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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 24, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaSunday morning july the Florence morning news Florence 5. Page 11-a sees sudden death for new highways Bill Washington july 23 he rep. Sled a okla said today the big Road building plan with demo cratic sponsored tax boosts will meet the most sudden death you Ever saw if it comes to a House vote. And rep. Russell v. Mack r Wash i predicted 50 House democrats would lose their seats in the 1956 election because of the exorbitantly High and unfair punitive taxes they put into their Highway Steed and Mack Are senior Bers of the House Public works committee which approved wednesday a 48 4-billion Dollar Road construction Bill with in added automotive taxes Over the next 16 years to help pay the Cost. House leaders Are pushing for passage of a Road Bill this ses Rayburn Tex for the Bill with taxes Republican Leader Martin mass for a tax less substitute with financing through Long term Bonds As pro posed by president Eisenhower. But legislators have been deluged with mail since the committee action. Mack who backs the Eisenhower financing plan said almost every congressman has received 500 to pieces of mail mostly from people mighty mad at the demo Steed said he personally checked about 60 House members and found Only 10 or so who would vote for the committee Bill. He predicted the with taxes version would be do sealed by 2 or 3 to 1. Total House membership is 435. Nor do i think that the re publican financing has a ghost of a he said adding that even some republicans Are Cool to the idea of giant expenditures without some attempt at pay As to go. State liquor Law drive in full swing next week Columbia. July 23 enforcement against importation of Egal liquor probably will be in main building and boy s dormitory at free will Baptist orphanage. We their hard work determination by Russell Mellette i lion for children. The Rev. M Turbeville the free will h. Mellette of Turbeville was e sap isl children s Home at Turbe Rille is a living Symbol of a dream developing into a reality through Many years of hard work and de termination on the part of Many people. The idea of having an orphan age in this stale had been Harbor de in the hearts of free will Baptist denominational leaders for Many years but the first actual step toward this goal was probably made in a sunday school Conven Tion in the fall of 1922. A motion was made and carried by Vassar now of Manning creating a Board of trustees for an in Lilu Miller de chairman and has served in that capacity until now a period of some thirty three years. After the election of a Board of trustees the idea soon spread in to a slate wide movement by free will baptists. Through the years funds were collected for the institution and in 1944 the first prop Erly was purchased a Small whirly acre farm on the outskirts of tur Beville. This tract of land is the site of the present buildings. After Many Long years of wait ing Aad raising funds a cottage Lype building was erected in 19-19 and the actual care of children was undertaken. From the Small beginning of a to till enrolment of Only four children the Chil Dren s Home has grown into a much Plant and now takes care of thirty children ranging in age from 6 to 17 years. Of course with a greater num b. Vause of Tim Mansville took Over and served until March it 1951. The present superintend Cal is Edward Miles formerly of Coward and Llund Carsonville North Carolina. R n r i i f be Many Oiler v. A major part of the foodstuffs bar of children More facilities had Lac produced on to to he Buill. In another f f1 s Tel Loci fing was erected which includes he a Ioda o Hoys dormitory Dinning Hall Lucks from he Home. Many s the fact that Mallhi Hugh it is various will Baptist Home no de of work. As we a person must graduate rom the Home. Supt. Miles says for instance if one of the Chil Dren goes off to College or other Ype of training he would be free of come Here on week ends and other spare time until he has established a Means of supporting during the summer months the children Are allowed to work out in helping Harvest tobacco or other types of work. A certain percent age of their earnings goes into a spending account and the rest in to a savings account. Of says Miles advise them As to How Money should be spent but actually it is their Money and they Are taught to spend it wisely. Fed to Tel this will help them much in later anyone who doubts the fact that cherished dreams can become realities through faithfulness and hard Wrork can certainly have those Rio urls removed by visiting Hie free will Baptist children s Home. A Radiant smile on the faces of youngsters who otherwise would not have the inspiration to smile and be Happy a clean Well fed child who had it not been for the children s Home would prob be hungry and in want and Many Oiler values of greater importance give a person a feeling of Joy that cannot be described. Too a visitor to the Home is aware of lie fact that Many values of leadership citizenship and spiritual Good is being instilled into Hie hearts and lives of the Chil Dren there. L a curricular activities at school. Lend Church Al horse Branch free us Vui 1vu.t in Jwo us 1.1 1 v ij1 fat Lull nations businessmen Bap St Church near Lii be Villa although frequently groups arc taken to various churches throughout the slate to put on pro churches of other denominations. The first superintendent of the Home was Raleigh Miles of cow Ard who served Hrpca months. After his resignation lie Rev. J. T1ihke is no set age As to culture Washington 55, Garden advice Washington july 23 your Garden has t been nipped by the heal the agriculture department has some new advice on How t Osl orc vegetables and fruits. Copies of the new bulletin can he obtained from the office of information. De Parlman of Agri state Lull swing next week. The stale tax commission said Loday its new Border agents and radio equipped cars should be blanketing the North Carolina line by then. Slim opening operations last week brought about two successful cases of confiscating North Caro Lina purchased whisky in Quantity and brought into this state the commission said. Agents have been concentrating this week on getting a line on Pur chases by South Carolina licensed car Drivers of liquor from North Carolina Border wet county Alco Holic beverage control stores. It is not our intention to promiscuously Stop every car and search beverage tax division director h. C. Lewis said. Our agents have been told to use prac tical common sense in this mat the situation had its beginning several years ago when a Gross profits tax on liquor dealers drove prices High for liquor sold by the state licensed privately operated liquor store system. Since the tax went on in 1947. Liquor tax revenues have been halved to about six million year and sales have fallen from about cases to about cases. The lost business state officials believe has gone both to Moon Shine manufacture and to importation of North Carolina s Legal liquor that has sold for about one Dollar a fifth less than South car Olina s. This importation business must Stop the 1955 legislature decided in giving the tax commission additional enforcement agents. South Carolina Law makes it illegal to possess or transport liquor that does t carry a state tax stamp. Anyone violating the Law is subject having the liquor confiscated is liable to the stale for the unpaid tax is subject to Crim Inal prosecution with jail terms or fines at the discretion of the court and can have his automobile confiscated. The unpaid lax As Well As receipts from the Sale of confiscated go to the county in which a is made. Sheriffs and tax agents Are permitted by Law to Stop any vehicle without a search warrant. They must however have a reasonable suspicion that Untal paid liquor is aboard Federal and state court decisions have held. Should the Driver protest they can escort him to the nearest mag Istrate and obtain a search War rant then make their search. Sheriffs cars usually Are marked clearly. The tax agents cars will not be but each is equipped with a Siren to Flag Down any car or truck the agent wishes to Slop. Each agent will have stale Constable s badge and a photograph identification card. Agents will work in pairs. Should car stopped and searched also have cigarettes on which the South Carolina stamp is missing the cigarettes will be subject to confiscation and the owner liable for the amount of the tax. The Myrtle Beach chamber of Commerce adopted a Resolution this week railing on the general Assembly to provide needed Rev Enue by other Means than that which we believe May cause much greater loss in Revenue prestige and Good will for our great state and the coastal areas of which we Are but n in addition to the specific taxes on them liquor and cigarettes also Are subject to the use and sales tax of 3 per cell. The recent general Assembly also sought to make White liquor of the Moonshine variety subject to state tax. The commission is notified of seizures and Bills the owner for the tax. A number of collections have been made rang ing from 14 cents on a half pint in one Case to on a Large seizure. The Sale tax rate is a gallon. If a Man whose liquor was seized fails to pay up in 10 Days a judge ment warrant is issued against him. The agents and sheriffs can Slop any car or truck they suspect 1 carrying liquor whether the vehicle carries a South Carolina Ilc ensa liquor or car go to the san la. Fines or that of any other state. Sat Down at tables to eat with Lowans. The Lowans smiled at them and they smiled Back. But of course the Mere interest in russians and willingness to be open minded about them weren l enough to explain Why the arrival j of a dozen russians in their state t attracted so much attention from iowans that it rivalled the Geneva conference As a news Story several Days in a Row. There was another ingredient. I Well if we have to get along with said a Middle aged la for one thing Lowans seem to _ my lifetime some of the sights i Harbor Little animosity to russians o u s e w i f e last tuesday we have seen to he last seven Days As russians despite All the strains should get to know hem i never expected to see an acting of the cold War years. All Iowa has set out with a Sorl soviet minister of agriculture pre "1 Don t hate anybody said a of missionary Zeal to show these Loviei Illel Liml i it 1151 in. R it _ Iun put a Jinp his town Wal Etc no App sent bouquets of roses to four american girls who on their own initiative painfully lettered out a sign in russian which read hard working Farmer to me in the Yard of George Hora at washing ton. Iowa on tuesday. I Don t have anything against i e russians that Iowa wants peace that Iowa wants to be friends that Towa has Only Good will to Ward russians As people. 111 it Small i Tau of and then carried it out i i heard said at an and so when the Ames kiwanis .1 _ of m of h Al f it of Root Imp hic to Greet the red dignitaries. 1 never thought to see a Deputy chairman of the soviet state plan Ning commission respond to screams of eager american cameramen Yelling touch a pig. Touch a by reaching Down to touch an Iowa pig. I never thought i d offer a Deputy Premier of the Ukraine a stick of Oiler Stop of the russian group. Club met Friday to Greet the rns i suppose they re pretty Muchi sians there was a sort of an in e us Only Darker maybe a sections friendliness in the air Little said the Farmer got across to the russians the russians first visited. He full Force. It was the same thing was wrong about this group had Felt at previous lunches r n s s i a n s at any rain being and dinners Al Chambers of com my acc and this friendliness i m among the Lalk of now pcs As convinced is not naive or Corn Scab Loti in the Yards of those i posed merely of pious Hopes. It j firm base in fun in the Large Economy size chewing gum to try in a Cedar j armours who received the soviet j seems to have a rapids Slaughter House. I group this sort and tone of remark self Confidence. For Lowans Are i never thought i d see a group j was very frequent. Very certain that America s Best of important soviet communists j there was just Plain curiosity j a r g u m e n t and advertising is coaching for the ceiling along with ton. I America itself. I members of an Iowa chamber of i want to see what they look most Lowans i be talked to Are Commerce meeting when was a declaration which certain that the Bovill phrase that s where the tall heard at least a Hundred times i communists Here Are bound to be j Corn grows resounded crowds gathered to watch the influenced in the right direction tic room. A soviet delegation emerge from its by what they sit Here. All these filings would have he eclair Condi lined greyhound bus. I and the interesting is that unthinkable two Short years ago. Yet this curiosity was a healthy. It May Well turn out that these one. That even Convoy of Confederate Money is unto Odd in Charleston under watchful eyes of Bank guards and police at Charleston. Miss go go Zig scr carries n couple of armful of a Fuji foil value of the shipment was 10 million dollars. The currency souvenirs Given to tourists was printed by the same firm which printed real Confederate Money in the j Ai surprising How Little it takes to put this big Dreamboat in your driveway for keeps. And your dollars could t begin to buy More pure pleasure anywhere else. Lien n i n the curs in the Shade. Here s action that la have you driving the Long Way Home just for the fun of it. You owe yourself this new Chevrolet. Come in and see How easily you can swing it Dixie Chevrolet inc. You can pay a lot More Money and still not get All these Chevrolet advantages found in Many of America costliest get h Only in Chevrolet in Field. F luvs of by item deliver twice the punch for quicker starting in All weather f i better ignition 5 for finer per Sonnance Ball fact storing special Ball bearings in the steering gear reduce Fric Tion make steering lot easier. High live Van ligation takes in air above Road heat fumes and dust. A special chamber prevents rain from entering the car end supplies a More even flow of air. Outrigger rear Springs spaced wide apart to you sure footed stability on curves. Anti dive braking -1 Chevrolet s the Only car in the Industry that Stop with its head up an exclusive Chevrolet develop ment greatly reduces nost Down under sudden slops. Phone 5226 367 West Evant Street Florence South Carolina

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