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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 10, 1955, Florence, South CarolinaThe weather tartly Cloudy and continued hot with scattered Thunder showers in or evening. High 94, Low 72. Details Page 7-b. Vol. Ill published in the heart of. The pee Dee farm area in the Palmetto St header s tip president will speck to notion before taking off for vital big four talks this week. Story Pic Tures Page 6-b. Daily 5c sunday Loc weekly built in Davy Crockett Coonskin Cap is modelled by Robert e. Powell who is Only three. Robert one of six children has a real Coonskin Cap at least until his hair grows out again. His father is not a Barber but faced with the mounting Barbershop Bills he joined the do it yourself movement and designed this h Apap correspondent wife nabbed in Hungary As american spies Vienna Austria july 9 a the hungarian government today confirmed reports that Endre Marlon and his wife both correspondents for american news services had been arrested on charges of spying1 for u. S. Intelligence. Marlon had been Budapest seek to add 500 to Summerton Case respondent for the associated press since 1047. Mrs. Marton had been Corric Sponen for the United press for about the same length of time. Both Are hungarian nations. The announcement other hungarian nationals Balint Kapocsi and Cornel employees of lie american legation in Budapest also had been arrested on the same charge. Marlon 44, apparently was arrested last february. The associated press had been unable to reach him by Normal Telephone or Telegraph channels since that time but reported on May 5 indications that Marlon was under arrest. Previously Frank Starzl Gen concerning Marton but was re the eight years he had covered feared to the american legation in Budapest. The legation could Only report rumours that Marlon was detained by the secret to Clicc. No information was available As to the charges at that time. The last Telephone Call from Vienna to mrs. Marton in Budapest was on june 13. Reports that she too had been arrested circulated soon after that but could not be confirmed at the time. Tie announcement today by the hungarian Interior ministry said the two correspondents and the two legation employees had been arrested on suspicion of having carried out for a considerable Lime for american Intelli espionage Cral manager of the associated gence press had asked the hungarian the investigations have not yet foreign ministry for information been completed and Are being con the announcement added. Marton was educated in England and had a doctorate degree in economics from Budapest univer Railroad votes to strike Nashville Tenn. July 9 firemen of the Louisville Nash Ville Railroad have voted to strike Ever reinstatement of a Nashville Man who reportedly worked for the Railroad during the strike it was reported tonight. Jake Paschall Louisville Gener no chairman of the brotherhood of locomotive firemen confirmed the strike vote. We have voted to strike but 1 can t make any statement about it at this he said. It has been confirmed by our grand Lodge in Cleveland. h. E. Gilbert president of the his byline had become familiar to Western newspaper readers in events behind the Iron curtain directly censored As a hungarian National he was subject to the regulations a communist regime uses to keep its citizens in line. Nevertheless he succeeded in depicting Many phases of economic cultural and political life in communist Hungary. Some of Iii dispatches which would be considered in the West Only As the Normal efforts of a reporter May now be held against him by communist authorities. He covered the trial of Josef Cardinal Mindszenty the trial of Laszlo Bank the former foreign minister and Interior minister who was hanged in 1949 after confessing he had plotted with Yugo Slavia s Tito the trial and eventual release of Robert a. Vogeler american businessman the new course in hungarian politics after he death of Stalin when Imre Nagy temporarily succeeded strongman Matyas Rakosi As pre Mier and the switch Back when Nagy gave Way to an iras Hegedus. J Ike appoints negro to top Federal Post Washington july 9 a the White House today that Ever Ett Frederic Morrow a Nero has been named a top Job in president Eisenhower s executive office. Morrow of Hackensack n.j., vill Starl work monday As admin St alive officer for Ihu special to Jewls group at an annual Alary of Between and Morrow will be the first negro of such rank in the executive office which i has Headquarters across the Street from the White House in the old state department building. He was selected by Sherman Adams chief assistant to the president. Since sept. 14, 11153, Morrow has been an adviser on business affairs to Secretary of Commerce weeks. In his new Post Morrow will be responsible for coordination of internal management affairs in the special projects group. This group includes the Council on foreign economic policy headed by Joseph m. Dodge the offices of Harold e. Lassen and Nelson a. Rockefeller special assistants to the president on disarmament and foreign policy and the office of i maj. Gen. John s. Bragdon. Spe Cial consultant on Public works planning. Morrow served on president Eisenhower s Campaign train in 1952. He has been with the Colum Bia broadcasting system Public relations staff and at one time was i Field Secretary for the National Assn. For the advancement of Mother s anguish is graphically shown in this picture of mrs. Evelyn teen sobbing As she consoles her teenage son in Woodmere n. Y., yesterday after he and a companion had been held for the distress signal hoax which sent the u. S. Coast guard on a wild Goose Chase. A Wir photo coloured people. He comes from a family Long Dent Ifird with educational Ami civic development of negro life. His paternal Grandfather. Or. John s. Morrow of North Carolina was a prominent educator and presbyterian minister. Western newsmen praised by grinning russian Boss Moscow july 9 Premier George Malenkos today praised Western correspondents in Moscow As Brave people who Tell the truth. The unusual tribute came at a at the Argentine embassy brotherhood who would set by Premier Bulgarin strike Dale was not available at minister Molotov. Malen his Cleveland Home. Kov and other soviet leaders. It was in Honor of an Argentine National Holiday and Premier bul Ganin proposed a Toast to president Pron and the Argentine people. Chatting with the Western n e w s m e a Malenkos remarked the role of journalists is very great because journalists should not Only inform Public opinion but form Public opinion by telling the in , had distinguished career Darlington. July 9 judge. Cei Ved his degree in he and South Carolina paid Edward Colgate Dennis. 83, retire taught school for four years Andl Lington and South Carolina paid de Smith Carolina circuit judge. Studied Law in the meantime. Lori Lite to judge Dennis at unveil died this morning at a Florence he was admitted to Law practice ing ceremonies of a portrait of the Deputy Premier Mikoyan laughingly broke in to say but it also is necessary that they be Able to toll the at this Point Argentine Ambas Sador Leopold Bravo interrupted and with a wave Over a group of resident Western correspondents said but we know them we can have Confidence in Malenkos. With a smile at Miko two jailed in big sea disaster hoax new York july 9 Damp-1 the two were Thomas Maldona eyed boy of 17 and a sullen pal of 21 were jailed today Perpe orators of probably the greatest Atlantic Ocean disaster hoax in history. Authorities said it was they who seat out tie phony set off an uproar along half the Kastern Seaboard. A huge array of ships and plane searched a area in a futile 30-hour search Lor a flaming fishing boat As Well As a for Ign submarine which supposedly took aboard 21 survivors and vanished. Tie coast guard estimated the search Cost it All came about officers said because the two culprits fell to talking about radio during a tour of liars and the elder decided to show us Young pal How a real radio four die in state by t1iij associated i Latliss Yan. Said to the reporters. Wei at least four persons have died know you As Brave people who Tell the violently in Smith Carolina during he weekend. Hospital. Late in and for a period of judge. The occasion was sponsored miss universe tilt to Jolt Long Beach of East Hockaway ., an unemployed crewman on a commercial fishing boat and his Young Friend George teen of , If convicted of a Federal charge of faking a sea disaster they could receive sentences up to in prison and i each. Maldona was Laid off six weeks ago from work on tie fishing ves Sel St. Joseph. It was from this Craft anchored in the new York City suburb of East Hockaway on Long Island thai the fake distress message was broadcast author Ilic said. The Story of How Maldona and the teen boy were i racked Down was almost As astonishing As the hoax itself. Federal officials previously had chalked off such a feat is All but impossible. But a routine investigation of a Nir Glary aboard the St. Joseph did he trick. William he Rived of Valley Stream Long Island the fishing vessel s owner went aboard his raft and found thai the door of he radio room had been broken open sometime wednesday night. The radiotelephone transmitter had been turned on and left operating. Police did t disclose exactly How their Allan lion was turned to j Maldona hut they took him and Young teen into custody last night. Only 6 plaintiffs in original suit Columbia july 9 atty. Gen. To c. Cal Lison announced today to has received notice from the National . For the advancement of coloured people that it will attempt to add about 500 residents of Claren Don county As plaintiffs in the Summerton school segregation Case. Callison said he received notice from Thurgood Marshall chief counsel for the organization that such a motion will be made during the Federal District court hearing of the Case Here next Friday. The attorney general said he assumed the move be an it Knipl to Block any order which would affect Only the negro pupils whose parents started the suit orig Nelly. There was Only about six plaintiffs. Marshall is scheduled to arrive Here tomorrow to Confer with be attorneys in the state who took Larl in the Case. Marshall also will meet with James m. Hinton of Columbia i resident of the slate a act con Ference. Hinton said he May announce further plans alter the ii earing for petitioning state school Lis Iricks to comply with the court s decree that race segregation be ended As soon As fun silo. Petitions already have been received by districts in i Dilall and Florence counties. The a act has threatened court action unless Steps Are taken Dur ing the next school year. Making up the court to which i lie Case was remanded by the . Supreme court May 31, will be judges John j. Parker of Char Lotc n.c., a mislead m. Dobie of va., and George Bell Timmrman of Columbia father of South Carolina s gov. George Bell Tom Mcrann or. This is the same body which sat on the second hearing of the Case before the supreme court s May 1954 decision against Public school segregation. Appearing at the Friday hearing for the Summerton school District officials who said they will close their schools rather than desegregate will be Attys. Robert Mcc. Figg or. Of Charleston and s. E. Pig cars of Summerton. The Summerton District is the Only one in the slate affected immediately by the decree. British ready for turncoat Hong Kong sunday july 10 officials made final plans today to meet three Amer ican turncoat who Are expected o be delivered at the red China Border in the Early afternoon for return to the United states. They arranged for one car to carry immigration officials of the Crown Colony with orders to receive Hie three from the chinese communists. Another car was assigned to carry a representative of the Brit ish red Cross a photographer who will make pictures for All agencies on a pooled basis and a Hong Kong government Public relations officer. These three sex soldiers who elected to stay in red China after being released As prisoners of the korean War and now have changed their minds and asked too Home were scheduled to by akan first to police Headquarters or questioning by immigration officers on the status of their citizenship. In the next step they would by handed Over by the British to american consular officials. From there on plans were not made but it was assumed they would by taken to a hotel to face question ing by the press. Youth drowns As Aid blocked by Busy line a 15-year-old boy drowned yesterday while his friends were locked in calling the Florence 7ire department Rescue squad by a Busy party line Telephone. Lie was Wallace Edward Pringle son of or. And mrs. James Tingle National cemetery Toad who drowned in an irrigation Pond Schind the Home of j. W. House near the Florence Airport. Coroner Joe Clarke said two of Wallace s companions were in Alilce to Telephone for be cause of a Husy party line on House s plume until 45 minutes after Hie Accident. It was the first time the boy lad been to the Pond said Coroner Clarke who listed the death As an Sci dental drowning. Wallace was at the Pond with Herbert Ford and Thomas Rich Ardson both 15. And he was the first of the Trio into the water. Coroner Clarke said. Fireman David Baker recovered the body. He was assisted by assistant fire chief h. R. Priest. Investigating the Accident was Dep Uty sheriff .7. A. Huggins. Wallace s death was the second n Florence county this year Cor Oner Clarke said. Gospe singers flee from jail Montgomery aja., july 9 in four Kilby prison gospel singers one of whom recently turned Down a parole overpowered a guard and fled in a prison Sta Tion Wagon after an appearance at Linden ala., last night. Bar Lon g Beach. Calif., july a Shell be he had Boon in declining lie Allej two years worked on an ency clo by the Darlington county for the past months. Of Law in Philadelphia Penn. Jassu. And the portrait now hangs i for 3nf Days of the year Long year s Winner and maybe to in january 1901, he came Tojin Darlington county court room. Beach is the crack at Hollywood pc Frai. Services will he at to b Chine practice o 4 p. M. Sunday at the . N pm he was with. Back to Crown this i and maybe to take the Here. The ins riles will be con ducted by his the Liev. L. K. Pope .jr., if Trinity methodist Church or. B. H. . A former pastor of the Church or. Out opposition to the Bench of the slate s fourth indicia circuit and served All Over South Carolina Ile was married in april. 1907, to the former miss Blanche Moor his Hobby was fishing and last in for All Good retired Lowyns. Jure that makes most of these girls summer he fell while on a fishing the other i Days come this travel around the world trip near Darlington and sustained i thu relay it is the International this United nations of Beauty a broken from which he re la thing Beauty capital Home of causes As much controversy yearly covered in a Short period. The miss universe pageant. As its political counterpart. Miss t. E. Simpson a former pastor of it Parli Miton pc shyly Rinn Church j at Vanderbilt University judge and the Icv. E. K. Garrison of was a of a Clinton a former Pas Lor of Socrat to Church. He also held member the Active pallbearers will he in knights of pythias the George . J. P. Kirin sign and the Woodmen of the jr., inline Kilgo Harold Gramoll and Charlie cd words. All of , Ami Jacobs n film Mem us St. Ill ills or linux Laci Illy. Blun nary pallbearers will lit tin1 members of tie fourth tin nil bar. Circuit Anil supreme court judges of South Carolina and of Ilic Hoad of slew aids of Trinity methodist Church. Burial will be in Grove Hills cemetery. Judo.0 Dennis was Horn in Ren or Tom ill on april in. N san Lon in and 1912 and As county of the Lalo or. Robert e. Nil in if Lull and 1920. Ile re Mary Green Dennis. To received marked Romeo Nelv thai to had my education in the Rimmi Imol Hutli offices and did not school in a Lyllo. N. C and in Vook reelection vend Predl univ rely where he re.-1 so veil ago survivors include his widow one some 85 girls a record n g 1 a n a 19-year-old Margaret arc expected to descend on Long Rowe. Caus i a storm at borne lost Magazine editor Safe All a mistake son. Edward c. Dennis jr., a Dar Lington attorney one daughter mrs. William Cantey of Columbia and four grandchildren. World. For nearly half a a Flury of i in Liri of Trinity Mulh titlist Chin Hill a Rocil As chairman of the Liming no us Nix Fin lit Lor Iii air Lime u incr of the .1. Kiwis it Iliff class Anil also the ii Dill Hihl of i in1 Kii Toimi i Llin Ilist Church Here lie was n Trusler if Trinity methodist Church. He served As mayor of Darlis Beach thursday morning for 10iwlien she was selected Days of a Public whirl so a Cockney Marilyn Monroe she that even a Dervish would Squaw measures .17-2-1-37 and won a at least on sweater contest at 14. Con scr i in Howard Kushmore of confidential missing since Early six foreign countries Are britishers argued that she in pri7e peaches for the first tune not typical of British Beauty which the latter Are Lebanon. Nicara esteems a tape measure. Mandan do up Gua Guatemala. England Holland of m-24 my the publicity Given my Calcaterra quoted Jdc ath of James Forristal former Secretary of the Navy and defense Kushmore As saying wrecks my departments. Entire he said he would j Kus Lunore was former film Edi probably leave for Salt Lake City Lor of the communist daily work tomorrow morning. However the Bulyc hotel or but broke with the party in the and Clevion. Along v state. Hut one of the judges Eijiu Leml my More and that the. Editor said he at Ile was a reporter on the new which Irish More was staying journal american special in he checked out of the hotel about ii . Tonight. Had left Chicago without leaving Yonl to track Down a Chicago i pail Leader. Ishii a Alc Ira. Luciail by police Iii the hotel mom program Ihnn went out again in in in articles about communism. Until last fall. Police investigating his disappearance said he returned to his Ali r appearing on the to Lenaries will be three City Julial in Glandil is nut to win. The misses new Yolk City i Hila Ailred Del Psia and is. L.mn-. The uni he May in to the american Lor the know we have Iho miss Tsa title decided Hie Nii lil year. Mana Mai Ilia if Neha the Jol july the i a. Winner then of Lichiu. A. Iho of mail compelo. is hulls Taumle Nihl up in Iho Lusial ill palhic.-, him miss re blur new Liuha on his Dis Llhee desk clerk. For the mrs re Iverso Enki Tun Lihle Btij Mil in mis South Here All a big mistake j appearance Loday. Police said the message purport Init he blog. Bce Aii eol two "1 was in tulle became i got Howard Liis Limonc. 4x editor Ofjord in to from a Man named i year Miriam Slovon Nii. A inches no the hips Load Ilia the person i m the Magazine confidential was last asked Luis More to meet us ugh Carolina Coo l with More striking of lace and loaded with j fur was Calcaterra quoted j reported seen Early thursday. He him Al at Roosevelt Hoad than the Dixie Highway. Cd Appeal measured if. Iii Khmoro. To did not name to Chicago monday and a and Halstod sired. I won Bolli Doel Arim she fell bust. Al the Waist and 38 at the individual for whom to was search ipod Rod on a Chicago to program hike Cinderella Al mid Niche she hips. The judges had an Jwon cuday night. A circled a Coli Kracl it i Livor Al denied to Ipie lie before door lieu flush Munro was dinner film a Dichir he said Over the air he was judge e. Kundin and Ucol liner to Iol ii Ulen l Ili round i Llo Fri Hast at Lander Colum exiled one of . Of be comm Iii a daily worker looking for a communist the i no broke with Chr parly in the Leader and was uni Kini Story in con Clion the Tom Gucgun. On whose arc to program Rushmore appeared said the Zdilor requested that know Iii the whom ghouls of the comm Meisl Lender phone Rush More Al his hotel

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