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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 21, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaPages a the Florence morning news. Florence. S. Thursday morning Johnston blasts state editorial Newi Burnt Washington july 20 in a blistering Senate speech yesterday sen. Olin d. Johnston tossed a verbal blast at a South Carolina newspaper branded the Dixon Yates contract As the biggest at tempted raid on Public Power Ever perpetrated by the Utility Mono and stoutly defended san tee Cooper As the victim of falsely labelled attacking in general what he termed mutterings in the Rabid anti Public Power press about socialism and All the Oiler hog Wash that private Utility monopolies feed and in particular. The news courier Long a foe of pub Lic Power projects Johnston read to the Senate an editorial from the Charleston newspaper which he said typifies the attempts by anti Public Power forces to brain Wash the Public into believing that pub Lic Power is socialistic and some thing the editorial tilled Don t Back Down said that it would be foolish for anyone to sup pose that there could now be any thing illegal or unethical in the Dixon Yates and asked the president to stick by his guns with the editorial was in the news a courier of february 4, 1955. After Reading it to the Senate Johnston said it demonstrates How ridiculous the channings of an to Public Power voices have the president cancelled the Johnston Laid. In cancelling the contract he merely withdrew his official Sanction from the biggest attempted raid on Public Power Ever perpetrated by the Nti Llly he said Dixon Yates was wrong because it was an example of a huge Utility Combine getting government subsidy by collusion and Johnston said that had the democrats not been n Power Dixon Yates scandal would never have been exposed and the contract would not have been broken. The Eisenhower administration was used As a tool to strike against Public the South Carolina senator said. He paid tribute to the late sen. Burnet Maybank for warn ing the nation that the Eisenhower administration was out to destroy the Public Power program from the Bottom to the and said May Lank was due credit for keeping the spark of Public Power glowing through the past two dark speaking of a recent appropriation for construction of Hartwell dam on the Savannah River Between Anderson county s. C., and Hartwell county ga., Johnston said he wished Maybank were alive to know that we have turned the tide and that soon an ther great Multi purpose dam will e built Between South Carolina and Georgia to serve his Johnston said the government has never lost a single cent through its Loans to the cooperatives. Citing the increase of Coop Elco Lri City Consumers from fam Ilies in 1941 to in 1954, Johnston said these people wanted electricity All along but the Dix on Yates of that Day said it would t work so the Farmers came to the government and Bor rowed the Money and built their own this is not John Ston continued. This is nothing evil. This is american Enterprise at work. This is one of America s Basic principles at Pale fat Sheppard begins his life term Nap was t above opening wife s mail new York july 20 Wlna Poleon Bonaparte was t above opening his wife s mail by mis take when necessary. And in the Field Wilh the might of Europe arrayed against him he could take time off to write her a scolding Leller about stingy tipping. These footnotes on the French emperor s career Are revealed in recently uncovered correspondence Between As he usually so cd his letters and his 22-year wife Marie Louise during the War Days immediately his first great defeat and exile to Elba. Exc Cruls from some of inc 127 letters arc published in the col Lier s Magazine Issue Oul tomorrow the correspondence was found a few years ago in an underground room in the swedish Royal Palace where they had been consigned by Desiree Consort of the French marshal born Anotle who was later elected to the swedish throne. Napoleon s political marriage to the daughter of austrian emperor Francis i turned into a genuine love match. Although Marie Louise refused to follow him into exile and later look lovers Napoleon carried the letters Wilh him Puli his final banish Cal to is. Helena then be turned them Over to older brother Joseph King of Spain. Joseph in Lumen passer them along to his sister in Law de sire the Marseilles silk merchant s daughter who had been a Youthful love of the Little Corporal. Three years ago swedish King Gustavus Adolphus gave Permis Sion to his private Secretary. Baron Carl Fredrik pal Stierna for the translation and publication of the papers. Portions of letters paint reveal his Young wife. Bonaparte was 40 and divorced from Josephine when he married in he consistently Drolc in an affectionate although slightly paternal manner to his wife even when she was the titular Regent of France governing with the help of a traitor Ridden Council when he was at the front 100 Miles from Paris. The wily strategist showed that in was not above using her As a cat s Paw when he was faced Wilh disaster before the Allied forces of the English swedish prussians russians and austrians. He instructed make a peace hid to her Tau ice commanding uie austrian units based on sentiment. You would do Well to write to him and to complain that you do not Bear from him that he has for Gollen you that he could help us while being useful to his Mon Archy that he should be reason Able and have a will of his own and not be the tool of England and Napoleon wrote. In Short write to him in Strong terms and commend to him your in crests and those of your son Francis made a no Commilla answer which was delivered Al Napoleon s Headquarters. "1 no forwarding you a idler from yom Napoleon wrote. I opened in by mistake Tell me what it co Laius if in is of inheres a to me. My health is Good though j am a Little tired. Most of Napoleon s letters arc staccato reports of Victory Insl Ruc. Lions and messages to her and their j 3-year-old child the King of Home. Marie Louise s Are n mixture of wifely affection Small anecdotes mixed up Wilh accounts of por Zenlous events reports on her Sou s health and a steady Stream of Cleveland july 20 a Pale and Chubby from Lack of exercise or. Samuel h. Sheppard was led in Handcuffs today from the county jail in which he spent almost a year. Shackled to a Holdup Man the 31-year-old Osteopath marched through a crowd of newsmen and spectators and climbed aboard an automobile that sped him to Columbus to begin a life sentence at the Ohio Penitentiary. The trip to Columbus took four hours he arrived at the Penitentiary at . Wearing a Blue worsted suit and Blue knit Necktie his 6-foot Frame gave the same somber appearance it did during the 10-week irial Hal ended last dec. 21, when a jury found him guilty of battering to Dalh his four months pregnant wife Marilyn .31. Yesterday a court of appeals rejected his plea for a new trial on grounds of alleged newly discovered evidence that a sex crazed prowler committed the murder july 4 of last year. Earlier the appeals court turned Down another Ipp Cal based on defense Conlen ions of error in the original trial. Sheppard shuffled out jail door grasping i photograph of his son 7-year-old Chip who now is living with he also help a Book of poems Hilltop by Ralph Spaulding Cushman. In iwo cardboard boxes Shovec into the tin Nicase of the Automo bile were Tennis shoes a pair Slacks cigarettes pipe tobacco and toilet articles. The prisoner stared past the crowd of about 30 who watched his departure. But he had a warm handshake for Deputy Tom Killen who had attended him for most of the time since his arrest last july 30, that he was lodged at county jail. None of that time counts towards or. Samuel h. Sheppard convicted wife murderer leaves county jail at Cleveland Ohio yesterday where he spent almost a year to beg ing serving a life sentence at Ohio state Penitentiary in Columbus. He clutches in his hand a picture of his 7-year-old son Chip and a Book of verse. He is manacled to Michael Jacko 47, a paroled life termer captured last May in a robbery. Deputy Dave Yettra left accompanied s the prisoners. A wire Philo indict Daw for aiding democrats in elections Detroit july we the gov Homer Ferguson. Cram Cal accused inc Cio United Aulo workers Union today of spending illicitly on Yelevi Sion shows in behalf of democratic candidates for Congress last year. A 23-Man Federal grand jury acting after an investigation of re publican charges indicted the Union on four counts for allegedly using Union members dues Money pay for the to shows. The indic mint was brought under the Federal corrupt practices act. The act prohibits use of Union general funds dues to finance1 campaigns for Federal office. It Al so prohibits Banks and use Corpora of such ions from similar funds. The indic mint named no Union officials nor did it say what Candi dates might have been aided by he to shows. One of inc election victors in Michigan last. Fall was labor jacked sen. Patrick v. My Jamara. Democrat and an Active Al Union Man himself. Me Namara Defeated Republican sen. A court Battle Over the act s constitutionality impeded As a Rchull of inc indictment. Freedom of speech and of the press presumably would be issues. The Union immediately Deniet wrongdoing. It accused republicans of an at tempt to use the Cours in frantic efforts to save and said i1 welcomed this Opportunity to test the Validity and scope of the Law William Olney chief of the Justice department s criminal division who helped prepare the government s Case said the facts were so Clear that he govern ment had no alternative other than to lie said there was nothing underhanded by the Union. The farts seem to be clearly at the same time he invited in formation to inc Fri on any similar practices by Banks or corporations. We have prosecuted enough re publicans in the last two and a to prosecute anyone regardless of Olney said. The Union asserting the act Vio lates Freedom of speech and press guarantees of the first Amend ment said it would carry a fight to the u. S. Supreme court if convicted Here. Penalty for conviction is a Fine on any of the counts. J the grand jury charged inc Union spent in illegal payment j for a series of political programs on the Union s meet the Law Cio weekly television shows on Jhk to a Detroit station. Promptly Afler its indictment the Union repealed earlier statements that republicans had inspired the grand jury. Emil Union Sec relay Irea surer who was a grand jury witness said the indictment was the result of an in american and unconstitutional Effort by Republican postmaster general Arthur e. Summerfield. A Michigan Man Anil John Fickens chairman of the half years to prove we Are willing state gop Central committee. Ing self portraits of Napoleon and complaints about her own health. Final clearance Sale at 1 . For a Short a Sumer to Costora watch for opening Date soviet farm delegation touring logo yesterday made a Stop at a packing Plant in t Cedar rapids they Are shown above in the Stee r pens checking Quality of the beef. I a Weirup lilo want s trial charge he aided communists it. Re age . July 20 Ltd the trying John l. Tyler on charges of aiding the chinese communists in Korea recessed until Friday Nior Nimir. The Hircak. At the end of the trial s third Day. Came it the re ii est of the prosecution which has summoned an unidentified wit Ness from san Krai Isco. Tyler. Ujj. From Muon Duvillo a. Has pleaded innocent in All a prisoner of the chinese june. I til. To August he is Ai Rusi d of informing on oth it Ptim int is unlink pro communist Arlin los. Or Muling peace petitions and Couvelis to communism. Mir men who wore with him i Lilied during the after Nikon session. 1 hey related thai Tyler Olin had Laizir made cigarettes when Ihry could not gel them and one said Tyler had Candy no n Lime when other prisoners had none. Sol. Jose so aligned no Al Simqu Niue n.m., loss Ifird unit Tyler went to the. Chinese Hoad Junr lers Throe to five times weekly and resumed with car does. Conceded that the chinese also i gave him cigarettes when they ques lion cd him. Sgt. James prow so aligned Al it. Carson. Colo Ralph Mckin nay. 25, of fort Payne. Ala and William d. Freeman or. Of Atlanta a meal Culler were the other afternoon witnesses. J Freeman said the chinese did not give him cigarettes during in Icarro Gallons. He also sail must prisoners called in for questioning Hail escorts Bill Tyler went alone several limes to the Headquarters. Mckinney and Freeman testified on Cross examination thai Tyler was shown no favouritism in living quarters food or work assign ments. Earlier. The court heard Lesli Mony irom John b. Allen 22. Of Berkeley calif., null Raymond Ici Ray of Iowa cily. Iowa. Tyler is charged Wilh informing on them to the communists. Now 22 times More Bug killing Power i cull Down of Limni you to i Pray odoiies1 Wivinis Moid and Mii Diw tonight on to live from Hollywood to Channel 8 the healer the tense Story of conflicts in a prominent surgeon s life. Starring Barry Sullivan Geraldine Fitzgerald Arthur Franz Bonita 6ranville Marguerite Chapman your Host Bill Lundigan corporation engineered Cooling heating Moore Fonvielle corp. 172 s. Nashua phone 9352 Sheppard s prison which begins with his Entrance today in to the Penitentiary where he must spend 10 year until he is eligible for parole. His attorneys have announced their intention to Lay an Appeal of the murder conviction before the Ohio court. Auto Park your car in our lot have your radio fixed while you shop Tommy Ayres radio to service 116 s. Coit St. Phone 2-3640 to programs 2 today in charge too dins Annj school Sheila Graham Shoi the Home show Tennis Sec manic 11-30 Feather your nest twelve til two Ted Mack show Henry hop pc weather news my hero the connection dragnet feature the Fht video Thurmer Aca award news till a slav a mfr Evans show or. 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