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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 23, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaTuesday morning july 23, 1957 f he Florence morning news Florence s. C. Your health by or. Joseph g. Molner m. D. Page 11 dear or. Molner there a possible Chance that my child have rheumatic fever. What is it rheumatic fever after the dam has been done is easy 1 recognize. At the time of the firs infection it is not always Easil recognized. A streptococcus Scarlet fever Strep Throat o other disease caused by the Stre germ comes first. Then As Rule some five Richness restless Ness and often pain and swelling in the joints May follow. Again some of these symptom May not be intense and the Chi is assumed to be listless who. Recovering from a sore Throat. In Short the intensify the original attack is such that i Parent cannot always be sure because of the varying degree and the variability of the symptoms. Worse there Are instances i which the doctor cannot be Sun either. Many a time we can a immediately and positively that k or is not a Case of Rhou Mati fever. But there Are the inter mediate ones the suspicious one because of this Many state have established rheumatic Feve centers either at hospitals or Wel equipped clinics to take doubtful cases and by a combination o tests arrive at a positive diag Nosis. If it is rheumatic fever then proper treatment can begin once. It is not the original attack fear a primarily but the Sale Rath. Tissues of the hear become inflamed leaving scar tis sue calcification afterwards. This scarring is what causes much o the trouble in the mitral valve True modern surgery can Correl Many of these valves but How much better it is to prevent the damage rather than repair i later. When the original attack i identified in time much of this scarring can be prevented or Al least minimized. First line of defense is proper diagnosis. The second important thing to remember is that a child or adult who has had rheumatic be once is much More Likely to have i again. Much of the heart damage comes from a second third or subsequent attack. The damage is cumulative doctors now take Strong measures to prevent repeated at tacks. A Long lasting Type of Peni Cillin often is Given monthly the effect lasts six weeks or More to keep a child protected from re Peater attacks. We feel certain that this will re sult in preventing thousands of cases of heart disease in later life. It will also take some of the terror out of rheumatic fever. It is not the kind of disease for which we yet have any Hope of developing a preventive such a vaccine so i can Only urge vigilance and prompt treatment. We have come a Long Way hide Section in treatment and in Ward ing off subsequent attacks but rheumatic fever remains some thing thai we must not take lightly. Dear or. Molner in regard to pinworms i was informed hat Tince i use dryer it would not be necessary for me to Boll the children s clothes to destroy All germs. Is this Correct or should i boil the clothes too j. the hea.l0f-uie dryer should be enough. But remember pinworm does not come from a germ. The pinworms Are hatched from in visibly Small eggs which without our knowing it get into the intestinal tract i dear or. Molner i have Yel Low Marks under my eyes. Now they Are beginning to form like puffs on my eyelids. What Are this sounds like a Deposit called Xan Thoma a localized fatty change in the skin. They can be removed but May recur. Consult a skin specialist. For a copy of my new pamphlet the pre menstrual write to me in care of this newspaper enclosing a self addressed stamped envelope and 5 cents in Coin to cover handling. Or. Molner welcomes All Reader mail but regels that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual hers. Headers questions Are incorporated in his column when Ever possible. Across 1. Taunt 5. Moisture in drops s. Exclamation 12. Solar disc 13. Before 14. Had on 15. One who fives temporarily 17. Come into View 19. Australian Bird 20. Male D.C. 22. Turf 23. Mother 25. Pronoun 28. Compass Point 27. Double one throw at D.C. 30. Passageway 33. Artificial language m. Slight knowledge 36. Conjunction 39. Persian 41. Exist 42. Constella Tion 43. Symbol for tin 44. Light bed cautions 48. Undermine 51. Charm 53. Nonmetal Lic element 55. City of the leaning Tower 56. Tavern 58. Roman Date 59. Cook in water 60. Egg drink 61. Salamander who eos Sqq Esq Aam Hlib so Coq Nan Ana qblt1s hos a Hhd my Saa 00003 aaa Obb a sheibe Ana bus Arama Bah Asso Hama has same solution of 1. Strong wind 2. Detail 1. Deprive of sensation 4. Completion 5. Hoisting apparatus 4. Comparative ending f7 7. Periods of time j. Wonder 9. Steeds 10. Therefore 11. Reward 16. Short for a Man s name 18. Myself 21. Workshop 24. Stage speech 26. Indications 27. Limb 28. Low 29. Indefinite amount 30. Literary fragments 31. Afr. Worm 32. Sea Eagle 35. Smoothing 38. Blunt 40. Within 42. Caesar s language 44. Explosive devices 45. Leave undone 46. Ourselves 47 us time 11 min. Veterans guide by maj. Thomas Nial from . Of Long Beach miss could you please advise me where to write for a copy of my world War j army discharge i Don t need it now but i May need it at a later Date. The original has been you should write to command ing officer . Army records Center 9700 Page Boulevard St. Dennis the menace from mrs. I. M. F. Of Orlando husband was. Killed in world War ii. I be been receiving a Check from his notional service life insurance. Due to a business we Are trying to establish i would like very much to collect the balance due me in a Lump sum. Is this it depends on How your husband specified that the insurance should be paid. If he specified that you should receive the payments in the manner you re receiving them then you can t get a Lump sum. If you Don t know How he asked to have the payments made write to the office from which you re receiving your payments and ask. I was Sotow purr Youk Bowie Cali. It owe do it every time by Jimmy Halo from mrs. R. E. V. Of lans Hig Mich i rend in one of your recent columns that the eminent will provide a Marker for the grave of a world War j Veteran. Does this hold Tnie if he s hurled in a pro Safe yes. Write to quartermaster general. Memorial division department of he army washing ton 25. D.c., for an application. The Marker will be inscribed and shipped to the nearest Railroad station. You must have the Marker put in place. Joe 60odslob. Justy so that s the clubs trick is to dump give him a song steerlm6 the Crummy jobs Obj 4ll they do is some Dopey members sh4noh4i a Cleiv i m and make it look to run the like a Honor do we 480ut we 4ll 60tt4 do our sh4re." hell bite to the 4nd me4ns committee who Tell my we Cah Hook Mem hem 6oodslo6 4nd thought Thev were joining the club to fun heh hem for i got the 6uy-th4t nov member oils wife is loaded you know th4t a Lulu to okla wh4tzis orsome Mart Thev could t steer 4 s4ildr 4 dangers convention plot Isis 70 r4ss the club he4d4ches Thev la do it every regime th4ux 4mb a m4tlo tip to Jimmy Little it. L4lidepd4lt. X Florida v. From a Virginia Reader my husband who served 3li years in the army during world War ii has recently been put in an institution suffering from a nervous breakdown. It has t yet been determined whether this condition has any connection with his ser vice. We know he has not been the same since his service. My child and i have no Means of sup port As i am crippled. Are we eligible for a pension help with the doctor under present Law. You re not now eligible for a pension from the veterans administration. However you should make sure that your husband applies immediately for service connected compensation from the a and for Hospital can m a a Hospital. I suggest Yon be in touch will a local veterans organization or the red Cross for help on the matter. You May write major in care of ills Nowc paper Arioul your Harvice connected own. 1 Locaso enclose stamped self addressed Riv Elope and 25 rents in Coll la have to enrol or. Hutchins in educational pro spam. Let s see now. Lesson number one a of might make a Rne we Ublett in 1 in the Plush office of keep e. Take of the Well Kewpie How p you a1ake out with Huthins a. Hutch ins is a foolish Man. He likes san so much he s Watlins to pay a higher Price for it. T5ht. Ask this one in the Keg will represent the other brother. That stake must a we be the same height As the one Brothers six feet one. Well need them later Ca m Down wat Beau nose rocks Oan l m mown1 up to the rocks for my shot Comet. Of no what v cackle will i do dropped an Ess to me Vou re 6megor1 kick Tohy Curtis Kim 0006las, Tab Hunter and Dock Hudson wiled to Csc i Shore can t see wed setter it Soma m a. W Rothes hum Rev 1 of Ntim of it this was about any Mak i guess it s love ail w6ht. But it s Shore Kino of a you have a thank you 30e.that Fine up to me operator sent miss communications Gamnis set up Benny i her office.1 in a Plain country by like me miss Ivy aument for daddy How much s do you pay Fob a sprained v ankle i skinned my knee boo Hoo 1 Omav thing worries me is a Nevah seen Mistach fat Chance s Dotter. Has to " agree to go along with your aunt s Schemett Why lad3-Why? dress him carefully sour rape. Fat Chance and his daughter Are diming with to Avakum an blood is As thick As Clint v lefta9out mind ism Jesss probably Stop at Noom tomorrow mas6ie, do s a favour Ano sons me a 6 i Mevec sit -1 of Cam get c it tonight s nsin1. Thall put be in a Louis 14, Missouri. You la receive an application form which can be used to replace your lost Dis charge. From r. M. Of Newport news a i would like to join the army Reserve very much. I am a Veteran with three years in ser vice. Please Tell me what i should you should be Able to get com plete information about joining the army Reserve from the nearest army recruiting office. O Xvi thought it a to Broulim 6upro4f Tut wife Bobbi when two 1ctor6, l 15 a Mon proc Vional theart convict . He Lamonthe Row and 5ht either sits at Home or roads from of. Olaf hotel to another i would t put and woman through that what i Tau w1 a warning for to Ftp Aust v Little Falony Noone i who Hai a Cioco to make a Man marry her a. J

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