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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 15, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather continued hot and humid today. Some Chance of scattered thundershowers this afternoon and tonight. High 90. Low 73. 116 published in the heart of the Pec Dee farm area in the Palmetto of Fader s tip Farmers face two decisions in a july 23 referendum on tobacco quotas and foreign markets for products. Sec 5-b. S. C., Friday morning july 15. Dalia do Sun Jay Loc weekly s5e segregation s foes strike hard on several fronts sporting a Beard to do any Man proud Gene Atkinson took first place last night in the Timmonsville Centennial Beard cof test. Timmonsville men started growing the beards april 18. Morning news photo big Beauty event to end Centennial 5. Men skipped Sobeloff new Federal judge Washington j uly Dis appointed of the South Carolina congressional delegation and crushed the Hopes of several prominent South carolinians tonight when in an unprecedented action he nominated solicitor general Simon e. Sobeloff of Mary land to the fourth circuit court of appeals. Sobeloff is one of the Al Lornes who presented the Justice depart Szrom. Meals position in the segregation disappointed that a South Case thai resulted in the to for he lifetime judgeship. By Tii Elsia Smith morning news state editor Timmonsville july 14 approximately 1.500j natives and guests of Timmonsville turned out today for the Semi final activities of the Centennial. Courts decree outlawing segregation. The nomination came As a disappointing Shock to South Caro Lina s delegation. Only a week ago the president informed this reporter that he would follow the traditional method of appointment in naming a Suc Cessor to judge Soper of Maryland who retired from the fourth Cir Cuit Bench effective june 30, thereby indicating that he would name a South carolinian to the the nomination Lias heretofore been by rotation the president naming a judge from each state in the circuit in succession As vacancies on the Bench occur. Not in 30 years has South Carolina had a Man on the fourth circuit Bench and it was the Palmetto states turn to be represented thereon. Senator Olin d. Johnston said to Friday will Mark the final and biggest Day of the night that he was sincerely Dis dec libration which began april 18. A picnic was the highlight of to Day s program. Scheduled to begin about 11 a. M. The affair continue until about 3 p. M. Despite the rain which forced the crowd to move in to a tobacco warehouse. Late ibis afternoon the final Kangaroo court was held in the Cen Ter of town. Tonight winners of the Beard contest and the Best dressed women of the Centennial were named. Gene Atkinson. 45, was first place Winner in the Beard Conlest for the Best and most Dan Pappas was chosen As the owner of the most distinguished and Warren walkup was named grower Mohe least Beard. Mrs. Thelma Sims took first place As Best dressed woman Dur ing the Centennial miss Cleo Star a second and mrs. Kenneth Morson and baby were chosen third place winners. Honorable mention also went to miss fran Ces Atkinson and mrs. Llewellyn who appeared today As ".mrs. Davey the Celebration of the Day end re with a Square dance tonight to the music of slim minis his Jna Calculi. Miss Florence Viviar Home. Miss Sumter Sarah Small miss Mullins Frobin Williamson miss Covay Bertie Lou Lewis miss Heningway Barbara Rogers miss Mccoll Kilty q. Brooks miss Andrews Sandra Dockins miss s Orth Charleston Margaret Fay Hursey miss Pageland and Mary Ann Smith. Miss Hampton. The Celebration will end with a dance at the Palmetto warehouse beginning at p. M. The Centennial has been sponsored by the chamber of Commerce ind All fees collected for shaving licenses and other misdeeds Dur no the 2-month Celebration have icon used for the various expenses of putting on the Centennial. Appointed that Eisenhower did not appoint a South carolinian to the judgeship but added i did not expect much More from the present administration. Johnston a member of the sen ate judiciary committee which must consider the presidents nomination before it is presented to the Senate did not indicate whether or not he would fight the appoint ment in committee but he said he was very sorry that the presi Dent chose the Man who helped present the Justice department s position in the segregation Case be Ore the supreme i think this demonstrates How ittle we in South Carolina can expect from president Eisenhower ind his Johnston said. School order is expanded by the associated shut Lien proponents of segregation lost another Battle thursday As the traditional Dixie practice of separating the White and negro races came under heavy fire on several fronts. The . 4th circuit court of appeals in Richmond vii., threw out segregation on City buses in ruling on a Columbia s. C., Case. I regret Hal the not filled by the appointment of a South Thurmond said. He added it is my Hope that the distinguished attorneys of our stale will be Given greater consideration in the Thurmond said he did not know the appointee or his of qualifications. Sobeloff s appointment Means that Eisenhower turned thumbs Down Onia least four South carolinians endorsed by some of the presidents strongest South supporters during the j952 presidential Campaign Al tools the judiciary committee before which the nomination will go for study is composed of eight demo reals and seven republicans of which seven Are southerners seven Ore northerners and one is from Border stale. Senator Harvey Kilgore of West Virginia is chair Nan of the committee. G. L. Ivey no evasion1 trustees consider school petitions by Chi Kalks Mooitz. Morn Iii news City Keillor trustees of Florence school District no. 1 avoided a the court said the principle applied by the u. S. Supreme court decree outlawing Public school segregation should be applied in discs involving transportation.1 in Washington both Congress and the interstate Commerce com Mission were asked to end other trans Poulalion segregation prac 1 ices. 1 National Assn. For the advancement of coloured people urged the inc to follow the supreme court Public school segregation decision and abolish All Segre Alinn in interstate transportation. Hep. Diggs id Micha negro at the same Lime proposed to the House Commerce stub committee hint it ban segregation practices at Federal Aid airports. Meanwhile. Farm hand claims did t kill child Gray sworn in As assistant defense chief Washington july 14 he Gor Don Gray a Democrat who served As Secretary of the army under president Truman was sworn in Oday As a top ranking Pentagon official of the Eisenhower administration. Gray president of the University of North Carolina since Jii fio took the oath As an assistant Secretary of defense in the office of Secre tary Wilson. He will concentrate on International Security affairs. Gray succeeds h. Struve Hensel in major direction of foreign Mili tary Aid programs. With a background of govern ment service extending to 1941 m a Ial Pite heated blasts from states rights league three judge Federal District court members at their regular meeting last night. Prepared to sit in Columbia s. A. Some Hoo persons filled the auditorium of brings Lor the Lisl hearing in school to overflowing at the school Board s first meeting 0 segregation Case since 24 negro parents filed a petition calling for an the to Sierre brition 3i the Hill k los b i any strict courts. Waiting patiently in the hot Stuffy auditorium until the Board Fin is cd considering routine matters the slates fighters followed then Leader. G. L. Ivey. In demanding an immediate answer to the negroes petition and to their own petition that called for continued segregation. We want no evasion on the said Ivey. Who in a petition read to the Board demanded that last night s meeting be segregated and asked the Board to re fuse integration. There were no negroes at last night s meeting. P. M. Norton look the floor to Call the Board s handling of the petitions the Board received both Pel Lions for info Malion and further study on to Lions offered by . T. W. Gra Ham Board Secretary and seconded by Ralph ii. Moore. Board chairman 0. S. Aiken indicated that s the plan of the Board prayerful deliberation on the problem. Where arc my five children go ing to school this asked Charles Haigh of red 1, a Mem Ber of the states nights league. They re not going to a mixed he declared and i want to know where they re Aiken said. As far As i know Lilicy la slay in the same Harry liar Loe of Lii t i said be Ween and fl5 per cent of the negroes in Florence want to Allend segregated schools. Arc we to be used by a he asked should be stand a few Organ red groups push us Hall cd asked that a spokesman e contacted who represents this 10-95 per cent of the coloured pole who Don t want mixed schools o counter the work of such or the High a Jurl last year ruled that separation of students on the basis of race alone is illegal and in the May decree directed District courts to see that segregation is ended As soon As practicable. In other segregation develop ments the Macon ga., narc Pilot a act members who local president threatened to Burn i teachers he challenged the Lorney old the commission the supreme court swept away the previously accepted principle of separate but equal facilities for whiles and negroes in the Public school segregation decision. Lie also said the coir t uses segregation As a synonym for discrimination and argued thai her forc racial separation could not be justified under the inter state Commerce act prohibiting Luscri Minalio among Railroad a item. Diggs asked the sub com nit Lee considering additional fed eral Aid Lor airports to put an Ali segregation amendment in the ill to authorize additional Federal nid for airports. Judge Armistead m. Dobie of Charlolle Ville va., who wrote to Lay s 4lh circuit court of appeals opinion in the bus Case will be me of the three judges sitting at Columbia tomorrow to hear the Clarendon county s. C., Case. With him will be judge John j. Parker of Charlotte and judge George Bell Timmerman of Columbia. In Macon. Ga., or. J. S. Wil Liams head of the Alacon a act Chapler. Not Only promised to pro this is a hot Norton counter the work Aid. Let s Don t pass it from animations As the a act a Molion by or. J. P. Said. Let s Don t p one to another and then try to Cave it up in the or this Ray Fletcher Joplin mo., july 14 near illiterate farm reversed himself after 23 hours today and told the army Gray Moor Cypre ident 110hcp Allyl 2-year-old Donna out of Washington announced City. Iowa was a hoax. Audrey Brandt 42, of la Porte that Friday s Parade which is set for p. M. Will Roi Ilain 50 mils the largest thai Timmonsville ims Ever produced the Beauty will City. Iowa told acting detective capt. John showers that he made up tile Story Aller hearing an a ago and working for a time with a carnival. Detective Gene Eichelberger had count of the rape Over an commented earlier that talking to potato will gel Loo hot to handle. If you Don t do something he other Side is going to do something my you la find yourself winding up n the biggest lawsuit you Ever heard he told the Board. Bay Parrott said the failure a has been in and j of the Board to act tonight will be in on various gov-1 considered a Victory for the a Price Board member that the Board re tire to another room to consider the hiring of eight teachers was met Wilh opposition by a few in the audience. Said Norton i m tired of smoke screens being pulled around or. Price defended his motion by saying he did t feel anyone pres nem Barship lists to protect any eachers from revocation of their Georgia licenses and the Allan la Public Library Board declined to i open the main Library Branch to negroes. Negroes Are required to sit in the rear of most Southern City transportation vehicles. South car Olina is one of the Stales having state statutes on that and of Here segregation practices. I Sarah Mae Fleming brought suit i against the South Carolina electric and co. Of Columbia which i a District court dismissed for Lack Sale to try to revoke his physicians s License for his Antis Gryga Ioir views. Special court sitting today on s. Case of jurisdiction. The company oper ates the transportation system in Columbia. By Sun can Columbia. July 14 round in the Summerton n reversing that action the segregation Case is due Cuil court not Only held that the Here tomorrow before a three District court Iliad jurisdiction but judge Federal court declared we do not think the i three years ago. The same court separate but. Equal doctrine can any longer be regarded As Correct statement of it added that from recent us Sakl segregation in the summer ton schools was Legal so Long As facilities for nil pupils were equal. That ruling has been upset by can men assignments. Would want their daughter s Prem court decisions it us. Supreme court decision the most recent was the chair Manship of a special Board named by the atomic Energy commis Sion to investigate Security act the National association am qualifications discussed the of nil u i it la r to evict Riding in Brandt was like talking to a 2-Jfio and cil a i the detective said i ing i police continued to hold him on of we had asked him whether he Moil be miss Marv i Allrn s r of lie Man charges against famed physicist j. I Robert Oppenheimer. Alter a hear ing by the Board the commission the advancement of coloured peo however the Rev. Larry Jack son said since so much senti ment has been expressed to the effect that the Board take immediate action i should like to sex for a vagrancy charge. They awaited. Iwas involved in the brinks Rob-11 her Access to atomic secrets Al ring Ollit things the a sculls of Jie might have said he finding he was a Loyal fit is Pended Oppenheimer from fur press the Hope and i think there Are Many Here who agree with me. Whom in will Hosl rss to the is South car slim vis line a Queens hic Lude Martha Dean of Estul. Miss South Carolina Carolyn Carter. Miss cd meditations ily Alloy. Of me1. See a comparison of Brandt s linger Iii ints Wilh Tii Ose found in the child s room. But showers said he was inclined to several Points in the Man s i Story did t jibe with facts. Donna sue Blue eyed daughter of or. And mrs. James Davis of Sioux City was snatched from her crib sunday night wit Hiji minutes Lafler her Mother had tucked her into bed. Her body was found late monday in a farm Field near South Sioux City. Neb., just across the Missouri Hiver from Sioux City. Before such a Large audience. It s Public cried some one from the audience and the quite clearly that repudiation of i Bat racially segregated Public the separate but equal doctrine schools Are unconstitutional. So the should be applied to cases involving Board decided to go ahead with the inc is hearing arguments on Case is Back before the lower court for action in line with that finding. In remanding the Summerton the hiring of the eight. However. Case brought in 1033 by Lihcit ase and four others to the lower All but about five persons left against Railroad and . The supreme court directed fore the Hoard began its consider lines in the South seeking an end that segregation be ended As soon actions after or. Jackson asked. Segregation in wailing practicable. It said however. those of us who have con Ihal the Board think and Pray Alfi Dence in the Board s ability to time before the Hoard lakes i elect these new in achors and restaurants As Well As trains and buses. Russia s top five1 red leaders to attend Geneva big four1 meet in Kinicki survid in Cedar rapids Iowa it a Lions i Luis. Jimm in in 1917. Told of taking Donna sue n of Geneva her loom through a window n v very Ali. The and trying to rape her in acorn1 a kor j Lidd across the Missouri Hiver w "i1 the discuss disarmament Al Geneva or. This Cone. Luil he denied slavic her lie delegation Hie unless minister . When was it de Kremm announced. cited Hal Yon would lir the official announcement called Waller Walmsley v s chaise the Soviel this in his confession he hit the child alter molesting her and went to when i led her Sho was lying m Iii Iel. And not making any a Raindl said. Bui today Uranyl denied Lio Ink no in Sioux cily sunday night. Lie was he nuni Yini nil inert As Laum As in of Kelly whore to was Inch dominant in la in Soviel of showers Lam. Bill of Lovinc fairs the i Coni porn Minonno of Poi a Fily Iowa soveral works a Irshal has Indica Lod n thai s i Sluke in minium Puii Llu Rlou nil Ihu eolllel1. I e. Asked 11 Xhu Ukhiv and pail of Lime colleague. 1 resident i government cd Ali airs. I Mombro i i v s i c. I m i Ninny in make1.1" asked the parly Boss. And or. an Lallian i n i e r j e e i e d. Deal Aid ii Minilie make sume Dixie Renee would to personal Inen ship Juliu Fanin said the relations p up then at Lenova Hal local conditions could be taken inn consideration in orders to Al Seoul areas affected. This will be the first hearing in a graded school segregation Case since the May 31 decree. The proceedings will be watched close july by Southern slate officials anti Imis about the late of heir Iradi Lional separate school by slams. Court members will be judges John .1. Parker and m. Dobie of Hie circuit Craig i of appeals and hell Timmerman Ilis Trici judge Here. Timmerman is the father of soil la Carolina s gov. George Tim Merman or. Who has Bein Shai ii in critical of the supreme court decision. Heinle the court be a Peti Tion to add the names of til Sui ii Merton Seminol Chi Huron and Cir patents or guardians to Piir Lainily Lur a Small Plai Hills Ubo Leet Ilig Sinee Ibe were enl in in the no Biu hat. Nehei a com imm Diali by Aller Hie Al Hie . In ail of coloured Puipui the Elilion this week lie car i the while Lousi Cut on Zhukov s Jou int ii soviet delegation. Inform cd in11v As in South Carolina last Weck in end Lur Legal conferences and for Paris of the make up of the Soviel a act celing at Summerton. For Linn i l Ltd in Ilu Ganin refer l Hrna. I Dale gel Ion. of stale j the defendant school District Between presi j Dulles commented that s nor trustees have solid they will close Kise Himor and marshal Western observers see Ibe seb ools he lore Hoy will mix Are rela Lunis and Klu wish Elev As the real Power he while and negro pupils. While Cili Iury will no Pirlie nearly coi Iceni Hind the Soviel scenes me has of Are hacking Hal mailers to said Soviel Mern men the key Man in All sin Iel them up bul have sex pc sed Ilii Mislin Hov. Is we Delet Lions since Ibe Sehe in of keeping Iho Wink m j Xhon Kiev and i rom Donl Kison Law. Limn the premiership last i Vlin hours upon nil Iho segregated i. A in away imm turn or Boin in pc meal tories Inaiya of Gurgi Malenkos basis inn possible

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