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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 19, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaActing published by the Florence printing company John m. O Dowd James a. Rogers president Otid publisher editor sunday morning july in 1970 from s break with Nixon something s holding me Back William 5. White sen. Strom Thurmond s break with president Nixon Over school desegregation seems to leave him in approximately the position he has occupied for most of his 16 years in the on the perimeter outside the Circle of real political action in Washington. As a Democrat Thurmond s conservative and regional approach to National politics earned him a negative political image. But when he switched to the Republican party and particularly when he assumed a Kingmaker role in the nomination and election of Richard Nixon for presi Dent there were signs that he had decided to move from the negative perimeter toward the positive mainstream of National politics. Thurmond was widely characterized As the Man of the hour when republicans gathered in Miami in 1968 to pick their presidential nominee. He marshalled Southern delegates behind Nixon. He stumped the South for the Nixon Agnew ticket blunting Independent George Wallace s candidacy by telling southerners that a vote for Wallace would in effect be a vote for the democrats. Thurmond s Campaign efforts obviously helped Nixon Garner needed Southern electoral votes and when Nixon moved into the White House it was widely said that the an in at the White House. In coming on Strong for Nixon Thurmond was playing for some rather High stakes. For one thing he was saying to the South that Richard Nixon understood the South and southerners could expect a better Deal. But surely Thurmond knew that Nixon could Only Bend so far in buying the Thurmond Brand of conservatism and particularly the thur mond desegregation doctrine. While Nixon May have coddled Thurmond with soothing words on the school desegregation Issue it should have been obvious then As it is now that full school desegregation is Federal policy. The things that set Strom to storm ing were the administration s decision to eliminate the tax exempt status for private schools that prac Tice discrimination and to dispatch 100 lawyers and Federal marshals into the South next month to assure com plete school desegregation. Thurmond accuses Nixon of break ing Faith with the South. If a Faith has been broken it More Likely has been Between Thurmond and Nixon. Even though the president has been moderate in his Public statements on desegregation Nixon appointees in the department of health education and welfare and in the Justice department have made it Clear that a vigorous policy would be followed in eliminating dual school systems. Thurmond s insistence that democratic holdovers in the govern ment were to blame for Federal desegregation pressures does t hold water. And neither does his latest Alibi for the president conservatism is blowing in wind Washington to adopt party and will vote for Lum in David Lawrence news reflects uneasiness in Many parts of world Flash three times to bring Aid on a 50-mile stretch of Florida in Ter state Highway Between Orlando and Lakeland an experimental electronics system for bringing Aid to stranded motorists is being tested. Appropriately enough the system is called Flash Flash lights and Send help. Anyone who sees a disabled car while driving along the interstate can notify the Highway patrol that help is needed simply by flashing his Bright headlights three times when he passes electronically rigged signs placed at five mile intervals. He need not Stop or even slow Down. His signal is picked up by electronic sensors and the distress message is relayed to a Highway patrol office which in turn dispatches a patrol vehicle to Check out the report. A Highway patrol spokesman says the system not Only brings Aid promptly to stranded Motorist but it permits More efficient deployment of patrolmen. But there Are some bugs in the system that engineers Are working on. Sometimes the electronic sensors have mistaken the Sunrise for Washington unpleasant news comes these Days from Many parts of the has become surrounded by Liberal world. Uneasiness and a sense and Ultra Liberal advisors who Are of insecurity prevail in our a steering him wrong. Tion s towns As More crimes of Volence and bom bings Are reported along with riots and demonstrations on various issues. Concurrently several coun tries Are being Hurt by an inflation crisis and serious disputes Between labor and flashing automobile headlights and sent out a false Call for help. Heavy fogs have also caused the system to for malfunction. Instance seaports have had to be closed Down for the first but on the whole the patrol time in 44 and a National spokesman says the system promises to be a Friend indeed to those in need along the growing network of limited Access highways which gird the nation. Emergency proclaimed due to a longshoremen s strike. Similar labor troubles Are occurring in other countries. The United states is hav ing its share of labor warfare. Since the Experiment began last strikes Are widespread across november the most common Call for country in the construction 11, Industry and the stoppages in help has come from you guessed it trucking ended a motorists who have run out of gasoline. Second most common is mechanical breakdown and Flat tires frequently involving women Drivers and elderly people. Police have found that a desire to get Money for the Purchase of drugs has been the motivating cause for the thievery particularly among younger persons. Officials Are coming More and More to believe that dope traffic has had much to do with the unrest in the country. New is endeavouring to establish a metropolitan drug addiction commission As a Central drug control Gene to cover the 22 major counties of new Fork new Jersey and Connecticut. Other state Are taking action to tackle the drug problem too. Colleges Are beginning to face financial difficulties along with student discontent. This is partly because of current economic conditions which Are producing an unfavourable trend in their investment income but there is also a big drop off in the contributions that provide much of their endowment and operating funds. Such an unfortunate development is due perhaps to the bad impression made on the older generation by some of the University officials who have handled Cam pus problems with a gentle rather than a firm hand. Colleges have before them now the important task of finding ways to keep a flow of Money coming from alumni so that the private institutions particularly can be sustained. Many of the students who have been prominent in the Campus disturbances Are Able to pay their own Way but the size of this group also May soon be diminished by economic conditions. With an affectional Ltd ironic intent a phrase for a song favored by our idealistic ally pacifist youngsters the mood of conservatism seems clearly to be blowing in the wind pretty Well across the country. Certainly it is blowing at ony rate in areas so far separated As Oregon in the Pacific West and Virginia in the Atlantic Southeast. A few Days ago republicans described Here As conservative or Ultra conservative moved massively and apparently unexpectedly upon the Republican establishment in Oregon and. Seized a great Deal of the party machinery. When it is recalled for that Many years the Republican or Gosina Tion in that state had been regarded As among the most Liberal in that party in the nation All this is highly interesting. This after All was the republicans pary that sent Wayne Morse to the United states Senate and you could t get much More Liberal than Wayne Morse. He first bolted the gop to become an Independent and wound up at last As a Democrat unseated in 1968. Now the big news from the recent Virginia primary is not really the question As to who has been nominated for the Senate As Between Liberal George Rawlings or. And Clive Duval. The Winner appears to have been Rawings the True importance of Virginia lies rather in the fact that the Oal vote cast in his primary is not Likely o exceed if that much. But when the incumbent Harry f. Byrdjr. Last ran in a democratic primary in Virginia four years ago the aggregate Vole totalled some Byrd now seeks re elec Tion As an Independent and was not of course involved this time in the primary. The first and inescapable conclusion is that a democratic primary in Virginia without a Byrd in the race is a truncated affair indeed almost a Rump primary. Far More democrats stayed at Home than went to the polls this much is certain. The second conclusions drawn by some professionals in both parties is that a great Many of the More than Abs t a 1 n e r s r e m a in a y r d even though the senator himself has left the november against the Republican challenger Ray Garland. Now Garland was nominated by the Virginia state gop convention at the insistence of Republican gov. L i n w o o d Holton Over the quite urgent if not loudly trumpeted wishes of the Nixon administration itself. The White House wanted Byrd left alone Independent or not primarily because if his sup port of the president As com m a n d e r i n c h i e f on the transcendental issues of foreign and military policy. There was also the theory that a conservative Byrd in hand again Independent or not was More than some putative and unknown kind of Republican Bird in the Bush. The Nixon people had feared in Short that if Holton put up a Republican nominee o f substance the result would be to play into the hards of the minority Liberal democrats in Virginia by splitting the conservative and More or less conservative vote. As matters turned out these administration concerns have been much abated if not dispersed. The senator still is of course running for any other posture is automatically unthinkable in the Folk lore of politics. All the same there is now an air of ill concealed optimism is the Byrd Camp which really does not see How he could lose in november. This is of course As Moy be though on objective reckon ing the optimism does seem justified. But whether or not Harry Byrd is returned what has happened in Virginia has shown what kind of Public feel ing is indeed blowing in the wind. Finally it has also indicated that the democratic party is in deep trouble generally As this columnist has previously suggested because its top and visible leadership in the Senate has so Long been alienating so much of the Blue Collar and Middle democratic rank and file by far Liberal attitudes on the War on Campus disorders on crime and so on. Alienated too is a far Arger number of the democrats in Congress itself than has Ever been generally recognized. Paul Harvey a report on the experimental costly strike and big wage in creases. A major strike is expected in Auto manufacturing the next few months. Meantime government figures show that acts of terrorism have reached menacing with travel volume up luxury is Down system in the Magazine automobile nearly bombings and did t say if false bomb threats recorded Between alarms were a problem but we Jan 1. 969. Ana april 15 suspect it might be. Editor s note Colum nist Paul Harvey is substituting for vacationing Roscoe and Geoffrey drum mond the father son writing team whose column regularly appears in the morning news. There Are always a few jokers on the highways. And no doubt some of them who would get a kick out of flashing their headlights to report a non emergency travel the interstate Between Orlando and Lakeland. Two terms for governor More appealing gov. Robert Mcnair who will have served six years As the state s chief soon reportedly favors a single six year gubernatorial term with no succession. South Carolina governors Are now limited constitutionally to a four year term and they can t succeed themselves. Mcnair s tenure i s longer because he moved up from lieutenant governor when former gov. Donald Russell resigned Midway through his term to become a u. S. Senator. Mcnair says experience has taught him that managing state government is a big Job thus he feels six years Are needed to grasp the office and carry out objectives. The Job of managing state govern Ivinno is a Biff one and becoming larger All the time. The Days when the governor s Job was largely ceremonial Are Long gone. A constitutional amendment has been proposed which would allow South Carolina governors to serve two during thai period homemade bombs killed 43 persons in 387, and caused property of 21. There is no country is in a state of friction due to a variety of factors including racial dissension and the bitterness growing out of d e s segregation controversies. Campus disorders have been unprecedented in size and scope. Thl Fri reports there were protest demonstrations at colleges Dur four year terms succeeding ing the 1969-70 school year themselves. A Strong argument for activism groups go to extremes this amendment is that it would when by leaders who come from other parts of the permit a governor to initiate pro country and exhort them to Grams and see them through in a take a More determined stand much More meaningful Way than is on Public issues. Possible the growth of crime it is argued that limiting the moreover presents a perplex ing problem. A rising number governor to a single four year term of burglaries have been Corn forces him to undertake Only Short melted not Only in the big cities Range programs. But in Many Small towns which have never had such sex there is the implication in Perien Ces. Again and again Mcnair s remarks that he feels a governor would be hampered by hav ing to submit to re election at the end of four years when Many of his pro Grams would Only be setting firmly underway. A Campaign no doubt would be disruptive. Still two consecutive four year terms have appeals that the single six year term does t. For one thing a governor could t afford to be negligent in pulsing Public sentiment. Submitting to the election process has a Way of making Public officials More responsive to Public attitudes. Letters to the editor new Derby Hill appreciated

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