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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 21, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather tartly Cloudy worm and of cupid. Scattered afternoon and evening thundershowers. High 93, Low 72. Derails Page 5-a. Vol. 122 published in the heart of the pee Dee in the Palmetto Ste Fader s tip or. And mrs. Clark gave a press interview and the Story read like a movie see Page 10-a. Armed bandits Rob train in Manhattan new York july 20 a two armed men masked with handkerchiefs like madmen of the old West held up a new York Central right below the streets of Manhattan. The broke into a mail car Dis armed and tied mail clerk Thomas e. Mason of Buffalo n.y., and escaped with one or two pouches police said. Whal was in the pouches was not known immediately. One report spoke of a Large sum of Money. A later one said the Pouch or pouches contained Only cancelled checks. The train carrying mail and freight was moving out of the new York Central s express depo on the West Side of Manhattan in an open Cut when the bandits revealed themselves to Mason. The Rob hrs took away Mason s gun tied him up and put Handcuffs around his wrists. Mason s cries for help were nol heard until the train had movie another 20 blocks. Then Towerman Kenneth. O Dell telephoned ahead to the next Tower thai something was wrong. The second Tower at 72nd Street and the West Side Highway set a Stop signal and brought the it car train to a halt. The bandits meanwhile had vanished into the night. The robbery took place not on the new York Central s main tracks hut on a West Side route that serves freight sidings along the Hudson River waterfront. The train had started from an express depot at West 33rd Street. The robbery threw the freight terminal into a frenzy. City and r a i a d police swarmed about. The Fri was Mak ing inquiries. No other information was Avail Able immediately. The Railroad said the train s car go was destined for Northeast Midwest and West coast Points. New Bills affect tobacco acreages Florence s. July 21, 1955 daily 5c sunday Loc weekly hand foreign aides problem of Germany miss new Melpo Joan Schwartz figures favor Ite of the crowds during the judging for the title of miss u. S. A. At the miss universe Deau y pageant in Long Beach Calif. At1 lists plans to Aid poorer Farmers Washington july 20 Cherokee n.c., july 20 Rue a. Morse undersecretary of agriculture outlined today a six Point program which he said the administration is undertaking to help Low income farm families. Morse spoke at the opening ses Sion of the fourth annual Confer ence of the Southeastern comm Lity development Assn. Repro of 12 slates heard him Promise assistance of Federal Agen ies to development programs. Morse quoting president Eisen lower we must open wider doors of Opportunity to our million and a half farm families with extremely of their own Well being and for the Good of our Conn by and All of the people. We Are rolling ahead with the ural development Morse said the program should 6. Making available of Job opportunities to More Low income farm families. On air services Florence has filed a petition be fore the civil aeronautics Board requesting consideration for additional East West airline service and More adequate North South. Mayor David h. Air cod announced yesterday. The petition endorsed by City council., was sent to rep. John l. Mcmillan this week to be presented of the cab. Mayor Mcleod sail1 that the a is currently holding hearings o map out new air routes from i new York to Florida. The petition pointed out that xxx has been spent for new run Way lights at Gilbert Field and hat the Airport is class four which enables it to handle any Type air Craft used in commercial air transportation. Also noted ii the petition is that Lorence is 80 Miles from Colum a and 110 Miles from Charlotte nearest East West serv be available. Plan Chest disease Survey in Florence Senate agriculture committee 10 Day approved three Hills affecting tobacco acreage allotments and quotas. All three Bills were sponsored by sen. Clements one would require tobacco grow 1. Expansion of industries in areas where Rural residents Are unemployed. He said this will receive More and More encourage ment in the interest of National defense 2. Helping youth from Low to is to vote for quotas for three i come farm families to get More years or none. At present they vocational training because years or none. At present they May vote for one or three year quotas. Another would permit a farm to go out of production of Burley to Bacco without losing its previously established quota providing the operator plants at least 50, per cent of his Quola in Burley in one out of five year period. The third is designed to plug a loophole in previous legislation pro tiding that tobacco planted in excess of allotment would not be considered in establishing quotas in future years. Whether youth remains on farms or leaves for other employment they need More vocational train 3. Increasing of farm incomes utilization of Idle land and increasing of soil Fertility. 4. Consideration of the Type of farming most suitable to the areas involved. 5. Expansion of the raising of Timber Cash crop. Morse declared farm Timber neglected Opportunity of most of the Low in come by Charles Moore morning news City editor the most extensive Survey to determine Chest diseases Ever at tempted in South Carolina will get underway in Florence county in september it was decided at a meeting Here yesterday. Preliminary plans Call for a two Section Survey of the extent of tuberculosis Chest cancer and heart diseases in Florence county. Florence will receive the most intensive Check with current plans calling for an a Ray examination of All adults in the City. Examinations in the county while not to be As extensive Wil be Given to All school teachers and those interested citizens who want one. The City examinations will be free the county checks will Cost 50 cents. The Florence county health department expects to find an Esti mated 450 cases of tuberculosis n the City through the Examina ions. These tests will he conducted by the state health depart ment and will run from Jan. 4 through Jan. 30. To cases in the City and 137 in the county. Conferring yesterday were representatives of health school farm women s club minis Lerial farm and civic organizations. Present were Charles Earp of the Junior chamber of Commerce mrs. Kir by Jordan federation of women s clubs de Sallinger Florence county tuberculosis Assn. John Hallec superintendent of District no. 1 schools and mrs. Lamar Holman Public health nurse super visor. Also mrs. W. L. Huff mrs. 71. H. Brown and mrs. Thomas inn Maxwell of the county to group James a. Miller school principal the Rev. J. W. Curry of the negro ministerial Assn. H. S. Per son. Negro county agent and mrs. H. P. How cry negro Home Demon stration agent. Also miss Vela Smith Home demonstration agent mrs. Helen Bass state to association mrs. S. F. Ervin and or. John r. Claus rep. Bailey fisticuffs in committee rep. Powell sen of the county health depart the county tests to be ment. And Claude Ballarrd. Conducted by n commercial a Ray health department director group will run sept. 5-15. Goal for the City examinations a adults. A House to House canvass will be conducted before he City Irie testing begins. At resent there Are 91 known Active two congressmen in Capitol fight Washington july 20 a list fight broke out today Between two White and one a House committee debate on whether an anti segregation amendment should be tacked onto a school Aid Bill. The reported combatants wer reps. Adam Clayton Powell Pas Tor of new York City s Largos negro Church and Cleveland m bail a fifth term Cong Rossma from Clarksburg w. A both a democrats. Members of the House education and labor committee said the fist flew during a closed meeting i which Powell lost a move to sex elude areas practising segregation from Federal school construction assistance. Bailey was said to have accuse Powell of trying to wreck the so tool Bill by insisting on an Anli segregation feature. As the two quarrelled the heat mounted am the charge lie was hurled. Then Bailey c9, was reported to Lave jumped up and swung on the 46-year-old Powell. Informants said Bailey who gave away 40-50 sounds to the taller new yorker added one or More blows some hairs were bumped Over and City i Powell was knocked partly off i balance before other committee Elf ii vote for Dollar pay Washington july 20 Commerce be raised Only to Sid cents. But demo House ignored president cents. Cirals also were aided by a number Hewer s wishes today and agreed overriding Republican republicans from Industrial with the Senate to boost the a the House decided on ?1 by a areas. Cent s j on the final Rol Call m demo cents to is an hour. J the vote represented Congress. Eisenhower had steadily held final verdict and 170 republicans Voled to his recommendation that Over of the increase. The Bill. Against it were 29 floor for workers in Interne set the effective Date next March 1. Previously the Anli 2s Zambone s meditations by Alley thinks know comes mome f us coue66, def tv4ink.s of knows to h 1 j Senate had fixed it at Jan. 1. That conflict will have to be settled in conference. The while House has nol Indi rated How Eisenhower would treat a beyond the no cents he had i the final House Vole to would he More than enough override a veto for which a i own thirds majority is necessary. But on an earlier test the count was Only 173-Lfifl to beat Down an1 amendment by rep. Mcconnell i i a i to give businessmen time i fur adjustment by Hollim Hie in-1 a rims to i iils if til Lii ii Illo in an jollies mini Fri must la in Only tin we Ivel Irr Irli d Ilia i i is Nate approval of i Hiil figure i Ime last month on a Volwil no record of the numbers. 1 Hep. Wick i tried to cd the House logo All the Way in. 10 an hour hut his amendment i was submerged inn.ft.1. I i adminis Raylinn forces gained i Simio mip Purl from Southern Dnn Oralf in their drive to hold the. Figures projected from a labor department Survey indicate a minimum would mean raises total Jing 560 million dollars for workers. The effect would be greatest in the South. Miss Vermont wins . Title a , Calif., july 20 Vermont a doll like blonde on Ghl was miss i1. X. A. Mic u i Aih air Judi icon at Kulli Hilll. Milf 11 a Lull lurks it. Al Liiri Here the Elssi s Arkansas nil Nisku i Allvlu Rizui unit in thai in err. Tin new i .s.a. Miss Csc is Mir Pili d universe . Hips Ami bust Simir at 35 in hrs incl the Wisl ii inches Man Lorr no 21. She porn Anhly is the la Rel Hull in win inc run isl. Members could haul them apart. They said reps. Killcy a a and Perkins Day grabbed Bailey while committee chairman Barden dec and rep. Landrum a a held Powell. Before word of the fisticuffs came by several committee had members who declared their objection was not to his amendment Bill to the fact that if it were adopted in would kill chances of the Bill getting out of the vote was 17-10 against. Bailey and eight other democrats Learned with eight republicans t ditch it. Five democrats and fou stick to political guns by Preston Grover Geneva july 20 top men of the big four Powers came to a deadlock today on How to reunite Germany and to bring Security to Europe. They tossed the whole tangled problem to their foreign ministers. These four men were directed to see Val crumbs they could Sal Vage out of the dispute either in the next few Days or in the next few months. The deadlock on these two prob the Summit conference toughest the will tackle was 90 per cent expected even be fore the conference began. Hut James c. Hagerty White House press spokesman recognized the baneful effect such a deadlock could have on Public opinion and tried to offset it. He said the action in turning Over be problem to the foreign ministers should be looked upon As the first Job assigned i hem by the conference. That in a sense is what he conference was intended to do find sources of tension where the foreign ministers could search fur Means of Relief. The deadlock is definite. The russians want to set up a system of cooperative Security in Europe and Only then reunite and perhaps Arm. Germany. The Western pow ers want to end the division of Germany right now. They pc a divided Germany major cause of tension in Europe. The russians hacked up their own Point of View today by laying before he conference a new Secu Rity pact based on the outline pre Nikolai Rul Gonin gave Mon Day. He called for a freezing of present forces an agreement to Settle East West disputes without said Bailey was among several to Force then the creation of a Secu Rily organization which would Lead republicans voted Powell that done the Way was clearer ror approval possibly tomorrow of legislation n Federal state funds on new schools in the next four years. Following the verdict in the urdu Lent commit scr session Owell said he would he forced i p r e c s his anti segregation mind mint when and if the Mas to reaches the House floor. Girl s body found weave Viville Calif. July 20 body of a Young girl believed to be Stephanie libyan was found Here tonight by bloodhounds. Police said the body Clad in a Blue skill and Saddle shoes was found a foot underground about 200 Yards from the family Cabin of Burton Abbott University of California so Udint in whose Ala Meda basement some of the girl s effects were found last week. To Transfer of All american and Oiler foreign troops from Europe. This struggle must have taken some focus Over a lunch table where president Eisenhower and soviet marshal Georgi Zhukov finally got together for a serious talk. What they said May remain locked up in the archives for Many a Day. Bui president Eisenhower announced weeks ago that he was exchanging letters with Zhukov a wartime Bailie Parl or Mil of which he hoped Good would come. This meeting had Many possibilities. The two arc fairly Good friends although divided by National differences. They were Able to talk freely one Soldier to an other because they Haft Only interpreters with them. Reporters could gel no official briefing on what the two men talked Aboul Hul it was a primary Grade guess that president Eisen Hower followed up what he started yesterday. That was to Appeal to Zhukov on a personal basis to look upon the North Atlantic treaty organization peaceful Organiza Tion skilfully designed to preserve peace and especially a peace that would include Germany. There were worlds of speculation As to what might come of this meeting. Certain members of some Western delegations shivered in heir diplomatic Bools. Many Felt that much harm had come to the West from the Friendly exchanges Hal when president Roosevelt and marshal Stalin at Yalta. Ike dines Zhukov even menu secret Geneva july 20 Sovie marshal Georgi Zhukov left i fellow delegates behind today an went to a private lunch at presi Lent Eisenhower s Villa. The talked for two hours with Only interpreters listening in. The meeting of the two wartime associates hush hush that even Wie menu was withheld by Jisun Hower s aides. It came less ban 24 hours after the president lad appealed to Zhukov at the big our sessions to Back him in Deal no with the questions of Germany and nato. Eisenhower aides said the pres ident invited Zhukov to lunch a couple of Days ago and that the marshal accepted the invitation this morning. The president and Zhukov had chatted briefly two or three times since they arrived Here last week end. One occasion was at a dinner Eisenhower gave for the entire russian delegation monday. But not until today did the two a Chance to talk at length. Their interpreters were Charles e. Boh Len u. S. Ambassador to Moscow and Oleg Troyanovski who accompanied Zhukov. The fact the marshal went to he private the permission of Premier Bulgarin ind perhaps communist party Boss Mikita Khrushchev. There was not the slightest Trace t a Security escort when Zhukov s Bauff cur drove him and the interpreter into the Villa grounds. After the luncheon the president ended for today s big four pcs Ion at the Palace of nations but lopped at an exhibit assembled y the u. S. Atomic Energy com Mission for display at an incr National conference next month. He Pernter a Small reactor. Mob sacks 2 hotels americans trapped name s Marilyn of Lynchburg vo., and she went for n stroll in the seemed pretty Good thing to to for n Ihrck Cor old on n hot Doy. A neighbor spied her and took her Home to slip into something warmer Wiir Rhui Liy John to Kuick Saigon. South Viet Nam july 20 i a ruling mob Hurst out of a peaceful Slu Dent demonstration Loday and sacked two Saigon hotels housing foreigners. Mrs. I Erle mama in incr i. minister to Luxembourg who was ending a two Day visit to Saigon is trapped in Lier Mistr Hul run Vinced a group of rioters she should nol be molested. She was rescued after nearly two hours by u. S. Embassy aides. Twenty right americans lilt hid Atli Rirs of the Aid ism Iii in Lul m Irir -.-.iiur, an Iii i Kiddle Zhukiv Iii Iii i a. In Iii in liar in kit Yii l n Jin Ai. Of .1 priv ih1 a Lirl Rel Ninaj in Lind his room Luiu apart with Bis pass and private missing. Two Hundred hotel Gums left without Sheller. Many bad Only the clothes Ihry wore. Kiflay demons razors. Eight viol Nii inor a Lii a . I i i i Charme and the wife of one hold s manager were injured. Official re ports said no one was killed. 1 the riot began demons ration against the Indian polish can

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