jan 21 to Peb 19 spend your spare time pleasurably with those congenial people you like. A new project could be successful if you stress efficiency. Temper your emotions with logical decisions. Pisces feb. 20 to mar 20 discord at Home can be resolved now if you express your willingness to make an Effort he honest but tactful. Avoid a person whose present situation could be detrimental to your welfare. If your child is born today he or she is Well Asp acted for agility of mind this cleverness could Lead to being Overly talkative. Educational atmosphere should be As modern As possible to develop some of those Fine ideas. Don t let Early Promise dissipate by neglecting to stress persistence of Effort spiritual training and ethics should be taught Early in life. Sports Are a must Here. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for August is now ready. For your copy Send your birth Date and is to Carroll Highler forecast. Florence morning news. Box 629, Hollywood Calif. 90028. 1973, Mcnaught Syndicate lnc.1 i residue across 29 Bouillon c Mainc 31 Basle 8 Rascal 33 Dirl 11 bread spread 3-1 greeting 12 fees 36 mayday 13 extinct Bird 38 Rak Colf curl did 4.3 City in 15 Palm tree 17 digest 19 study 20 hinder 23 rain flow 26 Buller Container Sikol Wyoming 45 Thor Seal her 46 Mirtia Ute King 47 and so Forth 48. Rave 49 Kinder Gardner 50 sail Deposit 51 gaelic solution of yesterday 5 Puzzle Down i lounge 1 misfortunes 3 yarn measures 4 braces 5 smoke Liee 6 elliptical 7 menu item 8 Force 9 Low 10 mrs Nuon 16 article 18 Willi Crspin 21 world War ii area 22 fiary 23 Hardwood 24 mahogany Streak 25 guilty Ore 27 8cg 30 in treaty 32 35 abalone 37 Reserve 39 quote 40 hebrew month 11 snares 43. Hindrance 44. Coin of Macao contract j Bridge b. Jay Becker a Cardinal East dealer. North South vulnerable. North j 10 8 5 2 vq3 a k q 10 4 107 Rast v 7 West 3 v a k j 10 9 g 2 954 a q 4 87 g 3 2 4, q 8 5 2 South a k q 7 4 v 8 5 4 j 4. K j g 3 the bidding South West puss in North How you could saved us i la never know they took my guns my 2-wav, and Cut the phone line so we re on our q put this cold Towel on your wrists. 1 saw the whole i arrangement before they put me out the window. Opening Lead King of hearts. One Way o a _ _ _ _ player is to say he s so bad thai ask i occasionally he even Trumps his partner s Ace. This article is not intended to encourage those who suffer from this failing but it May afford Solace to some Andy sends a Complete 20 volume Sci of the mkr1t players addicted to the practice got a que Liron Tor Andy while Iron j poll card mail in id the Florence morning Newt. P 0. Ban Vii for Oronce s. C. Fred s at that same awkward age. Know lately Clyde what you has been too Olp be trained and too to o o students encyclopedia to Barbara Holman age 11. Of Cleveland Ohio for her question Auk huskies and Mem huhs of the dog family yes indeed Kiev Are. The siberian husky and the alaskan Mala Nile Are qualified members of the candae. The charming Sarno cd and Itic dog also arc genuine canine animals. Though members of the same family they Are four different Breeds of dog. All of them Are specially suited to befriend the human family in Polar regions. Ages ago. An assortment of with dogs made themselves Al Home in most parts of the world. Some adjusted to life in the tropics some to life in the temperate zones and several wild wolfish types to life in Polar climates. This happened millions of years before the human family arrived on the Earth. For a Long Lime our Early ancestors regarded the Doks As wild enemies to be fought or avoided. Nobody knows when ibis policy changed though most Likely in occurred gradually As people decided thai some wild dogs were less menacing than others. In any Case there is evidence thai the Stone age people of Europe had friends in the dog family Al least 20.000 years ago. This arrangement started As a sort of Trade agreement. They agreed to use their Superior sniffers to help Man the Hunter Irack Down his game animals. Man agreed to Reward his half wild helpers Wilh hunks of delicious cooked meal. In time the dogs were per milled to warm themselves by the campfire and even to Lake shelter in the family Cave. In those far off Days Nur hemisphere was recovering from the last ice age. The year round climate was Damp and Chilly and Man s first friends of the dog family were adjusted to severe weather conditions. Most Likely they wore to know thai there Are limes when doing so is not a Cardinal sin. South got to four Spades on the bidding shown and West led the King of hearts followed by the Ace. At this Point our hero Kast stepped right up and trumped his partner s Ace. He then returned a club and West cashed his a a to put the con tract Down one. Had East nol ruffed the Ace South would have made four Spades. Of course East s play was right in the present Case even though it did violate the in Junction against trumping partner s tricks. As with All general principles the advice Aboul what to do or not to do is not meant to be followed literally. In i Given hand where strict adherence to a Rule seems Likely to prove injurious a player should feel perfectly free to Branch out on his own. This was clearly such a Case. Liast can see from surveying Dummy that the defense cannot Hope to win four tricks it West remains on Lead with the Ace of hearts West can hardly be expected to take two More defensive tricks if left on Lead at trick two and Easl must therefore grab the Bull by the horns and Trump his partner s Ace. Note that West cannot afford a Low heart play at trick two to Force East to Ruff. West has no Way of knowing thai East has a Singleton heart. He must rely on Kast to Rise to the occasion. Is everyday Counselor by or. Herbert Spaugh i in Seoul on june 1. When Bill Ira tufted feel for i l Abner but after us boys Price that in i Aginah ordered pm Tro cloth pole tools c who need that str2ason" Mev weeds Mah steaks am needs thar am1 that s what makes a Erica thick weather proof coals and had Large running Over the icy slush. As the glaciers receded the climate grew Milder Lizul the Fossil records of Man s animal Friend during this period arc sketchy. Some of the shaggy dogs May have gone North with the glaciers. Perhaps other wild dogs adjusted to Southern regions moved North and became Friendly with he new Stone age people of Kurop. In any Case several species of wolfish wild dogs were at Home in the frown North when the eskimos arrived and some were lamed to become Stout hearted work dogs and family Pels. In Linc. Four separate Breeds of these cold coun try dogs were developed in and near the Arctic Circle the siberian husky originated in the cold Northern regions of the old world. The alaskan malamute is a new world Breed domesticated in the Arctic regions of North America. The samoyed. Who looks like Lassie dressed up for a Polar expedition original cd with the Northern Lapp Peoples. Some people refer to these three Breeds As Eskimo dogs though actually the True Eskimo dog is a fourth Breed. All of these cold climate members of the dog family Wear lined weather proof jackets Wilh a shaggy lop Coal and a warm wooly und Croal next to the skin. All have extra Large feet Wilh Tufts of hair Between the docs. And All of them Are inn Day. Dependable characters Strong and so Ilung to work Andy sends a seven volume set of the narnia to Robert Ballard age 8, of Hunting Lon Lucach. Calif., for his question Why Doks mails have North and South f Olak Caps we need a Telescope to see the Polar Caps on Mars but we can see Only one of them Al a Lime they form in Winter and while one pole has Winter theother is having summer this is because the Axis of Mars is lit cd Asil swings around its we hear much today the Church becoming involved in Evor Vav living. This is right if should be. The Bible Lam preached to More people command in. Bin a Nav of us Floc Llyn to Liliu Ever confronted in any pm Sade of any length before ii was also apparently the larg est gathering in recorded Church history the crusade was backed in virtually All the pro Testant churches m Seoul. Man catholics. Buddhists and confucian mss were in the crowd by the thousands i seriously doubt if we will Ever differ Over lie manner of involvement. If this is an organized move Cal from with out the results Are Cju Cliona blk. Decently a former Vietnam i of. . Col. Lames q Lincy Collins addressed Aboul .1.000 students and parents at the inc Faith baccalaureate ser vice at the Charlotte coliseum col. Collins had spent More than seven years As captive of me Olmos like this again Thi. North vietnamese before m my the evangelist being released i Bidav 12. Silly it talc my of talc syncs what tie had seen were the fruits of some m years of evangelistic missionary work feel that Lod revealed himself to me As he probably has to no Oiler Man Collins said re unprecedented cooperation among the churches in. In calling his release from Pri son i reached up and cod preparation came Down to me at he description of sealing arrangement of those attending same time i elevated my family and put them on a Pedestal the crusade is interesting lie sides the Seal for platform guests. The choir and a few special guests the Only scaling available was the pavement or to differentiate Between and Rny family Fie urged the students to got involved in your count re. Love a former runway now used As a her. Cherish her and serve military Parade ground some Tor Don t take her for Grant by rough trials or cd and Don i let her Down scraps of plastic but Many. These Are words of sound sol of newspapers Wisdom Learned the hard Way or nothing Al All groups All Over the world is if Lac Church is to specially Young people Are get today it must have Rcv elance Ling involved in the Mam u Meisl be involved with god Stream of living As a result our Church and in our Neagli of spiritual renewal and Bap Hor this commences Down in the heart when baptism and renewal Lake place through inc gift of he Power of the holy spirit Tim of the holy spirit we have recently had a tremendous demonstration of revival and renewal in Korea this so ritual Effort was Cli yearly orbit first one Polo then the other pole bows inward the Sun then the opposite pole is lipped away from the Sun and the weather grows cold enough to a crusty while Polar Cap

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