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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 10, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaIn this incident from his Early life the father of our country showed the qualities of gallantry and tenderness which made him famous. George s love by Bui lives. Although Best known As a Singer of american Folk music Burl its has Many talents. He s an accomplished actor author humorist and authority on americana. This Kettle Fino us Story about George Washington is taken his newest Book Bur tales of published and by the world publishing co., Cic Ueland and Iveli York. Currently Ives is playing a dramatic role in the pulitzer prize imm inn Broa Duriay play cat on a hot tin Between acts he s working on another Booc a collection new England Folk legends. In a Sermon on Man s Pri vate and Public life or. Harry Emerson Fosdick once said that he As an american was very Happy that George Washington did not allow his feelings for a certain lady of whom he was alleged to have been enamoured to bring upon her any shame or even make her the object of gossip. This gave me a great interest in the unknown personal Side of Washington s personality. The Youthful Washington was Strong soldierly and Manly. But he was also according to this legend a Man of great tenderness. Ohe moved with Grace and her gentleness and Beauty were no less captivating be cause she wore dresses of leather Rode like the wind and used a Rifle better than most men about the country. She lived with her great Grandfather old Abraham at the Point where the Younghi of Ghent and Monongahela Riv ers join. These two were the sole survivors of an Indian raid that had wiped out their family. Marion kept the Little Cabin neat and clean and provided food by Hunting and fishing. She spent much time Reading to old Abraham from his Many books for his eyes were unable to see the words he loved. The Small Cabin was just off the Trail along which Gen eral Braddock marched to his defeat. Marion and the old Man had watched the Gay Clad army pass and had prayed they would defeat the indians and bring peace to the Countryside. After the Battle the re treating army came Back by the same route and it was with sorrow that Marion watched them straggle by. The French and the indians had ambushed general Brad Dock who was unused to such Unmil itary tactics. Now during this Retreat and while old Abraham was away from the Cabin Marion heard a Knock at the door. She opened it to find an unprepossessing Straggler of the Defeated army before her a Bony faced half Breed with red hair whose name was red Wolf. Seeing no one but the Beautiful girl he burst into the room. He would have tried not Only to make free of the provisions of the Little Cabin but would have kissed the girl As Well had she not levelled her Rifle at him. Her steady Eye and hand con Vinced red Wolf of her Cour age and he remained with upraised hands against the log Wall. Finally however he began a slow movement to Ward her his eyes holding her to shoot. Her Finger had tightened on the trigger when a Young officer in a Silver laced uni form stepped through the open door. He doffed his three cornered hat to the girl and said to red Wolf go. I will attend to you atomic in Ergo commission red Wolf slunk away through the door and Washington for it was he apologized for the behaviour of the Soldier and begged that he might rest awhile in the pleasant Little cottage. Of course he was made most comfortable by the grateful girl and her great Grandfather. Marion s Beauty Grace innate refinement and gentleness did not fail to Charm the Young officer. When Washington said Good Bye the next Day he promised to return. He Rode Forward to find the remnants of his shattered army. When the army disbanded Washington Rode Back alone in haste impatient to see Marion again. He found the Cabin in ashes. He called but no one answered. He walked about the ruins in sadness. Then he mounted his horse and galloped away. He put his hand inside his coat and Felt in the Palm of his great hand a Silky lock of hair. At mount Vernon after Washington s death there was found folded in a piece of paper a Tress of Brown hair. On the paper was written Marion july new Freedom from the laxative drug habit you probably know this about Kellogg s All bran. It s the orig Inal whole bran Cereal scientifically milled to bring you natural food bulk in its most effective and appetizing form. But did you know this Kellogg s All bran served with milk is a Fine Aid to fitness. This delicious wholesome dish supplies 9 body builders you need daily. 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