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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 19, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaJack Anderson i John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogers editor Joe b. Rickenbaker managing editor Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moisio general manager _ thursday july 19, 1973 _ _ new limit on subsidies by an impressive 246-163 vote the u. S. House of representatives approved an Amend ment to the pending farm Bill which limits farm subsidy ments to per Farmer the amendment also makes it. More difficult to evade the Law by transferring acreage allot ments to friends and relatives. With Many farm commodities in Short Supply and food prices soaring it s about time Federal farm legislation took into account the fact that the farm Pic Ture had changed. The original intent of farm subsidy programs was to save the Small Farmer. They were passed in the name of and for the Benefit of the Small family Farmer who was being squeezed out of existence by his own overproduction. There was such an Abund Ance of almost every agricultural commodity that the Farmer was forced to take whatever he could get for his products and usually that was precious Little. The subsidy program helped to bring Supply in line with de Mand although the problems of abundance continued to plague american agriculture until re cent times. Subsidies have not saved the Small Farmer at least not to the extent envisioned in those Early Days of subsidizing Farmers for not planting crops and bolster ing the Price of some commodities by propping up prices. The number of Farmers has dwindled and the size of farms has in creased. J real beneficiaries of the subsidy programs As things have evolved Are Well heeled Farmers and corporations some of whom received As much Asl million from the government annually before a limit per crop was enacted into Law in 1970. The limitation How Ever has been circumvented by transferring allotments to family members and friends. If the new amendment stands and presumably it will since it won approval by such a sub Stantial margin not Only is the amount of subsidy reduced to a More appropriate figure but the loopholes which have permitted abuses have been closed. It is no credit to South Caro Lina s delegation in the House that it voted to a Man to kill the amendment even though it provided a first rate Opportunity to demonstrate a Little fiscal responsibility. Apparently that handful of Large Farmers who have been raking in those big subsidy checks carries a lot of weight with South Carolina s six congressmen. Considerations for Council by strict interpretation the City Council has not requested the resignation of City manager Powell Black. Apparently there was a consensus reached in executive session that he be requested to resign. But As we have noted no minutes show either a vote taken or a consensus reached. Nor has there been any Public statement of cause issued by Council. We have earlier commented on the seeming impropriety of this method for giving the Boot to the City manager. Assuming that this action or More accurately non action is final As it concerns Council s intent in respect to or. Black it is appropriate to speak of the City code s definition of the City manager s role. By that definition his Job is to supervise the management and control of All administrative affairs and departments of the City subject to such rules and regulations As May be provided by City Council and hold office Only so Long As his services Are satisfactory. To City while considering the ques Tion of a new City manager Council should give thought to this statement of a City Man Ager s responsibility and de Termine whether they Are will ing to let a City manager be City manager. Is the Council willing to act within the code s definition of a City manager s responsibility with neither the mayor nor any councilman attempting to be City manager also Are they willing to Back a City manager rather than let him be come the Public s whipping boy for their own action and policy decisions both questions Are important to the Success of City manage ment. Florence is too Small for a full time mayor and too Large for a part time mayor to run the City. The very nature of a City manager system precludes management by the mayor or any councilman. If either attempts to do so there s bound to be an unhappy Clafehn at the manage ment level. In implementing the action and policy decisions of coun cil a City manager cannot escape criticism. Unless he is act ing contrary to these decisions Council should be willing to make it Clear that they not the City manager Are the ones to be blamed. Unless Council is will ing to take the rap for its own decisions no professional City manager Worth the having can feel secure in the Job. In the meantime Council should be willing to fill in that Blank Page in Council minutes where there is no record that have asked for the Resig nation of or. Black and with votes duly recorded. Barry s topic when sen. Barry Gokl Waler. Met with reporters in Atlanta the other Clay there were As might be expected several questions on watergate. And the senator vocalizing the senti ments of a lot of people said he was sick and tired of hear ing about watergate. So what did he talk about shortly thereafter when lie addressed the National convention of Young republicans High i one of the things lie spoke on was watergate. Laird s title i former Secretary of defense Melvin r. Laird now officially president Nixon s chief coun Selor on Domestic matters is unofficially referred to in some quarters As the White House ambassador to the United states. Given the nature of his activities since taking Over the new Job the unofficial title seems More descriptive of his work. He has spent a great Deal of time courting Congress and on occasion has even been Cor dial to the press. Who knows in time he May be Able to reestablish diplomatic relations Between the White House and Congress Between the White House and the press and vice versa. Pm officials keep lug problems under cover congressional quarterly Congress running slightly Over Nixon budget request by Thomas j. Arrandale washington1 after six months of skirmishing with president Nixon Over Federal spending Congress by its own estimates is running about billion Over the president s fiscal 1g74 budget. As the fiscal year began on july 1, congressional actions mandating additional Federal outlays had increased projections of total spending for the year to according to estimates by the joint committee on reduction of Federal expenditures. In submitting his budget last Jan. 23, the president proposed a total of billion in fiscal 1974 outlays by the ked eral government. That is billion increase reported before Congress had completed action on a single fiscal 1974 appropriations Bill was attributable to extra outlays dictated by Congress through various backdoor and mandatory spending authorizations. Through such backdoor spending mechanisms Congress bypasses the regular appropriations process to com Mit the Federal government to meet certain obligations. Once those obligations Are made Congress has no Choice but to provide the funds to fulfil them. In each of the past five fiscal years in fact Congress has trimmed the pres ident s appropriations requests in action on regular appropriations Meas ures. In three of those five years however the Over All funding requests were raised by increases approved through backdoor and mandatory authorizations. The culprit with respect to better control of spending is not the appropriations House commit tee chairman George Mahon of Texas maintained in hearings earlier this year on the fiscal 1974 budget. In acting on lie 13 upcoming fiscal 1974 appropriations measures Congress will have a Chance to Cut Back on spending. In passing nine Bills for which the administration asked appropriations of 577.3-billlion, for the House before july 1 approved appropriations of slightly More than s7g billion. In considering the Bills Howe or the House refused to act on re quests of for programs for which authorizing legislation had not been cleared funds that could later be added to supplemental appropriations measures. The Senate after passing Only two appropriations Bills had increased by nearly the appropriations requests it considered. As Congress returned from its july 4 recess four appropriations Meas ures including the president s billion i defense i department request were awaiting initial 1 Louse action. Few Taffita with the budget Outlook still clouded Congress May resort to Oiler Wea Pons to keep fiscal 1974 outlays at acceptable Levels. In submitting his budget he president urged Congress to join me in a concerted Effort to control Federal spending by enacting a firm ceiling on fiscal 1974 in jockeying with the administration Over executive and legislative control of Federal finances Congress Wihs made moves toward putting such a ceiling on spending. The Senate three times has passed legislation iric luring a billion carefully spelling out however How the president should make the cuts required to stay under the limit in the House however no ceiling proposal has yet reached the floor although the rules committee in late june approved a variant of the Senate approved ceiling. Bolh the Senate and the House rules committee linked the fiscal 1974 Ceil ing with impoundment control legis lation limiting the president s prac Tice of withholding from spending funds that Congress had appropriated. Toward More fundamental constraints on spending a special House Senate study committee in april submitted recommendations for Over hauling the Creaky congressional appropriations procedures. Hie joint committee s proposals now under study by the rules committee would create special budget committees in both the House and the Senate to Lake an Over All look Al each fiscal year s budget. Washington with Ruth Hodman of Ardmore pa., saw the front wheel of her Cadillac spin off and wobble toward a group of six toddlers on the sidewalk. Blessedly the wheel missed the children. A Short time later another wheel on her car began to break Loose. When a dealer checked a second Cadillac belonging to her husband it also had Loose wheels. The wayward wheels on the Rodman s Cadiz lacs unfortunately Are far from unique. Since 1967, Cadillac Eldorado and Oldsmobile Toron Ados have been rolling Down the highways with Loose wheel bolls. From piles of pm documents Ana lazed for us by he Center for Aulo safety we have ample evidence that pm is aware of the wheel lug prob lems on its two front wheel drive cars but has skilfully hidden the hazards. The danger lurks in the lugs those familiar Holts that hold the wheel to the Axle. In most cars it Only takes about 65 pounds of pressure to tighten them As anyone who has Ever changed a tire knows. But in the Eldorado and Toron Ados the tire changer should Bear Down with 130 foot pounds pres sure twice that required for the average rear drive Auto. Since most motorists and garages alike Are unaware of this extra oomph needed the Cadillac and Olds lug null often go a tightened. Gradually he stems Shear and the wheels fall off. 3 so dangerous is. This situation that one courageous Middle management Cadillac official urged that All dealers to warned at but the memos show his Superior replied that no warning article would get through pm service and pm in other words the Boss Felt pm would Block the warning out of fear of Legal suits and service costs. As a result of this corporate cover up pm s files Are full of near Dis asters from sheared lugs. One of Cadillac s own salesmen for example had an Accident with less than Miles on his car. As an official pm report puts it bluntly wheel came off when the owner pulled up in front of his Home lug bolts snap v another report tells of a Cadillac brought in 3 times for studs Brcak yet another says while driving along on the new Jersey turn Pike owner heard a noise and right front wheel fell in Tulsa okla., a Cadillac owner was speeding at 80 Miles per hour when a terrible rattle developed in his wheel disc. He found a broken Slud inside. One angry owner Dis covered three broken lugs on a single wheel. The Cadillac report remarks glumly owner does t want the most outraged and eloquent of the Cadillac lug victims is to. Abra Ham Charnes of Austin tex., who found his studs sheared arid was concerned far beyond Only his personal misfortune. A dangerous situation exists with All Charnes is quoted As warning pm. Why Aren t you notifying All owners and recalling the Charnes was advised that this was a chronic problem with Eldo rados and understandably this Only exasperated the doctor More. Owner be came says the remarkable pm report. Threatens to Call Ralph Nader if he does t hear from someone Cadillac took urgent Steps to solve Charnes problem. Yet Cadillac and Olds were deadly aware of the problem Long before for. Charnes complained. The minutes of a secret january 16, 1970, meeting show Hie Cadillac executives in heated debate. "two-1970 engineering test cars have experienced stud state the minutes. Two Way bending fatigue on one or More of the five sluts were to blame. From the meet ing came a decision to upgrade the sluts but there is no evidence in the papers that this was Ever done. Meanwhile other confidential rec ords show Olds has found that when one or More of the wheel sluts break the others Are fatigued enough to promote Early but often the dealers merely replaced the one faulty lug leaving lie weakened lugs place. By july 1970, Cadillac s inner Cir Cle bit not the dealers and owners informed that we have recognized a problem for perhaps the last six even Eldorado fresh off the Assembly line had dangerously mis tightened lugs. 9 As dealers complaints and sales of lug replacements mounted Cadillac finally decided to act. Cautiously the company advised dealers to. Tighten lugs carefully. But the warn no was Given in a dealer s Magazine. Liis was the least effective possible far from the dramatic Sig nals of the Serviceman s or recall advisories. Later other Cau j thous warnings were inserted in Cadillac shop manuals. Footnote a pm spokesman stoutly defended the performance of the Eido rados and Toron Ados. He said there had been Only four Cadillac accidents As a result of the lug tighten ing problem and none on the Oronat los. Only one of the Eldorado accidents caused an injury and that As minor he insisted. The experience Over the seven years that these cars have been on the roads Demon slates there is no he said. This does t Square however with the evidence in pm s own internal papers. I i my answer up Billy Graham Public forum reapportionment rhetoric my family accuses me of being a i claim that i am just being a prudent person who looks ahead and plans for the future. Is it Strong to be concerned about the problems of tomorrow especially if they would affect the conduct of today . As in Many of the issues covered in these columns the need is a proper balance. The apostle Paul Pul it Well suggesting moderation in All things. In our association we Are obliged to plan for the future. You just Don t drop into towns casually and say you re going to hold a crusade. On the other hand we try to put future problems in the right perspective. Thomas Carlyle gave us. Some Good insight when he wrote our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance but to do what lies clearly at. now the teaching of Christ in this regard is very Plain. Read Luke 12. Having addressed the crowds he then turned to his followers telling hem to observe the Ravens and the lilies and see How god provided for them. He forbade them to be full of care or May i use the term your family does worry Luke 12 is not a statement forbidding Diligence or hard work or foresight or Thrift. But it is a condemnation of anxiety. You did t Tell me iwo you practice your concern for the you become so occupied by future eventualities that you aggravate your family. Your apprehension of tomorrow s events is not shared by them and alienation results. I suggest if you arc a Christian Yoli overcome this weakness. Read Matthew Vou will be excited Over the quid daily Trust Hal the believer in Chrisl possesses. Dial a a Volion 660-3273 to the editor in she morning news tuesday g. L. Ivey whole a letter arguing the impossibility of re apportioning South car Olina legislative lines according to supreme court standards. He termed the one Man one Vole principle a stupid expression and an asinine appealing to the so called Federal analogy Ivey claimed that our slate s minor Mal apportionment is completely justifiable in Light of the hugely disproportionate populations of alas a and California each of which is allowed two representatives in the u. S. Senate. Ivey also but less eloquently contended thai South Carolina and other Southern states were forced to re apportion because they voted against Johnson in 1961 else May be said about legislative reapportionment it is a tedious thankless chore to which no one looks Forward with Delight. But the Federal analogy has Long been Dis missed As a viable argument against the one Man one vote principle. Congress was delineated in our Constitution As a two chambered body the Senate having two members per stale and the House membership based on population. This arrangement was chosen As a forced Compromise not because it was the Best possible arrangement. The supreme court has decided that it is no longer necessary nor desirable o Compromise democratic principles. Certainly widely disproportionate legislative zoning is unfair to that District discriminated against. However the Issue is less Clear when the population differences Are not so Large or obvious. The court has never intended that different legislative have i exactly equal populations. Thus one Man one vote is really a Misnomer. Bui the court has required Hal districts have As nearly equivalent populations is practicable. It May be Hal the court is too hard to satisfy with regard to its nearly equivalent standards. To de cry an apportionment scheme under which stale House members represent respectively and voters As inherently unfair to the individual voter is probably nitpick it undoubtedly begs the question that legislators do in fact represent the needs and desires of their constituents. For those of us who View matters less simplistically who cannot fail to recognize the Potency of the Ameri can corporate Structure a consider Alion of the feasibility and desirability of equal reapportionment is just so much rhetoric. But alas it is the stuff upon which american demo cratic theory is based. As florentine we had better not too hastily criticize since any re apportionment is sex Leclede to Benefit rapidly growing u. Ban centers of i which Florence is an excellent example. Edward l Graham Florence Florence morning news published daily and sunday 141 i. Dirty St. Member of me associated press audit Bureau of circulation Southern newspaper publishers Calion. The Assoc aled press is entitled excl us frely to tie use Lor publication of Al local news in bite newspaper. To Florence , news desires to be notified of errors in any of us reports. The Florence morning news will not be responsible for Advance payments made to newspaper carriers or int pendent distributors unless made directly to the office of this newspaper. Subscription rates by mail Independent distributors or Independent news paperboy. We. To. A to. 6-Mo. Yearly .70 3 of 1.10 circulation Telephone number circulation manager Tom Mcgee second cams postage at Florence 5.

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