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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 18, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaJace4 news. Monday morning. July 18, 1985 Why yes a agree with you completely interpreting the news Roscoe Drummond russians Are Able be expecting to decide quickly by William l. Ryan a foreign news analyst the whole soviet collective leadership is represented at Gen Eva today. This Means it will be in a position to make fast Deci Sions and to push the soviet Offen Sive without the laborious process of referring Back to Moscow. This puts the West at an initial disadvantage at Geneva but it is a disadvantage which can be overcome if the soviet Aims Are adequately grasped in Advance. There seems Little question in Western diplomatic minds now Hal the principal aim of the soviet collective of dictators at Geneva will be limited failure. This would indicate that the rus sians will not wholly go along with president Eisenhower s idea that the task of the Summit conference is merely preliminary and exploratory. President Eisenhower s idea in which apparently he is in Accord with his Western colleagues prime minister Eden and pre Mier Faure has been that there will be no sweeping definite decisions made by the big four at Geneva. The Western statesmen contemplated sitting Down with their soviet opposite to assess the question of inter National pensions and hand Down the specific prob lems to lower Levels such As the four foreign ministers or the United nations disarmament commission. The fad however thai communist party Boss Nikita s. Khrushchev defense minister Georgi k. Zhukov and foreign minister v. M. Molotov will be at the Elbow of Premier Nikolai a. Bulgarin indicates the rus sians have a hit More than that up their collective sleeve. There is a distinct possibility that the russians will push hard for sweeping declarations of intent with regard to such things As Dis armament atomic weapons All european Security and German reunification. The russian positions on All these questions arc Well known by now. While there has been a sur face appearance of approaching Western ideas on some of these subjects the soviet positions even As amended in recent months do nol come within shouting distance of Western ideas of Security and Mutual Confidence. Soviet insistence upon specific action at Geneva at least in the form of Broad general declarations could serve As the Rock upon which the conference can be snagged. Rejection by the West of Moscow s proposals surely will be Picl Rcd Al Home and abroad by the russians As convincing Lesli Mony to the West s unwilling Ness to Nellle tensions. With All the individual National political pressures involved the situation is a difficult one for the Western statesmen who far More than their soviet opposites Are answerable to Public opinion at Home. But there is a great Deal Al stake in the Summit Confer ence. Armed with a knowledge of certain soviet weaknesses the West could come up with a Diplo Matic defense and counterattack Hal will swing the weight of world opinion. A i i m i f i cd i maj. Thomas m. Nial or. Drummond has gone abroad to cover the big four Summit conference and devel leading up to a Geneva r Dio the offi Cial build up for the Summit con Ference is almost certainly due for something of a let Down. The layers of calculated even if guarded optimism seem pretty thick Here and need to be pierced if we Are to see these talks in anything like a realistic perspective. As the big four gather face to face for the first time in ten peace scarred years the value of this Good try at negotiation can be Hurt by expecting too much from it As Well As expecting too Little i do not mean Geneva will be a failure. But the reason it will not be a failure is that its objective is not Over ambitious. Whatever headway is made toward easing any of the tensions of the cold War toward resolving any of the deep differences Between the soviet Union and the West it will be a very modest headway itself subject to future negotiation. In All Candor the Prospect of a stalemate is visibly greater today than it was before All the various spokesmen of the big four Powers began issuing a series of pre con for once statements from washing ton London Paris and Moscow. These statements have in no Way narrowed the areas of disagree ment and at some Points have deepened them. Conceivably the Kremlin May have tactically been adding ice to the cold War before taking Tome actions Here to melt the ice but at the outset of the discussions it seems to me these Points need be kept in focus 1. In All the pre Geneva prelim Inary diplomacy most of it Oral Public diplomacy neither Side has offered anything on any Issue which bet other Side has seen As an acceptable accommodation. 2. On the Central Issue of Ger Man unification which the West regards As the Crux of any successful Effort to produce a More peaceful world soviet prime min ister Bulgarin s statement in mos cow last week in answer to British prime minister Eden s speech appears More implacable More in flexible than Ever and to Rule out in Advance any possible Progress at the conference table Here. 3. Finally there is no valid Evi Dence to support the thesis accepted by some top officials in Washington that the soviet Lead ers have come to Geneva out of overriding economic desperation that they have simply got to make the Best possible Deal they can because of internal strains and can therefore be expected to lie Down and Roll Over when the negotiating begins. That is not the cons Sui h Ere. The soviet conomy has always been tight. There is no Slack in it. But the dominant View of those Western officials closest to the facts is that the latest eco nomic stresses not exceptional by soviet standards. They believe tha Tif the Kremlin were inn serious trouble Moscow would be closing in not one ing up to Western travellers that the Iron curtain would be reinforced and the West entirely out. When it comes to German unification there is no visible Point of meeting anywhere Between tha soviet and Western positions. Only last Wek the Western allies and Moscow reaffirmed attitudes which if unchanged would make a emotional unproductive. We have said we won t accept any German unification which denies a unified Germany the right to join with tha West. Bulgarin has just said the Kremlin won t accept any German unification unless Germany gets out of nato and is kept out. These Are some of the Rea sons Why there should be no easy expectation of Large results flow ing from the Summit this week it May still be sound to Hope for moderate accomplishment but it is not sound to Hope for More than a beginning glimpse of an easier More peaceable world. This is Why the big four have set for themselves Only three mod est goals to find out what issues in what order can conceivable Yand usefully be negotiated within the next twelve months. To agree on the procedure for future negotiation. To try to produce some improvement in the International Cli mate so that negotiation May have some Chance of partial Success. The decision to try makes Gen Eva a significant beginning. It will be the purpose of the West to keep negotiations under Way next week next month and next year. Copy rights 1955, new York Herald Tri inc. Graham has reply to worlds needs Drew Pearson new Law widens uses of go Loans Mony different viewpoints surround Ike at Summit meet North Carolina s evangelist Billy Graham spoke on the shores of lace Geneva yesterday within sight of the Palace of nations where the big four leaders Are to begin their momentous meeting today. What he said was very simple but so much the Crux of the matter that it can t be said to often. Graham quite simply urged the nations to forget their National Breeds and turn to god. And he said something else which the statesmen and the politicians and their experts would do Well to remm Fer that while the people of the world have been warned not to expect too much they nevertheless Are expecting plenty from this con Ference no nation holds a Corner on perfection As the world s leaders prepare to talk at Geneva. All have made mistakes some deliberate some unintentional and out of fear and suspicion. But in any event it is now too late for blame. When a ship is sink ing and the passengers Are in imminent danger of drowning it is no time to hold a debate on whether or not the Captain could have avoided the disaster. Today the world stands in the same position heading slowly but steadily for a Rock labelled destruction by Thermo nuclear this is no time to suggest who is at fault. There is now Only time to cling a course and bring sanity Back into internal Onul relations be fore it is Loo this is no Lime either for sync cism or politics. Some commentators Are All Early hinting that the Republican experts Are trying to shape policy in terms of its political effects on Congress and on the Leifi elect ions. These ostriches fail to realize that if world tensions Aren t cased there will be no Washington and most of the voters will be buried be Neath Heap of rubble. President Eisenhower starts the conference bolstered by the prayers of millions of americans and others of Good will around the world. The president we Are told has himself prayed about the forthcoming Confer ence and we May be sure that he is Only too conscious of How much a successful conference outcome could mean to generations yet unborn to listen to those who would place expediency and politics about the Wel fare of Mankind. It is to these latter people that Billy Graham s word wore addressed. It is to be hoped that those on All delegations to the big four meeting will heed them. Politics and diplomatic expediency have been tried and failed. More and More the simple people of world Are turning to god. Seek ing inspiration for a Way out of the present terrible impasse. Can the nations leaders do less no logical end in sight for nation s Prosperity things must be looking right Good. Even the National association of manufacturers which generally operates on the policy of hoping for the Best while fearing the worst has published a Chart showing that new orders Are running Well ahead of Bales which is a very significant indicator for the longer term business Outlook. Since the last Quarter of 1954, the Nam Industrial press service reports sales and new orders have been moving steeply upward. Except in isolated areas where special circumstances have applied and unfortunately hi1 Pec div is one of them tin general Index both Nail s and employment have failed in take their Visdal summer downturn. All this Means that the recession which plagued the Economy a roid a year ago has been banished without any special measures having to be taken by either government or Industry. The number of people in jobs is at air All Lime High and All segments of the Economy arc moving bouy Antly Forward. Actually there need never have been any kind of recession in if a number of people had t been believing that one was sure to come. The fad is that the population of the United states is increasing by leaps and Bounds. New markets and new horizons Are being opened with in our own Borders every Day he cause every additional person added to our population is not Only a Job seeker but also a consumer. This vast population can Exchange goods and services unhampered by customs or Tariff barriers such As exist in Kurppe and Oiler continents and this Ion a Wilps to a with a Vruwink National income people Are Sara Lily seeking new go tuls and services in make life More comfortable. This in turn Means new factories and new products and there is no end in sight to this benevolent Circle. Lust so As we Aren t scared i hit there1 Irwinjr in be n depression there be one. Once again Congress has extended the direct go loan program. It was to have run out july 1. Under the program certain qualified world War 11 and korean vets who live in areas where regular go Loans Aren t available from private sources can get Loans up to directly from the veterans administration aside from extending the pro Gram. Congress added a new wrinkle. Previously a direct go loan could Only be used to buy or build a Home or to build or improve a farm House. Now. Eligible vols also will be Able to buy a farm Home or to alter improve or re pair a Home. Unlike the loan programs which were approved for 10-year periods the direct loan program has and to he extended every two years to keep it from going out of business. The world War ii of Bill Sel a dead line of july 25, 1057, for regular go Loans while the korean of Bill loan program runs until Jan. 31, because Congress has extended the program Don to gel the that All you have to do is go to Ilic nearest a office and ask for a direct loan. There arc two hurdles to to jumped before you re oven eligible. First of All the whole direct loan program is designed Only to rive Loans in you Fellows in parts of Hie country where Reg ular 01 Montik Aren t available to Roupli honks and other private lending agencies. Such areas arc designated by the a generally on a county basis and generally cover Only Small towns and Rural areas. Under pres ent a orders almost no cities Are involved despite the fact that two thirds of the nation s counties arc part or wholly direct loan areas. Furthermore Only about one third of the nation s vets live in direct loan areas. So. To us on the first count you must be in a direct loan area. You can find this out by writing or calling the nearest a office. Second even if you re in n direct loan area your application must isl be referred to a special government regional committee which seeks out Banks or other private lending agencies which might be willing to make Lonn to you. This referring is done by the a after you apply for a direct loan. If your Region s committee can t find you n private loan source then mid then Only Are you eligible for a direct loan dinners arc even after this ing list for n direct loan Hen disc your in my will go in on a unit in recent years n hark log of some applications hns Hov ered Over the whole program. In any Case the first step to Ward a thrill go Luaiki is i apply Hie Vaul lick Iii loan Mav not i a Cine vim Uius link rest on the Money. As with any suit of go . In Riecl private you la have to show you re a Good credit risk and that you have an income Large enough to keep up with the monthly mortgage pay ments. The Down pay Rel you la have to make. Will depend solely on the desire o the Man Selling you the Home. The service eligibility require ments to qualify for a direct loan Are the same As for other go Bill benefits. You must have had at least 90 Days Active duly some part of it Between sept. 16, 1940, and july 24, 1947, or after june 20, 1950. You must have been Dis charged under conditions other than dishonourable. If you re an unmarried widow of a vet who died As a result of world War ii or korean War serv ice you re also eligible for a direct loan. Geneva when president Eisenhower met with congressional leaders in Washington just before hopping off for the he gave cat Goric assurances that he would not discuss the far East with Premier Bulgarin. He told that Russia was weak and Russia was Strong. Dulles Speaks with private Pride about the president the Pride of a Tutor who has trained a Young charge in foreign affairs. He de scribed the president As exuding congressional leaders it would not optimism. He feels it in his vis lessons in English lev a. C. Gordon words often misused do Mil say he alluded at great length to his allude Means to refer to something indirectly. Say. He spoke Al Greal in Glt of his 0 f t e n mispronounced Legatee. Pronounce ice a acc with accent in last syllable. Often misspelled dysentery Dys. Not Dis. Synonyms reconcile reunite conciliate pacify placate propitiate harmonize. Word study use a word three limes and it is Lei us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. To Day s word ulterior beyond what is Manifest or avowed undisclosed. Their activities betrayed ulterior look and learn is the order of president Tisil succession upon the death of a u. S. President 2. In what body of water is the Isle of Man 3. What is a person called who sunburns repeatedly but does not Tan answers j. Vice president. Speaker of the House. President pro temp re if the Senate. Secretary of state. Secretary of Treasury. Secretary of defense. Attorney general. Postmaster general. Secretaries of Interior. Agriculture Commerce and labor. 2. Irish sea. 3. A Clio Phouc. Be fair to nationalist China and of her Asiatic nations which would not be present. However hidden in secret quarters just outside Paris arc 15 of the state department s top experts on Asia and Africa. They were sent just in Case Ike had to yield the russians and discuss far Eastern problems. One reason for sending these 15 experts is a private warning received from the red chinese via the Indian government that communist China will begin its Long expected attack on the offshore _ is lands of Quemoy and Matsu in t mediately alter the Geneva con the United states agrees to meet with Premier Chou in Lai to discuss problems of the far East. The communist chinese threat of course amounts to diplomatic blackmail. However u. S. Intelli gence has checked the Friendly message sent by the Indian government and finds in is All Loo True. The chinese Are not Bluff ing. They have built up Long Range artillery and excellent air bases just opposite the offshore islands and Are prepared to make mince meat of them. So Eisenhower advisers suggest in might be better to sit Down with the chinese in Advance rather than risk a dangerous War around for Mosa. Also it s certain that Des Pite Eisenhower s pledges to sen. Knowland. It Al. The far Easl will he discussed at Geneva. John Foster Dulles who lives at the Villa of mrs. Louise Worthing ton Booth just two minutes drive from Ike s ornate Villa on Lake Geneva is watching the presi Dent like a cat nurses a Lone Kil ten. He wants no flub to mar the United front such As his and Ike s direct la con rare statements Billy Graham god is interested in Small things question since god is infinitely Busy with the great affairs of the universe should we bother him by praying about minor mat ters in our lives b. E. Ii. Answer your trouble seems to be that you have a wrong idea about god. Your once Liim of him is tar Ido Small Neil limited. You Are . It him As Ali Iii a lie wire hinge Iii Hii like sum sell . Ilic cml in us in Ilic ill h is a us i Limle Pott it Ami line. Anil Hie ultimate Miracle is Ilia me is Mil in Busy with Hie great affairs of the uni verse hint he cannot bother about these Little lives of ours. The mighty and who created Ihn world and set Hie stars in motion is ally in every one of us. He loves us with in everlasting love. To give Only Begotten son to die for our sins. The Cross is the measure and proof of Bow much he cares for us. And when by Faith in Jesus Christ we respond to his love we enter into a new and very personal relationship with him As his Chil Dren the mile says concerning the lord Jesus As Many As received i inn. In ilium save Ilic Power in Lii ii Iii Ilic rail Ilivia of Gud. In Hull believe i his i when thus we receive Christ As our lord and Savior and becomes known to us not Only As Hie omnipotent Cron Lor hut As our Loving Hong Only father. And because lie is our Fol her he or Lishus to hear and answer our prayers. To invites us in Casl All our Raro upon him because or Cyros Tor m. Says the Learned Secretary of state. Translated to everyday language of course Means there is no doubt Hal Eisenhower has fell increasingly optimistic about his ability to talk Charm negotiate Bulgarin into something Akin to easing up the cold War. And Foster Dulles who one month ago was quite glum about accomplishment at the now is singing a much More optimistic tune. Chief reason for Dulles s change was his san Francisco talks with crusty old foreign minister Molo Tov who in san Francisco was t crusty at All. Molotov seemed Al most pathetically eager to come to an understanding with the United states. He talked of nothing but the absolute necessity of getting along As a real Friend with the United states. I am getting along in Dulles quoted Molotov As saying and my one great ambition be fore i retire is to make it possible for Russia and the United states to restore their once great Friend Molotov promised Dulles to use his influence on red China to keep peace in the far East and even agreed to consider a plan to have Russia join the Western european Union As one big defense Community. Dulles came to the conclusion and has so re ported to his associates at Geneva that the Kremlin leaders Are worried Over their own precarious internal situation and Are willing to make concessions. He also advised that the West might Well wait for russian willingness to Compromise might in crease As her economic troubles increased. The Dulles View however is a Long Way from being shared by other Eisenhower advisors. Some differ will him vigorously. Here Are the differing groups of advisers around he president As he begins his first session at the Summit group 1 Are political i Riviers. Worried sick for fear the president May pull another Yalta. They remember All too vividly what they themselves did to Frank Lin Roosevelt after publication of the Yalta papers and they fear the democrats might do the same thing to Ike if he flubs at Geneva. Especially they Are worried if he gives any Concession to the rus sians. That s Way Dulles despite his optimism has told Congress men privately thai the american benefits from the Geneva talks will not be apparent or two years while the Benc fils to Russia might be apparent immediately. Group no. 2 Are military advisers who have warned Eisen Hower repeatedly thai Russia is not weak that from a military Point of View she is ahead of the Usa in Many weapons. This group also includes u. S. Intelligence experts. They Are worried thai the pres ident who like Roosevelt has Confidence in his own ability to win people May become too trusting May fall for Bulgarin s charms. They Are keeping their fingers crossed Don t believe the russians can possibly be willing to negotiate any genuine agreements. Those Are the men around Ike who you can rest assured Are not going to let him gel too far on any dip Lomnic limbs. Washington a group of five senators meeting secretly at the hotel Raleigh this week received disturbing news from . Secretary of agriculture James a. Mcco null in charge of the Agri cultural stabilization division. Mcconnell informed them that within five or six Days the commodity credit corporation would announce the release of All its surplus Cotton on the world mar Ket to be sold Between aug. 1, j955. And aug. 1, 1950. At pres Cal commodity credit owns outright million Bales and it will probably own another 4.8 million Bales As the fall due. Last year in released Only Bales. The contemplated release will have the effect of pushing already depressed world Cotton prices even lower. At present world Cotton prices arc 10 per cent lower than american p pcs. The senators fell Hal the plan would have the effect of scuttling the commodity credit corporation and leave american Cotton farm ers holding an empty hag. Copy right 1955, by the Rell Syndicate inc John m. O Dowd Jark o Dowd Koltor und publisher Keillor Florio moral no Newi Deli its to by Noll fled promptly of errors of o i of polls. Enl Creel As Mccond Clicks matter at the Post whirr at Flint no e s r uniter incl of Mirich 2. 1887. Member of Hie As winged 1 Russ. Muir Hurr Aii of and suit Lorrn Ripul Kliers Ai Millon. The Assoc nerd 1 Rill Tyril to the use Lor Jailil Rallon nil the Lurnel Neu Piu All Are Ronor Artois jiul the i Lith org 1 Morii Iii soil Sciuti ton k.-v1t.8 1 month 3 months is Mun Lii 1 work City delivery .35 is.2ft by mail to by Sec. Florence. .35 j-1r2s by mail elsewhere .30 f.1.00 Rales o in Rural routes san Raj Rieli Virv he ii Days by mall Art by mail in Rural areas

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