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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 12, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaSewdat Juu j2, 1970 Jeri Matt Fri a preventative dental program being pushed in the pee Dee by Jerry l. Allegood morning him staff writer escalation in the fight against dental problems has resulted in some relatively new strategy and weapons by tie nation s dentists. And one of the most successful stratagems is now being carried out in the pee Dee. Dentists have for. Years referred to the Job of keeping Teeth healthy As a Battle with the patient actively fighting dental problems but with the introduction of preventive dentistry the emphasis is placed on prevention of problems rather than repair of damage. Or to carry the idea of combat a step further it is hitting the enemy in his sanctuaries before he can attack. In this Case the enemy is bacteria that live in the Mouth and collect around the Teeth. Living off food substances in the Mouth the bacteria form colonies and secrete acidic waste products which damage Teeth and gum tissue. Previously control has entered on regular brushing to sweep the bacteria off the Teeth. As local dentists explain this is Fine for the area exposed but brushing does not usually reach the bacteria in spaces Between the Teeth or under the Gums. Research by or. C. C. Bass Dean of the Tulane medical school and or. Sumter Arnim of the University of Texas dental school led to development of the preventive dentistry technique. The two proved that bacteria secrete a Sticky film known As plaque which attaches to the tooth and provides a medium in which the bacteria can live and multiply. Food substances Are absorbed through the plaque and digested by the bacteria which give off the destructive waste products. They also proved if the bacteria were regularly removed disease could be avoided. One of the first dentists to make practical application of the research was or. Robert Barkley of Mccomb 111. After beginning an Oral Hygiene program in his private practice which accomplished some impressive results he began lecture pro Grams to spread his findings. One area group which is impressed with the technique is the pee Dee dental study club. In addition to having sponsored a seminar with or. Barkley in september the club has moved to spread the program in the pee Dee. Essentially the technique involves breaking up the plaque and colonies o f bacteria on the Teeth. Explaining the program or. T. C. Player or. Of Timmonsville a representative of the pee Dee dental study club said the patient uses untaxed dental floss and a soft tooth Brush to break up the accumulated Pla quo. He said that once removed the plaque does not return for 24 to 30 hours. To effectively remove the plaque the dental floss which is a Type of string is wrapped around the fingers and worked Back and Forth Between the Teeth and under the top of the Gums. A soft Multi tufted tooth Brush is also used in the same areas. When set up in a regular practice the patient is first shown a film strip concerning bacterial plaque and Given a Tablet to stain the bacterial accumulations in his Mouth. After instructions on How to use the dental floss the patient begins the process at Home. Regular trips to the dentist usually follow where the Progress is surveyed. The primary objective of the dentist according to or. Player is teaching the patient to get into the habit. He said it is essential that the patient follow the program on a daily basis. He emphasized that the program does not take the place of regular brushing. Instead he said flossing is supplemental and the two should be carried out As a team at least two considerations of the average patient the Cost and pain involved Are eliminated in the Long run or. Player said. Learning and using preventive technique. The one reason for the new approach to dental problems comes because of the coun try s increase in population according to or. Player. He explained that there simply Are not enough dentists to treat everyone so the number requiring repair work must be reduced. There is also a practical consideration involved i n preventive dentistry. Dentists cannot prevent dental disease Only treat the results of dental or. Player said. Or As some literature illustrates the current Mode of treatment is Asim practical As not servicing your automobile until it completely stops running and then taking it to a Mechanic. At Capri Riding a tank through the French Countryside toward a Bank full of Gold Bullion Are some of the heroes in Kelly s a film opening wednesday at Florence s Capri theater. The heroes include Clint Eastwood As Kelly top left Don Rickles As Center behind gun and tank commander Donald Sutherland As lower left in tank Turret. The film is rated up. Grocery buying is an Art for supermarket owners proper Home application should not be painful and any discomfort that arises should Only come in the n ital cleaning attempts. However the discomfort would be negligible compared to the pain involved in Teeth extraction or gum surgery which would be required if the Teeth Are not properly cared for. As for Cost proper treat ment at Home is far less expensive than repair work or surgery. And since the cause of the trouble is not stopped the need for repair work could be unending it was explained. In a return trip to the Southeast to speak to a group of North Carolina dentists recently or. Barkley said he was impressed by the in Terest in the program shown by southerners. He noted that there is a Large base of peo ple in the South who Are in the Low economic level and could save needed Money by editor s note if she s typical a housewife will spend two thirds of a year of her life there. Shell come to know the nooks and crannies the ins and outs where things Are and where they Aren t. But what she probably does t know is what goes on behind the counter at the neighbourhood supermarket. By Ann Blackman associated press writer when the supermarket goes shopping it takes a Fleet of trucks a computer and a list about 150 pages Long. Like other shoppers it s on a tight budget and it worries about rising prices but there the resemblance stops. To you that rolled roast of beef is dinner. To the Butcher it s Art. To you that Pyramid of beef chunks is a dog food display. To the grocer it s psychology. To you it s a problem to find the toothpicks. To the manager it s a problem to know where to put them among the other items he stocks. This is the Saga of your neigh boyhood grocery a Large folks supermarket in Northern new Jersey Friend of the upper mid dle class new York suburb it serves. To avoid revealing Superman dance nightly Superb meals and pleasing atmosphere the tale of the Fox s. Irby Street Iive entertainment a lately featuring Mel Battmer t combo i last grind Bombay the Christine Kelly in Dia s answer to Raquel Welch and other Bombay strippers May be Down to their last grind. The Maharashtra state govern ment has asked fashionable restaurants which last year launched what newspapers have called a Golden age of topless to heed Public com plaints about their shows. Shoney s special Ket secrets a Chain store offi Cial requested the store and exact location remain Anonymous. Why maybe their competitor does t realize the sales advantages of ecology conscious customers prefer soft drinks in returnable bottler and Cru Shable cans rather than the throwaway that soap without enzymes Sells bet Ter because customers have heard enzymes pollute water. Or like a woman who dues t want to be seen with curlers in her hair maybe the supermarket does t want its customers to look on the other Side of the counter. For every morn no while housewives Are deciding what to Wear to Market the store is grooming itself before opening its doors to its Public. After the groceries arrive from the warehouse they must be sorted. Someone has to make sure the tomatoes Aren t Rotten. While the produce manager is personally inspecting each to Mato in the 400 pounds hell sell that Day someone else is Mak ing sure Iio Wos of Fig new tons Are in sick that 480 Heads of lettuce Are Crisp and pounds of chopped meat Are chopped that 800 pints of ber Ries Aren t bruised and 500 Gal Lons of ice Cream Don t melt and of others who pile strawberries from one Box to another until a pint begins to resemble a quart. In an attempt to save a few pennies a shopper who tries to get More than she pays for can inadvertently affect the Price of food for everyone what May seem like a Small nuance i to the housewife can take on j fantastic proportions to the supermarket. Now step Over to the meat department. If you eat half a Pound of meat a Day it will take you More than 17 years to sume the pounds of meat this supermarket Sells daily. While on one Side of the coun Ter you re figuring How Many Servings you la get from a two Pound sirloin the Butcher be Hind the counter is figuring hell get 50 steaks sirloin Porter House flank and minute from a whole steer and hell need the equivalent of two on an average Day. While you re debating be tween pork chops ind cd Ken he s already Cut one pig into 40 chops. He Sells the equivalent of 12 or 13 pigs daily. And on week ends he Sells 400 pounds of frying chickens not including hundreds of pounds of Chicken breasts and thighs. A Man in the fish cd part said he Sells pounds of Fis weekly and that fish sales an up 40 per cent this year. He at tributes this to the High Price o meat and his diet coh Sobious con Sumers. The Young manager of the fro zen foods department win wears gloves so the Constan Stock pricing shoplifting and employee Dis exceeds a super Market s 1 per cent to a year for a supermarket in this upper Middle class area. In Many stores shrinkage of a store s Stock is running from 2 per Cen to As High As 5 per cent. The manager said he loses five or six Metal carts weekly. Florence theater Calendar we Tel provided by Tow hot try listed in Tow hit Dar film rot Rigi m a Malmd by it motion picture Auw Lotom of and Rocq Ore included n Kiy g Sugg fitted Gentral adult Nufi All Atu Tammu but Par tit once Tumlim Width 17 my Ltd unlit Ocompo Ltd by Parent or guardian under 17 it admit Ltd by com of my or let or Crown . The Advent ures r color starring Ernest Borgnine. Starts thurs. Boy named Charlie Brown color. Capri . What do you a to a naked lady starts wed. Clint East Ood. Carolina . Horror ouse color starring Rankie Avalon also Crimson starring Boris Karloff. . Mosquito Squadron color also Nevada Smith color starring Steve Mcqueen. Circle drive in wed. Ben Hur color starring Charlton Heston. . Marlowe color Stang James Brooks color starring Michael Pollard. Darlington Cinema . Like Mother like daughter . Love Camp no. 7." Palmetto drive in . The revers thurs. Sat. Beast of blood also curse of Garner v also h a n n i b a 1 the vampires Okay project s Jakarta a the in onesian government approved rejects for foreign capital in Estment in Indonesia amount g to billion during the St five months of 1970, the of Cial Antar news Agency report bears whiter London a a spokes an for regents Park zoo said e result of London s Dean air Juicy is that the Polar bears e whiter. He said they used to Grimy despite spending most their time in the Pool. Handling of the com package does t give him arthritis. Said he finds customers Are experimenting with cheaper brands and economizing by buying supermarket labels rather than Brand name goods. Can t keep our Brand ii lie said. Of course with the Rich customers in does t usually matter. Some of them Don t know enough to look at the he said once in awhile a Cus Tomer will econom be by opening a 47-cent Box of Frozen Macaroni and cheese and insert ing a Container of lobster Newburgh. Others will empty aspirin and toothpaste lubes into their pocketbooks leaving the bottles and boxes on the shelves. He said some customers save by putting Large eggs in medium Sticks of that pounds of fish Are fresh and 200 dozen eggs Aren t go in our pies All Day buy the whole pie on special free can of whipped Topping slice to the Cauli the cracked. What happens Flower that turns Brown Chicory that wills customers come to the Back room and we give it to them to feed to their rabbits and Ger he said. The produce manager said on an average Day his department Sells about 600 pints of berries 400 melons Lemons pounds of cherries 600 pounds of peaches 600 or enough fruit to make fruit salad or a Community of he told tales of shoppers who Lull stems off cherries and Basanas before weighing boxes Margarine take of a Box refilling butter. Oth ers unwrap expensively pack aged fruit and insist on the Ordi nary fruit Price. These practices known in supermarket language As internal boudoir scene a Reiver is a Rascal and a rogue and Steve Mcqueen fills the Bill in the film adaptation of the William Faulkner novel which be gins tonight at Florence s Palmetto drive in theater. The film tells the Story of three companions on an incredible trip in a 1905 Winton flyer. In color starts at a very funny show. Up a Reiver is a Rascal. Steve Mcqueen plays Boon in William Faulkner pulitzer prize Winner in the revers Florence theatres inc. Now showing shows today a 3-9 p. A phone 662-2931 nothing has been Toft out of the adventurers no rung Joseph e Levine presents the Lewis Gilbert film the adventurers based on Ite novel the adventurers by Harold bobbins Charles Aznavour Alan Badel Candice Berge Thommy Berggren Delia Boccardo Ernest born Rossan Brazzi Olivi dehavilland Bekim Fehmie shows today a 3 5 9 p. M. Phone 662-7731 no one under 17 admitted House at 43-9 00 a a cult at open at 8 . For breakfast x Coffee Florence Hoffmeyer re. Home of the Lia 10y Florence s finest charcoal Hearth behind these doors an evil secret Cross the threshold of ultimate dread horror House his last evil Karloff Christ Phlp be Tigon International pen at p. M How at p. M feature at 9 20 the world s most honoured motion picture 11 Academy awards William Wyler s Mit Onmon Jackh Wrins Haya Harpreet Stephen boy

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