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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 24, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaF age to a the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Morning july 24, 1958 new minimum wage Law Sparks comparisons with Post War time by j. W. Davis Washington july 23 w remember 1938? things were look ing up from the great depression but the Legal minimum wage was 25 cents an hour and the National production added up to less than 85 billion dollars. Some comparisons Between 1955 and 1938 seemed appropriate this week with All but final enactment of a Law to make the minimum wage ?1 an hour and a govern ment report showing America has built up a production rate of 383 billion dollars a year. It was in 1938 that the minimum wage Law covering workers in in Ternate Commerce first took effect. The 25-cent rate was raised to 40 cents in 1934 and to 75 cents in 1949. Inflation had a lot to do with All the Money increases of the last 17 years. Still no one questions there s a Boom on now and nearly everybody is doing better. This week in Washington was not Only a time for looking Back Ward. There were guarded expressions it Hope for world peace in the future maybe growing out of the big four meeting it Geneva. There were much right now mat Ter Ai House approval of another boost in social Security virtual agreement in Congress on a Mili tary Reserve plan angry words from a senator to president Eisenhower s top aide and a sort of a fist fight Between two con Gressmen. And there was the intriguing question of whether Secretary of the air Force Talbott should give up his sideline business which brings a year on top of his government these Home of the High lights in what could prob ably won t next to the last week of this session of Congress House voted 188 145 against president Eisenhowe proposal to make the mini mum 80 cents an hour it then toted 362-54 to make it an even the same figure the Senate has voted. Secretary of labor Mitchell said he would recommend that Eisen sign the measure. It would mean a pay raise next year for about workers Many of them in the South. About 24 million workers Are now under the Law hut most make an hour or More. Boom times the presidents Council of economic advisers said production in the second Quarter of the year zoomed to a record annual rate of 383 billion dollars. The previous record set 1955 s first Quarter was less. In 1163 to t Rale was Eva billion. New records were rung up in the april june Quarter in personal income consumer spending employment and Industrial output. Farmers alone in the Prosperity Parade. Their income Rell off 2 per cent from the first Quarter. Peace Hopes pc Sidcot i Isenhower s proposal Al the big four meeting that America and Russia Trade their military Blue prints and allow a reciprocal sys pm of Aerial inspection won much warm Praise in Congress though Republican leaders of the Senate were pointedly silent. There was considerable doubt the russians would go along with Ike. Congressional lenders also found some cause for Hope in p. Cable from the president saying he is convinced the russians do not vant the Geneva conference to without an accomplishment hey and he world will regard is an improvement. Social House Milci 372-31 to increase benefits or women by lowering the Benefit Ligi Billy age from 65 to 62, and Isab cd persons by making them eligible at 50 instead of 65. The House also voted to raise payroll taxes to pay for the Addi ional benefits from the present Rale of 4 per cent shared equally by the employee and employer to per a Cal. Ii is not certain whether the Senate will act before adjourn ment. Kese Kves a Senate House inference committee agreed on i Compromise Reserve plan which Congress May pass the first of next week. It lacks a lot in the Way of compulsion from what the presi Dent and the Pentagon asked Hul chairman Russell a a of the Senate armed services commit Lee said this is about As Strong a Bill As the Congress would now the Bill would not require pics ent or former servicemen to join the Active reserves but holds out inducements for them to. Men entering the armed services Lierck Afler would have logo into the Active Reserve. Kefauver Adams presi Dent Eisenhower s lop aide Sher Man Adams declined to Lesliy o an Anli monopoly committee headed by sen. Kefauver a Tenn with reference to the now abandoned Dixon Yates Power contract. Adams begged off because he said he could t add anything and sides he had to consider his per Sonal and confidential relationship with the president. Kefauver flared Hack Hal Adams Altitude was tantamount .0 suppression of evidence of Possi be crime and fisticuffs rep. Bailey d Eva and rep. Powell any Ell into argument Over whether o attach an Anlis Gregal on rider to a school Aid Bill. Someone hollered lie proper about him being a partner in the new York efficiency firm of Paul b. Mulligan offered to gel Oul if members 01 the Senate investigations sub com Milce thought it would be better for the air Force. There is no question that 1 have tried to be helpful to Mulli Talbot said Bill he replies certainly not when asked whether he had used the prestige of his High office to land contracts for the company. Sen. Morse Dore said he smell a Slench and demanded Tal olt be fired. Tagging the bases Harry eve a chicagoan who makes hats or the armed services said Testi tiny linking him to bribes has ruined me i am no longer a millionaire Secretary of the Stevens who took some umps in the Mccarthy army hear nos last year left office say no i feel i can leave with my Chin and Bailey who is 69, sailed into Well at a meeting of the House education committee. Powell a 16-year-old negro minister was mocked off balance and chairs were scattered widely before the Senate tentatively approved plans to locate a memory Al Tower in Honor of Robert a. Aft on the Capitol grounds and 0 set up a commission to consider 1 memorial to Franklin d. Roose cell the government ended to fiscal year june 30 wih a Lef cil of almost a ittle Betler showing than had been expected the court of appeals iced Hal be nails can nol be evicted from government housing pro was for refusing to sign a state ment they Don t belong to subversive organizations the Al me. Cio trying to find a name for their combined outfit hit upon a things settled Down. Simple and awkward solution the committee then voted Down they la Call it the american fed Powell s rider 17-10. It later of labor and Congress of proved the Aid b la 22-9, but there was no Assurance it would get through the rules committee to the House floor. Adjournment rep. Mccormack of Massachusetts House democratic Leader said it could t meet the wished for adjournment Date of a week from today. Ordinarily the Senate is the lag Gard but this year has us work in pretty a r shape. Air Force Secretary said there was nothing in Industrial to study fallout Bonn Germany. July 23 my the lower House of parliament has voted to set up 50 observer stations to Lesi for excessive radio activity Over West Germany. They will b operated by the weather by Tom Whitney Ames Iowa july 23 in several Iowa Falls families who had expected to Lay hosts to soviet farm am i glad to see says pfc. Nicholas Azzollini of u. S. First division As he greets his Fiancee Frances Borde Rick after debarking at Brooklyn army base yesterday. Azzollini was in rhe first contingent bringing the renowned infantry division Home in big operation which involves a Complete switch of1 units to German bases with the tenth division. A russian visitors disappoint hosts Jefferson country club. Four Jefferson families have invited the russian visitors to their guests overnight and Inelta acted to Lay hosts to soviet Larm Pineir guess Overman Ami inv a leaders overnight tonight were bad Lions have been Given them to at by disappointed when soviet Dele lend Church services Here sunday ration Leader Vladimir Matskevich morning if they wish. _ l urls Hlll Cudih Lack night Thuv Suid last night they would attend if asked. The concept behind the trips to Jefferson and Iowa Falls was to give the soviet grou some idea of life in a medium sized Iowa City and also a picture of the retail and Community services available to Iowa Farmers. Four released fliers return to full duties knotty Legal questions come with turncoat gis declined their invitation without warning in order to return to Ames. Matskevich gave no reason for the sudden change in lans. The Iowa Falls Eole in charge of in Ler Laining the russians were flab with Matskevich at Iowa Falls there were three other members of the russian farm delegation. Meanwhile at Jefferson another grou of russians Alexander to Lup Nikov and five others Well ahead with lans to slay overnight with local families. It seemed Likely they d accept invitations to go to Church tomorrow morning i the unix eucled decision of Mats Kevich to Back away from plans for staying with individual Iowa Falls families increased attention in the arrival yesterday in Ames Washington july 23 of a third Secretary of the soviet american fighter lots released by embassy whose name russian the last month after journalists Saiu is v. L. Lomott have been re Sev. There s been no explanation to full duty by the air for the arrival of this official. Poree there s already one soviet embassy Secretary s. V. Vasiliev with an air Force spokesman said the Matskevich group. Today that this action was taken the visiting Sovil farm Dele after a full review of the Case Gates had broken up temporarily by a Board of officers into three Grous today. Two of the idols who said they made the groups Aid visits to medium false confessions under pressure sized Iowa towns. Afler being Alured during the korean War Are the third group consisting of two men primarily interested in it. Col. Edwin Heller Wynne Corn Breeding remained Here to Wood. A. Capt. Harold Fischer continue conferences with prof. G. Jr., Swea cily Iowa 1st it. To f. Sprague of Iowa stale College land w. Parks Omaha neb. And the Mals Kevech grou at Iowa 1st it. Lyle Cameron Lincoln Falls visited a hog buying station. Neb. Farm in Lemont retail full Els. A their return to full duty Apar Bank lumber Yard cooperative cantly ends the Case in their con Grain elevator and a Cream Lant. they said they had flown a picnic was prepared for them across the Yalu Boundary into in the town Ark. The menu include North China under orders. To hoi dogs Polao salad and a the air Force spokesman said Ter Melon. That in line with procedure Fol the tul Nikov group which Lowed in the cases of returned Ris went to Jefferson had a Busy Day owners of War they met a Board of looking it the local newspaper vis officers who reviewed All the Cir Iling both the town s ranks the Cums lances of their confinement lumber Yard Grain elevator and treatment and resent condition i feed Lant. They lunched at the Jane then returned Ihm to duty. Newest thing in room with a by Jack Adams Washington july 23 in some of the prize Legal questions of our times Are travelling across the Pacific this weekend with three Young american turncoat. These Are the exp toners of War who thought they wanted a life with the communists and then anywhere on what action May they had rejected repatriation decided to head homeward and i follow the land no of the Trio at the army originally planned to face the music regardless of How san Francisco next Friday. Uncertain the tune might be. High government officials con cede thai the situation presents a real puzzler. They report Hal no final decisions have been reached every thing but it helps to Hove a account at the the South Carolina National Bank i As we Rush through the Days in this modern Tempo of twentieth Century living let us pause now and then and thank god for those patient consecrated of the Catholic Church whose lives Are devoted to Thieu Job of the spirit. They Are truly the shepherds of today Lead ing comforting feeding their flocks with spirit vol sustenance administering to the Pooi tanning on the work of our holy father. Our Community is a Bol Ter place in which to live and worship because of these men of the cloth. They richly deserve the plaudits and support of All of us. We Salute our roman Catholic churches and their understanding priests Dixie Chevrolet inc. Evans Ond Mcoueen phone 5227 we Salute our town currently the Mailer of Possi ble proceedings against the three is the hands of the Justice de Parl men a litre a determination is being made on a Fine Legal Point namely whether Civ Lian or military authorities will have jurisdiction. So far As the Public records go the three have not been accused of anything by the a solves. And those self Noemi a nations have been in the vaguest terms. The three returning men Are a. Coward. 22, of Dalton ga., Otho g. Bell 24, of Hillsboro miss., and Lewis w. Griggs 22, of Neches Tex. As . Army men they fought i give the absentees undesirable discharges in View of provisions in the military code which say Hal dishonourable discharges can be ordered Only after a conviction and sentence by a general court martial with the defendant present and represented by counsel. However Secretary of defense Wilson said the army was tied up in its own red tape and ordered dishonourable discharges for cow Arl. Bell and Griggs. Military sources say there thus exists a question whether the three were actually returned to civilian life an Issue which never would live Arisen except for the Deci Sion to return Home. The Mailer of military jurisdiction Over sex gis in relation to of in the korean War were captured of Elises committed in uniform is and waited out the end of the now before the supreme court in conflict in pow Camps along use 0 former air Force sol. Hundreds of fellow americans. Robert w. Told 23, now a pills at Hie prisoner Steelworker. Exchange at Panmunjom in later j they and some others refused j after an honorable discharge repatriation to and from the air Force. Told was Are lec cd logo to keel China. Rested by military police and flown j for a projected i ills the 4-door Riviera. The stunning new hit of americas after 18 months there the three persuaded the chinese to let them to to Hong Kong and head for the United states. At Hong Kong two weeks ago each of the three said he had Back to Korea court martial based on charges lie Anil two others murdered a South korean civilian while on duty in that country. Toth invoked his civilian status done tilings As a prisoner of War land on a writ of Hareas Corpus j thai made him afraid to return j forced the military to return him Home after the korean War ended to this country. The i a. Court i they did not say what but Griggs of appeals Here later revoked the referred vaguely to an article be writ. Toth made Bond and look an said he wrote and which he tie a Appeal to the supreme court scribed As thai court considered the Issue the Trio Niri they were such important Hal i tar Devirl to serve time in american prisons. A re Argi Imoni of the Rase next fall j if necessary to pay for their before its full complement of nine mistakes justices. This was Ron chorale Pell asserted he had original argument last things to Tell americans and free Ary was before Only eight Mem adding jeers. Due to the death of Justice if t do my talking from Justice Learlan has since prison cell that s just As Well. Rut taken Over Jackson s place on the i am going to Tell Bench. The i a. Consul at Hong Kong j the Case of the three returning who said the three men appeared americans also presents some con j to have retained their stains As. Siili Ratill Tiliti Eivis angles irom the i american cautioned of coils s. Hem thai their voluntary Velum Sun nut t who it America was Subj Cal to their inn Ici ims irom military courts i icing called to account Lor any in acl. A in a the 1 Nikloi so alas Illey have Roll Millail while Iii Nurell o i a ii pow against their roil Liy. Here Lii Kins ii. H. Of crackers Mirk in 110 Way be punished Lor the . And Hal Rhetor. L j. Of Keri iut. Choice they at 1 Tylli originally re Lisej re in favor of a communist Rountry. I pariah on Al i . Bill i lie agreement specifically provided Hal the choices Mere Lohi completely free Anil came imme Mill in Iii Florin ill Penally. I Karh was later charged with seventeen former i s. Soldiers collaborating wit i the communists remain in lied China. While they were prisoners of War. The line question of civilian with informing on fellow military Wiir indict on Over any prisoners. I Erso acts which the Izreo re Dickinson was even 10 years Liin Ioos May have been committed in prison and dishonourable Riis in the pow ramp arises from chaw. Hal Chelmor Gol life the he rather unusual Way in Prilly and Dishonour he army Annn Unrod their drum Filo i Scherpe. Mis prison sentence tiling Mil of Mill try service after later was Cut to 20 years. Buick introduced America s first Hardtop the Riviera went for it in a big Way and fast. They liked the convertible look of this 2-door Beauty Long Low and rakish. They liked the added Security of the steel roof Over head. And they certainly liked the absence of Center posts in the Side window gave a completely unbroken View left and right. People liked it All so Well that Over the past six years they made the Riviera the biggest Selling Hardtop in the world bar none. And it still is. Biniek Lias come no with another great Advance in liar tops the a dour Kii Mitru and in s a sensational hit. It has everything the original 2 door r Riviera separate doors for rear seat passengers and a whale of a lot More room for them. Rock solid on either Side Are what Latch the front doors and hinge the rear ones. So there s no Center Post above the door line and a completely often Sarrp of View to Bath sides. And inc roominess provided by this gorgeous new Hardtop is Reilly something Over v inches Mure if room Anil 5 inches More legroom in the rear. Don t Iii lome a c this Brand new kind of Thal s heading up the Parade o the holiest Selling line of Liu icks in history r that Way you can also try what else is to be had Here Buick com fort Buick Power Buick ride and handling and the electrifying action of Buick s variable pitch Doit this week tomorrow would be Fine you la see what record volume a Cully Means in the Way of record High Trade in deals. On Tho thrill the come if when Wirtur automobiles Are but Witt had them enjoy cooled filtered air for loss than you think with Buirk s air conditioner it s a genuine Frigidaire Quality motors inc. 247 North Irby str of Florence South Carolina

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