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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 10, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaJunior 4 treasure Chest dear miss Burrows i live on a Small farm with my family. We have a big Herd of Nanny goats. They All have babies now. I feed six baby goals on bottles. They Are fun to watch. They jump run and play around. In Spring when we let them out to eat they will eat the Bushes and flow ers. Some people think they eat tin cans but they Don t. Sincerely fee Andrew aged 10 Dundee n. Y. Dear miss Barrows my favorite Hobby is Mak ing scrapbooks for my friends that have to go to the Hospi Tal. First i earn the Money for the scrapbook by raking leaves shovelling sidewalks or something like that. Then i take my Mother s old Maga Zines and but out pretty Pic Tures and paste them in. When i was in the Hospital to have Rny tonsils out i sure got lonesome and wished someone would give me a scrapbook and that is where i got the idea. Sincerely Clyde Stolten Ierg aged 8 Walcott la. Dear miss Barrows i am sending a poem i like the treasure Chest Page because it is interesting for every age. It has a lot of things to make and do and i think everyone should like it too sincerely Bonnie Richardson aged 12 Harrod o. Letters hobbies stories. Children Send in your original ones to miss Marjorie Barrows Junior journalists 153 n. Michigan Avenue Chicago i Illinois with your name age and address. The writers of the Best contributions will receive All contributors will receive the Junior journalists Button. Hidden by Jane Mcl Henrj 1. I do not make a sound though i m in doubt. But you can see me when i Bounce about. And though three times you la find me in a Bubble Only once do i appear in trouble. 2. Now i am seen at the end of every turd. I sound in Duck and Dom Ino and Bird. And lest you think me something of a Riddle doubled there i am right in the Middle. 3. Find me in Happy but not in happiness. And though you stay or go away i m with you none the less. I m written Plain in every Day in fact in everything you say. What letter am i can you guess a of. A h 7 Riddle thyme in each of the next six lines is a clue to a letter. When the six letters Are combined they spell a common object. My first letter is in pay but not in Day my second s in ready but not in Yard. My third is in never but never in revel. My fourth is found in locks but not in silk. My fifth is found in lion not in my sixth is found in lion too in Leopard and in amb. So like me if you Are Sharp and make your Mark you la know what i am Maxi tags Job Surjie of Pue of Ion Seq Joo Jos oin Coq Ueo of i ods in 7o Puu join of Jojou oui Mooui not Znoj 01 Hajj Nib Job soac3 Cuoq a boy i Laif Juanm Cvek this is a game to play outdoors. Mark off a Large Circle on the ground one about seven to ten feet in diameter. Only two play this game at a time and the ones selected to Start stand just inside the Circle at opposite sides. They stand on one foot with arms tightly folded and hop toward each other. The object is to bump one or the other out of the Circle. The one who loses his balance uses his hands or puts his foot Down loses. Then a new pair takes Over. Hmm Job head f Jane Echt nov and Suzic Snyder an i her answer Bof torn of second column Pel pin if you would like to stall a new fad Wear a funny Golli wog pin that you can make yourself. It s not hard to do. The pin is made of a Cork thumb tacks a Brad a Loose Leaf notebook ring and yarn. Cut a Large Cork in half Lengthwise and fasten a safety pin to the Flat Side with Adhe things to make ask father if you can have an old fell hat of you can Cut and make into a keen looking Cap for yourself. Cut off the brim remove the band and pull it Down on your head As far As it will go. It will prob ably be too deep so turn up Sive tape. The round Side is the face so push two coloured thumb tacks in place for eyes. See drawing and for a nose use a Metal Brad. The ring is Hung from Liis but paint a red Mouth first with Nail polish. To make the hair Cut several Short lengths of coarse Black yarn arrange them like fringe and tape them to the Back of the Cork. Now you Are ready to pin i. Golli wog on your coat. The end two or three inches. Wilh some big scissors Cut a sawtooth Edge. See drawing now Cut Small circles Dia monds shapes you of the Crown. Don t Cut too Many so you la have room for buttons pins or Deco rations you have to your Junior journalist Button. Family weekly Magazine july 10. 1955

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