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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 11, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaWell of Allah cheap ver were right that gossip Vou Earb about sex. Is we be got to have a a not of happiness ahead for think in More ways than one. Don t let us f1ced to Lawa Dorder but to Kin show Good business ue9gement by grabbing this the same re 1 unmarried it s mice to have that fee Back but Sah Drother have i l sarcophagus piss is on that other kit 9evon5 Loftt . But our Racket does t any strings on it that s All right i where Are you goin6, a Simo Kevin does t have Vou really i read feel the part of for. It.la5t Rita 15 stronger frankly t would you the character 5eemew mind trying hopele55ly Dull thi5 5cene Way be Why i did t get v on the part 50p.ry i Don t _ feel 5peaking, Thad moore1.--Don t mr5. You dare. Brush past you especially me without even saying Good morning you made the5e revisions fortunately he was t in the jeep arise pah into a tank in the Park did or Hurt the jeep what Vyas that awful. Crasi4 last from the Carroe Righter Institute general tendencies there Are so Many tasks to be done you hardly know where to Start. But Start you must if you Are to hold the Goodwill of those you have made commitments with for Best results in the Days ahead. A Fine Chance to get your wardrobe in Good order. Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 pay Bills and make collections Early. Handle partnership and other business matters. Don t disappoint your mate who expects much from you. Greater happiness can be yours this evening. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 it is important you listen to what one has to say instead of walking away. Be certain to carry through with promises you have made. Increase the Goodwill you now enjoy. Be Wise. Gemini May 21 to june 21 take care of those tasks that you have neglected All week. Get the approval of those around you. Take time to shop for the wardrobe you will need for a trip you Are planning. Choose wisely. Moon children june 22 to july 21 Don t expect others to do what you like today but go along with their ideas As to recreation. Have fun. Be More devoted to mate. Be willing to attend to some duty expected of you. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 take the time today to get your Home in Good condition so you feel proud when others walk in. Give Kin a Pat on the Back. Make them feel better. This helps you feel better also. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 Ideal Day to see persons you like and join in whatever activities they and you like. Handle correspondence or travel problems that might have come up. Be Brief and to the Point. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 social outlets Are now possible for you that have not been available for quite some time. Be sure you dress nicely and then keep Busy. See the right people Etc. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov 21 you Are highly magnetic now and can get rid of tensions that exist with others. Find some new system that will allow your associates to support any plans you have. Be Clever. Sagittarius cno.v.22 to dec. 21 give serious thought to finances and other problems instead of going out for pleasure. You could be too conceited and get into trouble. The planets Are not with you today. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. A dynamic Friend has excellent ideas that you would do Well to follow although you May not understand them fully As yet. Put that fascinating plan to work where the social is concerned. Get Fine results. Aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 you Are Able to improve working conditions and make a Good impression on those around you. Don t be indiscreet in any Way or you lose the Goodwill that is yours now. Be Happy with the one you love tonight. Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 you want to get into new outlets but this requires some Angling on your part today. Seek persons whose experience has been greater or different to yours and get the advice you need. Keep Busy and you Are Happy. If your child is born today. He or she will be one of those delightful Young people who is very determined and one others cannot Budge easily once the mind is made up to do something. Start on life s work Early by encouraging this drive and determination that could bring a great Success Here otherwise your child could simply starts but Complete nothing and there would be failure. The stars impel they do not what you make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for dec Ember is now ready. For your copy Send your birthrate and to Carroll Righter. Forecast Florence morning , Box 629, Hollywood Calif 90028______________ contract Bridge by b. Jay Becker a c r in a ill Trimnal crossword Puzzle raw saturday Juu 11, to act coi across 31. Also 32. Rainbow 33. Woodland deity 35. Work stoppage 38. Misjudge 39.advance 40. Emulate 44 relative 45.ttuck 46. Mongrel 1. Fashion 4. Pixie 7. Sloped walk 11. Kimono Sash 12. Malay Gibbon 13. Reticule 14. Facsimile 16. Memorandum 17. Destiny 18. Decorous 20. Investigate 22. Church Bench 47.say Grace 23. Goal 48. Lamb 24. Portray 49. Soft Metal a rag no1 solution of yesterday s Puzzie Down 2. The rail splitter 3.sheepskin 55 per 27 min. 7-11 4.sizeoftypt 5. Resinous substance 6.iced desserts 7. Fame 8.upon 9. Silent 10. Wharf 15. Tennis Strote 19.arikara 20. Commendation 21. Spanish Rivir 24.accept 25. Entice 26. Demure 27. Jutting Rook 29. Delicate 30.upset 33.net 34. Craft 35. Rebuff 36. Sightseeing trip 37.froggenut 41.animal s stomach 42. Parson Biri Vork around clock it s timely Boom for Agnew watches bidding quiz you Are the dealer both sides vulnerable and have opened one Spade. Partner responds two diamonds. What would you bid now with each of the following four hands 4 kqj73 2. 4akj85 vaj76 3. 4aq64 4j7s 4 kq973 4qj96 i. Two Spades. There Are Only two bids Worth considering two Spades or two no Trump. The object is to select the bid which comes closer to representing your values so that partner can then make an intelligent Deci Sion on where and How far to Many players would bid two no Trump which is a More for Ward going rebid than two Spades but such a rebid would announce 15 or 16 Points pos Sibly 17, and to this extent would be inaccurate. Two Spades has the great Merit of identifying a minimum opening bid and at the same time it shows at least five Spades. If partner fails to carry on there is very Little Chance for game. 2. Three hearts. Once partner Rex ads two diamonds showing 10 or More Points slam is a practical certainty. The Best Way of alerting partner to the Promise of the hand is by Mak ing a jump shift rebid. The plan is to support diamonds later de 1970, King features Syndicate inc tomorrow deep finesse. Pending on How partner re sponds to three hearts but there should also be a firm intention to keep on bidding until at least a Small slam is reached. The decision to go for a slam is not based entirely on Point count though the indications Are that the combined High card Point count ranges from 29 up. What is More important is that there Are lots of tricks counting partner s diamonds and our Spades which can either be run or quickly established for Dis plus the first round heart control and second round club control. A these features add up to at least 12 tricks. 3. Three no Trump. This is easily the Best Way of showing the balanced distribution and the excess High card values above a minimum opening bid. Though the High card Point count is the same As in the previous hand the Prospect of making a slam is considerably less due to the Lack of distributional values. All that can be done Here is to announce your High card Power. 4. Four diamonds. Here also there is a Chance for a slam but it is up to partner to decide on How far to go. The Best thing to do is to show your Good Dia mond support and by jumping he bidding demonstrate that the opening bid was not in the minimum class As far As High cards Are concerned. If partner s rebid is five diamonds you pass. 7-10-70 Anaheim Calif. A a suburban doctor his wife and 10 children Are working around the clock to fill thousands of orders for their Spiro Agnew Wristwatch. It s a said or. Hale Dougherty. I Haven t been to my office in Days Ever since Ethel Kennedy wore her watch to a party our phone has t stopped ringing Dougherty was sorting Agnew watches on the family Pool table thursday while his wife and children addressed labels licked Stamps and made trips to i the Post office. Some red White and Blue boxes were addressed to White House Washington a phone jangled and a child shouted morn president Nix on s Niece wants to buy three j watches right the timepiece resembles the classic Mickey mouse watch but this one now tile rage among jct setters superstars and a caricature of the vice president. His red gloved making the peace out the time. We weren t really trying to poke fun at the vice says Dougherty but he adds wryly neither were we saying he s the greatest person the watch started As a family project says Dougherty personable general practitioner whose wife says he has a dry the eldest Dougherty son Ste phen 18, Home from College last Christmas told the family a joke did you know that Mickey mouse wears a Spiro Agnew a Spiro Agnew said Dougherty Why the doctor s wife Pat explains that the couple married at 19, coined Money making ideas to get Dougherty through medical school. For a while he worked As a janitor and i raised Chihuahua dogs at she says. Dougherty a native of Kansas also spent a summer in Kansas wheat Fields measuring we never got off the Treadmill of trying to think of new says mrs. Dougherty the family asked a graduate Art student Bill Duverge 23, to draw the caricature they had in hallo s they la do it every time when the str oodles drive to the super Mart the fal Ssu 5 Only buys an Litefa or two but on the pay they re out Stro Luns near the store she buys in the Point were practically got of thins mind. Then they sent it to a watchmaker and ordered watches. The whole thing was done in top says Dougherty. Our friends wanted to know what was going on Here. When we got Hie first watches in May we threw a conning out there the Dougherty s unveiled the watch and announced the birth of the dirty time. Company. That s a Pun on their name say the Dougherty. A neigh Bors child who ounce their name always. Called them the since there Are 12 in the family neighbors tabbed them the dirty dozen. The doctor says he s a bit shocked at a letter of objection he received from Agnew s scr. We sent one of the first watches to or. Agnew. We had it engraved with a message from he recalls. He thought it was that his Young saying he attractive and est daughter would enjoy Wear ing then the second letter which objected to the unauthorized Sale of watches. We Are said the letter from. Agnew s attorney George w. White jr., that neither you nor your company obtained consent to the use of the cartoon or his name for commercial Pur it suggested that a sub Stantial portion of any profit rom the undertaking be donated to the National league of Fain lies of american prisoners and missing in Southeast Dougherty says that Start he planned to donate part of the profits to Charity but Ive had something in mind in he medical he said mrs. Dougherty s Mother recently died of cancer and they Hod. Loped to donate some funds of cancer research. The Agnew watch Sells for including tax and postage and Dougherty says the profit on something like this has to be very an awful lot of orders come from Capitol says Dou Gherty but he declines to men Tion names. South notice Carolina insurance department state of South Carolina county of Highland in re Allstate insurance company to the Public of the state of South Carolina in accordance with the pro visions of Section 37-658.1 of the South Carolina code of 1962, As amended a Public hearing shall be held at the hour of a.m., on August 11, 1970, at the offices of the South Carolina insurance department hoi Hampton treet Columbia South Carolina for the purpose _ of tearing evidence in connection with filing made by Allstate insurance company which revision of rates to its private passenger automobile manual tie waited figures in regard to the above filing May be obtained from he state insurance depart ment. John a Lindsay. Chief insurance commissioner Columbia South Carolina july july 11

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