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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 16, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaProposes draft for husband Carol Ryan 22-year-old australian Commonwealth games dancer has made a Public proposal of free Beer and to any Man in Edinburgh Scotland who will marry her. Miss Ryan made the Heady offer in face of a British Home office directive that she must leave Britain since her permit to stay has expired. A resident of Scotland for five years she receives 144 bottles of Beer a year from her employer s brewery. She is shown Here timing her lace for rehearsal of Highland dancing that she Hopes to compete in at the opening of the Commonwealth games this week. Short of goal Cuba sets record in Harvest Miami Fla. A Cuba s "10 million ton sugar Harvest is nearing an end 1% million tons Short of its goal but St la an All time record Havana radio says. Havana radio reported wednesday the Day prime minister Fidel Castro made a target for reaching the 10 Millionth production to tales tons. The Harvest was Over except for a few Fields tuesday s production had trick led to tons. Cuba prepared for a Poshar Vest Celebration on july 26. But the emphasis in broadcast monitored Here was on observing the anniversary of Castro s revolution on that Date rather than in celebrating the Harvest. There was no mention of Christ Mas or new year which Castro had postponed until july in or Der not to interrupt tie Harvest Well Over Cuba s previous Peak of 7.2 Milieu tons in 1952, also was the longest lasting 12 months nearly double the pre Castro cutting periods. The big production will permit Cuba to meet its commitment of be million tons to the soviet Union at an inflated 6 cents a Pound and still have a substantial Supply to sell on the world a Kat for badly needed foreign Exchange. In Miami Hie economic re search Bureau operated by a cuban exile economist Rafael Rivas Vazquez said while the Cane reserves have been depleted while the Mills machinery has taken a tremendous Pound ing and while the rest of the Economy has become virtually Oral Zed for a whole year the cuban government Waves the of having broken the 1952 scientists open school lunch study Raleigh a a Pilot re j search project into school lunch programs was initiated this week by scientists at North Carolina state University with a Grant from the office o economic Opportunity the University announced wednes Day. Or. William m. Roberts head of the Nusu department of food science said schools in Rocky mount and Edgecombe and Nash counties Are cooperating in the study which could of Fec lunch programs across the state and nation Roberts noted that Public schools of the state serve 000 children meals during an average Day. It s a million a year of he said. Goal of the project is to study possible innovations in school lunch program the that would assure the highest qual Ity of meals at the lowest Fea sible Cost. Dockers close ports in Britain Heath summons emergency panel London a striking Dock workers closed the ports o Britain wednesday for the firs time in 44 years dealing a Crip pling blow to a nation that live by exports and imported food. The dockers walked off Tiv Job after their representative rejected a management Offe wednesday afternoon. We Are prepared for a Ion strike if need said Jac Jones Leader of the transport and general workers Union to which Britain s Doc workers belong. William Tonge chairman o the National association of por employers said management would not negotiate with the Union during the strike. There is a National Dock strike he said. We Havi got no one to negotiate primer minister Edwan Heath whose conservative part has been in Power less than six weeks called a meeting of i by or. George c. Thosteson m. D. Dear or. Thosteson wha causes myasthenia Gravis am at what age is there and known cure do drugs Wear of and become ineffectual is it better to exercise to Thi limit of endurance or to rest if the respiratory tract i affected will a person probably choke to death or is the hear More Likely to fail first n w. Myasthenia Gravis is a dil ficut disorder of the functioning of. Muscles. Basically i is a defect in the transmission of nerve impulses. These impulses do not reach the muscle As a result is the Erie sleepy sex due to drooping the eyelids often is the Fin visible symptom. Anyway extreme fatigue occurs fron muscular activity. The cause of the disease i not known. In older men. It a been theorized that a disorder of the to litmus gland is involved. However results from removal of the thymus had no been consistent. Some reports fibres adequately muscle weakness symptom a indicate that the easier under control if the disease is in women thymus is removed for whatever reasons the 50 it. Inch Vinyl Garden Hose popular decorator colors of Chiton 7 Cun Percolator or 10" Teflon Fry pan your Choice of Avocado Harvest Gold or poppy our regular 14 quart 6 pack ice Chest j each 4 07., size dry ban antiperspirant Spray deodorant limit 2 ladies Cool Cotton Jamaica pretty prints arid solid colors values to si.59 94 a s h 0 p s a v e 13 oz., 99c size Aqua net hair Spray hard hold j i h limit i 175 West Evans Street Florence disorder tends to appear women in their 20s, but in men not usually until after although there is n0 cure he disorder is controlled by wha Are called Anticholinergic drugs. Common ones Are pro Sti mine tension Destinon and Nyte Tase. Drugs do not lose their effectiveness but it mus be remembered that if the disease becomes More pronounced. The drugs May not be Able to Cope As adequately with it. Dosage is adjusted to give the most desirable results by it May have to be increased in the event of infection. The degree of muscle weakness in conjunction will the degree of effectiveness o the drugs will determine one endurance. Fatigue lessens with rest hence pushing oneself t maximum activity is not in order. The respiratory tract and the heart Are not affected by the disease. Choking spells can occur in severe and advanced cases but this is due to weakness of Muscles related to swallowing not. To Muscles used for breathing. Dear or. Thosteson some friends were recently compelled to Wear safety glasses while on the Job. Can these weaken eyes of people who have never worn glasses of any kind the glasses Are a nuisance to peo ple who have never worn glasses. B. 0. Wearing such glasses won t harm the eyes any More than eyes would be harmed by look no through a window. But safety glasses can prevent lying particles from getting in lie eyes and even causing blindness. Maybe it s a nuisance to get used to wearing hem. But the safety is Worth t. Dear or. Thosteson do stomach ulcers Ever rupture i have been told by friends that f i Don t have my ulcer moved it might rupture. I Lave your Booklet on ulcers but t does t mention that possibility. Mrs. L. A. Suppose you Start ignoring he advice of your friends and it your doctor do the advising reason the Booklet does t mention rupturing is because hat s the wrong word for what nay happen. Sometimes a Pep in meaning either in the Lomach or duodenum ulcer becomes deep enough to perforate that is create a tincture. And that admittedly a serious situation. Better you read the Booklet Iver again learn How to baby he ulcer along and heal it because stomach surgery while sometimes necessary is no fun. What Are ulcers How should hey be treated what can you o to help rid yourself of ulcers and stay rid of them for is wars read or. Thosteson s cup Fol i Oklet How to heal epic ulcers and keep them for your copy write o or. Thosteson in care of this newspaper enclosing a Long Elf addressed stamped no Elope and 25 cents in Coin to Over Cost of printing and handling. Or. Thosteson welcomes All eader mail but that be. To the tremendous volume Ecci cd daily he is unable to a scr individual letters leaders questions Are in Orp Oraldo in his column whenever possible. Emergency committee. I be the amount does no Ern ment sent out a plea to guarantee enough u affect Public to avoid panic buying. The government was reported ready to move troops onto the docks to keep emergency food supplies rolling if the strike continues for from weekly to at the last minute management made what was reported to be an improved offer which was not disclosed. Docker s airports Wil take up some of the Don s Heathrow with in freight in cargo a country s third larg the strike figured to Cost the offer Down of food country million a Day dockers refused to Good for several lost exports to Pinch off the final hours of the meat sup ports already paid for and even before the were sure to g hike prices for food the last pay offer. By of workers cheered the dispute Between that the strike was Dock strike and their Bosses hinged on of the docks in threat t pay. The Union demanded an Glasgow said l. E. It crease in the present and Hull had been the National Groc wage rate of a week walkout closes major ports leaving leaders the employers refused ports run by British a 40-Day Sti raise the Basic wage and few private ports who Carrie if there is to be a pay offer fro said Tonge then it had food and critical to dockers come on this Issue of May come by for renewed we do or Don t proceed with via British the employers. New wage Structure for the the ports of Are not trying Heysham he Sai management offered to Dover and taking on the g i Ottnat Jinx Nib Stan thursday july 16, Wos a Brush fires sweep Hills on Riviera Nice France a Brush fires pushed along by 60 mile per hour winds swept through the tinder dry Nilis behind the French Riviera on wednesday ravaging More than acres destroying several Villas and threatening the coast. Firemen aided by seaplanes dumping tons of water were battling at least five separate blazes but feared they would no be Able to halt the blazes before they swept Down the wooded slopes behind resorts such As St. Tropez. One fire swept along few grand corniche Road about six Miles from Nice and a restaurant had to be evacuated. Sal said brings no food sup said they Ike. I the last manage stewards another Blaze was close to the to wreck j Village of plan Cle la tour neat id. To Sainte Maxime and already government. 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