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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 10, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaBy Hilmi t. Iram ii author of yellow kid Weil America s master swindler . On sunday july 1, 1951, or. Richard Reeser prominent physician visited his widowed Mother i s. Mary Reeser 67, in her comfortable first floor Kitchenette apartment on Cherry Street in the fashion Able Northeast Section of St. Petersburg Florida. She was seated in an overstuffed chair Reading. She told her son she had taken two sleeping pills and planned to retire soon. Her bed was a few feet from the chair and the covers had been turned Down. Mrs. Reeser planned to leave for a Northern visit As soon As she received a wire from friends in Pennsylvania. When the Landlady went to deliver the Telegram at eight the next morning she grasped the Doorknob which was Al most red hot. Two carpenters who had been working across the Street opened the door discovered that the Walls of the room were smoke Black ened from a Point about four feet above the floor. Near the bed the Rug had been burned away in a Circle about six feet in diameter. Within the Circle was a pile of ashes and nearby the Coil Springs from an upholstered chair. Just outside the Circle was a human foot severed at the ankle. This was All that remained of mrs. Mary Reeser. Fire and police officials made a thorough investigation which established these facts there was no stench and Only a faint odor of smoke. Above the almost even four foot line the Walls were smoke blackened below it they were unstained and undamaged. The paint on the Wall near mrs. Reeser s chair had not peeled the sheets and pillows on the bed had not been stained or damaged. Plastic switches above the smoke line had melted those below the line were undamaged and worked normally. The electric clock plugged into an outlet above the line had stopped at it ran again when it was plugged into an outlet below the line. The electric refrigerator was still running and appeared undamaged. The toaster stove and Iron had been turned off but worked nor Mally when they were turned electric fans also worked when they were plugged into outlets below the smoke line. A Dinette table and chairs a table lamp and radio a Sec Ond bed a Magazine rack con Taining were undamaged though they were near the charred Circle. A plastic Glass in the bathroom had melted but below it Plas tic toothbrushes were intact the windows were All open and there was no smoke stain on the frames or Sills. Hundreds of people who had passed the apartment be tween . And . Were questioned. None had seen a fire none had smelled smoke. The Landlady had been near the apartment at . When she had turned off the electric water pump but noticed nothing wrong. Nor did the newsboy who delivered the morning paper at the carpenters who started work at and the dozens of people who passed on their Way to work. How had mrs. Reeser s body As Well As the chair been so completely consumed without starting a fire with out the odor of smoke or burning flesh St. Petersburg police and tie Fri sought the answer. Crematories advised that a temperature of degrees fahrenheit is necessary to cremate a body but such an intense heat would have scorched everything for Yards around. The Fri suggested that the fatty tissues of mrs. Reeser s body had kept the fire going but its origin was unknown. The police were swamped with answers to the Riddle from the Public a Ball of fire had rolled in the window it was an act of god the body had been soaked in chloroform and ignited it had been destroyed by lightning. This last was ruled out by the weather Bureau there had been no lightning that night. History records 50 cases of human bodies catching fire without outside influence. Most victims female and elderly with a accumulation of fatty tissue mrs. Reeser weighed in All recorded cases the bodies were completely destroyed except for some extremities mrs. Reeser s left foot did not All these deaths have been attributed to spontaneous human inner fire that starts from the right combination of gases inside the body. But there is wide disagreement in medical Cir cles about this Many assert that there is no such thing. Regardless of the cause of mrs. Reeser s death it is agreed by everybody familiar with the circumstances that it is one of the most puzzling mysteries of All time. Quick answer to outdoor appetites sardines from Maine ready in an instant Hearty sardines from Maine Laste extra Cood on summer outings. Deli Cious As is or sandwiched Between crackers or bread. Deli Cious because Maine sardines arc lighter Tangier flavor cd. 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