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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 21, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaKao Eft the Florence morning news Florence. S. C. Thursday morning july 21, parties held honouring brides and brides elect miss Betty Brown miss Betty Brown Bride Eccl of july was entertained at a Kitchen Shower on july 18 Given by mrs. C. In Jernigan and miss Joann Jurnigan. A Corsage of red roses was Given the Honoroe upon her arrival. Class arrangements of roses wore throughout i to Misc. Uridge and a card Fame were played during the evening after which Lundon log and Coconut cake were served by the hostesses the honoree was showered with an array of is Clyl gifts. The Host Csc gift of her was a piece p Silver in her chosen pattern. Miss Miriam Carter Timmonsville july Miriam Carter of Timmonsville whose wedding to William Homer slice or. Of Morehead by. Will Lake place sept. 3, was entertained at a luncheon at sir Walter hotel in Raleigh. . On Friday july j5 Given by miss Dorothy Daniels and miss belly Brown was enter tamed at a luncheon on monday. July 13. Given by mrs. Lawrence Peck and mrs. 0. John at the Home of the former in Bennelli Villa. A Corsage of while Chrysanthe mums was Given the Honoroe upon her arrival. Mass arrangements of summer Cut Flowers were used throughout the receiving rooms. A two Ourse luncheon was nerved those attending. The hostesses presented the Hon Oree with a covered casserole in her chosen pattern of every Day China and a brass planter. Miss Betty Brown Bride elect of july was entertained of luncheon on july Given by mrs. 0. T. Finklea Al. The Home of mrs. E. E. Hubbard. Upon arrival a Corsage of White chrysanthemums were Given the honoree by the hostess. Mass arrangements of mixed summer flow ers were used throughout the receiving rooms. After g three course luncheon. The hostess presented the Honoroe with a Silver relish dish in her chosen pattern of Silver. Guests attending included miss Jane Ledlin Aliss Alary Alice Cuszak. Aliss Sclia Ann Barnes. Aliss Martha while head. A Corsage of while carnations entered with White Rose buds was Given to the honoree upon her arrival. The dining table held a Centrepiece of White Chrysanthe mums and roses. A Turkey luncheon was served. The hostesses gift to the honoree was a piece of Silver in her chosen pattern. Those attending were mrs. W. B. Atchley Aliss Ellen Durham. Aliss alone Allman Aliss arable Bausom Aliss Kathryn Mills Aliss Kay Harris miss Ann Kirby miss Vvonne Blackwell and Aliss Alary Manning. Miss Jane Cusaac Aliss Jane Cusaac Birds elect of july 24, was honoured at a drop n Shower on saturday evening july Jug. Given by airs. Victor White airs. Carol Morris airs. Victor while jr., mrs. J. T. Keels and mrs. Guy Guy Al Orris at the Home of the former. Upon arrival the honoree and mrs. Hugh Cusaac. Her Mother out of towners feted at dance in Kingstree k1ngstree, july 20 major and mrs. L. B. Thompson of Washington . And or. And mrs. Toy Vanarsdall of Indianapolis ind. Were entertained at a dance on saturday evening july 16, at the american legion Home Given by or. And mrs. F. A. Douglass. Mass arrangements of summer Flowers were used to decorate the receiving rooms. Two tables set for refreshments of punch and hours d oeuvres were covered with a White cloth. Out of town guests attending included or. And mrs. Will Vausy of Georgetown mrs. Jim Hall of . Or. And mrs. Marvin Mullis of Lancaster and b. A. Brown of Atlanta g. Mrs. Ellsworth mrs. Twining mrs. Everest mrs. Ward top air Force wife extends birthday greetings. Mrs. Nathan Twining whose husband general Twining is chief of staff of air Force extends birthday congratulations of mrs. F. F. Everest wife of air Force lieutenant general Everest Deputy chief of staff for operations at Myrtle Beach s Pine Lake country club. With the visitors Are mrs. Kenneth Ells Worth and mrs. L. K. Ward both of Myrtle Beach. Society news devotional scripture the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant Man seeking goodly pearls when he had found one i Pearl of great Price went and sold All that he had and sold i All that he had and bought it. Matthew 16 prayer eternal father help us to give up All that we May obtain the Pearl of great Price whose value never de creases in time or in eternity. In Christ s name and fur his Sake we seek this Pearl. Amen. Thought for the Day Lay up for yourselves treasure in the upper Timmonsville Persona news soc t1mmonsvh.lk ski Sonal mrs. James Kermau and son were both Given corsages of Rose Alan of my. Are visit ing the former s parents or. And kids. Mass arrangements of sum Mer Cut Flowers were used throughout the receiving rooms. A number of guests called during mrs. Frank d. White. Mrs. W. I. Mcleod. Miss Sam the evening and the Bride elect and miss Laura Inabnit Cei Yed Many useful gifts. The hostesses served an array of bridal refreshments. Miss Lane Cusaac Bride elect of Luly 2, was entertained at a Lin Gerie Shower acc Nelly Given by mrs. Grace Lewis. Arrangements f summer Flowers were used in Oral ing the Home Lor the of lir. Upon her arrival the honoree Vas Given a Corsage of Pink Rose with irs lids. Alter several bridal games j v Olive spent a few Days at Lake Juna Luska . Recently. Sam Baroody or. And miss Linda Fia Roody arc visiting relatives in Danville a. That Bright summer Sun never had it so Good miss Adrienn ill Mai and David Lollman or. Arc spending a mrs. W. D. Lucas. Mrs. J. W. Love of Florence miss Martha Wellington mis Skubich were directed by mrs. Genie Hood. Miss Ann Marie Mil Hwoodrow the Hono Ler Aliss kit Lee Singleton. Was presented an array of Margaret Bronson. Miss there Are preparations that Rainwater and airs. H. N. Brown i bridal . Worn v i prevent burning and ice the skin enlisting the help of the Bright summer Sun to make the ladies More Begaii Lizul in t a new idea but customs have certainly changed Al one Lime Many women used to dip their hair into a special preparation and let the. Sun bleach it blonde. They protected their White skins with layers of veils. Today it s the other Way around most women arc Likely to cover their hair while they let the Sun turn their skin to Light Gold or nut Brown. Well in All its centuries of Beauty business the Sun had such j Guild partners As the modern Sun Tan preparations. These products arc wonderfully specialized there is literally a Type for every need. For those who like to be deeply bronzed Here arc products thai screen out the Sun s burning rays while in air and airs. Raymond Schwa How and children Liddic. Patsy Cou raging the tanning process. For who Are Content with less Mother of the Honn rce. In i bridal refreshments were served i by the . How Long will it keep july weather brings up the per or cooked immediately. The life of fresh meat can be pro longed by cooking just before it have arrived to spend three wee with the Lormer s parents air. And mrs. N. B. Hicks. Mrs. Troy Langston is spending a Tew Days in Pineville. Where she is a guest of air. And airs. Wallic b. Jones. In decide its own color. One of the greatest advances in this Field is the development of preparations for people who arc Al j Icagic to sunlight or who freckle i Day or have camellia like complexions that Are too pretty to change. These products Block off the Sun s ultraviolet rays completely. Most Simian products creams oils or lotions Are made Witler the same pure Petroleum Whie oils thai Are used in cosmetics. Some of the new preparations Are so re fined that they Don t leave a Visi ble film on the skin won t slain clothing or pick up Sand. Here s a Lille warning though. Don t let these wonderful Petro Leum products tempt you to be careless about Sun worshipping. You la get a Nasty Burn if you try to Ian All in one Day. Remember to use your even when the sky because you can get burned even on a Cloudy Day. And Don t forget i that water will Wash off the Best of preparations so apply them of scr each swim. Weather monday july 18 _ Florence s. A second report hottest City in . Now Purchase the greatest air conditioner values in history new 1955, top in performance Admiral. Air conditioners guaranteed 5 years now buy a i ton unit of less than wholesale Price Only Mary Bell Winn Circle has officer election meet Dah Lincton july 20 thai also. November. Mrs. M. W. I Allowin officers have been elect Arnold. Mrs. Arthur Rogers lie mrs. W. H. Mcleod had As or the coming year in Taliej Cembor mrs. W. Tennial housekeeping problem of tin Over stuffed refrigerator. Cool thinks Are in demand trash vege tables Are coming in from tie Garden every Day. What foods be Clr iterated to prevent spoilage left Over cooked foods especially meat and poultry must be re or Kew vegetables m. And mrs. B. T. Honan. Missi Iri Geracd As quickly As possible Best of course if they arc Eal Marly Loonan. Miss Gail scaly talc following committees have to prevent development of the Bac Len within a few hours of picking Ann Ward and mrs also been named for the ensuing Teria known As staphylococci. Temperatures Speed the c. W. Ward visited Myrtle Beach year the newly Eta led Leader just 50 to sell at this Price Geane wholesale next to armory these Are the Little Fellows that cause food poisoning. Pulling hot foods ight into the Frig creator won t hurl the fond out it May raise the temperature in an Ai a Matic change from sugar to starch the reason Why City Folk never know the cob and and snarl Side on sunday. In the methodist women s Circle i program. Mrs. Inc Jeffords chair i King. And mrs. Julian Kirvin. Mrs. Chandler honoured at 83 real flavor of Corn on the or. And mrs. Kenneth m. Kmer Jinn a los or Lars j la Muir pkg. July 21 new peas. If these Mcge Jinn and children spent sunday in rank lion Oill. A Chandler celebrated Al abcs must be held before cooking. Ich Craw where they were guests. Ready overloaded refrigerator Corn in its husks the Rev. And mrs. Dwight me h k1 i wis in their pods. Alister. Place the containers of hot goods. I in Cool water before Elri Geraline to the most from your Lack Caslon Voll is pc ruling to Speed Cooling. Don t leave hem Frig Crealor these hot Days be sure in Ora ii in ii a. With you Aren t wasting space on in a or. Opened bottles and cans or useless Hewitt outside More than an hour. Of her excellent mediums for development of staphylococci arc sandwiches made with Mayonnaise hours outside the refrigerator is Little dabs of left overs. Don t open the refrigerator door Yunc Cossar mrs. Sam Burgess of mrs. I her life mrs. B. A. Birthday on sunday. An old fast Ivearl slip hard toned picnic was held in the Yard finance. Mrs. Julian Kirvin and j of her Home. Mis. Russell c. Those attending were or. And also. Christian social relations. I mrs. R. P Stokes and Lami v of and local Church activities. Mrs. Ism scr. Or. And mrs. J. C. Sleph mrs. .1. Anson and family of , or. Kudu Calion and mrs. G. L. Williamson and children or. And mrs. Glenn Lions Why keep paying rent the Ray Norwood and missionary mrs. W. S. Ily. And to sure to defrost when dirring incl also Sam Lent . Mrs. Joe Jeffords youth work. Mrs. Arthur liners Chad in s Usk. Mrs. Liar of half Inch of Frost has on the freezing unit the limit of safety. How Long they May be held depends on Manv factors. The safest Rule is to use this column is sponsored in Levi Ultra Iurco Ami Puu mrs j m them up within a few Days. Limeres of better health by or mrs. L it. Suns. Ron. Fees ii meat Keels in the Florence county tuberculosis k refrigerator somewhat Heller than health association of Florence looked meat. Chopped meat Carolina. Miss arable Rai Icom and miss by metropol Supply work. Mrs this column is sponsored in of u Lac Irh pc so coie Spears Lite Alurac and pub and Ilic Lions. Mrs Aisi is. L. M. 1 Ojie. And mrs. Mrs tally t. Hill. Miss Nell Hill a Yacc Tel cab me m and miss Annie Ruth Atkinson Tell i c Dennis. Or. On tuesday for Jacksonville. Pla ylfl., Hary status of where they will spend a week s a , mrs. M. W Arnold. Cation. Also. Car Benk. Miss Roll hic Arnold planning. Mrs Julian Kir Phyllis Massy of Lexing Vii i s ii. Ion. By. Has arrived in town for in. K. C. Or. Mrs. The tobacco season and is staying voile Pearcy. And mr.-. T. With or. And mrs. Ralph Carter Stokes and miss Miriam Carter. Tin in Jioio nned nut Flavoured Gravy Ami if Miu like your Chicken with l in Home economists sink i adding one Tablespoon of Peanut b a. butter to each two cups of Gravy. Or Lor a or Virions Unity Llaver mrs Motte Nie. Or. And mrs Foster Chand Ler and daughter. Palsy Ann. Gary a. Chandler of Long reach. Mrs Frances Williamson and Chil in h. Mrs Messic sans airy miss Carolyn Good news for everybody plenty watermelons Here does his darn est Young Greg Waldron of Monticello fla., tried his hardest in a Watermelon eating contest. But was nosed out by a swifter swallowing competitor. Anyway Watermelon season is most definitely Here. July is Wali Melon time in the so ill. And ire their will be plenty of watermelons. I the c s. Department of agn incl lure the Early sum Amer crop in Mississippi. Alabama. Georgia and the Carob Nas will produce melons year these Stales grew 3-i.113.000 i the Laic Spring crop in Florida was harvested mostly in May and . So most of the melons on local markets in july will he from jollies Southern Stales. In the Southeast. Georgia is be heading Melon producer. Its crop ibis year is estimated Al 17 melons. In other South Eastern Stales is estimated As lol lows South Carolina n Orch and Mississippi Luh la i Iii Linen a Southeast an1 the and a Nev. Charles Ion Gray has eating Lull sure r. Is a new Melon it the time before ii commie Cial pro incl ton ii w As eloped in 1 Ella s Soi Nhea ii n Breeding Laboratory it Charles ton. The onto Rise in popu Larity in re vol has Lieen . It was do eloped Al Charles Ion is Oblong and Blocky. And ordinarily Sci Hsio to id pounds. Ii is dark Ziern with taint stripes of lighter the Cannonball olten attain a up to fill pounds and is round or slightly Oval. Is Rind is fairly Lough dark Ign run thick firm. Calendar Deal fixes All Calendar no list s Shiu ild be called brought or mailed in by noon on Friday before hip Sumlyn rid Tim desired i ill ulnar Ili in culled in inter i Tifin Kris his will he inserted in tie prior to he of the event hut they be in the full schedule of events published sunday. Vimr cooperation in his Mai Ler be appreciated. Moor sunday Ilams Pir lures and articles should Behrouz lit or in by . Thursday. All wedding pictures must be mailed or in by . Wednesday. I am Emfs must a Ron Topany pictures when received in Oil ice. Sixes accepted Are i and i x club and Terele meetings a bold he mailed or Bronchi in within two Days Afler the event takes place. 1 terminal items May he called j in at any Lime from Al i p. M. I monday through Friday t ii c Library will he open for from a. M 10 i p. In. 7.30 p. M to in p. M. Saturday Al a m. To i p no thl Kosay i . Welcome Wagon j i newcomers flub luncheon. J ii Ali. Full 2-1110 or for reservation. Of . _ Friend slip flub r Amily i picnic and Smarc Hisiu e Al flt House on 2nd Loop Hoad. It p. M. Officers flub Leonora j fluid poor no. .10 oks masonic i Temple guaranteed in writing by Esso Standard Oil c6mpahy Don t miss our special offer now. Fur just or Nair a this a. 0. Smith and i Iii x1 plenty of r Ilis Lifs. Laiu dry t tn1 to Lviv it lit Ane Hott Lod Las. Clean hut operation on k it s o wonderful Buyl All Ami Mil.-1 is Satis factory credit and there s no Down payment., no or service charge while you Como in today for in Meloie detail in . And find Mil Ahnne Nur car Vic Mcie Reri in you pay Only for the in you you can be confident when you buy from the Esso Standard Oil company at last you can own Ihil Woin i Rufii hot Wati i Henter he paving no More than inc Zimm lout when you Lens fully Milo. Pallon . Esso Tane store Darlington Highway phone Florence 7241

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