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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 15, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaFriday morning july 15, 1955 the Florence morning news Florence s. C. Page 7-a Mother of five generations celebrated her 81st birthday on july 9. Family members shown included mrs. M. W. Hughes 81, seated on right her son e. A. Hughes seated on left. Standing in Back is mrs. J. W. Tompson granddaughter end great granddaughter Debery Tompson. A great great granddaughter is not ants in your today there arc Over 2.500 pc cies of ants known and to the irate housewife and the indignant Gardener it often seems that All species have settled in House and Garden each summer. The first and Foremost member of the ant clan is the household ant or the Pharoah ant a red dish Black Demon about 1-10 of an Inch Long with six spindly legs and two feelers on the front of Liis head. The Pharoah ant bus been known to move about lazily As if his ancestors were the Fayo Rcd in sects of Queen Cleopatra and in Liis schizophrenic Way he tackles Kitchen Swec foods with the Zeal of an egyptian trying to chop Down the Sphinx. Like the proud Winner of a Chariot race he can be seen with the Aid of a Microscope smacking his lips As he bores through jars of Jam Honey and sugar. Then there is his Cousin the Argentine ant who is about the same in size and color. This Gay Little Gaucho seems to fancy him self tie Cabellero As he Scur Ries Afler the delicate Little Gar Den a plaids and entices them Home with him. The aphids minute in sects that secrete a Honey like substance Irr Cristable to the ant Are then taken Back to Hie Plant what fed pm by the eager Little ant. This procedure spreads the Aphis race around quite a bit and there by causes immeasurable Garden damage. Tiik. Real charac ters in the ant world arc found in the Countryside. For instance. Fire ant Bright red with a Blowtorch sort of personality. He invades nests of Birds and slings them to death. Then there is the Cornfield ant he cats the Sweet secretions of Corn Root aphids. The aphids Lay eggs in the ant Burrows when the aphids Hatch the ants place them on know Weed roots until the Corn is planted and growing. Then the ants Transfer the aphids to the Corn roots thus making sure of a constant foot Supply. The Carpenter ant he builds nests and Burrows in dead Wood and logs and even in the foundations of buildings. The work ers Are infertile females which Are the largest members of the an family. These females arc Nalei frustrated As thawing through the Wood is so Boring a task. Here s How to Stop the an menace there Are Many controls on the Market that successfully repel ants. But chlordane has come to the top As one of the easiest most efficient ant controls yet introduced. This 44 per cent chlordane a Lerial can be applied at the rate of 2 tablespoonfuls in a gallon o water. Apply around patios along runways around outside House fou la t ions under porches in cracks in Cement walks around garbage containers and the like 1 he chief sources of trouble Are the actual nests of the ants. Try to find these nests and spot treat them in lawns and other infested areas. Summer ladies dress shoes red Blue stack Patent Black and White Brown and White Green and White Kaaa to a to 10 values to values ladies casuals and Flats aaa to a a to 10, Reg. To All men s summer shoes Jarman and master built All sizes 10.95 to 12.95 t i and values Sqq go children s moccasins sandals and ballerinas Patent Pink Brown and White. Values now Belk s shoe store new twist on string of beads if you re in he mood for riddles today How about trying this one when is a string of beads not a string of beads the answer is when they stay together with out being Strung. Strands of beads without strings Are i lie very newest development in costume jewelry. The individual plastic beads have a Peg on one Side and a socket on the other so that they can be snapped to Gether to make either necklaces or bracelets of whatever length you choose. The new jewelry fits with in the average budget yet it s made of a Mineral More precious than Gold. This Mineral comes out of n Well and it s called Petroleum. Petroleum derived plastic is used to make some of the mow attractive jewelry on Ilic Market. It comes in the pastel shades that show off a summer Ian so nicely and in frosty White that makes bite skin brighter and Tan More dramatic. The massive look ing jewelry so popular this season is More comfortable to Wear when it s made of plastic because Plas tic is so Light. Lief Oak adopting a new style a Wise woman makes sure that it flutters her Type. The Petite woman chooses Dainty Small scale pieces. A round face Calls for the up and Down look of Long ear rings and necklaces a narrow face for Chunky jewelry. for the girl with the perfect Oval face she can Wear anything that catches her fancy. Incidentally if you be Ever lost a favorite earring because you look it off to use the phone Here s Good news for you. Uesi fiefs have come up with a Gadget made of Oil based plastic Loo by the Way that fits Over the receiver Matching it exactly except where there s a piece taken out to make room for your earring. The use of abrasive scouring powders on Kitchen appliances should be avoided. It s belter to use a creamy Kitchen Wax which not. Only cleans the enamel but also leaves a shiny protective coating. Air conditioning is mixed Blessing for everyone s feet air conditioning a great sum-1 Onk Way of avoiding Mer Boon to modern is to make sure that your play Hob with your feel shoes Are Many a noted foot specialist. Persons find that buying warm he Points out that feel like shoes one half size larger rest of you. Feel wonderful in Iii Lhasa their regular shoes keeps air conditioned room hut the Methem comfortable feel on your feet when you go out Inlo the heat is More drastic i a so. Take advantage of the Natu than on most other parts of theiral air conditioning of All Cath body. L r keep a constant current of air circulating around the reason for this is simple. Iv01ii. Fact u feel normally swell during the leather the sudden swelling j caused by a rapid shift from and in fact a recent Laboratory study air conditioned room to the City that the inside of shoes with Street May cause painful disco leather soles and uppers Are some fort from blisters corns and Cal 20 degrees Moler than the lint Luses if your foot cat in t on which you walk. For your Church Pat or Charity Money month after month in the Kraft Cash plan Label from quart Jar Worth Label from pint Jar Worth Label from 8oz. Jar Worth if xxv Kraft Mayonnaise Are Worth Tom Mimi Kraft Mayonnaise one fluid quart Kraft Mayonnaise Worth Kraft Mayonnaise could t your Hospital Board or Pat or scout Good use right now of some extra Cash of course they could. And Here s a Chance to get it with very Little Effort. Start your group collecting Kraft Mayonnaise labels get your group started right away hurry to Tell your friends about group you know that needs Money. A simple group Effort can bring in extra Cash month after month after month any nonprofit nonpolitical group is eligible for this help. Churches women s clubs farm youth organizations Pat Community orders any charities. No group is too Small. So to do but mail in labels the Kraft foods company would like you and your friends to get thoroughly acquainted with their Fine Mayonnaise. They would also like to share in the i Good work of your Community. So Kraft is making this offer collect the tear off portions of Kraft Mayonnaise labels. Mail them in with the full name and address of the organization to receive the Cash. Kraft will Cash them of1, for every tear off from a quart Jar for pints 2p for 8-oz. Lear offs. Delicious Kraft Mayonnaise is so Rich so firm bodied you will find it a real pleasure to use Kraft Mayon Naise. Genuine Mayonnaise with a delightful delicate flavor it is made with extra egg Yolks for and firm body. Even when you dilute it or heat it or mix it with tart juices Kraft Mayonnaise stays Rick and smooth hurdles or separates. Start the Ball rolling of course the sooner you Start collecting Kraft land so Liliu More Cash for your Church club or Charity. So get going now. Put a collection Box in your club room Church or school. Ask your neighbors to Saval Kraft Mayonnaise labels. Get everybody today s the Day to Start please Send this form with your Label portions to Kraft Charity fund Box 1099 Chicago 77, i Sinois Karl Sod arc tour off portions of Kraft. Menyonn Nieft inc in Worth Pletsc Send Check for thin amount to Nam of group simply Coll it the tear off portion of Mayonnaise labels and Send them to Kraft with the Watne and and diva of the organization you Tuut to receive the Money. Any Sun Pruitt group in eligible Well its churches or Church groups Ita women s clubs about Koopu Community tiny Charity. No group is too Frimll or too Largo. Kral t will pay to these groups ouch for from quark of Kraft Iff each for tour Ottn from 2 Rich for a Crofts from 8-07. Jura. Moil the Una Olin in Dunn Titiev Worth More to Kraft Charity fund Box 1099, Chicago 77, 111 using the convenient mail in form itt the right nvbilalili1 i food or a skin heat of paper give the Natiw Una Lull address of the Utku Numion the name and add ii of the individual who fills out the form and the total value of the tear oils be accompanied by the name of the Organ motion which will receive Tho Cash. cannot be made out to individuals. The offer in Good until dec. Slut 1055. Apu Kess of croup my name my

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