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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 19, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather partly Cloud continued hot humid. Possibility of scattered afternoon or evening showers. High 97, Low 74. Details Poge 3. Vol. 120 published in the heart of the pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto Florence s. C., tuesday morning july 19, 1955 r Reader s tip lady Luck frowned again Florence s gales Over tilt As an appendectomy Side lined manager Ben Gregg. Story on Page 6. Daily 5c sunday Loc weekly top four Are seeking answer for Germany Virginia has school order Richmond va., july 18 a a three judge court ordered ultimate de segregation of Prince Edward county Public schools today but declined to Tell the county to Start. The court said it would t be practicable because of the adjustment rearrangement required for the Pur to place the schools on a basis by hurry mom it s hot mrs. Frank Bloder of 504 Park ave. Fills o Pool for her son Gary Oge four. The 97 degree temperature yesterday matched the High for the summer. Morning news photo t City places second in Mercury contest after running up the second highest temperature in the nation yesterday Flor ence will have another scorcher today so says the Weatherman. Weatherman Helmut Fusch says pee Dee residents can expect no Relief from the current heat wave for the next 48 hours at least. Yesterday marked the fourth All danger apparently was partly Cloudy hoi weather is forecast humid for today. Consecutive Day the temperature has soared above ill degrees. The highest temperature during the current heat wave was 17, re corded yesterday sunday. Only one City in the nation re ported a higher temperature yesterday than Florence. Phoenix. Ariz., recorded 100 degrees while Charlotte n. Had a Matching High of 97. Although last month was the coolest june recorded since 1uoo. The temperature for this month is running a Little above average. Fusch said. Out of the first 18 Days of july we be had 12 Days with higher than no degrees. Fusch said thai Only temporary Relief supplied by widely or. Arnold t. Ohrn of Wash thundershowers can be expected j in ton d. C., general Secretary until a cold air mass moves the Baptist world Alliance the East from Canada. A Lack of i Ohrn will go with the Rev. Any pronounced outbreak of cold j Carney Hargroves. Pastor of Sec air plus a stagnant weather Pat Oral Baptist Church of Phila Lern Over the Eastern Section of Delphia the Rev. Theodore t. There is a possibility of afternoon or evening thundershowers. The High expected is 97, with a Low of 73. Baptist ministers invited to Russia London july 18 prominent Baptist clergymen from the United states today accepted an in _ i. I i t Nvvf citation to visit the soviet Union next it s a wonderful Opportunity for to go to Russia meet up Vith our Baptist Brethren the nation Are responsible for the hot weather he said. While the pee Dee was hot Liumis showers thundershowers covered a band extending from the Southern Plains states East Ward through the lower Mississippi Valley the Ohio Valley the mid Atlantic coastal states Mon Day. Although the rainfall was generally Light areas in Louisiana. Oklahoma Iowa reported a considerable amount. Tempera this time i believe Well be Cov ering roughly the same ground visiting Leningrad Moscow the the invitation has been in the works since last year when the same four ministers met a number of russian churchmen in Sweden while with a combined Baptist Quaker Mission. They accepted personally conversing with the Rev. Or. Zhidkov through an interpreter. They will pay their own expenses except for the Rev. Or. Jackson whose fare will be paid by the u. S. National convention. The Rev. Or. Hargroves said there arc about baptists Baptist churches in the soviet Union. None of the four would com ment on reports that american evangelist Billy Graham also a Baptist might be a fifth member of the party. The Rev. Or. Zhidkov told newsmen last week that Gra Ham would be invited to Russia but no formal invitation has yet Chen extended. Graham is to Early afternoon the Rev. Or. Adams has visit adj dress the closing rally Here Fri Adams of first Baptist of Ricly mond. the Rev. Joseph h. Jackson negro pastor of Olivet Baptist Chicago president of the u. S. National Baptist convention. They will leave Here aug. 4 stay in the soviet Union two weeks. They were invited personally by the Rev. Yakov Zhidkov president of the All Union Council of evangelical Christian baptists of soviet Russia ?.nd head of the nine Mem Ber russian delegation to the Gold turns wen1 virtually unchanged in Jubilee Congress of the Baptist from the preceding 24-hours with world Alliance now meeting in readings in us Over the South-1 London. Eastern state the Middle Atlantic the four americans All Are Mem coast parts of the Northern j bars of the executive committee of Plains. It he Baptist world Alliance. Some yesterday temp new York ill Lake City ill Chicago. 85. Toured the soviet Union in 1934. Din ins a heavy Thunder Shower i enjoyed every minute of that in Charlotte last Niall a i m looking Forward to snapped Tornado Cloud was of this visit he said served about 15 Miles Southwest of the City. The weather Bureau issued an Alert for possible Tornado activity but at p. M. Said this september. This has been the time for Start of desegregation asked by coun Sel for the negro parents pupils who brought the suit. Today s court order in effect jeans that Prince Edward May pc its school this fall on the segregated basis prevailing in the ast. However the court declined o Grant the plea of defense coun Sel that the county be specifically authorized to continue to operate segregated schools through the school year. Lawyers in the Case said never he less in was considered highly unlikely that the court would order he Start of desegregation any time Juring the school year. The decree entered in the Prince Edward Case is almost identical with that handed Down by a three judge court at Columbia s. A. St Friday in the Clarendon county school Case. The court retained jurisdiction Over the Prince Edward Case for further consideration action from time to time if the necessity shall Prince Edward the summer ton school District in South Caro Una were two of five localities pc civic ally affected by the supreme court s desegregation order of Las May 31. The 2vi-Page decree was entered by the special court nearly fou hours after it concluded a hearing at which counsel for the state am county asked for a decree Tea would permit the county to continue segregated schools through the coming school year give Prince Edward until aug. I 19sc to report to the court on Progress made by then in adjusting t the supreme court s decision. Counsel of the National Assn. Of the advancement of coloured peo pie a act came into court without a prepared decree. But included Russia previously. He was in a Atlanta. 113 Salt group of american teachers who Day. The Congress today cabled big four leaders meeting in Geneva that its delegates from to coun tries Are praying for the Success of the Summit conference. It it this Way i think the state seriously consider doing Hodges who previously has Seal d he does not believe the negroes i North Carolina want integration Aid he Hopes the problem can be out by consent within in next year. He said agitation for integration i the schools is being brought y a Bunch of misguided White Cople in new referring to officials of the National Assn. For lie advancement of coloured peo Hodges yesterday lashed out at he a act for demanding the re of asst. Ally. Gen. F. Bevrly Lake. Reminded that the a act has announced it will file suits in sep Ember if Steps toward integration Lave not been made Hodges said let them file. They will have to Ilc suit against every school Board n the he said the a act could not sue the state but would have to file against individual school boards. The governor declined to com ment further concerning the Lake a act controversy but i will have More to say about it Tomor can t accept red method Geneva july 18 a the Summit conference opened today in a Friendly atmosphere. All four leaders proposed to reunite Germany but East West differed ver the methods opened up the Way for further discussions this week. H. K. Gilbert City s Airport named in Honor of h. K. Gilbert by Charles Moore Mur Liik news City Keillor Florence s municipal Airport was president Eisenhower led Olf with a proposal that the German problem be solved promptly justly taking account of soviet Russia s legitimate Security in Premier by Lunnin Reiter need Russia s insistence that the North Atlantic Alliance Nusl give Way to a new All european Security collective. He proposed an immediate freeze on All foreign troops in european countries As the first step. In a Concrete gesture aimed at creating a Good atmosphere at the conference the russian Premier also announced his government will turn some of its atomic in Zerjal Over to the International atoms for peace Pool created under the leadership of the United slates. Although some of Bulgarin s Oiler proposals seemed less Lilie by to please the West the speeches renamed yesterday to by the dig four govern Blue Hiduk n.c., july the elimination of the Public school is not the answer to the de segregation or. Charles f. Carroll state superintendent of Public instruction told today s ses Sion of the annual North Carolina education Assn. the National education Assn. Leaders Confer ence Here. It is easy to fun the fires of prejudice become a temporary hero. It is More difficult to be an educational statesman like Aycock the late gov. Charles or. Carroll said. The speaker also urged school leaders to familiarize themselves Field in Honor of the City s Long time mayor ii. K. Gilbert. City Council made the change Al the request of a group of citizens who sought to Honor the 12-year ild Gilbert who served As mayor or 20 years. Heading the group of 10 citizens who brought the petition to coun cil at its monthly meeting were Louis Al. Palles in. L. Mead . Gilbert served As mayor when the City acquired the tract of land against considerable opposition that later became the Florence municipal Airport. Or. M. R. Aloh Lcy said. It would be a very fitting tribute for cily Council acting As re presenta ves of the citizens of Florence to name the Airport after or. Gil during my 40 years in Flor said or. Mobley the name of h. K. Gilbert has been synonym Sembly. The morning program featured a panel of nine members of the 195s general Assembly. They advised Oncea leaders to formulate heir program Lor educational Prog Ress Early to take it to the people prior to the primary elections. They indicated their views orally win the new1 Public school code later submitted a proposed de j enacted by the 1955 general As Cree at the request of circuit judge Armistead m. Dobie. Black Mountain. N.c., july 18 Hodges told the. Asho Ville citizen today he thinks North Carolina would seriously consider abolishing Public schools in the stale rather than face mass integration Between White negro students. He said he does not believe mass integration will Ever be put into of a j feet in this slate. In this Mountain area on a fish ing trip Hodges said the state has taken Steps to prevent integration i during the coming school year. Hei said he Hopes a year will be time i enough to work out the problem. Asked if the state would abolish j Public schools should integration appear inevitable after this year Iamb one s u by Alley Callison says bus decision not in effect i i. T i i a the governor replied Well Lei s. Oll Lerua july 18 a South Carolina Law re honesty integrity . While he was in office for Good m. L. Meadors in tracing the Public career of Gilbert no cd. He served on City Council from 1901 to was a member of the Board of health for two years served six years As the chairman of Florence s school Board was elected mayor in 1907, 1909, 1911, 1917, 1925 1931. While Gilbert was mayor the City installed its first sewer sys Tern its first paving motorized the fire department erected the first Whiteway Street lighting system Lead in the establish ment of Timrod Park it swimming Pool. Presenting the petition to coun cil were Meadors Palles. Or Mobley or. Claude Sexton 0. T i Johnson Mitchell d. Palles g. E Schnibben. Richard Deberry. N b. Carnody Hovard Deberry for Oiler activities of coun cil see Story on Page 3. Jmon leaders disclosed certain reas of Harmony where they Light explore for Means to ease orld tension. 1. Each of the four proposed Security pacts or mainly limed at easing the dispute Over Germany. 2. All but Franco proposer relaxing Trade communications barriers Between East West blocs. 3. All spoke of reducing the arms Load. The big feature of the Day was he warm expression of Goodwill the United states Russia indicating a friendlier cd in nation of world problems than at any time during the 10 bitter years which have intervened since he Heads of these two Powers last met in Potsdam in 1945. When Eisenhower said the american people want to be friends Wilh the soviet proposed lifting artificial barriers Bulgarin responded we Are in Complete agreement with thai since the lifting of the said barriers would meet both the National interests of the soviet american Peoples the inter ests of Universal peace. As was expected the russian remier came out with a wider Range of problems to discuss than were raised by the Western Mcm cars. The westerners steered Clear of talk about the far Kast. Bulgarin Lau cd it boldly in saying the settlement of the situation Nasia the far East including he Taiwan Formosa area on the basis of recognition of the undisputed right of China to this Island would be of signal importance for the amelioration of the International situation As a whole. In this connection i find it Essary to recall the Well known de sire of the government of the peo Ween the United states the eople s Republic of China. Note should also lie made of he important question of reestablishing the lawful rights of the Peoples Republic of China in the United China Formosa Are Well worn topics of debate Between East West. The West had fore seen the possibility that Russia would raise the questions but few saw much Chance of accomplish ment in this Field. But some be Hind the scenes talks seemed Poi Siulc. While All the others talked of easing tension Bulgarin said Al ready a certain relaxation of ten Sion in International relations is in the three Western leaders based their proposals for Security pacts on settlement of the German ques Tion. Solution of this question they agreed must come first. Russia disagreed. Hul Ganin said disarmament Security agreements should first. In proposing the program of disarmament of establishing a system of european he said. The soviet government proceeds from the premise that the easing of tension in International relations the creation of in effective system of Security in Europe would largely facilitate the settlement of the German problem would bring about the Neces sary prerequisites for the unification of Germany on a peaceful democratic preceding that he proved a big order for the westerners to Swallow. That would be a two stage Security agreement that would Lead to withdrawal of All american forces from Europe destruction of the North Atlantic treaty organization limitation of the German army to i package size Job of about soldiers. A Quick look at this from the Western standpoint seemed to open Little basis for agreement but on anole or russian proposal there seemed some Prospect of an Over lapping of Eastern Western ideas. Miss universe tour takes in Hollywood Hollywood july 18 miss universe beauties two bus loads descended on a Movit studio today for a round of picture taking movie Star meeting general All around fun. Lex Tarzan Barker husband of Lana Turner actor George Nader acted As official hosts. As the girls swarmed on the univer Sal International lot they planted kisses on both actors. The studio tour was followed by a banquet in the a i commissary. It is the contestants last Day of China i red fun before the serious work of Taiwan prob 1 competing for the miss pies Republic of China to Settle the Taiwan prob 1 competing 1cm through direct negotiations be miss universe titles. Hyman threatens contempt action quiz intr race segregation on trains Public busses still is in effect despite a ii. R. J circuit court of appeals de a Ixion last week state ally. Jon. T. Callison said to Day. As far As the slate con lie said the Law will re main in old cd until final dispose Linn of the Case Ike has supper for former ally Florence magistrate Poler d. Hym Aii yesterday threatened with contempt of court a reporter who questioned him on a Case that involved Llama ii s cur. The Case was that of Leon Norton of Greenville who was arrested Only 0 is by a state Highway patrolman for driving a car with a 195-1 tap that expired last bearing the Law pm oct. I. he Lold the reporter who . He said. The car. A 1940 Ford was determine if inc news the Norton was paper Hill erred in Rcpt slim lab monday lii1 , i ill 1 8 Eisenhower entertained his old marshal Coonfi Zhukov other soviet loaders Al dinner Tonij hit. To t h him Payne toasts at a dinner of roast beef to the successor the Lig 1-Oiu ally in arms Roth sides drank conference t Neil such time As possible peals from the circuit court Ducci Sion Are disposed of. Such As to a Jevc melt of a i Winf peace. Hour Stag affair Al Eisenhower s continues in of i d i the circuit court said the Law is since the supreme when asked what acts wore in july 1.1 erred up his charge with particular do Tell in you about these Hail Lovman admitted the car in Lillyman said. 2 m a in. Club. Valved was his Hill when the re when nor inn was arrested he Porter asked if the Slid a Yinon had loaned the car to about the registration was in members i Gules Nasr Eniree Lyman answered i Don t Hall learn for . Not have to answer that i " i her firs baseman for the Kiev Venuti Al Cross examining

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