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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 19, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaA prisoner walks to Chapel that he and other inmates worked to build in the Chapel prisoners May worship find recreation and receive counselling love that lunch hour what do finer n new York lunches do during lunch lots of things editor s note what a you want to do for lunch Marty i Don t Enow what do you want to do been through that routine before Well Here s some of new York s finer lunches do during that daily repose of repast. By Kay Bartlett a new features writer new York a it shows up in contract negotiations. It can Cost Frim 30 cents to it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to three or four hours. It has moved from Mere sustenance to an institution. It s the great new York lunch hour. As millions of clocks creep toward noon each Day the eyes of millions of new yorkers Are on them As they plot their own diversions. Some Are dreaming of the martinis they will swill Down in Plush restaurants As they reminisce bout times past and manage to write it o f f As business. Others will move out of the office in healthy strides pack ing the airline travel bag that holds togs a bathing suit Riding or Squash or Tennis ensembles. Still others simply pick up the Brown paper bag and move on to Central Park to gaze at the ducks and geese on the Pond As they whew Down last night s leftover meatloaf. For most new yorkers lunch is a shifting thing a Good restaurant on pay Day errands on another or sandwiches at the desk and the career girl s favorite shopping. But there Are those who know what they like and stick to it. Take Elmer g. Leterman a super Salesman in the insurance business who turns out articles and books like other executives Tarn out Merilos. He has also got the record of Selling close to billion Worth of policies. For 25 years he ate every Day the Algonquin hotel s round table the institution that gave sew York lunches their Long name. Now for the past 11 years Leterman has eaten every Day at the Plush four seasons restaurant at the same next to the Pool with the floating dragon lady lilies and known simply As the Leterman Only on those Gairc Days when Leterman cannot make it does he Call and Only then does his name appear is the Reserva pay irate with worrying about the people the next table Leterman says he spend a year on lunches at the restaurant. My accountant just gave m that figure the other say Leterman. I told him not t worry about it. What am i sup posed to do with my dough Pickle another new yorker who a found his Shangrila of lunch Hood is 83-year-old Norman car Roll. For him it s Apple Jack an soda at the same spot at the Tiger bar of the Princeton club in 1951, Carroll s Ohms formally designated the area with s plaque that reads Norm car Roll s when the site o the club was moved Severa years ago there was a ceremonious moving of the plaque sometimes Carroll class of i goes up to the dining room a has lunch sometimes not. Then there s the other world of lunches the Coffee and Ham Burger at the standup counter the hot dog from the Pushcart the Sandwich from the Deli. Camille Donata 21 year old Secretary has been eating lunch in Central Park on every Nice Day for three years. She does it for some fresh air not the Chance she will meet some handsome Bachelor. Are you kidding the Only people you meet Here Are old men. And that s Only if you feed the for others lunch is consummated in noon rendezvous in the Many executive hotel suites Large companies maintain on a year round basis. The keys take on a somewhat Mobile Quality. There s the Story in one bit company about the top executive who was top frequent one of his underlings waited of the Day he was sure the bos was not using it. He sauntered into the hotel and signed in i his Boss name of course. I m sorry said the room clerk but he has Alread signed into that lunch time habits often ind Cate occupations. Take Gir watching. If the observer is siting on the sidewalk with a Ca of Beer a Sandwich and read comments to the girls he probably a construction worke or a delivery Man. If he Ogle rom a comfortable restaurant be s an executive who really jus wants to watch. The serious watchers Are on the streets liking up and Down fifth ave nue staring at the girls As the Oby. Some big companies provide More lunchtime activities for heir employees than the average Lay Camp. The Federal Reserve Bank of new York in the hear f the financial District offers a gymnasium chess tournaments periodic fashion shows dances. Sundeck and quiet lounges there there Are card game conversations and naps. John g. Kauderer plays table Ennis every Day in the gymnasium. At 63, he can lick All but to or three of the other players and holds the table every Day until one beats him. He usually Owesn t even have time for a he. It s just part of my Lains Kauderer. I Don t feel Ood unless i be had my exer the exercise people make up Good part of the lunch hour activity. The pools the handball courts the Tennis and Squash courts in private clubs healt clubs anc1 Public facilities i up quickly. For most it s not a everyday thing. Michael Corda in the publishing business Goe horseback Riding in Centra Park once a week. The othe Days the crush of his Wor keeps him at his desk eating Sandwich. The real enthusiasts Are Thi reformed. I used to smoke three pact of cigarettes a Day and go o Long lunch hours. I got Heavie and Felt worse and say Ted Gill 56. Now Gill jogs for 45 minute three Days a week at the Myca and plays handball at the Myca club on tuesdays and thurs Days. Lunchtime diversions have Een known to influence hiring two girls in a big Madison ave nue and Agency became Bridge enthusiasts. They recruited a Hird writer and the Secretary the Secretary tried but Bridge eluded her. Then she resigned tie Bridge Enthus arts secretly Leld Back one qualification. The first applicant was rejected. The second who played Bridge of the Job. For those who like jazz Here s a free session at a mid own restaurant called Chuck s composite every Friday. Doc ors Public relations men salesmen writers some who very other Day must eat with clients they Don t like come in and play for three or four hours. Or. James Goldrich 40-Ycar id obstetrician and trumpet Ayer leaves the restaurant s umber at the Hospital in Case an emergency. Leslie Lieber organizer of lazz at says most of e musicians have played at one time or an-1 her. Chaplain Easley opens thursday night service at prison Chapel religious service is followed with refreshments in recreation area no Lack of willing workers it took 77 months and Many hands to build worry prison farm Chapel by Steve Baer morning news staff writer the motives Moy have been religious or they May have been some form of the desire to escape what one in mate Calls the daily routine of sleeping working and eating that can so bore and depress a but somehow the men of the Horry county prison farm were moved to build a Church. For 17 months the inmates worked often in their spare time after a Day of hard labor. There Wos never a Lack of willing men. They worked two nights in a Row to Lay the Concrete foun Datin. It took Many men to lift the rafters. Yet much of the time the Progress was slow. Most of the work demanded trained masons and carpenters. And inmates filled the roles. When times came when none were serving time there would be delays. And then the building stood empty and finished while funds were raised to furnish it. Finally on the last Sun Day of last March the building was officially opened with its first worship services. The largest room of the White a shaped Structure that stands Only Steps from the outer Fence of the com Pound is the Chapel. The Ceil ing is vaulted the windows Are Blue stained Glass and there Are More than a score of new pews in front of the altar. Sunday school meets at 10 . And Church services begin at on tuesday evenings there is a Bible study and prayer group. About half of the inmates of the prison attend regularly on a voluntary basis. There Are also always a few visitors from Conway where the idea for the facility originated among laymen at he North Conway Baptist Church in april of Nrang Section d sunday july 19, 1970 1-d j. 0. Benton left and Easley discuss additional uses for Chapel Benton chaired committee Thot administered raised for building anyone can realize that coining Here can be a crisis in Many men s lives and in is Many Mes s lives and in that moment help should be near. In the few months that i be worked Here three men have made professions of Faith 17 have made rededication where i had once hoped to help maybe five men in a retired Rev. Roy Easley is in he pulpit and his wife is at the piano. Easley took he Par time Job As prison chaplain in april. I frankly expected the i exception Here to be cold. But. Of the contrary i have been gratified from the outset y the spiritual response among the men Lasley said. Easley has considered devoting thursday evening to a literacy program. But he soon found that no problem sends More men to the farm than alcoholism. Now every thursday iveing the Chapel is used for meetings of the alcoholics anonymous.1 the other Large room of the Bui Ding is the recreation room. It is equipped with television a Library writing materials and Ping Pong tables. When an opening is finally made in the Fence so that men can walk from the prison Yard directly to the door of he Church they will be Able to use the facilities during any Par of their free time. Presently there Are recreational uses of the room Only after Al services in the Chapel. Refreshments Are served that Are often provided by Church groups of area congregations. The third room of the new building is the office and counselling room of Rev. Easley. He is available there for conference every sunday afternoon and is always on Call. Counselling men in this situation is a new but rewarding experience f o r Easley he said. As a Counselor he finds that his chief role is As a guide in family matters. W Hen a Man or boy is sent to the farm communications Between him and his family break Down and Hie inmate has no idea of his relations to them or How he should act Easley explained. Easley talks with them and encourages them to write the first letter or to make the first phone Call. Easley added that he expects the position of chaplain to one Day be a full time Job. He anticipates the broadening of programs offered in the facilities to include a Friday night recreation program. Fencing May be used to enclose the area formed by the a of the building where visitors might picnic with the prisoners air conditioning will be added if funds Are acquired. An inmate says the building of the Church is Only one of Many innovations introduced by county com missioner French Collins but he considers it to be the most important. Rev. Gary a. Smook who served both with t h c ministerial association that sponsored the project and on the building commission of the prison Church said he and his group Are not aware of any other prison farm whose religious facilities in crude a full Church building. When ground Wos broken in october of 19g8, the building commission included j. Olive Benton or. Chairman Gary a. Smook Cecil r. Cave jr., .1. Gaynor Phillips Rufus j. Daniels and Eldridge c. Thomas treasurer. It has takes a lot of Effort and Money from both these who wanted to help and those who wished to be helped but the inmates their chaplain and citizens of Horry county Are sure it was Worth it. Armstrong expects to return to Moon tons Book. No Leterman to Leterman s lunches Start the same. A few drinks and then without order the waiter brings his specially a bowl of shredded cheese which he sprinkles with Worcestershire sauce passed round to his guests. And then on three Day out of i voc he will order the same dish a Rio unrich and fruit entree he will liberally dose with Steak sauce. Does t he get tired of the same restaurant Day after Day absolutely says Leterman. I be eaten in the Best restaurants All Over Kiir pc. Here comfortable it s spacious and i can hold a by Vern Haugland associated press writer Washington a Neil a. Armstrong first person to set foot on the Moon says he s quite sure hell g0 Bock for an other look some he thinks lunar tourists will be going too. Asked whether he Ever expects to Fly in space again now that he has moved from the manned spacecraft Center in Texas to space Agency head quarters Here Armstrong re plied seriously i would be surprised if i Don t have the option of buying a like fellow executives at the National aeronautics and space administration Armstrong is convinced that reusable space Craft in the years ahead will carry a Stream of traffic to and from thl Moon. Armstrong gave his individual views of the future at an hour Long news conference did he have any sense of Dis appointment on leaving the astronaut program which culminated for him just a year ago in the lunar Landing Mission with Michael Collins and Edwin e. Aldrin jr.? i think there is a very Strong possibility of getting Back to the he reiterated. Does he still think Man eventually will travel to the end of the solar system of yes i think it is unquestionably he said earnestly. I Don to know whether we will see it in our lifetime. I think that probably within our lifetime we will be attacking the end is to say in the next 40 years 40 y e a r s from probably will be pretty Well around our solar system i Armstrong will be 40 on aug. How vividly does he recall the historic. Two hour walk on the Moon i remember it reasonably he said. Especially he re called the elation he Felt on find ing that he would not sink through the lunar surface As Sec Armstrong Phr Neil a. Armstrong first Man on Moon he predicts tourists will visit the Moon new Breed of missionary does More than preach by Lynn i Heinzerling associated press writer pares Salaam Tanzania a the missionary on a Donkey clutching a Bible in one hand and a Cross in the other has Ridden Over the african Hor Izon for Good. The word of god is now reach ing the africans by radio by Jet plane from the seats of tractors and combines through the sur Geon s Scalpel and the teacher s Pointer. More and More of the evangelist s Burden is being shared with equally dedicated teach ers philologists anthropologists physicians and communication experts. Missionaries radio stations Blanket Africa. They run Hospi tals study Urban problems and Leach people How to raise Chick ens. One Maryknoll sister in Tanzania teaches clarinet to Young africans. Another drives a tractor at an agricultural pro act. Political Independence has led .0 More authority for african leaders. They have i taken Over not Only the pulpits in Many churches but also the administration of some formerly handled by religious mis Sions. The roman Catholic Church has three Black Cardi nals in Africa and approximately african priests. Increasingly indigenous movements have broken away to found their own churches. The world Christian handbook lists More than such separatist bodies in West Africa about the same number in Central Africa and 291 in East Africa. In Southern Africa there have been More than such secession. Followers of these Independent churches number approximately seven million. With this development and the increasing afric animation of the Church bodies missions Lave reappraised their role in Africa. The whole stereotype of the missionary Lias says he Rev. Ronald t. Englund a lutheran who formerly i reached in Jersey cily., and Kasi Orange n.j., missionaries Are becoming technicians. Modern missionaries Are com ing Over for Shorter periods of ten As medical technicians even As car mechanics. There is also a program for Young people just out of College like a Church peace the Rev. Or. Englund is Pas Tor of Massani Church in bar is Salaam out among Tanzania s mud huts and banana Trees. He preaches at three other churches and advises radio Tanzania in religious programs. Some of his sermons Are in swahili. When he went Home for a visit ast year an african member of Lis congregation handed him and asked him to bring Back three Harvard the buyer was a graduate of the Harvard school of business. Rev. Harold Kurtz presbyterian minister from Snake River Valley ore., Heads the Ameri can Mission in Ethiopia. A for Mer . Air Force fighter Pilot he flies his own piano in admin Sec Mission Png 2-0

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