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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 24, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morn ing it s tuesday july our 50th year no. 205 Florence. S. C. If if if daily 10s sunday 15 tons of tobacco awaits opening Day of sales in the pee Dee area tuesday record sales Are expected during flue cured tobacco Market season tobacco sales opening May see record prices the 1973 tobacco auction season opens tuesday on the 11 pee Deo tobacco markets and Market observers Are looking for an average of s85 Hun dred about that of last season in South Carolina. The opening Day average last year was but in Well up later in the season As the Market grew stronger. This year it will be boosted by a Price support Range thai provide an average support Price of 76.6 cents per Pound. Last year the Avarado support Price was 72.7 cents per Pound. Marion Fowler of Lake cily. Executive Secretary and managing director of the soul Carolina tobacco warehouse association said of the tobacco wailing monday on warehouse floors for the tuesday opening the texture is Good and the color is the Quality is running better than we first thought with fewer priming and More lugs. A lot of the Leal is Lilin but has exc Allenl smoking Fowler said. Warehousemen said on the eve of the opening Ibal they now1 expect belter offerings for inc season than they bad a few weeks ago. The area has been hit by some bad weather conditions during inc growing season including heavy flooding in Early june which wiped out crops for some tobacco finn cars Claren Don sum or area and neigh Rig areas. Lint weather conditions have improved and county agents say the crop has responded Well since the last Boul of bad weather. South Carolina arid Border North Carolina last year sold pounds on the opening for an sho.c8 average. Georgia Florida markets which have usually opened a week before South Carolina markets also open tucs Dav. They opened with an average in 1972. There will be Only Ali acc Days of sales during the first week. For he season however there will be four Days of sales. Mon Day through thursday under present recommendations of the 3fi-Man flue cured marketing committee. Warehousemen Are hoping for Low government participation in sales ibis year. Last season saw a record Low of 2.3 per. Marketing picked up by tit Triue cured tobacco cooperative stabilization corporation. Production for South Carolina North Carolina is to be up Abou seven per cent to 234 million pounds ibis year. The ii soul Carolina Market towns Are con Way. Darlington. Dillon. Hemingway. Kings Locc. Lake City. Lamar. Loris. Mullins. Pamplico and Timmonsville. Nixon subpoenaed for records tapes Washington i apr president Nixon flatly rejected two official requests for watergate related presidential Maleri als monday and was slapped with subpoenas from inc Senate watergate committee and tic office of i he Walc Gale prosecutor. Two subpoenas from the committee sought tape recorded presidential conversations and Oiler while House documents. The subpoena from he special prosecutor apparently sought Only the apes. The subpoenas were served almost shortly Flor i p.m., kit to two White House lawyers who accepted them on Nixon s behalf. All the documents named Hie president. Earlier in inc Day Nixon had flatly refused la turn Over Loho committee and the prosecutor s office any of to tape recordings. As his reason Heck Lori inc doctrine of separation of Powers. Bolh the committee Anil prosecutor rejected that reasoning and announced dial would be issued. Several weeks ago the president said lie would nol turn Over while House papers. The impasse in what the committee and the special prosecutor want and what the president is willing to give brought the government to the Brink of an historic cons Luliona confrontation. The committee subpoenas were presented by Deputy chief counsel Rufus cd Mislyn. Asked what he thought the chances were of gelling the presidential material. Cd Mislyn replied. Hope Springs denial it s been accepted Edmisten bid newsmen after presenting inc subpoenas to acting presidential counsel Leonard garment. What icy do about it now. I Don t know. The committee will be the special prose nor s subpoena Well to special while House counsel .1. Fred Hugh Ards. The substance of Ibal subpoena will not available until it is filed tuesday morn ing in . District court. The committee did not release inc texts of its subpoenas. The White House counsel will examine the said Deputy while House press Secretary Irald 1. Warren. Whatever is done will be in inc contest of the letters issued Warren did nol Al Almeale Bill apparently referral to idlers delivered monday to Hie watergate committee and the special prose Nln in which Nixon Fonn Aily refused Access to the tape recordings. Nixon also apparently cancelled a promised meeting with the chairman of the Senate watergate Commilles. Sen Sam j. Krvin or. . Hie president said such a meeting at tins time would be useless. The while House said Larrr How. Ever the matter was still open. In advising of his dec Siop. Nixon said that to turn Over inc Lapes would be a violation of Hie doctrine of separation of Powers lie added thai he had listened to a number of the tapes and they would not help answer the Central questions surrounding the watergate affair including Llie extent of his involvement. The Lapes. Which have Lieen under my sole control will remain Nixon said in a letter to Krvin. He also said be though the Content of the tapes was subject to misinterpretation. The rejection to the social watergate prosecutor. Archi Bald Cox. Came in a letter from a consulting while House counsel. Charles Alan Wright. I am instructed by the president to inform Yon thai in will nol he possible to make available to you he recordings thai you have the idler said. In a statement. Cox said Ibal any presidential claim to privilege in withholding lie tapes is without Legal and snid Liis Effort to obtain i he i apes and either documentary evidence was proper. They May lend to show thai Iacre was criminal i hit Piliere was Cox said. Bev Mav lend 10 show the guilt of particular individuals or their innocence. The one Clear Point is thai the Lapes Are evidence bearing directly upon whether Piliere were criminal conspiracy including a conspiracy to obstruct Justice among High government in opening the afternoon session of Llie watergate hearings. Krvin announced Thiu or was issuing two subpoenas one to direct Nixon to Issue the tapes and the Oiler Nixon Sec Nixon. Godwin Keller meet in Runoff for democratic House nomination Florence county democratic parly officials anticipate a very Low turnout in tuesday s Runoff Between David Keller and Charles Godwin for the party s nomination for inc aug. 21 special election. Special election is being held to fill a vacancy in inc Florence county House delegation by the resignation of Kip. David Harwell. Harwell resigned to become judge of inc i2lh judicial Cir Cuit upon the death of judge Badger Baker earlier this year. County democratic parly chairman Waller Law son predicted tuesday s Lur Noil will be about a Lille More than 4.090 voters turned out for the party primary on july 10. Keller led Godwin by .493 votes in the primary i.9h7 to 1_483 _ hut failed to win inc parly s nomination on a plurality by 20 votes. Lawson said the opening of the tobacco markets across the pee Dee area As Well As the usual decline in voter participation in Runoff elections will have a decided effect on tuesday s voter response. Fifth contenders for the democratic parly nomination arc attorneys. Is a former member of inc stale House of representatives from City. He chose not to seek re elec Tion to inc House in 1072 in order to run for Seal no. -1 in senatorial District Ino. Ii. But lost i he election to sen. Thomas k. Smith or. Keller is a Florence attorney having served As ass Island solicitor for Llie 12lh judicial circuit Florence and Marion counties since 1968. If " if Farmer fights City Hall i Senate committee to sell wares in a t y i heading toward Power showdown a Farmer is still trying to fight City Hall despite numerous Road blocks. Page 2b. America s Ace of capt. Eddie Rickenbacker died at age of 82. Page 7a. The hijacking of a japanese Airliner is Likely to bring about even Strieker Airport Security Mea sures. Page 10b. Index comics editorial markets sports state area women 4a 5 8b 8ag 6a 3 weather Cloudy with a Chance of Thunder showers. Highs upper 80s. Lows Low 70s. Details Page 3a. Plans for tight Money continued Washington of i member of the Federal Reserve Board. Andrew f. Brimmer. Monsay said he Hoard plans o keep its Light Money policy As a tool to combat continuing inflation. _ Brimmer said the policy of monetary restraint probably will Lead to higher rates on Home mortgages some shortage of credit and higher inheres a rates Hal some borrowers will find particularly Fie indicated that interest rate s will keep rising for at least the immediate futures in remarks prepared fora meeting of he Michigan ravings and loan Mackinac Island. Mich., firm Mermaid i know that inc Picl Urc which emerges irom the foregoing scanning of the horizon is far from comforting. These consequences Are inherent in the use of a restrictive Mone tary policy As a leading Insl Rumen in the fight against in Fla lion. Among monetary actions of he Hoard or said have been to Supply fewer reserves to Banks to raise Bank Reserve requirements and to raise the discount rate on Money borrowed from Federal Reserve Banks by commercial Banks to 7 per cent be highest Rale since the As the result of he Federal Reserve s tight Money policy and High demands for Loans the Hank prime inheres a Rale on Loans has steadily increased this year at 8 i per cent. Shoppers find Long lines empty spots Balouf Lecook associated i Russ writer supermarket customers found Long lines at the checkout counters Anc some the shelves monday As shoppers stocked up on food in the face of sharply rising prices. They re buying like one clerk interviewed by the associated press in a spot Survey. The that stores were taking advantage of the lifting of the freeze to Mark up Many food items particularly pork poultry and eggs. As part of the phase 4 economic program announced by president Nixon last week food processors and retailers May pass on to the consumer on a Dollar for Dollar basis Cost in creases in raw agricultural products. Beef prices remain Frozen until Cpl. 12. Administration officials have said there will be a Sharp Rise in food prices temporarily Bill they predicted Hal the grocery Bills will level . Dallas supermarkets said sales were up. Wilt the emphasis on eggs poultry milk and meat. They re buying a lot of everything said Garry Lilton. Ass Island manager of a Safeway store referring to his customers. A supervisor at a Tom thumb store in the Texas City said business on sunday was up 15 to 20 per cent. Our meat counter s cleaned he said monday morning. We just Don t have the products to put the Butcher Ai a jewel food store in dec Field. Iii., a Chicago suburb said monday. I think people realize what s going on and will face up to in. People generally Are just glad to be Able to gel the store manager said it was too Early to Tell whether Here was any real change if people s buying habits but the Bulcher said that on thursday. Friday and saturday some shoppers purchased As Many As six or eight Poi roasts to put in freezers. The assistant manager comic need. People dont seem to know whal to make of in. The., average buyer is so confused he does l know whal a going on. One More phase and Well be All phased California residents started shopping Early. Filling Siors Over the weekend. We had 30 to 40 people wailing for the doors to open at 10 this said a clerk at Lucky supermarket on sunday. They re buying meat they can freeze Thal la keep. They re buying Staples said the clerk. Tom Kelly. Jack pippin a Butcher for the Cala Chain Market in san Francisco said that by inc end of the weekend he was out of Bacon and Darr near finished with pork and Chicken. I be Haf people in who Are buying 10 or 12 fryers and 1 Don t think they were having a in Washington meanwhile the agriculture Depar Lenl indic aled Hal the Supply of vege tables at supermarkets will be Heller this year than last. But prices will be higher. The Outlook and situation Board said that inc production of 14 fresh summer vegetables. Including Sweet Corn lettuce celery and onions is expected to be up 2 per cell from a year ago. Prices to growers for the summer of Are expected to average Well above a year ear the Board said but will move Down moderately in seasonal fashion from the High Levels recorded during May and the Price of a dozen Large. Grade a eggs in a Kansas City Safeway was up six cents from 7.3 cents to 79 cells this week. A sign in he window offered whole fryers Al to cents a Pound but there were none in Stock monday morning. The manager said he expected some Laler in the Day. But did t know what the Price would be Ihen. One woman mrs. John frenc. Said she was in the store to Check prices nol to buy. I can t Sec Why hot dogs Are a Pound when i had been gulling them for 90 cells a she complained. Detroit supermarket managers said they weren t aware of any increase in sales. Of Mclyn Ward a single woman who lives alone Salt she does t feel she has much Choice about buying. What can you she said. You Vegol o Eal and you be got to pay the was Kiln api As the scale u altergate com incl acc moved monday Olivard a constitutional showdown with resident Nixon Over tape recordings a witness placed ii. H. Ilal Dumanal Hie Center of key political intelligence and Wales Jat related activities. A Haldeman. The resident s former chief of Slaff. Is expected to be railed by the committee Laler in the week. John d. Khz Ridiman. Second Only to a Haldeman in the former White House Hierarchy is scheduled to testify tuesday. Gordon Strachan. A former Haldeman aide told die Coin i lice Hal he Deal Royce watergate files at la Aldermam s direction prepared a knee line Agenda listing a Politi Cal intelligence operation Anil As Early As 1si7i got approval from him to pay for dirty tricks in Nixon s re Duclion Campaign. Strachan. Fleshing Oul his prepared statement of last Fri Day called previous Commilles witness Jeb Stuart Magruder a liar. And he said lie Ticki Eves John w. Dean 111 was telling inc Inith when Dean lest i tied lie Lold president n Ixon a Mil the watergate cover up. Magruder has Lold various versions of the Walberg Alclo by. Many of them believed to the Fiji. Ihrcke grand juries original irial jury original prosecutors attorneys and other officials at the committee for the re Elc Clinn of the 1 Resi apparently inc Story he Lold them was false All along yet they believed Strachan said he believes Magruder. The re election Campaign Deputy lied Aboul Strachan s involvement in Llie cover up because i had refused to corroborate testimony he asked to in contrast he said ousted presidential counsel Dean never lied Strachan recalled one a Haldeman ordered to have a Ter Gate conspirator g. Gordon Liddy Transfer his political spying from one democratic political Camp i another. Lie also said Hal he and other while House had the capability of recording Telephone conversations and thai his own tapes were transcribed and Are still in the White i Louse Complex. When he went to look for them "1 was allowed Access bul i was nol permitted either to copy any document or to Lake noles about any particular Ilam in there or to Lake notes in with me for mailers i wanted to discover q. Was someone in the room will you1. A. Yes. A . Q. Do you consider this a fair situation. I would prefer an Strachan Lesli fied Hal a Haldeman instructed him Afler the Wale Gale break in to make sure our files Are Asa result he said he shredded a 2 memorandum in which he had advised a Haldeman that a sophistical re political intelligence gathering by slim reportedly had been approved by former ally. Gen. John n. Mitchell. Nixon notified committee chairman Sam j. Krvin or. D . He will nol Supply apes made in his office and Over his Telephone to the committee citing the doctrine of separation of Powers. The committee went Inlo closed session Afler the noon recess and afterwards Krvin soberly announced a unanimous democrats and republicans subpoena eight Lapes and relevant presidential papers. I am certain thai la doctrine of separation of Powers does nol impose upon any president either the duly or he Power to ice Senate Piu Jesa

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