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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 15, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning in sunday july daily 10s sunday 15 ironclad warship Monitor May have several Confederate blockade runners save the Monitor is of the earn Coop Ramon for divers lore _ .a1. An underwater Sid of with talc uss Monitor foundation of Wash sandstorm on associates. Inc. Sed group which has recovered several Confederate blockade runners says the Monitor is about a mile off the Eastern Side of Hatteras Island under 35 feet of water and probably at least 10 feet of Sand the Navy carried the Monitor on ils Roll of ships until the 1950s, although no one had re ported seeing the ironclad since it Sank while being towed along the North Carolina coast on dec. 31, 1862. Then in 1955. A Marine Corporal stationed at Camp Lejeune n.c., reported he found the Monitor s Turret protruding above the Sand on the Ocean floor. Underwater archaeology associates began its own search for the Monitor in May after two years of research working in cooperation with the uss Monitor foundation of Washington a group interested in the Union ship s history. No one with the archaeology group has actually seen the ship but a sonar device has recorded an image of a Turret the group believes is part of the Monitor. The archaeologists placed a buoy to Mark the location but another ship destroyed Hie buoy and now tote search must begin again John Broadwater of Southport n.c., an electronics specialist working with the archaeology group said that if the sonar device locates the ship again it will take at least a week for divers to reach he Hulk he said the Ocean floor where the Turret was sighted is very Flat and very Sandy and the current is often extremely Strong. The result is a constant swirl of Sand which reduces the divers visibility to six inches or less . ologies s say there is no Way to remove the piles of Sand covering the ship and make Sui c it does t shift Back onto the ship before . You could work a couple of weeks cleaning "1 off and one Good blow and it would be Cov ered said a for who Eroi p estimates it will diners f old so p Anri pay the the Navy had no immediate answer when asked whether it would assist in recovering he ship and whether it would make and claims if the Monitor is recovered. The archaeologists Hope to display the Shin m Norfolk. A. The scene of the Monitor s first and Only Battle. Unions of marcl1 9 lha he Union s Monitor and he confederates mar Runac ought to a standstill in history s fight Between ironclad ships. Conservative shift okayed by lutherans by Leo hew. Cornell a religion writer new Orleans. La. A _ contrary to most major 1 protestant denominations which have been moving toward greater flexibility the lutheran Church Missouri Synod Lias acted to reverse what it considers recent signs of the 3-million-inember denomination considered he most conservative among the nation s three major branches of lutheranism ended its governing convention Here ii a n g Durine the convention the Church spelled Oul additional requirements of belief chastised its main Seminary for assert edly permissive approaches to the Bible and ordered corrective measures it s resuming to traditional positions on scripture says the Rev. Or. Richard so Liecht of Ann Arbor mich., a District president of the lutheran Church Missouri Synod. It Means reclaiming our conservative a moderate minority of about 40 per cent of the Dele Gates fought he crackdown. As one of them the Rev Leon martin., of chicago., put in the real Issue was whether we were to remain he progressive Church we be become or return to the Church we were the conservative bloc argued the other Way. We want to stand where we were-10 years ago. Where we be always stood where we be got to stand said the Liev Jerry e marked of a. demanded a Litera Islic concept of the Hible. An approach criticized by moderates. The Rev. Or. John of Concordia Semi nary in St. Luis. Said that such legislation of Bible interpretation runs contrary to the spirit of the Seminary itself biggest lutheran theological institution in the nation Wasa prime target of the convention which condemned teaching there As subverting the Bible the Rev. Or. Tietjen has said he expects dismissal from his Post. The stricter controls authorized by the conservative major Ity came at the urging of the Church s re elected president. The Rev. Or. ,1. A. 0 Preus. Who had accused the Seminary of Here locally . X president Nixon slightly doctors Peron takeover planned in Advance Buenos a1hes. Argentina a Juan d. Peron s comeback after 18 years in exile was immersed in intrigue saturday following the former dictator s indication of a months old secret agreement to thrust himself into the presidency once again. The Fate of the Peron s political life also was hitched to the possibility of an election ticket Alliance with the centrist Radical party apparently to alleviate military anxieties about leftist inroads in Argentina. President Hector a Campora. A Loyal Peron Follower resigned willingly but tearfully Friday to permit Peron to run for pres ident. The resignation appeared to be inspired Only by the wishes of other Peronis leaders. But Peron indicated later Friday a right in a speech that he and Campora actually worked out the arrangement before the ele Cliofas last March apparently to circumvent the ruling mil1 Mary government s refusal to let Peron himself run for the office. Horsing around in human clothes bedecked herself Oak hath took first prize in the of the fifth annual Florence 4-h horse show saturday by treating her 3nd a in the ides Donna Hemford who dressed herself younger partner and horse in red write and Blue flags and clothing. The 24 riders attending the event from Florence Marion and Darlington counties competed in 26 different con tests. See further pictures Story Page 2a. Photo by Johnny Ellis Washington a president Nixon was reported showing Only very slight improvement saturday under treatment for viral pneumonia and x rays showed some involvement now in both lungs. The latest medical bulletin from the presidential doctors issued at Idt saturday said thai Nixon has been resting with less discomfort but continues to run a fever. He was breathing easier and had less Cost pain the report said. A new a Ray examination saturday reveals some Clearing of the pneumonia in the right lower lung with a minimal area of pneumonia now evident in the left lower in ii previously the doctors had been referring to abnormal sounds in the left we but they did my have the of the latest medical bulletin said Hie president s response to treatment is considered satisfactory alibis earlier saturday his doctors said they advised him to rest for a week or 10 Days after he leaves Bethesda naval Hospital. They preferred that he recover at one of his vacation Homes but i Ress Secretary Donald l. Zic Glor said it would More Likely boat the while House. White House physician or. Waller Tkach said the president is impatient under work restrictions and insists that he remain in the Cap Lap inlhelhiekofil.1- he described the president As still a sick his four doctors examined he president Al 10 . Saturday morning and reported the president was suffering less Chest pain and his temperature had dropped a bit to 100 de Grees. They said he had gotten a Good night s sleep of i i hours hut had required another analgesic Lessen the pain. Tkach said hat the president was better report continuing on antibiotics Oral analgesics and inhalation therapy to avoid any Chance of relapse. Kiich said that lie has admonished the 1 in very positive terms to hold Down his work Localise he can t afford to take a Chance on a the doctor said that ally Tough Nixon is tired and sick he is mentally , who was admitted to the in spinal thursday., will slay five Days at a 10 Days at the most. Doctors said. Nixon s wife pal. Daughter Julie and son in Law David Eisenhower paid their second visit to Nixon in two Davs saturday afternoon. Lie was also visited for 40 minutes by his chief of staff. Gen. Alexander m. Laig or. Ziegler said Nixon is carrying Jaf essential business and Ninde Proli Minni a policy decision with Laig on the l economic program. The biggest problem was reported to be Nixon s insistence on keeping up his work schedule which lie doctors want to keep to i minimum now and Cut in half at least during his recuperating period. Tkach said Nixon does t give up easily and thai the president did not Call in his doctors until he was Flat on his Tkach also said that he has always had a hard Lime getting Nixon to Case up on his work Load and Lake some diversion from the Job. The doctors were postponing a decision until next tuesday or wednesday on whether some adjust Mont would have to he made in the schedule for the visit of three Heads of the Shah of Iran the prime minister of Australia and the prime minister of were due to visit Nixon later this month. A Visil by the president of Pakistan it Alfakir All Bhutto next tuesday was put off until september. College student sets new world spitting record Central City Colo. A the Beer Garden at the gory Hole tavern was More or less Back to Normal saturday after an exhibition of unparalleled i elegance known As the third International spit finbclchin1 and Cussin triathlon. The spectacle held annually in this old Gold Camp 30 Miles West of Denver Drew a crowd of 400 on Friday to watch the unabashed contestants. Harold Fielden a 23-year-old University of Colorado student from new York spit feel to break a world spilling record and out cussed 11 of her contestants to win the travelling trophy a Chrome Rolls Royce radial or cover. Fielden fired the record breaking expectoration in the first Section of the Competition to win a Gold Spittoon and Ihen Lei go in the third Section with some Well chosen unprintable words to win the event and the championship. Fielden got a Case of soap for his performance in the Cussin con Cal. Taking top honors in the Belchin Competition was Paul Woodhams. 2c, of Denver. He won a free dinner in a Black Hawk Colo., restaurant. Spectators came from As far As new York City Portland. Ore., and los Angeles to wit Ness this year s spectacle sponsored by the red Bandanna a group of Habi tues of of Central cily bars. Lew Cady editor of the weekly newspaper Little kingdom come and Max Hobb. The newspaper s publisher judged the spilling contest. They had some difficulty measuring at limes when contestants hit the spectators by Accident. Fieldon s performance broke the world record of 31 feel. 9 inches held by a Mississippi Long distance spitter named Don Snyder. In the Belchin judgment was based on tonal Quality and raw volume. Contestants warmer in with Beer and Alkali Zers. Two members of the Denver symphony orchestra and a violinist for the Central City opera association judged the Competition. Highlight of the afternoon was the Cussin Competition judged by representatives of area news Media on the basis of venom originality Neal ass and aptness of Houghl one contestant an Art student from Alacon. Ga., Wiio was one of two women entered in the triathlon said she entered the Conlest because she s a she stepped onto the slag with a parasol and cussed hard Arndell. But was t Good enough to win. Mitchell s watergate role still not Clear a Frederick c. Larue the third Man at a critical meeting before the watergate break in is reported ready to testify he can t be sure Helhe r John n. Mitchell approved or rejected the watergate bugging scheme. Mitchell and Jeb Stuart Magruder. The other to at the meeting have sworn before the Senate watergate committee to opposite accounts. Magruder said Mitchell approved he plan Mitchell said he rejected in. It is generally agreed there were three meetings at which g. Gordon Liddy s political espionage plans were discussed in the presence of Mitchell president Nixon s Campaign chief and Magruder. The Campaign Deputy. U is also agreed Hal Liddy s plans were rejected at the first two meetings. Larue attended Only the third meeting. The meeting took place on March 1972. In the Florida room of a Long Low House in key Biscayne where Mitchell was on vacation after resigning As attorney general and accepting the leadership of president Nixon s re election Campaign. Larue. A trusted aide was staying in the House with Mitchell and Magruder came Down to go Over a number of Campaign matters thai required the director s approval. Harry Fler Ming a special assistant Lothe president had been in at the meeting the pre Vious Day and Larue has told investigators he put the sensitive Liddy plan Al t he Bottom of the stack of decision papers because he did t want Flemmings Oseit. All three men agree that the Mailer came up toward the end of the meeting. Magruder has testified Liddy s first plan had called for a budget to finance wiretapping prostitute spies kidnapping of radicals Clandestine photography and that everyone who heard about it was appalled. The second plan was for half that amount and limited to wiretapping and photography. Magruder said bul was still regarded As Loo expensive. So the plan that came up on March 30 was for and according to Magruder was pared to a proposal to wiretap and search democratic National committee Headquarters in the watergate. The proposal was typed on Leller size paper showing the basics of the plan the number of people Liddy would have to hire the number of electronic surveillance equipment and amounts he would have to Purchase and Magruder testified. Mitchell he said did some markup on some of cannot recall what he marked on these his approval did not indicate it in any formal sense by initiating it or writing just indicated the project was jiul Mitchell when asked what his recollection of his decision was testified Well in was very simple we Don t need this. I am tired of hearing it. Out. Let s nol discuss it any further in my opinion it Larue has not yet testified before the Senate watergate committee where the other two participants to opposite accounts of the crucial decision. Bul in a Brief courtroom statement on june 27. When he pleaded guilty to conspiring to obstruct Justice m the watergate cover up Larue said the proposal was discussed at the meeting i he said ii was not approved in my presence and i have no personal knowledge of its approval by j Senate investigators say the account 1-Afuie has Given them leaves open the possibility he was t in the room Al the moment of decision men come and go but Eton is the same Only minor changes have come into being at the English school of Eton. Page 9b. Index arts 8b a government medical re business 6a searcher says disease which Horoscope 11a causes loss of smell or taste pets 6b May be affecting Many. Page 11 a. Sports 1b cuban Leader Fidel Castro theatre 2d May be moving towards a soften women 1c ing of hostilities. Page 12d. Weather partly Cloudy and continued very warm with a Chance of thundershowers. Highs around 90. Lows lower 70s. Details. Page 3-a

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