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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 18, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaWatergate hearing Florence morning news wednesday july 5-a continued from Page 1a government. Some of the Lapos Cotile be crucial in confirming or refuting the testimony of former White House counsel John w. Dean Iii that n Ixon knew of the watergate cover up As Early As sept. After the rebuffs the com Mittee decided in closed session to ask the White House who has the tapes who has had Access to them and How the committee can get them. Chairman Sam j. Krvin jr., . Said the committee is _ conversation Asiar As or. Khz Lilliman was concerned asked Weicker. Yes sir. Replied Kalmbach. What was your feeling on learning you had been it was just As if i had been kicked in the in an obvious reference to monday s disclosure that Nixon s while House meetings and official phone Calls since april 1971 had been taped. Wicker asked would Vou feel the t same Way if you Learned you stl11 desirous of adjusting this were taped by the president of the United i would feel that Way if 1 Learned i had been taped by replied Kalmbach. Also told the com Mittee he never told Nixon about his mounting suspicions of scandal because he thought it would be presumptuous to go to the president with what he termed Rumor and sixth sense suspicions of wrongdoing which had nonetheless caused him to drop out of the fund raising operation. The committee also sought tuesday to interview secret service officials in connection with the White House taping disclosures. But Nixon ordered Secretary of the Treasury George p. Shnitz that no secret service Man be allowed to testify about while House duties or observations. And White House press Secretary Honald l. Ziegler told newsmen that the newly Dis covered tapes would be put in the same category As presiden tial papers. Nixon has already said the committee can t have those for reasons of executive privilege growing out of constitutional provision for separa Tion of the three branches of estate Loans of All kinds Are our specially. Whether you own your Home or have it partly paid for we can help you with a personalized real estate loan. And you can use the Money for any purpose. See us soon. As possible with the White and voiced no Public threat of court action if the tapes and papers Are not produced. Under increasingly persistent questioning Kalmbach said again and again that he first agreed june 29, 1972. To raise funds for watergate defendants because it was in comprehensible to him that White House aides Dean or John d. Ehrlichman would ask him to do anything improper. And he returned repeatedly to concept of confidentiality when asked to explain Why the Many Covert elements of the fund raising and distribution scheme did t immediately warn Kalmbach something was wrong. Did it never Flicker a Light that there might be trouble for the asked sen. Howard h. Bakerjr. A Tenn. It did t Flicker that there was rouble in that he said. It bothered me these Crecy was distasteful to me. Bui it never reached the Point in my mind that i Felt 1 should go1 to the nonetheless. Kalmbach said concern about he secrecy of the s220.000 operation and news about watergate caused him to Stop collecting the Money by Early september 1972. And you made no attempt at that Point in time to Contact your client the president of the United asked sen. Lowell. Weicker or. A Conn. No sir. I did Kalnbach replied. Did you make any attempt at this Point in time in August or september to get through to the president either personally or via some individual or Indi asked Weicker. No. I did not. Kalmbach replied. Are you now convinced that you were involved in a criminal asked sen. Daniel k. Nouyi. A Hawaii. I now realize from what or. Dean has testified that it was an improper an illegal Kalmbach said. Through the morning session Kalmbach repeated details of the fund raising which he had outlined when he first took the witness chair monday. K a i a b a c h of new port Beach has handled per Sonal Legal work for Nixon since March 1969. He said monday he is still Nixon s attorney though House said several weeks ago he was no longer retained. Meanwhile at another con Gressional hearing former White House aide Krogh or. Refused to say what he knows about the 1971 burglary of Daniel Ellsberg s psychiatrist. Chairman Lucien n. , said Krogh invoked ? fifth amendment Protection a gains incrimination when asked about the burglary at a closed meeting of a House armed services sub commit. Tee. At the televised watergate hearings. Kalmbach contradicted testimony Given ear Lier by Dean and former ally. Gen. John . Dean had told the committee that when to met Kalmbach june 29.1972. To ask him to raise Money for the. Watergate defendants. I told him every thing that 1 knew about inc Case Al that sen. Joseph m. Montoya. D . Read a portion of Dean s testimony to Kalmbach. Including the assertion that i told him that i was very concerned Lylial this could Lead right to the and asked Kalmbach if that account of their meeting was Correct. Kalmbach said he recalled simply that Dean indicated that "1 was being asked to raise funds for the Legal defense of these people and for the support of the did he mention possible involvement of the White Monloy asked. No. Sarif Kalmbach. Mitchell testified last week that he did t know there had been any Money left Over from the 1968 Nixon Campaign. Kalmbach said he had custody of nearly si.7 million in such funds and fold Mitchell at Vari Ous times that he had such sur plus under his control. Delta Queen reprieved Washington api the Delta Queen should be allowed to continue carrying passengers on overnight voyages along the nation s Rivers the mouse decided tuesday by a voice vote the House approved a five year exemption from the Marine safety Law for the mostly wooden Steamboat hat the coast guard wants retired As a fire risk. The Bill now goes to the Senate. The Steamer plies the Ohio. Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers making port Calls in 17 states. Its owner. Green line steamers inc. Says the Delta Queen carries an average 90 per cent of its capacity of 180 passengers. This is the second time the House has voted on exemption. The first for three years expires in november. She should be allowed to continue to ply the Inland Rivers of the United states because of her great historic and cultural the House merchant Merit if and fisheries committee said in recommending the exemption. Another reason for preserving this romantic link with our past and perhaps the really Basic reason is the undeniable fact that the people of the nation want the committee said. Few other subjects in the last several years have brought Forth a Stream of letters and outpouring of emotion As has this particular four other paddle wheelers ply the Middle America Waterways. But they Are daytime Only excursion boats and thus exempt from the Federal safety regulations. William Muster president of the company owning the Delta Queen has testified that her fire risk is statistically he said no passenger has been killed in the company s 82-year-old history. Senate Bill approves Gas shortage diminishes Washington a the most severe period of the Gaso line shortage appears to in Over a government fuel expert and the american automobile association said tuesday. Lizul a Treasury department spokesman said the relaxing of the shortage would not affect government plans to impose fuel allocations expected to be announced this week. For the next couple of years we re going to be Short of he said. The daily fuel Supply won t change a decision on whether we do or Don t have an allocation an aaa weekly gasoline sur vey indicated Tiit despite the generally adequate Supply shortages May develop in individual areas. re optimistic the worst is said James West a staff assistant to the assistant Secretary for Energy and minerals in the department of the Interior. re at the highest Peak of the gasoline demand but the supplies Are managing. re keeping our fingers crossed but it looks like an in k. Donald Strickland an aaa spokesman said motorists should not have great difficulty in finding adequate supplies. Stockpiles seem in inf slightly Down but there s enough to make it through the he said. A Signild cant number of service stations feel very confident they have enough for the this View he said was uniformly supported by sex summer travel places the greatest demand on gasoline supplies he said. But. Wesl said it Appi ars from aaa and other accounts people May he taking Shorter Washington api in an Effort to alleviate an Energy shortage the Senate tuesday passed a Bill to permit a consortium of Oil companies to be Gin immediate construction of the controversial Alaska Oil pipeline. The Bill if approved by the House would remove All Legal barriers that have blocked construction of the controversial pipeline for Over three years. Sen. Daniska. Co sponsor of one of the Bill s most disputed amendments said after the final 70-22 Vole that i would Hope we could be Gin construction this the Bill declares the Federal government gave adequate consideration to an alternative pipeline route through Canada in preparing its environmental Impact statement. And in Grants the consortium a pipeline i right of Way across Federal lands. The to issues formed the basis of the suit filed by the wilderness society and other environmental organizations. If the House approves the Senate version said Richard Olson of the wilderness society. I think that would be the end of the lawsuit. Don t know of any basis for a Legal his remarks contrasted with those of sen. I Inry m. Jackson. D-wash., predicted passage of the gravel Stevens amendment could further aggravate the delay by prompting new Legal challenges. You just can t pass a Law and say this can t be a Judi Jackson said. The amendment by gravel and sen. Ted Stevens. A alas a. Substituted. Glasses of broken for fast efficient service take your glasses to your optician save the pieces they can be duplicated photo Gray photo Sun lenses sunglasses of All types Harrington opticians 169 w. Cheves St. Pm. 662-0691 Florence s. C. Sears clearance shop thursday and Friday night til 9 Kalmbach said i know i had the feeling that someone in some manner expressly or by reason of some action had directed these people to go for Ward on this notice of Opportunity for Public participation in dec licensing proceeding for h. B. Robinson unit 2 the atomic Energy commission is giving Public notice that it is providing Opportunity for a hearing on whether the full term facility operating License held by Carolina Power Light company for operation of the h. B. Robinson unit 2, located in Darlington county South Carolina should be continued modified terminated or approximately conditioned to protect environmental values. The notice provides that within 30 Days after publication in the Federal Register on july 18, 1973, any person whose interest May be affected May file a petition for leave to intervene in the proceeding. Petitions for leave to intervene must be filled under oath or affirmation and must set Forth the interest of the Petitioner in the proceeding How that interest May be affected by the results of the proceeding and the Petitioner s contentions with respect to the proposed licensing action. Suth petitions must be filed in accordance with the above referenced Federal Register notice and must be filed with the Secretary of the commission u. S. Atomic Energy commission Washington d. C. 20545, attention chief Public proceedings staff by 1973. A copy of the petition request for hearing should be sent to the chief hearing counsel office of the Gen eral counsel u. S. Atomic Energy commission Washington 0. C. 20545 and to Jeorge f. Trowbridge Esquire Shaw Pittman Potts Trowbridge and Madden 910 17th Street n. W., Washington d. C. 20006, attorney for the Licensee. A petition for leave to intervene must be accompanied by a supporting affidavit that identifies the specific aspect or aspects of the proceedings As to which the Petitioner relies As to both his interest and his contentions with regard to each aspect on which intervention is requested. Petitions stating contentions relating Only to matters outside the commission s jurisdiction will be denied. All petitions will be acted upon by the commission or designated licensing Board or by the chairman of the atomic safety and licensing Board panel. Timely petitions will be considered to determine whether a hearing should be noticed or another appropriate order issued regarding the disposition of the petitions in the event that a hearing is held and a person is permitted to inter Vene he becomes a party to the proceeding and has a right to participate fully in the conduct of the hearing. For example he May present evidence and examine and Cross examine witnesses. A copy of the Federal Register notice is on file for Public inspection at the Hartsville memorial Library Home and fifth avenues Hartsville South Carolina 29550, and the commission has arranged for other documents and correspondence relating to the licensing of this facility to be kept at the same location. Save to men s suits regular 865 to s89 4288 save men s spor Coats regu Hir to 855 2588 to 3988 save women a children and men s dress casual and fabric shoes ladies shoes Reg. 83 to 85 shoes Reg. 83.97 to 824.99 children s shoes Reg. 81.97 to 815.99 off Reg. Kici 30% to 40% off Reg. Prick 30% to 40% off Reg. Price save to men s Short sleeve sport shirts regular to s12 shop at Sears and save satisfaction. Guaranteed or your Money Back 332 . Phone 662-6381 free parking to 8 shop thurs. And Fri. Night til 9 Sears Roebuck and co

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