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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 21, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning it s saturday july our 50th year 202 daily sunday Strachan denies any knowledge of watergate affair api Gor ton Strachan testified Friday that More than two months be fore the watergate reak if. He gave his Halde three line report of a sophisticated political intelligence gathering system with a budget of but he said even though he was the Liaison Between presi Dent Nixon s re election com Mittee and the White House chief of staff on political mat ters John w. Dean Iii was the White House Contact on political intelligence. Neither or. Haldeman nor or. Dean advised me of the series of meetings with or. Mitchell Dean. Buddy and Strachan told the Senate watergate committee in prepared testimony. It was at meetings in january february and March involving those men. Where apparently the democratic party Headquarters break in plan was hatched. Job Stuart Magruder. Deputy in the Campaign to former ally. Gen. John n. Milc Tell. Had lest Ifird thai after he last meeting. March .10. I called or. Strachan and indicated to him that the project had been approved i discussed it in list Strachan said had any one Ever heard the details of prostitution Goon squads kid Naping and wiretaps to would be unlikely to forget it. I certainly would not forget it. Or. Magruder never gave me that information he said. Steradian. A lanky Young Man with a High pitched voice was Able Only to read a 15-Page pre pared statement before the committee adjourned until monday when he will return. He followed Robert c. Mar Dian who testified that presi Dent Nixon was so concerned about White House Security leaks in mid-1971 that he expressed fears about world Pieace and his own ability to govern. Mardian. A former assistant attorney general said the conversation took place at Nixon s Home in san Clemente. Calif., after he had relayed word that j. Edgar Hoover might be Able to use secret wiretap logs As a club to prolong his tenure As director of the fib. Strachan said he found him self in an unusual and not entirely comfortable situation in his role As go Between with the White House and reelection committee. He said magi rider who once was his Boss bypassed him frequently except on in effective or failing on hearing of lie break in june 17. Strachan said he immediately suspected the Nixon re election committee might to involved. Within two or three Days he said he again showed Haldeman the memo mentioning the intelligence gathering system. Alter speaking to him. I destroyed that memo and Sedan chair ii As Well As several Oiler documents i have told this committee and the prosecutors he said. Sedan chair ii was die report of an undercover operative in the presidential primary Campaign of sen. Lluli Ert h. Humphrey a Minn. Or. Magruder frequently tried to avoid the reporting sys Strachan said with no Vinus bitterness. When or. Magruder did Raj girl he reported As much As possible on successful development Hal re Leclert favourably on his Campaign leadership and As Little As possible on projects that were not going Well. On projects Hal went smoothly or portrayed him in a Good Light. Or. Magruder would often give a full report directly to or. Higby or or. Halde Lawrence m. Ilif byways another Haldeman aide. Strachan added that on fail ing projects magnifier would Tell him just enough to protect himself from later criticism that he had withheld information from the White House in Case the project went totally prices Register Sharp increase again for june president Nixon Waves to nurses As he leaves Hospital with him is or. Walter Tkach personal physician to the president resignation rumours called Plain poppycock1 by Nixon Washington api pres ident Nixon dismissing any talk of his resigning As just Plain vowed Day he will work right up to inc Hilt even if it endangers his health. Returning to the White House from the belch sea naval medi Cal Center where he fought off viral pneumonia. Nixon told several Hundred aides and employees who gathered in inc Hose Garden to Welcome him let others Wallow in water Gate we Are going to do our looking fit and rested follow ing his week Long Hospital slay. Nixon acknowledged his doctors want him to slowdown a Little now and take sometime off and relax a Little lie went on no one in this great office Al this Lime in the world s history can slow Down. This office requires a president who will work right up to the Hilt All the declaring that Many people believe a fast Pace might in dancer his health. Nixon said. Hie health of a Man is nol nearly As important As he health of the nation and the health of the the chief executive said some Well intentioned people suspect that illness can result from the burdens of the presidency and inc rather rough assault that any Man in this office gels from Lime to such people he said have wondered if his own illness might mean he would gel so lived that i would consider either slowing Down or even some suggested promising to will neither slow Down nor resign before his Elc cled term ends. Nixon said of any la in to the contrary. Thai is just Plain declared. We Are going to slay on this Job until to gel the Job without referring directly to watergate. Nixon said Ameri cans should put All of the events Hal we read Aboul. The things we see on television in he said they shall think about what he termed the great decisions Hal will he made in his office that Are going determine whether we have peace in this world for years to he talked Loo about his goal of Prosperity Wilhour War and without inflation. Of Lom Haling crime and drug abuse and of providing better opportunities for All americans. There Are these and other Greal causes that we were elected overwhelmingly to car re Forward in november of 1972." he said. And what we were elected to do. Weare going to do. And let others Wallow in watergate we arc going to do our seeming by ready to counterattack against his critics. Nixon said to must push Forward with his work because i feel that we have so Lille time in the positions that All of us hold and so much to Washington api retail prices climbed sharply in june for the fifth consecutive month rising seven tenths of one per cent before he Price freeze. The government reported Friday. Food gasoline fuel Oil and household services accounted for about three fourths of the total increase. The Rise in the consumer Price Index was based on prices gathered by the government before president Nixon clamped the freeze june meaning thai the effect of the freeze will not show up until next month. But any slowing of the inflationary spiral was expected to be Only temporary As the administration s new phase 4 program unveiled wednesday brought predictions of even higher prices in the months ahead. The labor department said grocery store prices Rose 1.7 per cent last month and were 15.7 per cent higher than a year ago. Gasoline and motor Oil. In Short Supply jumped 2.fi per cell in june and were 11.5 per cent higher Over the year. With the continuing inflation. The purchasing Power of workers declined the sixth time in the past eight Mon Lis. The Afler tax take Home pay of a rank and file worker with three dependents averaged in june an increase of from May. Bui said that after adjustment for higher prices his purchasing Power declined one tenth of one per cent in june. Over the past year the purchasing Power of workers has declined six Len los of one per cent the government said. The june Price report showed inflation continuing Al a High level during die second Quarter of the year but Al a somewhat slower rate than during the first i rec months. Consumer prices Rose Al a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 7.4 per cent in the three months ending in june compared with an 8.6 per cent Rale in the first Quarter. This was due to a slower Rale of increase in die food Index which Rose at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 14.7 per cent in die second Quarter about half the explosive 28.6 per cent rate recorded from january through March. Whal is said chairman Herbert Stein of the Council of economic advisers is that prices were rising rapidly right up to the beginning of die freeze although not so rapidly As in february and he said Price increases continued to be fed by food even Thody the june increase in fool prices was the smallest of the year. Afl-c10 president George Meany commented. Housewives Consumers and workers did t need More official statistics of bad news to know that heir Standard of living has once again been he said Consumers and workers Are paying a heavy intolerable Price for administration economic policies that. No Mailer How they Are revamped remain inequitable and food alone Rose nine la Ziths of one per cent adjusted to discount seasonal influences. This was less than the 1.1 percent Rise in May. Hut still Lark by Normal standards. Without seasonal adjustment. Die food Price Rise was 1.4 per cell in june compared with one percent in May. Under phase 4. The freeze was lifted immediately on food except beef which will remain under Price ceilings until Cpl. The freeze on most other sectors of the Economy is to he lifted aug. 12. Director John t Dunlop of the cos of living Council told newsmen in is unlikely that any additional industries will be exempted from wage and Price controls before aug. 12. Phase 4 provides for Decuna Rols Over sectors in which inflation is subsiding. Highway Bill agreed upon Washington api sen ate House conferees completed action Friday on a Federal High Way Hill which had been stalled for 10 weeks by a deadlock Over whether to Lap the Highway Trust fund for mass transit. The deadlock was broken thursday evening when the conferees agreed upon a com Promise proposal that would keep the Trust fund intact for one More year before gradually opening it up to expenditures on bus and rail lines. Rep. Jim Wright. In Tex. Inc conference chairman predicted the three year s20 billion Bill would be passed by Congress before the August recess. As described by Wright. Die Bill would allow million in Urban Highway funds to to spent on buses in fiscal year 1975. Which begins july a 1974. In fiscal 1d7b, the entire million earmarked for Urban roads could be spent on both bus and rail systems. During the current fiscal year which began july 1. Stales wishing to build rails Iaslea of roads would be required lot urn Back their Highway Money and receive an equal amount of general tax revenues in Clurn. The Compromise represents major concessions by both sides. The Senate version As stated in an amendment introduced by sen. Edmund s. Muskie a me. And sen How Ard ii. Baker. K-tcnn., called for spending Trust fund Money on mass transit Over the entire three years of the Bill while the House had voted Down a similar amendment. he confirmed earlier Testi Mony that he had passed 000 to Campaign official Fred Erick c. True Early in 1973. The Money had been kept by Haldeman. Ostensibly for Politi Cal polling and Laler passed on to watergate defendants and heir attorneys. On one major delivery of funds. Strachan related he fore picking up the Money. Or. In ilium donned a pair of gloves and then said i never saw you the statement brought laughter in the hearing room. See walk Gate Page 6a John w. James 111 at Home eat your vegetables John cheers up fellow patient us Khork. Calif. Api i just wanted to make inc president feel 8-year-old John w. James Iii said Friday with a bashful Grin. So. When John recovered from pneumonia he scrawled a get Well note to president Nixon who had just entered belch sea naval medical Center with the same ailment. John s prescription to the president now you be a Good Hoy and cat your vegetables like 1 had too if you take your Medicine and your shots you la be out of the Hospital in eight Days like i he signed it love John s Molher. Vivian said she did l think her son should have advised Nixon to he a Good but Felt it was his when Nixon left the Hospital Friday after a week s stay he read John s pencilled Binder paper note before several Hundred employees who greeted him Al the White House Rose Garden. But i hate the president quipped. I heard on the news in the Hospital the president was sick. Loo. So 1 decided to while him a said the Tail slender lad at his Home about 40 Miles East of san Francisco. I Hope you did t catch pneumonia from John who still coughs after his Eigil Day stay Al Alameda Hospital. I like he president. I think he s a Nice said John a third grader who Hopes to Mel the president someday and wants to become a geologist or veterinarian. John s Mother. A Republican precinct worker who voted for Nixon along with her husband a Cement Mason said of Tell my son and daughter to do Nice things for others and rot expect any Reward so Wincn something Nice like this happens it really pays mentioning the president s watergate problems. Mrs. James said. "1 think it the Fetter mus he the nicest thing hat s to the president in a Long Lime. He must have Benlic Kletto read it. I did l say a word or coach him. 1 Only told him How to she said of her son s letter. Mrs. James said she and John sometimes watched the televised watergate hearings in the Hospital., Between quiz shows and colouring Hooks. I Richard and Liz together again Senate okays Bill limiting War Powers with hugs and kisses Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor re unite in Rome. Page 8b. Silent g. Gordon Liddy faces possible contempt of Congress citation. Page 3c. Nixon will reveal his mind about watergate tapes on Mon Day. Page 6a. Index churches 5a comics deaths doctor editorials markets sports 78 2a 7b 4a a 1c g state area 1b i weather partly Cloudy and warm with a Chance of evening thundershowers. High near 90. Low near 70. Details Page 3a. J Washington Al l the Senate Friday passed a historic Bill limiting the president s Power to commit american troops to War without congressional approval. Though similar legislation passed the House earlier this week its ultimate Fate is Uncertain because a veto by president Nixon is considered certain. The 71-Lfi margin by which the scale approved the measure was 11 More than the iwo thirds that will be needed to override a veto. However. The House fell 32 Voles Short of two thirds. Earlier. With an Eye towards the expected veto the Senate refused by a 53-34 vote to broaden coverage of the measure. The amendment by sen. Thomas f. Eagleton. Do. Would include civilian advisers Central intelligence Agency personnel and foreign proxy troops As Well As . Armed forces. Amendments also were Defeated Hal would extend the measure to cover peacetime deployment of troops abroad and limit the circumstances under which a president could commit troops. The Hill finally passed by the Senate sets a 30-Day limit on a president s Power to commit troops giving Only Congress the Power to extend the period. The Bill passed 244 to Ift by the House on wednesday would set a 120-Day limit instead. Another major difference is the spelling out in the Senate Bill of circumstances under which a president could Commil troops for a limited period. Sen. James Abourizk. D-s.d., said Friday that this provision is a dangerous practice which expands rather than contracts president2ial authority to wage War without the approval of sought to make the Bill apply to presidential of civilian advisers. Central Inlet licence Agency operatives and foreign proxy troops As Well As american uniformed armed forces. However. Sen. Edmund s. Muskie. A Maine. Floor managing he measure and sen. John c. Stennis. A miss. The chairman of the armed services Commilles warned this might make if difficult to Muster the two thirds vote Hal Wilt be needed to override the expected veto. If we duller the War Powers Hill with other Plennis said in a letter to Muskie. We would probably kill is otherwise a Good Chance to override a possible Muskie called in a Maljor of tactical noting thai advocates Mohe aug. Is Compromise on culling off . Bombing of Cambodia had used a similar argument in the Senate last month. Al Hal time. The Maine Democrat was on the Ellior S.D. arguing against Compromise. Sen. W. Fulbright. A a a. Suggested president Nixon s threat earlier this week to Volo the Bill applied Only to the House version. Muskie said however thai Sens. Harry Goldwater. A Ariz. And Hoberg p. Griffin. A Mich. Had made Clear in applied to the scale Bill too. Eagleton. In arguing for his amendment said inc first american involvement in came when Cia advisers were sent there and in was never subject to congressional approval. The Senate s War Powers Bill is identical to one in passed last year h to 16 but which died in conference. The House last year approved a less sweeping Bill requiring presidential consultation with Congress bul which did nol prevent die preside no from deploying troops

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