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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 19, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning it s thursday july 1973 Larue says plan not Worth the risk Washington a Fred Erick c. , a former Nixon re elec Liou Campaign aide testified wednesday that former ally. Gin. John n. Mitchell Nei ther rejected nor approved the watergate burglary bugging in his presence. Larue. Jeb Stuart mag Der and Mitchell were he Only per sons present at a meeting March 30 of last year when he plan was discussed. Mitchell said to disapproved it. Magr uder. Who was his Deputy said Mitchell okayed it. "1 did know of a proposal to conduct political espionage by electronic sur Larue told the sen ate watergate committee. I Learned of this plan at a meeting 1 attended in late March 1972 and this is the Only time 1 heard it discussed. At that meeting recommended against the plan. It was not approved in my presence and i have no personal knowledge of its approval by . A wealthy Mississippi real estate investor has pleaded guilty to one charge of conspiracy 16 obstruct the first person involved in the watergate cover up to be charged and to plead. Mis testimony followed that of former new York City detective Anthony t. Ulasewicz who told senators to dug up political dirt for the White House for 24 years. Including sexual activities Domestic problems and drinking habits of political figures. He gave no names. Larue said at the March 1972 meeting in key Biscayne. La. Magruder showed him the plan for political espionage developed by Campaign aide g. Gordon Liddy. Asked me what i thought of it. I said11 did rail think it was Worth the Galluc said Mitchell said something to the effect that this is not something that will have to be decided at this q. Or. Mitchell Cid not reject it out of hand a. Not to the Best of inv re collection. But Larue admitted that after to watergate arrests and subsequent to june my knowledge and involvement lie said he Learned that had been involved in this attended meetings at which Magrudor discussed perjured testimony lie would give and later distributed Money of the watergate defendants. I am fully aware now that what 1 did then was wrong both ethically and legally and i have faced up to hat fact Anil i am prepared in accept the con Liruo said i really had no intent to violate the Law. I was motivated solely by my concern Lor itt presi dental Campaign in which we were i Aline said that Mitchell at a meeting two Days after the democratic National Headquarters break in suggested that sensitive files held by Magruder be burned. The files contained logs of the watergate wiretaps. As i ii Rue said. Mitchell it might he bet Ter if Magruder had a that contradicted testimony by Mitchell who said in made no such suggestion. Said the word Gem code for the files was not used. On june 20, at a meeting in his watergate Page 5a Anthony Ulasewicz former policeman Fred Larue election official i phase four controls take effect aug. 12 Lazy Days to some fishing can be arduous exercise but 12-year-old David Dickerson of Highlands Texas clearly considers it a form of relaxation As he the big ones to strike on the san Jacinto River below Lake Houston dam. A president continues to recover rapidly Washington api president Nixon s doctors reported wednesday he now is essentially a Well Man and that is very Good As he looks Forward to leaving his Hospital suite Friday. A mid afternoon medical report said Nixon walked briskly to the elevator to get a final Chest a Ray and added the pneumonia appears completely resolved and he continues to show Progress Nixon s personal physician. Airl orce maj. Gen. Walter r. Tkach. Told reporters the Chest congestion is cleared completely and his temperature has remained Normal. The physical findings now Are essentially Normal. The president will no longer require Chest therapy and he antibiotics have been Tkach expressed particular satisfaction that Nixon carried out a very full schedule of appointments on tuesday without any untoward on wednesday however. Nixon confined himself to handling paper work and holding Brief meetings with staff chief Gen. Alexander m. Laig or. And press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler. Hospitalized last thursday what was diagnosed As viral pneumonia. Nixon i Duelo leave a Bethesda naval Hospital Friday morning and Fly to Camp David. a weekend of rest. Tkach said Nixon wanted to get out of the Hospital thursday but at his doctors urging agreed to wait another Day. The exception that he could become said Tkach. He is essentially a Well Ziegler wants to carry Mil As full a schedule As possible next week and to remain in he White House after returning from Camp David probably on monday. Tkach said he would not overrule Nixon s plans for a Busy White House schedule unless something very severe came if something very untoward did come up. 1 hink we would have to take him Back in the Hospital. Hut i do not expect this at Tkach said. Nixon will Welcome the Shah of Iran tuesday for a two Day state visit that will begin with a formal arrival ceremony on the South Lawn of he White House. Ziegler was reminded that the formal arrival would require Nixon to stand at Alton lion for a lengthy period review troops lined up across the South Lawn and participate in a series of speeches lie was asked if the arrival routine would be curtailed in View of Nixon s illness. It is my understanding there will be a full arrival Ziegler said lie said that Nixon s doctors still will insist that the president take an hour s rest each morning and afternoon during he week. The press Secretary said Nixon spent much of tuesday and wednesday in his Hospital bed. Getting up Only periodically. Asked if at some Point news photographers would be Able to take pictures of Nixon at Bethesda. As has been the other presidents have been in recent years. Ziegler said you will be Able to observe him when he Washington api pres ident Nixon ended the month Long Price in the food and health service industries wednesday hut continued he freeze Over the rest of the econ omy until a Tough selective new system of Price controls takes effect aug. 12. Nixon also removed a ceiling he imposed in Macli on pork and Lamb prices but continued that ceiling in effect a itself on beef prices until sept. 12, took the wraps off pro posed phase 4 Price rules severely limiting businesses in the amount of Cost they can pass on to Consumers in Price increases when the freeze expires. Lie announced that gasoline crude Oil and Healing Oil and diesel fuel will be Pul under new Price ceilings when phase takes effect. In dropping the freeze in the food Industry the president said that fond prices can go up Only to reflect lie increased cos of raw agricultural products. He said that the food prices must not be Kepi so Low As to cause shortages As he current was Ihre Lening to do. Beef prices will remain under the separate March w meat Price ceilings but the ceilings on pork and Lamb prices were lifted. All the food Industry rules will remain in effect until sept. 12. Roughly a Ervin awaits presidential responses Washington a chairman Sam j. Ervin jr., d-n.c., of the Senate watergate com Mittee said wednesday he does t know when president Nixon will re Spond to his request for tape recordings re lated to the investigation. My Hopes Are great my expectations Are Ervin told re porters. I Don t know when my patience will run he said. I have a rather Sweet Dispo month after phase 1 goes into iteration. Besides disclosing he of phase 4. Price controls. Nixon said he will strive to achieve a balanced budget in fiscal 1974. He rejected a tax increase As a Way to Cool of f the Economy. Secretary of the Treasury George 1. Shultz announcing details of the program As Nixon recovered in a Hospital from viral pneumonia told newsmen. The budget policy is a return to thai old Lime the in a shalom Cal. Nixon said his phase 4 system must lie Lough and selective but still provide for the Lime when controls can be ended. He he will not iry to pinpoint when controls can be dropped adding we shall have to work our Way and feel our Way out of the phase 4 system is Hie inns Complex one that the administration has turned to in trying to combat runaway inflation that has eaten into the purchasing Power of the Dollar. The Basic Rule is that prices will be allowed o go up Only As much As business costs Rise. Nixon said. This differs from the old phase 2 rules when businesses Wen allowed in Mark up. Or profit from their Cost increases by raising prices to Consumers. As during phase 2. Large companies with annual sales of More than s100 million will be required in Clear All their Price Treasury Secretary Shultz briefs newsmen on phase 4 controls will be much like those which existed under phase 2 increases Wilh inc government in Advance. As expected the president kept the wage Standard of ear Lier phases i i effect. This Means that pay increases Are generally subject in a 5.5 per cent wage guideline plus 0.7 per a Cal for fringes. Road to Fame rough for Rock musicians some industries will be exempt from phase 4 controls at the outset. They include the lumber Industry most of inc see phase Page 12a Rock music has brought in Stant wealth to some but the Road is rough or most. Page 9c. A program to clean up the thames one of the world s dirt Iest Rivers begins to show re sults. Page 8c. A Senate subcommittee announces a preliminary inquiry into wiretapping. Page so. Index comics 11d deaths 2a doctor editorials markets sports 8c 4a 10c 10b state area women 6a weather partly Cloudy and highs near 90. Lows near 70. Details Page 3a. Abortion clinic to open in Columbia Columbia. Al the first abortion clinic in the Carolinas is to open in Columbia August i. The two directors of the planned clinic Linda drilling and Ron Wimbush opened one of the Frist abortion clinics in new York City. Drilling said the monday ruling of the . Supreme court has Given the clinic the in ahead to Southern women s services. Inc. To open. The two directors of the planned it inc arc reviewing applications of several doctors and Are reassembling a Slaff. The staff was hired before the question of legality of the abortions came to Light. The original opening Date was to have been june 1. Southern women s services received approval july ii from the state health department for the clinic. The service had submitted a detailed prospectus of the medical and psychological programs to be offered by the clinic. The co directors Hope loops Kablish a Board of advisors for the clinic that will consist of an obstetrician gynaecologist a registered nurse a psychiatrist and a Clergyman. Wimbush said the Board members will set guidelines for inc clinic and Supply factual in formal Ion from i Weir personal Field. Drilling said inc clinic has. Been set up under the Slick controls that exist in new York. The., two co directors have worked in new York for the last two years. Drilling said Wilh the establishment of a clinic in Colum Bia women can now obtain an abortion without the expense and the trauma caused by out of state she said. Also it will he easier for pal enl follow up and Post operative care. Drilling said when the patient first arrives at the clinic a per Sonal history will be taken. Also the patient will be required to Complete a consent form. In order to get away from a Hospital atmosphere the clinic will be brightly Decora Ted in yellows oranges and greens with posters and Wall sculptures. Drilling said we Don t want to do anything out of the Range of she added the clinic will adhere to whatever guidelines the general Assembly sets for abort is in the slate. The patient will undergo a pregnancy test blood lest urinalysis and a Check for veneral disease. A group of four patients will be counselled As to the operative proce Curc. During the procedure. Which takes from five to 10 minutes a nurse will he on hand to Comfort the patient. The patents will remain Al inc clinic for about two hours Afler the abortion. All tissue Lakin during inc abortion will be Send to a pathologist for investigation. The clinic will open Al first on saturdays Only. In Illing Nixon Congress face showdown on War Powers washington1 a defying president Nixon s veto threat. The House wednesday approved a 120-Day limit on a president s Power it commit l a. Combat forces abroad without congressional approval dejected were a crossfire of amendments from opponents contending he War Powers Bill was Bolh too Strong and too weak. Then the full Hill was passed 24-1 to 170. Nixon served notice in a Telegram thai i am unalterably opposed o and must veto any Bill containing the dangerous and unconstitutional restrictions in the Bill. He identified those restrictions As the Bill s two major features requirement Hal presidents pull out any . Combat Force commitment or Force enlargement they make on their own abroad in 120 Days unless Congress specifically approved the commitment by then. See earlier Story Page 7b provision Hal any time during the 120 Days Congress could Vole the War commitment hailed with a House Senate concurrent Resolution no subject to a presidents Velo. As the House approved the Bill the Senate look up ils own War Powers Bill for a possible Vole Friday. An Early show Down was shaping up Between Nixon and Congress Over the Issue. Senate armed services chairman John c. Plennis a miss. Lined up behind the Bill there to limit presidents Independent War making Powers to .10 Days rather than 120 and Lold the Senate the people will not again support a War that Congress is unwilling Nixon s Telegram was read to the House by Republican Leader Gerald h. Ford who said Congress should not Beable to Force a War Hall in 120 Days by twiddling our thumbs and doing nothing. The House rejected 250lo 16fi a substitute Bill by hop. David w. Dennis. R-ind., Hal would require Congress either to approve or disapprove the commitment within 9q Days. Kord said he i Hughl Nixon would go along Wilh Hal Bill

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