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Florence Morning News Newspaper Archives Jul 14 1957, Page 4

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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 14, 1957, Florence, South CarolinaPace 4-a the Florence morning Nett a , s. C. Sunday morning july 14, pee Dee pen published by the Florence Prinus company John m. O Llowd James a. president Antl editor the Florence. Morning news desires in be notified promptly of errors in any of tin reports. Entered class Mailer at the i Osl Ulf ire at Florence . Urier Art o March 2 1s97. Member of the associated press. Audit Bureau of circulations and Southern newspaper publishers association Ilie u exclusively to the use for publication it aft the Loi Al printed in this news All carriers Are to Onti actors and the filience mural no news will nol it acc pay innels unless made at the office or the Florence Murox news. Subs Kii Tion Kates 1 Ivecek 1 Monti month. City delivery .40 by mail p. 0. Box Section Florence .40 1.75 5.20 by Carrier delivery elsewhere 155 4.55 by mail elsewhere .35 1.55 4.55 l be for 1 10.40 9.10 9.10 1 20.80 18.20 18.20 rates for subscription on Rural routes sunday by Carrier and six Days by mail same As by mail in Rural area. Prayer for today suggested by the upper room daily devotional guide our father we Pray thee thai thou Wilt teach us that our lives Are True Only As they reflect the image of thy son open our eyes that we May see him wherever he nature in the crowded streets in the hearts and lives of men and women. We Pray in the master s name. Amen. The press guardian of the people the right of the people to know is press s Well guarded heritage what you see in the picture above is a Silver miniature of. A colonial press to be presented at v a., july 39 to an Ameri can selected As an outstanding Champ Ion of Freedom of information. In a very real sense the press is the Symbol of american Freedom. It champions the right of people to know. Where dictators aspire to Power they aim first at suppressing or subverting the news. If they can shackle the press and turn it into a propaganda medium to print Only what they think the people should know Victory is in their hands. If they can keep the people ignorant or Misin formed they can shape things to suit their own purposes. They stay in Power Only so Long As they can control the output of the press. The american newspaper has by and Large been True to its Trust. American publishers and editors have died in defense of their press. The surest Way to unite american news paper opinion in solid front is for the Freedom of the press to be challenged. The press stands apart As the one medium which More than any other has guaranteed and protected the right of the Public to know. Like the Church no Community of any size is without its newspaper or would be without it., it is the Citadel of free Dom the bulwark of an informed peo ple. We of the profession Are pledged to preserve this heritage. Secrecy in government does t pay Charleston s fiscal debt for the years amounts to a half million dollars or in round numbers the deficit was not Public information until the 1956 audit was released. According to the news and Cour Ier it is predicted the deficit will Racli by the end of 1957. The Charleston paper comments if a monthly accounting were published on City Hall finances there would be. No need for mystery about the extent of Charleston s debt. The first step toward controlling the Charlotte news debts is to detect them at once. Secrecy does not pay in govern ment. The longer bad news is put off the worse it sounds when it finally gets out. The Best politics is Good government. Secrecy and debt Are nol the earmarks of Good that is Good All municipalities. A regular accounting to the Public is not Only a sound control of spending. It is also a Good Way to build Public Confidence in governmental integrity. Crabgrass is better than Corn Tassel the Senate is though As cd not very making the Corn Tassel the official Floral Symbol of the . The Corn Tassel will no do. Crab gras might. Poison Ivy has sonic merits. Jul i lie Corn while having its Beauty is Enlil Ray Loo Drlik Ati and to be Grant m National honors in preference to hardier and More heroic plants. We have read whal Illinois sen. Paul due Chi i Hud to fur the Corn to those who see ii i Ijiro a. Tues of coi n in the Fie i n ii the i ii in Tusk cd waving in tin Early sum Mer Breeze As an Enlil pm of the fruitfulness of the Over the despair of hunger know How Beautiful that phrase have read what. Sen. Douglas had to say and it was corny. A ill try in Chr u Roi Itu Pinsl hmm err makes n p for a Frimin v. Pop in Ivy i tin for Linin or political Allons Arp. M Price supports storage or other paraphernalia to assure its Perpetua True. Hut anything True of Poison Ivy is truer of f a Agniss is eminently democratic. 11 Cleaves to the pour Man and the. Rich Man alike. It sets a Good example for democracy. It spreads and spreads and spreads. Crabgrass has made America is thousands of tired flabby in Lull Usu fair Lullu Iii in Lull Lear in Lilia in it. frit. It Lalji Irish in Lilek Loam or yellow Clay in drought in in flood. In a very real sense crabgrass is America s last Frontier. Almost every thing Olsop has been conquered. , it will conquer the Corn Fields. If Chr Sci Milf must fiddle around Uilah Hoo inc n a Lionel my if i in Bri on and the carpetbaggers drove them into self exile by James a. Kook is after the Confederate War of those who had fought so Vallant in for the lost cause refused to surrender including some Mem Bers of the pee Dee Light Artill Ery. They were attached to Gen eral Johnston s army that surren dered at Greensboro. But before the surrender they left the army rather than Lay Down their arms their purpose being to return Home gather additional men and supplies and join general Kirley Smith in Texas to continue the fight. There is also the Story of another group sonic of whose do scan clans live in the pee Dee today. They were among those who did surrender but upon returning Home became so distressed with conditions Urr Clur reconstruction that i hey rite ruined to quit the coun try. Between 186fi and 1879. They exiled themselves to Brazil where they started life anew under con Drew Pearson what makes this discrimination All the More glaring is that the armed forces swear i presumably not on a stack of bibles their chaplain quotas Are filled strictly according to Church membership. This would entitle the. Orthodox to about 100 chaplains and the mormons about 80, instead of 10 apiece. F.n1 the orthodox complained about being Short changed the defense department suggest cd Hoy use Catholic chaplains. The orthodox however have had some bitter doctrinal disputes with the catholics. Perhaps be cause of ibis the armed services classify the orthodox As protes Tants which makes it All the More paradoxical that they should be asked to use Catholic Chap Lains. Most army. Navy and air Force bases discourage Bui still allow any denomination to con duct its own services. The catch is that the services usually Aren t per milled at the regular Church permitted at the regular Church time. Lackland air Force base. Tex., finally ordered the mormons to Slop holding sunday morning serv ices on the premises. Result they Are now raising funds to build their own Chapel just outside the base. Dillons comparable to the Pioneer Days of Early America in this late 1920s, Frank g. Carpenter a journalist of travel visited whal he termed a Colony in Brazil which was described by him As the most interesting in All Hal country. They were not italian or German or Swiss but native americans and Southern Al thai. Ils members were the inhabitants of Villa americana a town of five or six Hundred popu lation situated in the heart of South kill radios West of Sao Paulo and As far spilt of the As the Rocky mountains arc Distant from the Atlantic. The Stoky of Villa americana begins Wilh the close of the War Between the states the town hav ing been founded by that com Pany of americans who went to that country after the defeat of Southern at that time Don Pedro pm Porer of Brazil offered free land in attract settlers. Disheartened by the antics of carpetbaggers and Scal wags the subject of Migra ing to Brazil was widely discussed in meetings throughout the South Ern states. About 1500 or More decided to sell their lands in the South gather what Money they could and accept the offer of the brazilian emperor. Migrations look place Over the years from 1800 to is170. Who were the South carolinians who removed to Brazil Perl irps no one has the full Ros of interest to the pee Dee is Hal two of them were the grandparents of paler ii. My Kachin of Florence. Some of the colonists were dissatisfied with he conditions and the climate of Brazil and returned to this country. Among hem were the grandparents of or. Mceach in. But they did not return before or. Mceachin s father d. M. Me Kachin was born in Brazil. Still others remained and Are there until this Day. Airout 40 ago a wave of sympathy for this american Colony in Brazil spread through this count by and our government sent word to the Ameri can legation at Rio to look up the expatriated americans and Aid them to return to this country. The Secretary of the legation went to Sao Paulo and travelled up to Villa America to Tell the members of the Colony that Uncle Sam would be glad to have hem return that if necessary he. Would Supply the funds to bring hem Back. His offer was not accepted. But an interesting sequel to this came in 1017 when the United sales went to War Wilh Germany. The Magazine. Confederate Veter an of september 1917, carried a armed forces lumping All protestants washington7 chaplains Are not supposed to talk about it this Side of the pulpit but Many have complained privately that the armed forces Are Irving to Mold All protestant churches into one ill embracing re Ligion for Amer ican soldiers. Even such non protestants As the orthodox mormons. Mohammedans. Buddhists and atheists Are lumped with the protestants and some times forced to receive general protestant instruction against their will. Any Church that resists suddenly finds its quota of chaplains drastically Cut. For example the Eastern orthodox Church Obj cos to being labelled As protestant and wants the right to hold sep Arate services. Result the Church can t get the defense department to appoint More than 10 orthodox chaplains. Yet this Church has As Many members As the Episcopa lians who Are allotted

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