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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 18, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th no. 199 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence a saturday morning july 18, 1970 daily Loc sunday St 552s rain explosives on enemy positions Saigon a scores of . B52 bombers rained tons of explosives in Laos and Northern sections of South Vietnam Fri Day where North vietnamese buildups have been reported. There was mounting Specula Tion plus several signs thai South vietnamese forces May be getting set for a push into Laos in an Effort to crush the new enemy concentrations. Massive b52 raids often have been the preludes to Allied at tacks. . Officers have been saying the North vietnamese May launch a major attack in the North. Enemy bases in Laos untouched while Allied forces were tearing up North vietnamese and Viet Cong bases in Cambodia this Spring. Nearly government troops Are engaged in two Mas Sive sweeps in the Northwest Corner of South Vietnam to de stroy North vietnamese base Camps. The sweeps 23 Miles apart would take the South Viet namese to within striking Dis Tance of Laos in the Border re Gion where North vietnamese reinforcements were reported on the move. As part of one of the sweeps . Support troops of the Amer Ica division were rebuilding the abandoned Kham due Spe Cial forces Camp As a Forward base for the South vietnamese Only 13 Miles from Laos in formed sources reported. Kham due could be a jumping off spot for thrusts into Laos if that is what the South Viet namese have in mind. The Camp 54 Miles Southwest of Danang was abandoned in May 1368 under heavy pressure by troops of the North Viet namese 2nd division. Kham due lies astride route 14. A major North vietnamese infiltration corridor running from North to South and funnel ing into the populous coastal lowlands to the East. The South vietnamese sweep operations Are aimed at smash ing base Camps of the North vietnamese 2nd division used for staging attacks into Popula Tion centers. Neither operation has encountered any significant Contact since the fir is one was launched last sunday. On the political front the leaders of South Vietnam and Cambodia appealed to other nations to Rush Aid to Cambodia to Stem the Advance of the North vietnamese and Viet. Cong. The Call emerged from a meeting in Cambodia of presi Dent Nguyen Van Thieu and Cambodia s Premier Lon both of them generals turned politicians. Thieu s spokesman said the South vietnamese president told his cambodian allies that an Indochina military Alliance would not be practical realistic or the proposed Alliance would have embraced Laos and thai land in addition to Cambodia and South Vietnam. Instead of S.C. a military grouping Thieu s spokesman said the cambodian and South vietnamese leaders agreed that the time had come for non communist nations to Imp cambo Dia As rapidly As Strom Breaks with Nixon on school desegregation israeli attack assailed by the associated Egypt and the soviet Union wound up Days of top level talks Friday with a communique which blamed the Middle crisis on unceasing armed attacks by Israel but ignored a . Proposal for a new peace approach. Issued a few hours after pres ident Gamal Abdel Nasser left he soviet Union for Home the communique described the situation in the Middle East As very it said Egypt and the soviet Union would strengthen their co opera Ion in the political economic ind defense Fields. The communique Laid heavy stress on Israel s role in the conflict and accused the United Stales of contributing to Hlili ties. The promotion by Israel of an aggressive expansionist policy Only a a a re suit of invariable support by Neria Lisl quarters first of ail the United it charged. Ii called for the adoption of urgent measures to Stop Israel s armed attacks against Arab countries to withdraw israeli troops from All occupied Arab territories in accordance with the principle of no acquisition of territories As a result of War and the fulfilment in full volume of the nov. 22, Resolution of he . Security Council As Well As decisions of the United nations organization on questions of palestinian the communique As carried by the official soviet news Agen Tass contained no reference o the american proposal for a three month cease fire in the Middle East and indirect Nego nations Between the arabs and israelis. Guard chief Gen. Wilson Center says weapons used by students aides or. Morris left and col. Elliott join him at hearing Campus probes Promise to Tell it like it is Washington a the applies to the Campus issues ii president s commission on Campus unrest ended its first week of hearings Friday with its chairman saying the commis i is going to Tell it like it William w. Scranton said the panel will not Back away from any recommendation it thinks firebombing rip two Laurens stores firebombing destroyed two Laur ens Gounley stores Early Friday. No one was hurl. See Page 14. Or. Famed i be got o problem Counselor died Al 68 in san Francisco see Page 9. Index ask Andy churches classified comics deaths editorials markets sports Princess Anne bad mouthed the american Eagle As did Benjamin Franklin. See Page 13. Weather partly Cloudy and warm through sunday. Highs today and sunday in Low 90s Low Denight near 70. Dec till Page 3. Eluding the possibility of tellin vice president Spiro t. A Nei to lower his voice or Sugges ing ways to end the Vietnam War. But until the commission finishes its work i should t b telling anybody How to behave Scranton said. Scranton former governor o Pennsylvania and several othe commissioners criticized the testimony of National Guart chief Winston Wilson who generally sidestepped question Over the Kent state Universal tragedy in which four student were slain. Wilson said guardsmen have a right to protect their own lives a mob scene. I brought along a Bagful of Rock and bal bats which he said a been used against his men in demonstrations. Commissioner Revius 0. Or Tique former president of the National bar association Callec the exhibit an insult to the intelligence of this commission. The fact that a Rock was hurled is not sufficient evidence for having people he said. Food Money pour in for destitute widow 7 children in w. Virginia Charleston . A Charleston residents have rallied with food and Money for a widow and her seven children whose food had dwindled to a loaf of bread. Patrolman cd Ray checked into complaints that two Young children claiming to be Roy scouts collecting Money for a playground were roaming the streets thursday. He found Limmy i Siguid 12, and his brother Jerry 9, and look them Back in their apart ment. Police said the Only food in the House was a loaf of bread. Kay returned later with a bag of food and gave it to the Mother bar Nice in the mean time he had radioed Headquarters and started a fund for the family. I was certainly surprised to find a cop offering a bag of food to said mrs. Duiguid. I Don i blame the children for trying to get food. They and their friends were telling All kinds of stories just in gel. Mon y. Things wore Prelly the help for the Duiguid family came on the eve of Jerry s birthday Only hours after he and his three Brothers and two Sisters aged 3 to 13, had Peanut duller and Jelly sandwiches for supper. Police and residents collected j40 dollars in about one hour and set up an account at a local grocery store where the Man Ager Delmar Richer said he had also donated some officer Lay does this All the Lime when in finds a needy said Richer. Mrs. Duiguid has received a month in insurance benefits since her husband s death last year. She had been receiving a maximum Public assistance Grant from the stale totalling each month but it w a s discontinued last Montr after the welfare depart Cal re examined her Case and found she had begun receiving social Security benefits from her Hus band s death. Mrs. I Siguid said her social Security Check of for this month had nor come. Warns of possible gop loss in 72 Washington a sen. Strom Thurmond r-s.c., broke sharply with president. Nixon Friday and said the administration s hostility to the South May Cost it the 1972 election. Condemning recent Nixon administration actions aimed at enforcing school in the South Thurmond declared the president has become surrounded by Ultra Liberal advisers who his Devotion to the great silent majority that elected him to office. Scranlin added thai when Wilson got Down to the nitty-1 Gritty he was not commissioner James Ahern chief of police at new Haven conn., agreed saying the most worthwhile testimony so far has been that of the students and their Thurmond widely credited with helping Nixon win his party s 196s nomination and getting him Southern votes denounced major administration decisions on desegregation policy which he said cast grave doubt upon the Nixon administration s commitment to treat All sections o the country with an even band Thurmond made his attack ii a Senate speech. The Senate chamber was nearly empty. Iii wife listened from a gallery seat. The senator condemned action of the internal Liev nut service which has declared i will reexamine its position on the lax exempt status of private schools which have allegedly been used in the Soulhas a Means of sidestepping court enforced integration of Public school systems. And he also harshly criticized what he called the carpet bag Ging invasion of Justice depart ment lawyers he said Are being enl to the South for the Pur pose of assuring forced integral Ion of the Public schools. I condemn these Thurmond said. I strongly condemn them without end i condemn them. They Are wrong As social policy and they Are wrong As Law. Saying the two decisions Are of the sort he would Only expect from a democratic administration. Thurmond said they arc a breach of Faith with the people of the South and reveal a. Strong distrust of the entire Region. "1 can Only conclude thai a group of Liberal advisers around he president Are misleading him and that their advice will bring disruption the he said. "1 am warning Hie Nixon and repeat .1 am warning the Nixon administration the people of the South and the i Euple of the nation will Mil support S.C. unreasonable policies. "1 remind die chief executive dial the presidency is an elec Tive office Anil thai what people give the people can also take switched allegiance from democratic parly largely i he be cause of its racial policies said if president Nixon is to be successful in he must listen to he voice of the great majority. Lie must keep Faith Wilb Hose who put their Faith in lie said that As recently As be. J9, the president assured tie positively that he supported he tax exempt Stalus of private the people if the South were Hunting upon the president s Thurmond said. And he repeated his Declara Tion that the president has Al Lowed himself to be unduly influenced by his advisors. The advice that these a Jolt give is not in the test interest of president Nixon or the country. Thurmond 1 age sen. Strom Thurmond hits school policies Mayo resigns Cabinet Post Washington a presidential Counselor Kobert p. Mayo passed Prospect of a place in president Nixon s Cabinet Friday to become presi Dent of the Federal Reserve Dank of Chicago. The former budget director who landed on a High level shelf if Hie while House after Nix on s july 1 reshuffling of the residential Salt command had the president s Promise of a Loris boy 5, killed by car Zujkis a five year of boy was killed Friday evening when struck by an Auto. Horry i Only Coroner .1. Ulayton Richardson identified the boy As Marvin Bennett son if or. And mrs. James Bennett if lit. I Loris Coroner Richardson said the lie Nell boy apparently ran into he Street and was struck by a car driven by Jerry Hardee of Loris. The Accident occurred on Highway 917, about a mile West of Finklea s Crossroads. Coroner said he has ruled it As an unavoidable Accident and no inquest is planned. Royal duo gets a space tour Britain s Princess Anne visits Capitol Walter Mold an Agnew aide Servos Ai escort a Washington Al of America s astronauts Al Rince Charles and Princess Anne of England a Royal tour quiday of space nose Cones Hel mets worn1 on the Moon and a piece of Moon Rock said Charles. The brother and , mid Way in their first trip id the United slates charmed top members of i be Astro Nank and Page boys. I h press officer it the Royal pair were win Oyma their private slay said they sure Are 1 and it seemed they were to most of the hundreds of victors who lined the entrances of All Iii buildings toured by the punch Princess and president Nixon s daughters who invited them to this country. They visited the Capitol in the morning and i Iii mag Anne cd. Marked to House speaker John w. Mccormack that she thought the selection of the Bald Eagle the National Bird was rather a bad the Prince was very Alert very inquisitive and he asked the kind of questions that would bring very specific Aid Hep. Gerald Ford a Mich. However neither Ford nor a Capitol a u i d e could answer when Prince Charles wondered Why Hie Eagle bad been chosen As a Symbol. Army heraldic later said Iii Tkv Washington has been credited with top Eagle bemused in is Strong and fierce the Royal tourists went next to the space exhibit in t. H e sch oxonian institution which an English , .1 a m it , Holiad found in Iris of donating a half million Dol Lars

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