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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 24, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaPage 7-a the Florence morning news Florence s. C sunday morning july or. And mrs. James Ellyson Allen of Florence old Leo Haynes jr., son of or. And mrs. D. L. Haynes of Flor ence. The wedding will take place september 3 in first Presby Terian Church of Florence. Buckmon studio photo final clearance remaining summer shoes Price includes step Coul try Miller s Bontery miss Martha Tisdale is Bride of it. . Stone nesm1th, july 23 or. Bid mrs. J. Carey Tisdale of Nesmith announce the marriage of their daughter Martha Alice to i. Ralph Rupert Stone son of or. And mrs. C. R. Stone of Lyman. The wedding took place at 8 p. M. July 23 in Nesmith Baptist Church. The Rev. Wayne c. Josey officiated using a double ring Cere Mony. Miss Reba Jane Tisdale presented a program of traditional wedding music. The Groom s father served As Best Man. Billy Tisdale Cousin of the Bride of Kingstree Bobby Grimsley of Kingstree and Harold Tisdale of Nesmith were Ushers. Miss Katie Belle Tisdale of Charleston was her sister s Only attendant. Slip wore a gown of Pink net Over taffeta and carried a Cascade bouquet of Pink roses and feathered carnations. The Bride Given in marriage by ice father wore an original gown of Slipper Satin and imported French lace fashioned with a fit Ted bodice with full circular skirt of Satin and Over skirt of lace and a fingertip veil of illusion attached to a pleated band of Satin and lace. She carried a prayer Book covered with White Satin topped with a Corsage of White feathered carnations and lilies of the Valley. Immediately following the Cere Mony a reception was held at the Home of the Bride s parents. Mrs. Stone was graduated from Indiantown High school and she received her b. S. Degree in Home economics from Winthrop in 1954. She was employed by the Langley Bath and Clearwater High for the past year. I. Stone was graduated from Hannah High school and received his degree in agriculture in Janu Ary. He serving with the United states army at fort Knox by. Where the Young couple will make their Home after their wedding trip to Florida. Library news strange sight seen on Campus at Winthrop Hock Hill. July 23 -.11 looked in a Snake hut it was literally moving All Over. This strange sight Atli Aclid the attention of the folks near the Home of h. H. Blackenship chief of the patrol unit on he Winthrop College Campus recently. A closer look by Blankenship and Colliers showed that he Snake like Cord was made up of Small in sects All moving in the same direction. The inc cos were formed into ropes Aboul three or four inches wide and a ont four feet Long. Some of the insects were moving faster than others the faster ones moving to the top of the column. It looked like a six Lane High Way with cars stacked on top of punch and Judy Christian youth and Outlook week Liy Jack Lufkin last week Central methodist Church devoted a week to their youth. The week s activities were planned by the Rev. E. E. Glenn and the commission in education with a varied program. The run Ning theme was Christian Mcdue Iii Lac inc Howie Gene Ducker Bill peed Billy Blanton Ann Wulfe. Dick Fredland Betty Brick Gers Virginia Brown Larry Cribb Lyles Mcleod. Sybil Kil youth s Outlook on the Gorc. Ann Marie Miller Farley speaker was the Rev. George i Lawlon Kalherine Ducker and a Hitaker Minim Onsville who is director Lake of youth work of City District for each other five or six kinship said. Miss Sahel Potter. Biology i ,1.yinj, in finish n Basket teacher at Winthrop. Nii cd the a years ago. No Ranee and movements of the insects and a description was sent t i w. C. Nettles of the Extension department at Clemson College. Byrd. Recently Fred was responsible for a swimming parly. Swimming and drowning were Fred and Jeanne let Harris Gres Ham Gibson. Florie Mcleod Char lie Wade Carol Bryce c Harlie Holland. Joyce Cook Billy Daw son Gene Ducker Mai lain Hay Stelle Chiew Nim by so Ryce Norma Dolores Adkins was. And is still Lobbs led quants. He methodist Church. Each evening started with a Craft period which was supervised William Blanton mrs. Gerald Phillips mrs. J. Duffill. Mrs. Joyce Wolfe Deans miss Mian , miss Frances Ann and newcomers club have Welcome meet Welcome Wagon newcomers club met on thursday at the Home of mrs. Mark Slanton. Mrs. Troy Preston president welcomed three first timers and invited them to join the club. They were mrs. Mary Rutledge mrs. Elinor Muggins and mrs. Joe Nichols. Miss Luelle Thornton was Wel Mcd As guest of her Mother mrs. Lola Thornton. Mrs. Pres ton announced that no business session would be held and asked each member in introduce herself so everyone present would get acquainted to have an informal get together. Luncheon was served Box style to the 35 members attending. Time to Wake up and read by Robbie Mclaughlin women s news staff writer when you visit Florence Public Library now you will be greeted y two of the friendliest women you could Ever j. T. Johnson Back again As librarian and mrs. W. J. Remmele her capable assistant. We had a Nice Long Chat before deciding what to feature this week and if you enjoy it As much As we did in our discussion then you have a lot of pleasure ahead. Wake up and read Wake up and read by Charles Laughton one of the most famous Wilson. As Calm and Serene a grab As a Man can Wear is the Standard Gray flannel suit of Commerce. A a Siliment supposed to indicate solidity of character tastefully touched with quiet nonchalance. Calmness and serenity however frantically elude Tom Rath the Gray flannel Man of Sloan Wilson s Book and his inward solidity of character peeps Lorah. In quite Pat fashion Only at the end. Atli served in world War ii. He married Maria a Lovely girl of the Street whom he picked up in a bar in Rome. When he mar lie to Thornton changed her Baskel in a pocket Book Norma Utcy ran into a Little trouble with her soapy Deer. The Deer nellies reported that this was the ions Illg one Ingi is to third Lime such an assemblage in condition by doctor larvae of the Genus Sciara army priv cd worm had been reported in South i Mia Lhoir Hack with or Nils Carolina. The first was about a Jpn Ostton i Varstu. Years ago and the second was ear j i Cryl i her this summer ill inn in imly u Onk Mary Esther a fury. Bar the larvae Are about change to the pupae stage Nettles said an assemblage this kind j the will March the surface of ground prevent ing the appearance by the class. Of a scr Penl he animal. The Tho , makes a Strong Rich Maria be was already mar Case for family Reading As an sex tried to a girl he loved very much citing form of Leisure living. I at his Home in Rome. He was the he. Is trying to make people i Launcr of a at Lis action usually moves an Inch a min i Etc. The insect of the fungus gnat group has no connection with the army worm which has damaged Grain nellies explained. Showing great a Cal with a knife and Fork were Tommy Tiller Wallace Wai Taylor i or. And mrs. Or Aulcy v. Taylor realize How radio movies and Tele vision has conspired to lure Ameri cans away from pleasures of read and listening. He brings out Low Reading the Way americans Home and who he was never Able to see. Wilson succeeds in imparting the Panicky Quality of the lives of those so Many of those commuters j a son. Branlly Luigi no on july 2 at Sannders memorial Hospital. Mrs. Taylor is the former miss liar line Page of Lake View. Son. Harvey Sci Ncncy. Ruddy Linda Rogers. Jean Gil Jodie Mac Wilson. Afterwards there was group singing accompanied by Mary Watson. Those lifting their voices in the strains of let me Call you to were William Lindsay. Lucretia Thurmond Ann Mclindon. La do makes them liable to that i hip predator the condensation. Sounds just like him. Does t the author feels that parents should make an Athin sphere in the Home that would be conducive o Reading. Parents should there Ore read to children from the Ime they Are infants until they Are old enough to take part in Amily Reading. Laughton contends that parents should strive to make read ing As much a pleasure As watching television. If school is where learning to read belongs Ihnn Home is where happiness in Reading should be. Taking turns take turns Reading is one thing cans Rel in Gray flannel who Battle daily Ike Tom hath whose life was made a great turmoil while serv ing during world War ii. Good Fok a Kauinui aloud other Hooks ready for you to twins or. And mrs. Clyde letters announce the birth of twins Joseph Clyde and Margaret Mcgill on Ion and Carole Bryce. Classes were i lieu conducted by the Rev. Charles Crenshaw and mrs. Sara Blanton. Helping the classes Willi definitions of such words As personality were Mary ruin. Conyers Dolly Bonnoitt and Kitty Jim Wheeler. Those Invole out loud of to your a gunman Rode begin Reading selves arc by William Hopson the desert by Leslie Scott Deputy from by Chuck Stanley the Man who had too much to by Hamilton Stone grave by John Rhode a Man in his by Gilbert Phelps and How to live 305 Days a by John a Schind Ler m. D. Also a dirty Way to by George Rugby tic breaking july 19 at the Mcleod infirmary. I mrs. Jeffers i the Formor miss deep were mid Margaret Mcgill of Darlington. My avs or. Jimmy Davis Tommy sir cum i m. Brigman or. Driggers and Lible Sling worship services wore Dirac cd or. And mrs. J. Milton Brig Iby the itch. George Whitaker. Man of Florence announce the youth taking Purl Wen Laurel cd birth of a son. James Milton Bryce Jack Clarkson. Margie on july 21 at the Mcleod infirm Belli Long Dottie Glinn. Turn that is stressed in Wake up and in pc by Nevil shut Why Don t forget that great literature was intended for the ear Johnny can t by Rudolph Flesch by Theodore Bon net looking by Lin you by Dorothy Dix says Ary. Farmer and Kali As Well As the Eye. 1 every Home especially every j Ali talc Al Inch a american Home has one of greatest books of history of poetry of love of drama and of Philo Sophy Ever written. Eracli evening should be a perfect time to have i i k i _ a Reading aloud that five in a u i v i note one Book the family Bible. The Man in Gray by Sloan jul Fly Dpi Gas n the news the june wedding Hells have died in an Echo. The honeymoon is Over. The shining new China is put on the shelves and the newly weds begin the routine of daily living which includes usually earning Money in a business or a profession. Flight Here is the time for Inci Bride to face the fact that wedded j docs not mean 24-hour com and that her male i mum Deport each Day to work at chosen career. Of course the modern hide usually has her own i career but dial s not a subject i of Ito discussion it s a part of h s Lite in which she Lias Inu part and the sooner she Ria Ilia truth the belter. I naturally the end of each Day brings Ollice to which she will listen intently. Never but in Ifil Nelly never. Should she repeat j anything she hears. No Mil Tori flew inno Wuoti -. It ii Iii seem to her. Passing of fir or shop gossip is i i Alliod. Ii would he Inci is ing. Anri a wac her icel most important Tiv he news Hie Linn is buying the x firm1 in Combine the two. K s just such bils of that Many a Deal. Gossip has the oddest Way lit Cydni Iii Back to in. Source. J number in on the list of for-1 i Bidden activities is of the off cd in Lepione. Mailer hmm lonesome Ilie Lar Lorn Bride May by she must refrain from calling Hubby fur Comola tinn. Number three Dnn i Imp in on. Him at the of fico. Of course lie Gas dryers fast a Gas clothes dryer provides More than weather insurance. Time and motion experts a Stimac thai the dryer is fifteen times As fast As the old fashioned Hank Strain Iii Mullion of hanging clothes outdoors. Heal is so quickly available and so accurate Lyon trolled they report that the Gas i clothes dryer turns out dollies Damp dried in 15 minutes and fluff dried in m. Brawn. Giay Ryn Kalon. A recreational period rounded put the evenings of pleasure. Peo Ples cd calling themselves to the limit were Macky Mcdonald Nane clearance 100 ladies dresses Price one table ladies skirts and blouses Price one table childrens dresses i Price one table Slacks and pedal pushers Price one table remnants a Price one table nurses uniforms discontinued numbers Price where Quality is higher than Price two speeds both intake and Hoxha us Riec lyrically Rove Sibla spiral steel Grille for safely free install Cimon n minutes your r m window fan Lias Cool breezes whisking through several rooms Cool and relaxed you soon Drift of into restful slum Berl an pulls in Cooling brcc7.es, exhausts stale air. Reverses electrically to circulate fresh air. Is and 22" sizes. Two speeds. Install with a screwdriver. Adjustable mount ing panels. Guaranteed 5 years. Silver prey finish. You la sleep better feel better live better with an r m window fan come in for a demonstration 18" Model s5.00 4786 1 4 24 Vij i or. Princess by and Adamsjr. Chi Irmer Mir favorite Winals in Shiv id his Princess style1, Willi i Lovely Jno a wife hut invite Ili Osc Yon a Wrijil inn i inn Torso effect top iwans to impress to your homr. The Hornc Viil flare skill. The soft Hriar to exl Nhit her at bodice nil hip line weather proof motor homing adjustable mounting panels Guara Lead 5 years Etuy Termi newly Ai ii Rcd husband and tin i in Imp Llu urzt a. at Kilimik Uili i in i Loi Ilid 1oils the very ion1 so Willi my Pali slip d cot Luis. Snihir Iier i ill Iii or a i i. I is l no ii ii i Iii. Iii ii .1 u Tor cacti pal loin Lor isl class Iii l up now Reddy s Een teen circus mrs. Marion Gambrill Home economist to present Roddy s cooking circus Hehe from August 1st through aug. 31st. It s fun it s free if you re from 9 to 16 years old hurry hurry hurry be the first to Register this week for the fun packed Reddy kilowatt cooking circus. Here s your Chance to test your skill with the Skillet. The place your office in Florence. Sign up time from 9 . To 5 . This Mon Day tuesday or wednesday who can Register Oil girls and boys from 9 years through 16 years of age. It s All free so toll your friends and make up a party. You la find it s fun to be a Reddy made chef at Reddy s cooking circus Van or Ikinio i is Dix for free ii scud in Ann i Adams arc i. Did a to. Sii crr slow Florence morning news Itin All a in Ore Loen Patlin d pm. Villi Sil -i1 a slam pal. K ii. V. Print plainly Nisi lop Send to her. Ami add Rikss with Xoma cart of this news Poppr. Size style number. I Register mgn., tuf8 or wednesday july 25th, 26th, 27th at office in Florence hours 9 . To 5 . Power Light

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