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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 9, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaTopaz is s putting up storm shutters twit when a with is left on Sec we thoughts. Kence 0 Bozym Koht be a Eck Uva lot better that s i he thing. Fuzz brought it and the fuzz takes it away. Shall we Reaa Ove our hats gentlemen As it must to All. Mustaches in the police department death comes swiftly.1 for the swearing in ceremony approaches groovy per forms the last Atcherly but think he needs a Pappy he Kinbeck Roseto an to is Takis Tuke a Man the tows clerk la Burkoth marriage record a Marvim Sam a live to a that a p Uke to a wanta Stav Marrley to i l Abnercdrn-d1shun-Wmo Kin Bec Loseto i can to dear my trick knee went out on is 1 Youb trick knee j Only goes out when i ask you v. To 00 some j work forms shall we 6e.t at this i really would value your comments on the rewrite As i tried to make quite you should not infer from the the conversation Between Thad Moore and me that you can move into my personal life we. I hardly expected an Arctic chill up Here in july _ 1 dont. I hate i bet you re you probably Uve us out in cloudburst i m Schwy men but someone Mas to stand True be. It really worries is this stupid i m wearing my Fez Don t you ? notice any thing i like my Fez my i efficacious snob Buti Don t like face you re wearing slow try acting Fries july 1970 7.d Carroll Richter s from the Carroll Righter Institute 50 general tendencies a wonderful Day and evening to get into whatever has to do improving your environment. Let those close to you know you really Are devoted to them and that you Are willing1 to go out of your Iway to do the Little things for them that the like. V Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 shop Early for clothing Home furnishings Etc., that your appearance and the efficiency of your Home As Well. A Good time to extend yourself if you want to get ahead. Stop daydreaming so much. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 try to see As Many Good friends As you can. During your spare time. Accept some important social invitation for the evening. Improve your creative skills. Be careful drive too fast gemini May 21 to june 21 improve your Home so that it is a delightful place to be. Relieve tensions in your Home surroundings. Show others you have a Good head on your shoulders. I Moon children june 22 to july do whatever brings you the greatest amount of Success today. Don t neglect your correspondence. Look into government papers Etc. A Leo july 22 to aug. 21 concentrating on of make More Money is Wise now so be sure to get into the right outlets and All is Fine. Don t worry so much about temporary disadvantages. Get advice from a Clever business expert. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 your health and appearance need attention take care of this Early. Give important business matters top priority. Then off to some relaxation with Good friends. 23 to oct. 22 get the support now that your future is More comfortable and show you Are in need of affection. A better be happier. X Scorpio. Oct. 23 to nov. 21 go out with admirers and pals. Show you Are fond of them. Invite some of them to a party you Are going to attend. State important Aims you have clearly. Then you find them easier to attain Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. Have business requiring your attention so get the help of a bigwig. Becoming involved in civic work can mean greater income later. Be Clever at whatever you do or say. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 you can now get the data you need to help you put some new interest to work accept the Goodwill of a bigwig also. Evening is spent at amusements so that you relax mind and body aquarius Jan. 21 to feb. 19 getting your work Don efficiently gains you the respect of Feigher ups. Try being gentle and and More devoted to mate this evening. Forget those temperamental outbursts. Pisces feb. 20 to mar. 20 be Happy at simple pleasures in the company of a Good Friend and put aside All that anxiety for awhile. This Renews your vitality. Do Only routine work i husband and you have to tonight. Smile More. 01 been married Over if your child is born or she will be i been one of those fascinating Young people who is always Happy and will be very popular. This child will have much compassion for others show him or her. That you expect much and your offspring starts career Early and accomplished a great Deal throughout his lifetime. If you cannot afford College your child will earn his own Way. Stars impel they do not what you make of crossword Puzzle ue3i2lo across 1. Bengal quince 4. Importune 11. Eastern name 12. Having a True Luster 13. Menagerie 14. Pessimist 16. Beach 18. Handle 20. Chemical Salt 21.stance 24. Lime tree 27. Risen 28. Oklahoma tribe 55. Man s 30. Adept nickname r 31. Breed of Dot 33.rodents 35. Forward 36.confused 38. April birthstone 40. Pen Point 42. Pitcher 43. Livestock 46. Fisherman .49. Hooter 50.bugaboo 52. Number 53. Notion 54. Lumber Dan Ham Anna Hoci Sann Keif san Hracs Sag Nan Rasa Ana an Ramran an Nara Hunan Annay Down 1. Cistern 2. City in Minnesota 3. Golf course 4. Boorish is 2 29 solution of yesterday s up ill 5. Sun god 6. Enlisted nun 7. Small lizards 8. Flowering Shrub 9. Against 10. Coal scuttle 15. Preposition 17. Deserter 19. Extensive 21. Chrysalis 22. Musical work 23. Macabre 25. Religious statue 26. Advance Money 29. Kelp 32. Kind 34. Pintail Dick 37. River Island 39. Synthetic fabric 41. Treat lavishly 43. Stocky Horst 44. Amazement 45. Vanity 47. Compass Point As. Rufous 51, artificial w by 52 for time 24 min. A it language by or. Herbert Spaugh Here is another Triangle Case. My correspondent writes i have sixteen Able to your life is largely lip to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for dec Ember is now ready. For your copy Send your birthrate and to Carroll Righter. Forecast Florence morning news Box 629, Hollywood Calif 90028_____________ contract Bridget by b. Jay Becker Tup i i ill Lii Lii it Litile i nyl West dealer. East West vulnerable. North 4 k q 10 6 4 3 10 9 8 3 472 East 45 West 4j972 akqj853 South South Dale vaqj54 4 q 10 9 3 42 the bidding West North 24 pass pass pass 5 Dale opening King of clubs. Bridge is a game of deduction rather than of mathematics. Declarer must try to figure out the composition of the unseen hands and once he has succeeded in doing so it usually be comes child s play to accomplish the Best possible result. Here is a Fine example of the Art of Good card Reading. West leads the King of clubs and continues with the Ace. Declarer in Dummy and loses a heart finesse to the King. West returns a heart won by South with the Jack. Declarer now plays the act and another Spade finessing the ten. When the finesse succeeds. South discards All his diamonds on the Spades and makes five hearts doubled. Without the Spade finesse he would go Down one. Now How in the world can South possibly be smart enough to finesse the Spade is it just a Lucky shot or is there a sound basis for it the answer is that South knows the finesse will succeed. He reaches this conclusion by a dramatic but logical interpretation of the bidding and play by the opponents. Let s see what South knows about West s hand after trick five. The Only positive knowl Edge he has of West s length in any suit is that West had two hearts. But South can also reasonably assume that West would have returned a. Diamond at trick four instead of a he had the failure to do this prove he is void of Dia monds. Since East raised clubs at one Point in the bidding showing at least three card support it Fol lows that is marked with two hearts and no Dia monds was bound to have started with no More than seven clubs and hence must have exactly four Spades. No other distribution can possibly exist. O 1970. King features Syndicate inc tomorrow the Rabid. 7-9-70 Trust him because of his by and signs of unfaithfulness. He denied being unfaithful until a few weeks ago. I can t believe him. He left for several Days and then came Back. This time a saw him with another woman. I have tried by nothing seems to work. I love ithe lord and there Are times when the Only Relief i can be is by praying for him continually and these other women who Are hurting us. He is still going to Church although he is not interested the is supposed to be a Chris Tian and one time was a Deacon. Sometime ago i real in your column where you recommended the Oil of pre elation.1 Yogi wrote something to this effect there in t a wandering Hus band who would t stay put Al Home if his wife never wearied in singing to him songs of Praise and making him feel like a Little tin please Pray for us. We also have a 15 year old i m afraid my correspondent misquoted me in saying that i recommended that a wife should make her husband feel like a Little tin i have written Many times that if there is True love in the Home Between husband and wife the husband would not i wander women. Afield i will seeking other admit that occasionally you will find a Man who is so Philander us he is not satisfied with one woman. But there Are not Many of these. Love and appreciation holds a Home together. True love is a spiritual Quality and is sacrificial. I discussed the various forms of love and appreciation in my Book pathway to a Happy we All love True appreciation but we resent flattery because it s insincere. From Long experience in dealing with Domestic cases i be Learned that one the first breakdowns in a marriage is Lack of communication Courtesy and appreciation. One form of love is companionship with shared interests. A husband or wife should always do a few things together which they both enjoy. I love to sit in restaurants and watch other couples come a sit Down at the table and order a meal. If they look bored or uncommunicative i eel sure that they Are married o one another. But if i see a couple after ordering indulge n animated conversation you an Mark it Down that they Are not married at 1 e a s t to one nother. Write the everyday Counselor in care of this newspaper for a copy of my ook pathway to a Happy enclosing judges get restful look at jail Lite Carson City Nev. A Twenty five judges Are spending the night sleeping on prison cots behind barred doors at the Nevada state prison. The jurists Are attending the National College of state trial judges at the University of Vada s Reno Campus near Here. The prison stay was designed to give them a firsthand look at he life led by those they must sentence. The judges agreed to be proc Hado s they la do it every time this in t for maybe he could t see our number he left 1 voor mail in our Box whose did you set Essed As Ordinary prisoners acc the 335-Man maximum Security prison where new convicts must strip surrender personal effects and Shower before donning Pris on Blue denims for Transfer to the medium Security prison eight Miles away. Ten then were to return to maximum to experience disciplinary proceedings and spend wednesday night in one Man cells. The others will stay in the 325-Man medium Security Pris on. They la be treated exactly As any other inmate is Warden Carl Hocker said. We intend to take pains to do no attempt will be made to disguise the judges As prisoners said judge Laurence Hyde Dean of the seminar. All the judges Are from state courts and include Superior court judge Richard re. Hay Den of los Angeles an District court judge William Ela of grand Junction Colo. At the medium Security Pris on judges were assigned bunks scattered through dormitories. There Are no barred doors Hocker said. Our Secu j Ity is on the perimeter double j fenced and commanded by Tow ers at the four no extra guards were As signed to protect the who the Warden claimed Are probably safer in prison Uusi trying to Cross the main Street in Reno. Their safety will be seven judges declined the overnight stay offer

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