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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 25, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaIii mtg published by the Florence printing company John m. O Dowd James a. Rogers president and publisher editor Florence s.c., saturday morning july colleges face a new Issue College campuses Are confronted with another kind of revolution which May have a More solid Impact upon higher education than the Cam pus disturbances so characteristic of recent years. A record number of College graduates has come at a time when an economic downtown is upsetting the equation Between a College degree and its Promise of a High paying career. The nation s College graduates of 1970 Are threatened with the highest unemployment rate of any group in the country. That is about the Only conclusion that can be drawn from the Job prospects of the class of 1970 As summarized in a special feature by or. James g. Driscoll in the National observer. Or. Driscoll writes thousands of College seniors across the country Are scrambling for jobs in a tight labor Market. They Are writing scores or hundreds of letters to prospective employers. They Are seeking help from family and friends applying to private employ ment agencies and looking for part time jobs to tide them Over. And Many Are figures compiled by the College placement Council a National organization indicate that Job offers this year Are Down 16 percent from last year at the Bachelor s degree level 26 percent at the master s degree level and 14 percent for pm d. S. Areas hardest hit by de Clining Iob opportunities for degree holders include aerospace and teaching. The aerospace Industry is the economic plight of the teach ing profession. Estimates indicate that at least of the students graduating with leaching degrees this year will be unable to find jobs As teachers. Those with degrees in scientific Fields Are also destined to find Tough sledding due to cutbacks in Federal funds for on the other hand reports or Driscoll for some Lucky or smart members of the class of 1970 these negative trends Are outweighed by the heavy demand for their specific account ants Are in great demand this year probably due in no Small part to the increasing complexity of government required record keeping for taxes and other purposes. Many View the plight of this year s graduates As a temporary condition caused by the business slow Down. Yet As Ever greater num Bers of Young americans Complete their education with a College de Gree it is Only logical to expect a permanent shift away from the time honoured belief that material Success and a diploma go hand in hand. Another question that remains to be answered is what will happen on campuses As the inexorable Law of Supply and demand takes its toll of the Cash value of a College degree. Will Young people then be inclined to turn their backs on higher Educa Tion or will they accept University disciplines for what they Are Mere stepping stones on the Way to becoming educated responsible Citi Zens. For a Long time the prac Tice of hanging a Dollar sign on a College degree has obscured the real meaning of education particularly at the University level. William s. White Thurmond move harmful to South Roscoe and Geoffrey Drummond goodbye Southern strategy charitable reply from Dixie Lucky new York City a Nickic Chesser South Caro Lina s trick Glennial Queen has subjected herself to the perils of environmental poisoning to bring a breath of fresh air to the land of skyscrapers. She headed a delegation of South carolinians that delivered cubic feet of South Carolina Moun Tain air the cleanest in the coun to new York s air resources commissioner. The commissioner Council proposal Florence City Council s proposal for tax increases for financing the City s s h a r e in a major capital improvement program will require considerable digesting for fair Coin offhand it looks like a Moody style quantum leap tailored to the municipal level. In the meantime City Council has promised Public meetings for fully informing citizens on All phases of their proposal. On our part we withhold comment while absorbing the Impact of it. Drinking mice out of Florida comes the Story of experiments with feeding liquor to mice to what it does to them. As expected the findings show that the mice get drunk and Don t function As Well As when Are s o b e r. Moreover if they keep on drinking they lose in their capacity for learn ing. The scientist conducting the experiments compared t h c drinking mice to the males in business who he said suffer the same reactions. The report did t say whether giving liquor to mice brought on the results As the old Story about the mouse who lapped up some spilled whiskey in a Kitchen. After several samplings the mouse stood up and roared bring on that Damn but we be seen results among some people. Southern Pines n. C. Journal in circles Way things arc today the Only Way to make ends meet is to run around in circles. Bean int Tex Enterprise no doubt has been besieged by gasping new yorkers frantically contending for sniff of Mountain actually it might be a Little hard to prove that South Carolina air even that collected in the mountains is the country s cleanest. A while Back scientists making an air pollution study took air samples All Over the country and reported that the last vestiges of pure air in. The nation were found in Remote sections of new Mexico. But compared to new York air South Carolina Mountain air is very clean indeed. In any Case sending Good clean air up North is a charitable Way of responding to the hot air some Northern politicians have been breathing southward. Maitland Chase Maitland Chase had been a Resi Dent of Florence for 42 years. For a third of those years he had been a member of the Florence City Council having been elected in 1955. Mayor pro Tern during the greater portion of those years he was one of the most effective and dedicated Council members. A great Deal of his strength Lay in a quiet unassuming manner. Never one to push himself to the forefront or to speak out on issues without first of All consulting his Wisdom and experience he was for that very reason a stable influence wherever he served whether As a private citizen Community Leader or member of the City s governing body. As a member of Council no one questioned his dedication to the City he served. His views were sought and respected by his fellow Council men. As mayor pro Tern he rep resented the City frequently on pub Lic occasions and always with a quiet dignity that did Honor to him self and Florence. He bore the illness which took his life on wednesday with characteristic uncomplaining patience. In his death the City has lost a Good and faithful citizen the City Council a valued member and hundreds a close personal Friend. Washington the con Gressional contest in november is Likely to turn out to be a pocketbook election. This Means that the voters in both parties will be demanding less spending by government and a Chance Fol lower taxes in ensuing years. President Nixon at his news conference the other Day spoke of the Assumption that big spending is popular in an election year but he said when the american people learn that the big spenders in Congress Are primarily responsible 1 o r higher prices and eventually even higher taxes i think that the american people will turn on the big spenders even one of the democratic leaders in Congress rep. G a o r g e Mahon of Texas who is chairman of the House appropriations committee has been uttering words of warning about the big spenders in his own party who might lose out at the polls thought he says that the president and Congress Are equally to blame for letting the spen Ding get out of hand. He seems to think that the deficit May go As High As for the fiscal year that started on july 1. Nobody will know what the actual size of the deficit for fiscal 1971 will be until about the Middle of next year and there is plenty of Opportunity still to Cut Down some appropriations and apply cuts in various measures. But the tendency in Congress for the last few years has been to spend Money As if there were a limitless Supply of it. The main excuse heard was that Bif sums were required in Vietnam and that As soon As the War is Over much of this would be released for Domestic programs. It is becoming More and More evident however that first of All defense spending will not be reduced As rapidly As had been imagined and secondly whatever cuts Are made will have to be used largely to offset deficits in other categories. The necessity for a balanced budget has not been emphasized enough in the discussion Over the damaging effects of inflation but the administration now is starting to stress the need to assure a sound Dollar As the first objective in the fight to bring America into a m Ore satisfactory economic Posi Tion. The administration is coun Ting on the program of withdrawal of our forces from Vietnam to be More widely accepted by the american people As a continuing policy As each month passes. By the end of 1971, it expects that a substantial body of troops will have been withdrawn and that certainly during 1972 a huge number will have been sent Back to the United states. One object of course will be to Cut the Vietnam War expenses As much As possible in time for the 1972 presidential election. But there is a likelihood that defense expenditures i the Pacific will continue because of obligations elsewhere in the area. Also it is not Clear yet whether the pub Lack of forces from South Korea or from the nato countries in Europe will be satisfactory to our allies unless considerable sums Are appropriated for the military equipment and weapons that would have to be used by Allied forces in the event that an emergency develops. Washington in the colloquial language of his native Region sen. Strom Thurmond is fixing to do a great Deal of harm to the South itself in his violent at tacks on the Nixon administration s school integration policy. For the simple truth is that the Only possible real gainer from Thurmond s position is the even More extreme George Wallace of Alabama. Putting water on the Wallace wheel is the one certain Way to increase the possibility of the election in 1972 of a far Liberal democratic president whose attitude toward the South would make president Nixon s look like that of an indulgent Grandfather. This is in fact the private View of the bulk b f Thurmond s own Southern colleagues in the Senate. They know that anything that would tend in any Way to build the pre conditions for a 1972 third party presidential candidacy by George Wallace could Only serve the interests of those politicians who would really put the South through the wringer. Most of the southerners Here know in Short what Thurmond seemingly does not accept. This is that there is no turning Back of the clock on segregation that the Nix on administration is not and has not been punitive on this matter and that the one Way surely to throw away the game to the far liberals is to promote any ambition of George c. Wallace. In a word Thurmond has three times erred Here. He has Hurt the Section he in tended to help. He has advanced the cause of the very Man Wallace who sought so strenuously to repudiate Strom Thurmond himself for supporting or. Nixon in 1968. And finally Strom Thurmond has largely isolated Strom Thurmond from the Southern club in Congress itself. Perhaps most ironic of All the Thurmond outburst has tended to acquit president Nixon of the old slogan Stic charge that he was running a Southern t strategy As against the presidential Campaign two years hence. The administration is not and David Lawrence a pocketbook election7 is Likely in november Washington the most significant political event since the 1968 election is the widening breach Between president Nixon and sen. Strom Thurmond his Foremost Southern supporter. It was sen. Thurmond who clenched the nomination for Richard. Nixon at Miami Beach. Now he is excoriating Nixon for his actions to com plete school desegregation. And he is warning that the people who gave him the presidency also can Lake it this is a Large size political explosion which bears on the future of Richard Nixon and the future of the Republican party. Its effects May Well be quite different from what they appear to be. The thur mond attack is Likely to turn out to be a political asset. While Thurmond s support certainly helped get Nixon the nomination the withdrawal of his support May Well strengthen Nixon s prospects for re election in 1972. The reason a Southern strategy primarily a sectional policy on desegregation was workable for a Nonin Cumbest presidential candidate but it is unworkable for a president in office. The kind of Southern strategy which might have held thur mond As an ally was making it increasingly difficult for president Nixon to govern the country As he was discovering. There were two threads to the Nixon Southern strategy. He rightly argued that democratic presidents had made the South a kind of whipping boy for political advantage and he avowed to end that. He also tried to give the South More time More leeway More flexibility letter to the editor pee Dee Section needs Large medical Center of course it does t work. It t a True to life in the sunday Issue of the Florence morning news i read the article health planning Council Aims for new what wonderful news our Section of the state has been needing a facility for a Long time. It would be so Nice not to have to travel so far from Home when special medical treatments Are needed. Our family has found it necessary to make so Many trips to Charleston North Carolina memorial and Duke for weeks and weeks because we had to have the very latest in medical facilities for prolonged treat ments and surgery. We know we have the very Best Doc tors for whom we arc very grateful but die very Best facilities Are not always available to them. Just think of All the research care and equipment that would be so near to us. Our very lives de Pend upon these in looking to the future we realize the importance of having the advanced medical service available for our families. It is our Hope and prayer that a Hospital As the one being projected now will soon be an actuality for the people in our Region of the state. I would like to urge every citizen to make known their health needs in this matter of significance to All of us Here in the pee Dee. Mrs. Tom Cunningham Darlington in de segregating the Public schools and at this Point he was brought up Short by the supreme court. The court ruled that 16 years was Long enough to wait for some states to com ply with the Law. It decided that 16 years of a 11 deliberate Speed which had in the main worked out As All deliberate slowness must come to an end. It was not the Warren court which made this decision it was the Burger court and the verdict was desegregate now. Understandably sen. Thurmond did t like it. He hoped or. Nixon would forget the supreme court Rul ing. But that was something the president could t and would t do. When it came to choosing Between keeping Thurmond As an ally and discharging his duty to execute the Law of the land there was no doubt what president Nixon would do Thurmond s real Gripe in t that Nixon is discriminating against the South. His real complaint which he can t bring himself to put candidly is that Nixon is treating the South the same As the. Whole country and Thurmond does t like it. But president Nixon had no other Choice if he were to govern the nation evenhanded by. He is faithfully carrying out the verdict of the supreme court. He is sup porting the decision of the internal Revenue service that private schools which discriminate against negroes will lose their tax exempt status. Contrary to Thurmond s Contention this docs not mean that people arc denied Freedom of Choice to support any kind of private schools they prefer it simply Means that Federal funds through tax exemption will not be available to promote illegal discrimination. Never was operating a strategy. It has been and is instead operating a strategy of moderation designed to a peal not to any one Region but quite simply to the middling minded voters of the country As a whole. Only the highly emotional critics from the left Are naive enough to suppose that school integration and race generally Are abrasive Only in the South. It is most Touchy business nearly everywhere in the nation. And this is Why the president is As quite truthfully he has said pursuing not a Southern strategy and not a Northern strategy but a one nation he could not do anything else. That a Good Many people understand this As they understand How dangerous it is to a rational politics in 1972 to feed the thus far less than wild lion that is Wallace is shown on both sides of this Issue. This is Why from both sides restraint is being urged if for differing motives. The southerners in Congress Don t want Wallace prompted for three reasons they consider his movement a bad thing on its face they know it to be a latent peril to current democratic of fice h o 1 d e r s As themselves and in their hearts they do not wish to see or. Nixon. Republican or. Not. Defeated if the alternative is to be some Way out Democrat whom they simply could not support or tolerate. The More responsible negro leadership does not wish to say anything helpful to Wallace even though that leadership is far from enchanted with or. Nixon. And it is Well aware that a deep Wallace thrust in the South the Border states and perhaps elsewhere might Well result in the election of a Democrat More liberally disposed. This is because this sort of negro leadership can distinguish Between Short term and Long term goals and Between sound and unsound Means to an end. Billy Graham says i would like to know about the significance of Jesus being tempted in the wilderness. Was he tempted to show us he would not yield or could not yield w. I. If Jesus could not have yielded to the temptations there would have been no temptations. If he were unable to yield the temptations could not have been real. The Bible says that our lord was tempted in All Points like As we hebrews our temptations Are real. So were his. There is the possibility of yielding any time there is temptation. But Christ Jesus was triumphant Over every temptation and by his Grace we May also Triumph. The Bible says to christians there hath no temptation taken you but As is common to Man but god is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above that be Are Able but will with the temptation also make a Way of escape that be May be Able to Bear i corinthians you see Christ dwells in the heart of the believer and just As he triumphed Over every temptation when he Vas upon the Earth he helps us to Triumph now. Martin Luther my temptations have been my masters in he meant that through triumphing Over them we gain strength. So do not regard them As a Hazard but As a Blessing through which like the weights of a weight lifter we become Strong. Jaq Nennig published daily and sunday at 111 s. Irby so real s. A 29s01 members o the associated press audit Bureau of circulation and Southern newspapers publishers Assn s. The associated press is Enlil led exclusively to the use Lor publication of All the local m tins newspaper. The Florence morning news desires to be Noil cd promptly of errors in any of its reports am newspapers and Independent i Iri Vulors and the Florence morning news will nol be responsible for Advance payment unless made Al Ollice of Ilio Lorrence Mornini news subscription rates ii Maii in Oil no Tel Distrito dior or in dlr can Chi daily m 7m circulation Tele Phou v

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