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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 17, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather partly Cloudy and continued hot Cirii scattered after noon thundershowers. High 95 Low 74. Details on Page 10-a. Header s tip Little league and Pony Lea gue tournaments Start this week at a Orrville and Sumter. Flor ence will play both. See 2-b, vol. 118 published in the heart of the pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto Florence s. C., sunday morning july 17, daily 5c sunday Loc weekly . Offers prayers As big four gather president and mrs. Eisenhower Ore welcomed to Geneva on arrival yesterday by Swiss president Max Pei Pierre and his wife. The chief executive will be a key figure in the big four conference opening tomorrow. A wire photo Murphy indicted insurance fraud Columbia july 16 state insurance commissioner d. D. Pat Murphy and two insurance men were charged today with conspiracy to defraud the old capital life insurance co. While Murphy was in office. Warrants issued by magistrate Bryan h. Lumpkin and sworn to by insurance commissioner r. Lee Kelly were served on Murphy g. R. P. Farquhar and Bradley Lay y and by reason is oppressive threats and the of the pay off Murphy Farquhar and Laylon warrants charged further the were not jailed. They reported to ton the Highland county sheriffs sold capital life insurance co. Was the sheriff s office sheriff s. S. Office said. To the United insurance Farquhar is president and treasurer of the guaranty fire Marine insurance co., which was recently placed in receivership on Kelly s petition and Layton is a former vice president of the guar Anty company. Murphy who resigned As insure co. For a sum of approximately one million dollars less than Origi Nally offered and less than its Worth Farquhar was charged with a soviet farming chiefs arrive exude Goodwill Neva York july 16 dozen soviet farm in chiefs arrived Here to Day on their Way to the american Midwest where they will learn about Corn and help along the new Era of their Leader is a Bald rotund and Jovial protege of the russian communist party Boss n i k i t a Khrushchev the first Deputy min ister of agriculture Vladimir Matskevich. He said at Idlewild Airport he is convinced this visit is Only the beginning of a Broad Exchange Between the soviet Union and the United sales in agriculture. Matskevich and his 11 comrades managed to maintain their Good Iii or and pleasant air through a series of ordeals which might Lave shaken others. First their plane was Lale. Ii had of return to Paris shortly after aking off from there the first e. The russians had but Little Sligh said and were free on their own Bonds of 000 each will be set said. Capital life health insurance co. Was sold to United soon after tin Irio was Bales its president lost in a hit have received to be for the governorship in the state carried through he books of primary. American and foreign manage commissioner last August. Anont co of which he was the con now is connected with the coastal an Efforo Cov Stales life insurance co. Of Allan r the and having cer 3 lain Prele Sivc agreements made the charges in the warrant were in Wilh a representative of an that Murphy. Farquhar and Lay company in a ton conspired to induce Force the Sale of the capital co. To the United life insurance co. Of Chicago. United bought capital last june from Lester l. Rales and others and the warrants charged that Murphy Farquhar and Layton received from a representative of United for putting through the the warrants alleged the conspiracy to have been for Murphy in his official capacity As insure Bales operation of the company was an Issue in the Campaign. Gov. George Bell Timmerman jr., who Defeated Bales publicized old insurance commission records that were critical of some of the ways in which Bates had managed the business. Ance commissioner to falsely represent and declare to the Cap Ilal company s officers that it was financially unsound and subject to being placed in Murphy was charged with telling Bales and other capital officials that he would have the company placed in receivership unless it were sold to United. The charge was that he told officers of United that buying capital would he. Mark Twain still earning though dead 45 years Redding conn., july 16 Mark Twain still is earning Money considerable amount of Al though he died Here 45 years ago. The annual income of the renowned american humorist whose real name was Samuel l. Clem ens is higher than that of Many a living breathing author who pounds a typewriter daily. Publishing houses motion Pic lure companies and literary Agen cies paid Twain s estate a total of sll.bn5.fi2 in 1954 for the use of his works which Are not yet in the Public Domain. The figure was obtained today Rood thing and hat it could be from an accounting filed with death april 21, 1910, at Stormfield his 300-acre estate. From investment income and fees for literary rights the Trust fund paid after taxes last year to Twain s daughter and sole heir. Mrs. Clara Clemens Samos Soud of la Joha Calif. Much that was written by the author of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry finn no longer brings any income because it was published More than 56 years ago and no longer is protected by copy right. Copyrights Are issued for 28 years and Are renewable for an other 28 year period. But Twain s later works still Are earning Money and in ways he bought at a probate judge Hialmar Anderson i hardly could have by reason of the false by the i Rusler sol a Irusle fund through he Sale of rights to sent Lions of Murphy in his official established vain before his movies radio and television. Second in Gander newfound land the russians because they had managed to get that far with out vaccination Cerii finales. All were asked by Canadian officials to submit of vaccination. They did without a murmur. Third As the russians emerged from their plane at Idlewild a sudden and heavy Shower struck. They had to stand there being photographed shaking hands with their american hosts in the rain. They got soaked. Fourth after they emerged rom customs and health examination they were photographed in at St. Marks Arlington they Pray a act militant in three states Louisville by. Luly if a Branch of the National Assn for the advancement of co Lorca people said today it will Start enl action against All Kentucky Public schools not desegregated by sept. J5. The Kentucky stale conference he press room at the Airport for nearly an hour. Governor moves in prison revolt Rawlins wyo., july 16 of. Milward Simpson arrived by plane Here tonight to a Lake a per Sonal Effort to quell a riot by about 75 convicts at the Wyoming Penitentiary. The prisoners seized and held three guards and took control of a new cell Block in an outbreak of armed violence saturday morn Ning. Issued its announcement after a Neeling of 54 officials from its 14 state branches. Both Louisville and Jefferson county school boards have announced they do not plan to admit White and negro pupils to the same schools until sell embed 1956. The state Board of Educa Ion s position is that integration should proceed As fast As local conditions permit. Go Osler b. Current new York director of branches said today s action is in line with the National policy of the a act. We feel that school boards have had since May 17, 1954, to prepare to current declared. Raleigh n.c., july 16 North Carolina leaders of the National Assn. For the advancement of coloured people today called on gov. Hodges to take whatever Steps Are necessary to remove from of i asst. Ally. Gen. I. Beverly Lake. The stale conference of a act branches made the request in a Resolution adopted by its executive committee at a meeting Here at state officers and Branch officials. The Resolution said that Lake in a speech advising communities to prepare to operate private schools to avoid integration of White and negro pupils Millered remarks capable of inflaming race hatred and possibly inciting violence it called on Hodges to repudiate his Lake s ill conceived View and to urge All North o net with reasonableness prompt Ness and courage in the regal Ion of the state s Public Atlanta july 16 the National Assn. For the advancement of coloured people today thru Alonci to go to court immediately voc any Georgia Effort to fire schoo teachers for espousing the Nayci or its policies. Ast Alcmene issued at adjourn men noted i hat Cook had proposed Hal the school Board order the discharge of any teacher who con tributes to or is affiliated with he a act. It also cited a school Board Resolution to revoke fore the License of a teacher who Mays support encourage condone offer to Leach or teach negro and White pupils in the same class to which the a act we Lake the position that any american citizen has the civil ant constitutional right to join or sup port any organization whose Pur loses Are legitimate and not con Rary to the Law of the land. A i Lalion of the aforesaid right pre aces an encroachment on the constitutional guarantees of every Vilc and negro capt. Roosevelt gets dec for Landing crippled ship leaders voicing cautious Hopes Geneva july 16 leaders of East and West converged on Geneva tonight voicing optimism that their big four Summit conference will make a Start on finding a Way out of the cold War Maze. Arriving at Cintrin Airport president Eisenhower made a Brief speech recalling some 11 years ago 1 came to Europe with an army Navy and air Force with a single purpose to destroy Naz i came Wilh the formations of War and All of the Circum stances of War surrounded that journey at that time. This time i come armed Wilh Lom thing far More powerful the Ood will of America the great Hopes of America the Aspira ions of America for peace. That s Why i have come Here in this Beautiful country of yours to meet Wilh my colleagues from other countries to see whether it is not Cost to find some Road that will lend All Mankind into a More Tran quil better Fuller Way of the United Stales president at ired in a single breasted dark Grey suit Blue tic and Light Blue shirt was accompanied by mrs. Eisenhower and his son maj. John Eisenhower who will act As his personal aide Here. He was greeted by Swiss presi Dent Max Petil Pierrc. Earlier at a refuelling Stopover n Iceland the american chief executive told correspondents he hoped the cause of peace can be advanced for All the world in the meetings which Slart Here monday. British prime minister Eden and French Premier Faure arriving earlier also expressed notes of cautious optimism that the six Day conference will make Progress in finding a Way out of the decade of cold War. Soviet Premier Bulgarin due Here tomorrow has sought to add to the atmosphere of optimism. Bulgarin said nothing As he climbed into his plane at Moscow Airport. But Only yesterday he told correspondents there was no reason to believe the basis of future peace cannot be Eden and Faure arrived on Sepa rate planes from their respective capitals in a similar mood. Stepping into his plane in Lon Don Eden had told reporters there arc certain influences which should help us reach Good decisions this time and to make ionic before he took off from Paris Faure said next week s meetings of the Heads of government and heir foreign ministers will certainly be a step in Advance on the Road to reconciliation and consequently on the Road to the organization of Faure has expressed Hope that a new conciliatory trend in soviet diplomacy May Herald a shift away from the deadlock thai Hai plagued East West negotiations since the Potsdam conference 10 years ago. Prayers of nation follow to meet ill the associated Altess the prayers of his countrymen followed president disc now Zenty Vienna. Austria. July 16 to communist Hungary announced to night in has freed Josef Cardinal temporarily from Pris on and he has been Given quarters in a Church building. The official Budapest radio said the hungarian Justice ministry ordered the interruption of the roman Catholic prelate s imprisonment and Bis temporary because of age and tailing health in. Has served years of a Hie term handed Down by a red people s court which Tomick a him feb. I. Of treason and related charges. Lie is Hie celebrated of a group of Luj to Cath lir hut Linen who have been evil to prison mine Vilim ii at a jowl of Churchi be Hind Hie Iron curtain the announcement of his release made on the Evo of the Len four Summit conference. In begin monday in Geneva. The radio station issued it in the Middle of news broadcast. As monitored Here it said the Cardinal would Lake up Ftp quarters he decided by Cal Hoyc Church conference. , in Theodore s. Roosevelt Dis Tant relative of presidents Teddy and Franklin d. Roosevelt today received the distinguished flying Cross for bringing in safely a Globe Naser plane and 79 Para troopers after two of its four engines went dead Over the Pacific Ocean two Days ago. Capt. Roosevelt and his Crew of City the report guilty it would be Only 1 received with Joy and with lingers because of weakness of the la car pm j crossed. No official comment was flesh. Forthcoming. But an editor of the his newspaper and charges thai secret Romano said we must wait and had drugged or tortured Chiin to induce him to confess. He was the first Man Ever to transport at heir Home base. Don Aldson air Force base Here. In pinning the dec on capt. Roosevelt. 30. Of Elyria Ohio maj Mccarty com filth air Force mail or of the he said there was in the timing. He commented that. Sentenced by any government told thou a the terms of Gillie serving As a Prince of the j plane Crew and any of the 71 paratroop 2nd i. Richard e. Davidson. Ai. In operation Gyroscope de Liance Ohio assistant a Cigalor. I signed to show whole military m. Sol. Herman l. Dupuis. Units can he moved by air Globe he Luna mont., flight Engineer. I masters flew men of the airman . Willie a. Johnson regimental combat team from Milo okla. Might Mechanic. Ufi. Campbell ky., to Japan and airman 2.c. Erskine d. Carpen-1 returned men of the 187lh Ler Harlan. By. Load master. Regimental combat team from sgt. Dewcy f. Barker to it. Bragg. It was tex., radio operator. Round trip. Or across the Atlantic today am offered him added strength in the Iguest for world peace. Clergymen of All faiths responded swiftly to the president s dramatic suggestion for a Demon stration of the depth of our aspirations for across the country rabbis min Isles and priest made Quick changes in their weekend services to add their congregations to whal he president had termed a highly some like the very Rev. James a. Pike Dean of the Cathedral of St. John the divine. Episcopal in new York had anticipated the resident s idea. N of Only were peace services to be conducted in the Cathedral today hut special trayers for the Success of the conference were offered last sunday. The world Council of churches and the National Council of the churches of Christ in the .a. Had already appealed for special prayers. And Many americans who could not join in special observances weekend without Doi Ihl agreed with the words of rabbi Maurice Lold blast of Indianapolis who said those who feel the significance of the president s request will do it instinctively if not in a House of worship then in their the protest and Council of the City of new York submitted to its member clergy a petition to be made part of the pastoral prayer during sunday morning s worship by the City s millions. Almighty and eternal it said father of All Mankind source of All peace Wisdom jus Tice and love we Pray thee to ivc unto the leaders of the four nations meeting in Geneva a spirit of dependence upon thee that heir hearts and minds May be open to thy guidance and thy will. Bishopville lad drowns in Pond Bishopville july 16 a if year old boy he came Lee county s first drowning victim of flip year when he drowned in a farm irrigation Pond near Here today. Dead is John Lee Stuckey son of or. And mrs. Lawrence stuck by. Red 1. Young Stuckey drowned about p. M. While swimming with n group of boys in a Pond on the farm of Warner clip Wing. Cor Oner Lim Sellars ruled it an accidental drowning and said no inquest will be held. The Slu keys lived on Hie farm of Laurence Peoples in the Spring Hill Section. Release were not known the car Church Dinal will still be impeded irom Mic Lionis As a prelate the Neus was taken at once to Al Ope pins Xhu who Lone excommunicated All Catholic who had had anything to do with car Dinal prosecution. The i animal was tried in lust iconic in Laver us the haps i him and trading unlawfully in dollars Kublai cd nun the vat ican and the 1 filed slates. Six cd Delyn Danes were sentenced from three years to life by the curl of four laymen and Jone professional Jurist. The Cardinal pleaded partly Cuillo and re called n Lei he Hail written the m he had mid Shtil in he Over Cardinas. Mindszenty i or passengers for appropriate awards or decorations. Cpl. Roosevelt and his Crew their plane Here rum an Airfield at Camp Mackall near Al. Hoagg. N. Where Illey let off i the paratroopers who were return i Ini to Al irom Japan in of Ivi Sci pc. S i it Anhill. I i Iii m la. A is u Iilah cons in of Lurker pie dents. Had mils i re a nil i Ai Rived Bete alter a hymn at Haiti Illus Calil. Which it leached thursday lol Loning the harrowing Jocean experience 2nd Illarr ii. Simpson. A Ron. Ohio in Pilot. Capi fail ii. Roberts. Navik Llor. Soviet farm officials on official visit to study Amril Bulz Nisi sum u. S. Marjri culture Secretary Nyrl he s shaking can agricultural methods in logo were greeted cyst crony of hands with a Matskovich Lisl Deputy minister for i Idlewild Airport on fir rival. Gruel or Light is Earl in the user and delegation Leader. At wire photo

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