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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 17, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaI ask Andy n m Marti m no it m to a term Mac ism. P. O. Fib Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the world Book encyclopedia to Donald Thomson age 7, of Richmond Virginia for his question what makes a Magnet work Donald loves to play with magnets. Naturally he is very curious about the magic that makes them work. But it s hard for him to find someone to explain the details in just the right Way for a seven year old. This of course is the Job that your Friend Andy likes doing Best. In this Case the details Are quite Complex. So read the answer slowly and pause now and then to let it sink in. Then read it through again to fix the details in your head. The magic spreads outside and around a Magnet. But the real work begins inside the solid Iron. To understand it we must take an imaginary trip Down Down into the miniature world of atoms. An atom of course is too Small for our eyes to see. But after All we cannot see the wind but we know when and How it blows. Our Clever scientists have figured How tiny atoms work even though nobody Ever saw one the Iron atoms that make a Magnet work Are almost too Small to imagine. Each atom is made of even tinier bits of matter called particles. Its particles Are very neatly arranged and very very Busy. They Are arranged like a miniature solar system. The Sun in the Center is Little fists of particles called the nucleus. The planets Are Bitsy Electron particles. They orbit around the nucleus at Breakneck speeds. An atom s electrons All whirl in the same direction and create a tiny Breeze. It takes zillions of atoms to make a Small piece of solid Iron. If the Iron is not a Magnet its atoms Are packed so that their Breezy electrons whirl in All directions. In a Magnet Many of the atoms Are arranged so that their electrons whirl parallel to each other. The Breeze from one tiny atom is too Small to be noticed. But when billions of them work together like a team they create forceful Energy. This is the invisible Energy that reaches outside the Iron bar and makes a Magnet perform its wondrous magic. Not All the atoms in your Magnet Are lined to pull in the same direction. The working teams Are arranged in clusters called domains. There Are about million million atoms in each Domain. This is the figure one with Tail of 15 zeros but even with All these atoms the do main is no bigger than a Pinhead. There Are Many Many domains in a Magnet. Each one is a Busy team of atom s pulling together. All the teams also Are arranged to pull together. Then the Magnet can spread out its invisible Energy to pull scraps of Metal. Its opposite North and South poles feel the pull of another Magnet. Their two North poles Jerk apart. So do their two South poles. But a North pole and a South pole hug together. The Magnet works As Long As its domains pull together like teams. But this orderly arrangement is not fixed to stay forever. The Breezy atoms can be jostled to spin in different directions. The domains can be jostled out of line. The teamwork can be upset by heat or Hammer blows. When this happens the Magnet loses its. Magic and turns into just an Ordinary piece of Iron. Andy sends a world Book Globe to Donna Orr age 12, of Prescott Arizona Lor her question where is the Southern Cross located in the Northern hemisphere the most famous Constellation is the big no doubt because it circles around the North Star that hangs almost directly above the North pole. There is no such convenient Star above the South pole. However like the North pole the South pole has a Wreath of stars that Circle around and around it. The Southern Cross is the most outstanding Constellation among these circumpolar stars. South of the Equator it is As famous As the big dipper is to us. However it does not Point to a Star above the South pole because at that celestial Point there is Only an unoccupied Patch of sky. Its four Bright stars and one dimmer one Are arranged at the four Corners of a Cross. It shines against the glimmering background of the Milky Way near the inky Black Coal sack. Navigators use it to calculate the position of the celestial South pole. The Southern Cross shines in the skies below the Equator and it May be seen North of the Equator Low in the sky above Southern Texas and Florida. Qu4i i i Irak i Friday fill up All the fish you can eat with tossed salad French Fries Roll Only Florence Hoffmeyer re. Open 8 a. M. For breakfast Noah s Ark Story draws court test Tucson Ariz. A a Geo Ogist has filed suit against the University of Arizona claiming it denied him a doctorate degree because he believes the biblical Story of Noah s Ark. Clifford l. Burdick said in his suit filed in Superior court that he wag denied his degree 10 years ago because some of his professors were allergic to re the suit filed wednesday asks he court to order the University to give him his degree. Or. Richard Harvill University of Arizona president said under no circumstances do we make a comment on any Case that is in the explaining Why he decided too to court 10 years after the de Gree was denied Burdick said i tried to Deal with them for years but i could t reason with hem. I decided adjudication was the Only the University said it s just bad science to believe in the he added. Rep. Neither imported meat May be tainted Washington a rep. John Melcher d-mont., said thursday that. Americans May be getting Large quasi cities of tainted meat abroad. But agriculture department spokesmen opposed Bills tighten meat import inspections saying hey Are not needed an might harm this country s Export Trade. Melcher a veterinarian Tol a Senate agriculture subcommittee his personal investigation indicates Large quantities o contaminated meat May i coming into the United states. Senate democratic leade Mike Montana and sen. Quentin n. Burdick d urged committee approval of their Bill to improve foreign meal inspections. Melcher said theare Are three aults in the present inspection system 1. Foreign review officers inspectors Are spread too thin. Ive need More of them and need hem living in the countries they Are assigned to inspect. 2. On the Dock inspection is lot acceptable because of the pressure of time the confusion and the inherent disorder of Dock procedures. 3. Random selection which inspects Only a minute percent age of the meat neither assures wholesomeness and sanitation nor does it assure Confidence the Consumers that the meat they Are going to buy meets the standards we say it should mans Ffield said the United states has Only 14 men ing the Globe to make sure that foreign packing plants Are designed and operated to meet our sanitation requirements and to inspect trim . Via theft my to forecast if urm show High exp cd re Friday forecast showers Are due today Over the North Central lakes area Caro lines Southeastern Gulf coast. Montana. Idaho Wyoming parts of Arizona new Mexico and West Texas. It will be warm in the Central portion and Cool else where. I Arontt Jennii Ifil a null Friday july 17, 1970 3-a Chrysler bounces Back to profits pee Dee weather Detroit a Chrysten corp., which lost million in he first Quarter reported thursday that it had made a profit of million or 17 cents share for the second Quarter Lynn Townsend Board chair Man stated recently the firm lad virtually compiled a Cost cutting and reorganization pro Gram and that things Are look ing the statement followed Finan Cial turmoil in the nation s no. 3 automaker which culminated on tune 23 when trading in Chrys or Stock was suspended for a Ime on the new York Stock sex Hange. Townsend announced on that Day hat the firm would j probably show a profit for the second Quarter. I the second Quarter profit was 80 per cent below the profit re ported for the comparable Fig ure a year million a and came on sales of si.9 Bil lion r during the first six months of 1970, lie firm reported its sales totalled billion and per cent below the the firm million far the first a if compared to a profit of million during the first half of 1969. Sunny and warm forecast mostly sunny and not quite As hot is the pee forecast or today a . Weather Bureau report said last night. The highs today will be in he lower 90s and the lows night will be 65 to 70. Winds be Westerly at seven to 12 Niles an hour. Tomorrow s Outlook Calls for generally fair and warm with a Ligh in the mid 90s. Somewhat cooler and in will prevail Over the Dee area for the next Fla o. Drier pee 24-hour we Lher information for the period Endina 8 . Yesterday. Temperatures highest 95 Normal High 91 lowest 74 Normal Low 70 mean 85 Normal mean 81 precipitation yesterday .49 this month .61 total for year 16 94 Normal for month 24 humidity 8 . 88, 2 49, 8 . 69 Sun Moon today Sunrise . Sunset . Moonrise Moonset . Tides tides later icon Myrtle Beach and lean drive Georgetown Light Odd 45 inures a Aurrelle in of and Garden City do 35 minutes Chorles Toun add minutes Hawleys Island add 20 minute Myrtle Beach Ocean drive tides Friday High july 17 Low saturday High 18 Low sunday High july 19 Low monday High july 20 Low tuesday High july 21 Low wednesday High july 22 Low july 23 Low thursday High Friday High july 24 Low River bulletin station fid stage Dale Hgt Cage pre Camden 23 16 t Cheraw 30 16 7.2 25 .3 Conway 7 15 1 7 m Effingham w 15 2.3 .4 1.5 Kingstree 12 is 1.7 Pec dec 19 15 2.7 .5 .4 uncover gems Mokrin Yugoslavia a arc geologists from five coun Ries Are unearthing a Necro pol s from the Early Bronze age a site near this North yugoslav Village officials announced. Exerts said Gold jewelry was Dis overed in some of the 4 30 Graves in the cemetery. Registration for adult education now underway Iak Urta Indonesia a More than persons who live in Remote regions of Indonesia have had no Contact with the outside world the official an Tara news Agency reported. Now open country diner serving Home cooking cafeteria style open 7 Days a week from 6 a. M. To 10 . 301 n. Across from Hwy. Dept. Registration for the adult High school program o f Florence school District no. 1 has been set for july and August at the school administration building located on Pine Street according to Carl h. Medlin jr., director. Medlin said the education of fice will be open monday through Friday from s . To . To assist persons in erected in enrolment. The adult program offers Many courses in the area of vocational education w Here units May be earned toward a High school diploma the director said. Pap test slated a full Day has been set for holding a free Pap test clinic Friday at the Florence county health Center according to miss Margaret Ervin health Educato miss Ervom said the hours will be from 9 . To noon and from 2 . Until 4 ., jiving women who canno at end the morning clinic a Chance to. Attend in the of Erno ii. The health educator said can cer of the cervix and uterus is still the second leading cause of death from cancer in women. These deaths could be reduced sharply if More women would take time to have a Pap est at least once each year she said. The Pap test is a simple painless procedure that can detect these cancers in the Early stages before symptoms develop and while hey Are highly miss 5rvin said. Power cutoff set rearrangements and and to lotions to facilities will result an electric service interruption Early sunday morn ing. According to a. J. Mcclellan. Carolina Power and Light co. District service manager lid work will be done Between 4 . And . Sunday. The following areas will to Florence s finest charcoal Hearth restaurant Holiday in smorgasbord monday thru Friday sundays Alia scr Vica without service during the three minute period the Cen iral Northern and Eastern sections of Florence along with Rural areas North and East of Florence the town of Quinby Spaulding Heights Wilson Heights and the Mars Bluff area. Man arrested a Florence Man has been arrested on two charges of grand larceny and one charge of housebreaking according to reports thursday in the Florence county sheriff s depart ment. Homer Day Hancock 40, of the Rock Garden trailer Park Las been charged i t h housebreaking and grand larceny in a warrant signed by Deputy sheriff Kay Shupe. The warrant alleges that he town and country Mobile Home of fice located on the Marion Highway was entered during the night monday or Early tuesday. A Cash Box containing about was reported miss ing. A second warrant signed by Ernest Davis who is manager of Mobile Homo brokers charges Hancock with stealing color general electric television set from a trailer. Hancock arrested by Nepus y sheriff Willie Sam Eagerton was lodged in the county Jai pending Bond of ?500. Assault charge a Scranton area Man has been arrested on a charge of assault and Battery with intent kill according to reports thursday at the Florence coun a sheriff s department. Charged in a warrant signed in Anthony Gamb a about of it. 3, Lake City is David Simmons 24, of it. 1, Scran on. Simmons is specifically charged with shooting Gamble in the head with a .12 gauge about Midnight Satur Day. The incident allegedly occurred at he Home of Boyd Brown at it. 1, Scranton. Gamble was released from he lower Florence county Hospital after treatment Sun Day. The arrest was made wednesday night by Deputy sheriff Ernest Turner. Sim Nons is lodged in the county mail pending trash and garbage pick up also Yor Dwork Bill s sanitation phone 669-3915 River statement locally heavy thundershowers have occurred Over South Carolina Rivers but All remain below flood stage Lake Levels Clork Hill 324.3 feel about 3v beet below Normal Pool level. Lake Holwell 655.9 feel about below Normal Pool level. Lake Greenwood 439.5 feet 2 below full stage Lake Murray 355.9 feet about 4 below full stage. Wateree pond__96 2 feet about 4 below full stage Lake Marion 75.2 feel about in below full stage. Lake Moultrie 75 feet about 2 below full stage. Lake winds Westerly to northwesterly of 7 to 12 Miles per hour stronger Ond Gusty near thunderstorms. Eel Tokyo a the ton ship Sakura Maru will Call at 12 Southeast asian and pay fic ports with Industrial exhibits Between oct. I and Ian. 23. The e Japan Industrial floating Fajr association announced. 1970 Dodge polara the Dodge boys want to Clear out their 1970 Dodge Polaris. So you can write your own Deal on the big car that s big on savings. See the Dodge boys today for a closeout Deal on a 1970 Dodge polara. Cox Fitz motors inc. 221 West Lucas Street Florence South Carolina authorized Dodge dealers s9 Chrysler no motors corporation i Jjlia Rapa loves be Popov get to know Popo Vodka. One of the Best vodkas you can buy. Only it s less expensive than others. No wonder papa loves Popov. He s sensible. Popov distilling co Hartford Conn 80 proof. Distilled from Grain

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