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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 18, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaToning new Pef foil compact Jack Anderson published by the Floreise printing company John m. O Dowd president and publisher James a. Roger editor saturday moaning july is 1970 birthday of the nuclear age there is some disagreement As to when the nuclear age actually dawned. Say it was on the afternoon of dec. 2, 1942, when the world s first self sustained nuclear Chain reaction was triggered on a Squash court at the University of Chicago. Others say it was at Dawn on july 16, 1945, when a spectacular Flash lit up the sky Over South Central new Mexico and an awesome Boom reverberated through the mountains Alamogordo. The test explosion or Joyed that the atomic bomb was a reality. Still others Mark aug. 6, 1945 As the beginning of the nuclear age. On that Date the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima Japan killing an estimated persons and obliterating a City of some people. The toll from the second atomic bomb dropped three Days later on Nagasaki Japan was equally horrendous. July seems the most fitting Date to Mark As the beginning of the nuclear age. Until that fateful Day no one knew for sure if the theories and mathematical equations for unleashing atomic Energy would actually work. But when the first atom off the record Maine congressman William d. Hathaway s legislative proposal which would have snipped some of the secrecy from proceedings in the House of representatives failed to make the Grade. An amendment which would have required All House c o m m i to e e meetings to be open to the Public unless a Public vote was taken to close them at the beginning of each meeting was Defeated 132 to 113. The defeat Means that House committees where the real legislative decisions Are made May continue meeting behind closed doors. A com Mittee May adopt rules at the begin Ning of a session closing its meeting for the entire year. The Hathaway amendment would t have prevented closed door committee sessions but it would have put each congressman on record As voting for or against closed sessions or As absent and not voting at All. In Cloud blossomed awesomely Over the new Mexico desert the doubts were removed and Mankind began to realize that a significant and frighten ing moment had occurred in human history. It marked the Point in Man s history when he achieved the capacity to rain mass death and destruction even the potential to eliminate life itself from the planet. Now a Quarter Century later the world still lives under the Shadow of the atom and its far mightier Cousin thermonuclear Power. Those first atomic bombs were babies in com Parison to the nuclear weaponry now in the arsenals of the world s nuclear Powers. The nuclear age brought with it the imperative that Man police his Powers for destruction. And though there have been some Small successes toward this end bridging nuclear might for use in a peaceful context and preventing it from being employed for destructive purposes re Mains perhaps the greatest Challenge facing Mankind. During the first Quarter Century of the nuclear age the world has tottered perilously close to the Brink of cataclysmic holocaust too Many times for Comfort. Executive goofs abound in sea Washington Hilary san Doval jr., sometimes called hilarious Hilary by subordinates who retain their sense of humor has kept the Small business administration in an uproar since he took it Over 16 months ago. Consider these highlights loaned to a Denver dive called the body Shoppe which features topless go go dancers. This curious cultural investment of the tax payers Money was justified said a spokesman because the go go bar had been displaced by an Urban renewal project. Evidence that voters who elect republicans will be rewarded with Federal bless Ings the republicans arbitrarily approved a loan that the Philadelphia regional office was ready to reject. This Happy sum went to Lawrenceville furniture industries of Lawren Ceville va., an Enterprise that unhappily has t paid it Back. Our investigation shows that the republicans took the application away from Philadelphia after learning the regional office would t Okay it and forwarded it to Richmond with a Washington endorsement. This was intended As a political shot in the Arm for Virginia s gop gov. Linwood Holton say insiders William s. White politically it s Dull in new York new York make All due from the Hall denouncing there were those Uncertain Days of Jujj the cold War when russian rocket the fact still remains that local leaders who had just rattling kept Washington and other the great crucial political Cam designated him. World capitals tense. There were new York state is perhaps then one reason for j Unnab a Ftp the country s outstand the Lack of suspense is that the those fearful and anxious hours alter Dong bores incredible nature of the entire president Kennedy told the russians democratic strategy makes to move their missiles out of Cuba or else. Everyone knew the or else doubt Here in _ meant armed conflict and almost cer which the democratic slate tins Tain nuclear warfare. Ume has managed All but formally to secede outright then there was the careless talk of from in alien area called upstate and through As you May have guessed the vote on the Hathaway amendment was not one of record. Only a headcount was taken. Men like rep. L. Mendel Rivers who angrily advocated nuclear retaliation has reason on North Korea if it did not release the truth elsewhere the a s. S. Pueblo and its Crew which it fakes m of do had been seized off the korean coast. For Al visitor to find evidence of _ to any genuine interest. Even the but so far the men who sit within traditionally All seeing and reach of the nuclear triggers have endlessly garrulous taxi Drivers had the Good sense not to pull them have nothing to offer beyond a that in itself is reason to be hopeful Yawn and that when a prodded upon the subject for the future. It is an indication that r f j men Are responding with Wisdom and too whatever enigmatic t Liri str purposes May be in the mind conscience to the terrible realities of of f sometime Republican the nuclear age. Mayor of new York City John but there is Small reason to tolerate and apathy. Beginnings have been made charismatic As seen from but Mankind still has a Long Road to afar than close up Don t travel in his quest to bottle the Genie anybody which can bring about his annihilation and harness it for human betterment. That gov. Nelson Rockefeller a top flight campaigner anyhow would have to work overtime to bring about his own defeat. The governor s race Here As in most states is the big one perhaps too the Tweedledum tweedledee character of the race for the Senate is a Factor. The Dif Ference Between the Republican sen. Goodell once a conservative in the House and now an ignited Liberal in the Senate and democratic challenger Ottinger might conceivably be measured by the finest of Micro calipers. That is about the most one could say of it. Both Are far out liberals both violently Vietnam War and where it really counts both anti Nixon. This latter thing comes naturally with Ottinger. But it is somewhat Odd in the Case of Goodell who has reached for the president s vitals on the gut issues of foreign policy As eagerly As any Democrat in the Senate has Ever done. Notwithstanding All this new York s senior Republican senator Jacob javits who is not altogether deficient of humor Lias just gravely observed that he expects president Nixon to come into new York in support of Goodell. David Lawrence Barry assails effrontery of some hew employees ass alls Washington persons wh0 Are familiar with dissent inside the government various phases of government. Farmers show togetherness in vote the overwhelming affirmative vote which South Carolina tobacco Farmers gave in thursday s referendum to continue acreage and Poun Dage controls reflects anew the Strong sentiment for production quotas endorsed Over and Over again in past re Ferenda. Confused counsel when Secretary of state William Rogers was in London in route Home from a two week asian trip he spoke gloomily of Vietnam peace prospects and said that . Intervention in Cambodia had Only strengthened communist resolve to resist. Nevertheless this in a deep sense is and will be one of the most significant state campaigns Ever run off in this nation. For the results in november will determine where it is possible for a political party successfully to adopt a policy and a list of out of votes cast Only 141 nominees of a deliberate were against continued controls. The margin of approval is expected to be urbanite and All the others similar throughout the tobacco grow the democratic slate headed ing Region. B5 Arthur Goldberg for governor and rep. Richard the vote assures continuation of the he u. S. Senate is made up exclusively from Price support program the principal the contributor to a stabilized Market for tobacco. By a substantial margin South Carolina tobacco Farmers also approved an increased assessment for just As though there were not millions of voters upstate. And it is entirely jewish save for one negro Basil Patterson for lieutenant governor. Trere is no slightest nod to the italians the Irish or to that genuine May have always been present but the critics expressed their views privately and did not go before the Public. An unusual situation now has Arisen about a recent mass meeting held by employees of the department of health education and welfare who protested the u. A expedition into Cambodia. Sen. Barry Goldwater Republican o f Arizona in a speech to the Senate on tuesday said that in private Industry this kind of effrontery would b e rewarded with d i s m is s a 1 he noted that no action has been taken by anybody in the government at the executive level and n0 reprimand has been issued. The problem is not As simple As it might appear to be. Individuals who work for the government have a right to express themselves in their Home districts just As other citizens do. But the propriety of participation Only by govern ment employees in an organized mass meeting is open to ques Tion. It is something that has tobacco associates a grower of inane that is Wasp or washed dream Vatinno which amino Nhor meaning flute Anglo Saxon rarely if Ever occurred. The de organization which among other protestant or Catholic. Theory has always been that things promotes the Sale of american moreover the h e a d of t h e Leaf abroad. But when he got Back to Washington he qualified his remarks democratic ticket Goldberg a former supreme court Justice the increased assessment vote and United nations am evidences a willingness among Tobac Bassadore first sought the co Farmers to join together in pro from the by saying that immediate prospects Motino ti1pjr inter Pete Anh to Nav hid convention j h mount men interests Ana to pay the then immediately rushed have not been improved by the in bal for r themselves cur Sion into Cambodia but Long Range increasingly groups of Farmers with similar interests at stake Are Fin Ding it necessary to band together to promote these interests. Prospects probably have. One must conclude that Rogers London remarks were not Well received in the White House and that his subsequent Washington comments were an Effort to draw his views closer to those held by president Nix on who has made big Success claims concerning Cambodia. This latest instance of confused counsel is but one of Many to indicate inability of the Nixon administration to speak with a single voice. It is an inevitable development among a segment of the population which is entitled to a larger slice of the nation s economic pie than it has been getting. Such demonstrations of Unity help to strengthen the muscle of agricultural interests in influencing governmental policy it a time when farm constituency is declining. It s a Spiro Agnew match by hot air civilian As Well As military personnel of the government have a responsibility t0 the administration in Power and particularly to their own department Heads not to make Public comments on governmental affairs without permission. Or. Goldwater seems to think that some of the dissent is due to the fact that presi Dent Nixon has named some democrats or leftist republicans to office. The senator pointed out that Many inter office memoranda which reflect disagreement within the ranks of the administration have found their Way into print in newspapers. There is no doubt that or. Nixon has endeavoured in selic Ling under secretaries and Assis Tant secretaries and other administrative officers in the executive Branch to choose indeed if some of them have had experience in previous administrations under the democrats he has been inclined to give them an Opportunity to serve under him. For Many years whether an incoming president. Was a Republican or a Democrat the tendency was to select members of one s own party for virtually All the appointive positions. Those who continued from preceding administrations were the exception rather than the Rule. Career officials and civil service workers were expected to function As loyally under one administration Asun Der another. There were some internal squabbles during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations which resulted in the removal of appointees from the opposite party who had been in service under the Eisenhower administration. Even though the efficiency of the individual was recognized difficulties arose in preserving the Harmony essential to the development of the policies of each department and sooner or later new appointees were brought in. This was to some extent the result of internal political pressures. On the whole however the govern ment has had relatively few persons in the executive Branch other than Thise known As career officials who did not lose their posts when a presi Dent of one party was Defeated by the nominee of another party under the Nixon administration there has been lots of talk about the differing views of his advisers. Lawyers in the department of Justice for instance who Deal with civil rights were reported at one time to have banded together to oppose some of the programs of the administration. Basis of Merit and irrespective of party but the political con sequences can be troublesome every now and then some individual Breaks away from a department and publicizes his resignation in a letter denouncing on existing policy. But it is surprising to find a group of employees holding a mass meeting in which they Public y make a protest against a policy if their president. Cabinet officers probably will find it necessary to warn the activists who happen to be officeholders that while they Are identified with the present administration they must not be hostile to its policies. They have a right to protest but they i not have the privilege of doing so publicly either by mass meetings or by any other form of publicity As Long As they Are part of the governmental operation itself. To help persuade the electorate that it pays to vote Republican. Sandoval has squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars to move Clcil service employees whom re suspected of democratic leanings to undesirable posts. The tax payers were struck with the moving costs per diem payments and other incidentals. Records show astonishing mismanagement of the Small business investment companies which s a n d o v a 1 likes to brag about. In fiscal 1969, with Sandoval in control a third of the year there were violations of sea edicts by sics. Five Hundred were major. For example 40 Small business investment Loans were actually used to finance big business. There were also 62 guideline violations 56 conflicts of interest and 25 flouting of agreements. During the first nine months of the 1970 fiscal year another 725 violations were reported. Has also boasted that he has loaned but million to minority businessmen. Yet half of these Loans were committed by the democrats before he came to Power. The bitter truth is that some of these Loans went to poorly run Black businesses which were Given non competitive government con tracts at far higher costs than the government previously had paid to established firms. Some of the established firms have now been bankrupt by the loss of business. The House Small business committee headed by rep. Joe Evins will take san Doval Over the coals at hear Ings scheduled next week. Nathan Jacobson the new King of Lake Tafton s picturesque Northern Shore is about to raise a Royal ruckus Over some unique Highway robbery. He c r a r g e s indignantly that someone has stolen his Highway. Jacobson built Kings Castle a Tudor style resort hotel com Pete with pennants fluttering Over High battlements on the Highway that circles Lake Tahoe. Not Long after he started construction however the state built a four mile bypass that takes the traffic away from his million Camelot. Jacobson is suspicious of Bill Anderson owner of the nearby Ponderosa spread where the Bonanza to adventures Are filmed. The bypass takes the traffic right past Ponderosa s Gates which Are open to tre Public for a head. It happens that Anderson wife Joyce is head of the Nevada f e d or a t i o n of Republican women. Jacobson suspects this has Given her an inside track with the Republican state government. The Andersons denied to this column however that they had anything to do with relocating the Highway. They suggested trat Boise Cascade the corporate developers might be to blame. For the bypass runs through a stretch of Woods owned by the company thus enhancing its value. A company spokesman assured this column however that the four mile bypass had been planned and surveyed before they purchased the pro Perty. The was confirmed by the original owner Art Wood who said he had contributed to help defray the Cost of relocating the Highway. Graham answers every president doubtless would like to make his appointments solely on the i am a theological student and i Don t agree with Yoi about god. He would never Damn a sinner he is a god of love. W. L. The greatest single verse in All the Bible is probably John for god so loved the world that he gave his Only Begotten son that whosoever Beli Eveth in him should not perish but have everlasting the very next verse tells us for god sent not his son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through him might be Here we have the love of god in sending his son and the fact that he did not come to condemn but to save. But there is More for the next verse tells us he that Beli Eveth on him is not condemned but he that Beli Eveth not is condemned already because he hath not believed in the name of the Only Begotten son of Here and in other places in the new testament we find that god sent his to redeem men who Are already condemned by their sins. It is an offer of free Pardon to ail who receive it. But we must decide for ourselves for god has Given us the right of personal Choice of making the decision for ourselves. You Are right in stressing the love of god but let me urge you to recognize that he is also a holy and just ged and sin is judged either in the person of his son or in the persons of unrepentant sinners. Publ Frt Holly my sunday at 141 s. Irby Street Florence s. E. Ms01 of the associated press audit Bureau of circulation and Southern newspapers publishers Assn s. The associated press is entitled exclusivity to the use for pull con of All the local news in this newspaper. The Florinc morning news desires to be notified promptly of errors in any of its reports. All newspapers and Independent distributors and the Florence morning news will not be responsible for Advance payment unless made at the office of the Florence morning news. rates by mail in dependent distributors or in dependent newspaper boys. Dolly Limity a 7.n circulation Telephone number um77i Closi Poi Loje old at Florence

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