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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 9, 1970, Florence, South CarolinaOur 47th year no. 190 the Only daily paper published in Eastern South Carolina Florence s. A thursday morning july 9, 1970 daily Loc sunday 15c Senate approves form subsidy limitations Washington a the Senate voted to Clamp a lid on individual farm subsidies wednesday then approved a million boost in the food stamp program for needy families. In the first action aimed at corporate farms that col Lect up to million yearly for not growing crops the Senate approved 40 to 35 an amendment by sen. Ralph t. Smith r-i1i., that would impose the subsidy limit on wheat Cotton and feed grains. In the second it approved 43 to 28 a bid by sen. George Mcgovern d-s.d., chairman of the Senate hunger com Mittee to increase food stamp appropriations to billion a figure he said is the Bare minimum needed to allow the program to expand. Votes million hike in food stamp program Smith estimated that if the subsidy curb is accepted by the House savings will Range from million to million a year. The subsidy program now costs about billion a year and benefits some 2.5 million Farmers. Most of these receive payments averaging and one third get or less. Smith said Only about persons received More than in subsidies last year. But he said these payments ranged up to More than million for a single corporate farm. Sen. James 0. Eastland d-miss., whose Colton plan tation received in subsidy payments last year voted against the measure. In a third change to the billion appropriations Bill for the agriculture depart ment and related agencies the Senate increased funds available for Grants and Loans to Small Rural communities to establish up to Date sewerage and water purification facilities. Sen. Spessard l. Holland chairman of the Senate a g r in u 11 u r e a p to privations subcommittee told Mcgovern his Amend ment would meet stiff opposition in the House and the result might be a Long delay for food Stamps and other related activities such As the school lunch program and the commodity distribution pro Gram. Mcgovern saying the food stamp program is becoming increasingly vital said the present annual per person Cost multiplied by the 6 million people presently participating leaves Only about million left with which to expand the pro Gram. There Are 25 million poor people 1n the country Mcgovern said. Fifteen million of these people receive no food assistance of any . Troops South Korea Given word on pullout Washington a the United states has told South Korea it is considering withdrawing some of the u. S. Troops now stationed there the a Fate department said wednesday. The South korean prime minister has been informed that discussions might begin soon on the exact number and the timing of the u. S. Withdrawal officials added. I ago. State department press of a they finer Carl Bartch said the i United department spokesman said in making the announcement. Dispatches from Seoul said reports of the. Planned Man Power reduction caused a stir in the South korean govern ment which did not expect such a 1970s. Move until the late u. S. Troops have been stationed in South Korea since the korean War ended 17 years notification to the South Korea government in Seoul was the first such official notice of u. S. Intent but he declined to give numbers or dates. This is in line with the Nix on doctrine of reducing our presence abroad without in have been under the nation s Hince pairing the state action. If if near Khe Sanh base the allies fought As u. N. Troops in the War. Bartch said he did not know whether the United nations would come into play in the withdrawal operation but said there May be some notification to the world body of the u. S. Americans smash enemy battalion Saigon a helicopter borne . Troops swooped Down on a battalion of North Viet namese near the old american Marine combat base a1 Khe Sanh wednesday and reported they wiped out half of the ene my Force in a seven hour Battle. . Commanders said the troops killed North Viet namese in the encounter in the Northwest Corner a South Viet Nam near the laotian Border. Two americans were killed and six wounded. The engagement began soon after Dawn when american cop-1 Ter Crews spotted a Force of up i to 250 North vietnamese regu j Lars moving through a Bamboo i Thicket just West of the former Leatherneck base. J the americans flew in ground troops and attacked the enemy on the ground and with rocket firing helicopter gunships. Khe Sanh was the site of the 77-Day enemy siege broken by . Relief forces and american air strikes Early in 1968. The marines finally abandoned the base in june 1968. Wednesday s Battle near Khe Sanh marked the second major engagement in a week in which fighting was generally washed out by Monsoon Rains in South Vietnam and neighbouring Laos. In earlier fighting also in the Northern part of the country South vietnamese forces claimed they killed 146 enemy soldiers last thursday and Fri Day near Quang Tri along a coastal strip known As the Street without 15 Miles below the demilitarized zone. Elsewhere in South Vietnam a general Low level of fighting persisted but across the Border in Cambodia South vietnamese troops launched a Large scale operation against elusive units of the communist command. Saigon military spokesmen imposed unusual secrecy on the new drive refusing to give the exact locale in Cambodia of the operation. They said Only that the area was not a new one and that we have been there he cambodian test vote scheduled Washington a House leaders decided late wednesday to schedule for thursday Thi first test of the Senate impose limitation on presidential action in Cambodia. Opponents of the Cooper Church amendment were optimistic they could beat Back an attempt to bind the House conferees in Advance to the Ian Guage adopted in the Senate two weeks ago after nearly two months of debate. House sup porters appeared to pin their Hopes on a sizable vote. The Issue who be joined in the House according to plans drawn late wednesday when chairman Thomas e. Morgan d-pa., of the House foreign affairs committee moves to Send the foreign military sales Bill to conference with the Senate. This measure contains the Cooper ii Ucli amendment which would Cut off . Spending for a motion is scheduled to he made by a Republican Dove to instruct the House conferees in Advance to accept the Cooper Church language. Morgan then plans to move to table or these instructions and a vote would follow. The plans were unveiled after a Day of rumours about whether the move would be made thurs Day or sometime next week and the exact procedures to be Fol Lowed. Just prior to the final dec Sion House democratic and be publican leaders met in speak John w. Mccormack office Bryce Harlow Counselor t president Nixon reportedly a in on the session. The amendment with an effective Date of july 1, would re Luire congressional approval Lefore the United states could undertake future combat advisory and air operations in Cam Wydia. Israeli head voices Defiance of Russia peace unit patrolling Shore City Asbury n. J. A negro leaders formed a 28 Mani peace patrol wednesday night to try to Stop disorders which left one Man critically wounded. An aide Ito gov. William t. Ahmid said state police Hall agreed to let the Jeanee u p pie m e n t reapers in enforcing a dusk to Ian curfew. A group led by Aniel Harris a negro spokesman had asked Cahill to intercede. Grayson said there was no agreement to withdraw troopers who fired shotguns to Epe an attack tuesday. A Ospital said that since the disorders began sunday nigh 8 persons had been treated for puncture wounds of the sort Lade by Shotgun pellets. State police said the Only wound of their knowledge prior to tuesday was a Man shot in the hand by a Small Caliper weapon but a police Typl Grayson said troopers would be pulled out in due course when order is state police supt. David b. Kelly sent maj. Howard Graff to gather evidence about the shootings. Firemen guarded by troopers armed with shotguns put out loth fires without incident. Historic change commander Dorothy v. Holliday becomes the first woman in u. S. Naval history to command a naval Reserve division composed entirely of men. She is shown with cmdr. Frank Branch whom she replaced in change of command ceremonies wednesday at Gulfport miss. A California pair wins puff Derby Trenton a. A a 32 California flying in Struc Tress and her Lilot were named actress co wednesday you re not in a Heap of trouble boy expressions of Atlanta patrolman d. W. Sanford and Driver Stephen Manthel change from Grimness to Emilei at san Ford Checki the Driver s License before writing a citation of Merit for courteous driving. Program which includes two to Atlanta braves baseball game with each is being tested on an experimental basis at the suggestion of the National Council of juvenile court judges meeting in Atlanta this week a winners of the annual Cross country powder puff Derby. Margaret Mead of Santa bar Dara calif., wh0 has More than 0 air hours logged and us an Oliver who starred in the e 1 e v i s i o n series Peyton finished the mile Oast to coast race two tenths f a mile faster than the run ers up. It took them 13 hours 3 minutes in the air from Mon Erey Calif to Bristol a. Eighty six women finished the be Day Speed and endurance Ace which ended tuesday at rundown. Six of 92 starters were disqualified in route when or minor mechanical difficulties forced them Down at other than the 10 sanctioned Ston airports. The race was handicapped. Judges considered not Only Speed but ithe size of the Craft. Single and two engined planes were in Competition. You know you be done better than All the other professional fliers and that feels miss Mead said in an interview after being named top finisher. She and her co Pilot split the first prize. They flew a Piper commanche. Emergency Board eyes dispute rail strikers Stream Back Washington a in Cleveland Utu president within 30 Days after which the vice resumed on three major rail lines wednesday As a presidential panel prepared to investigate the cause of a Brief Selec Charles Luna said he is pessimistic about the emergency Board settling the 12-year-old dispute. It s not a satisfactory Settle Tive walkout by the United ment but it s the he said transportation Union. About Utu members streamed Back to work in 16 states hours after president Nixon agreed to a management request to temporarily end the strike under emergency provi Sions of the railway labor act. The president ordered the men Back to work for 60 Days while a three Man emergency Board headed by new York at Torney Fred m. Livingston tries to Settle the dispute Over Restor ing thousands of firemen s jobs on diesel engines. Some delays were reported on the three Ohio Southern Pacific and Louisville Nashville railroads but in most areas officials said trains were run Ning normally. In Philadelphia a b 0 train master said he expected delayed eastbound trains to be ack on schedule by Early wednesday night. D. H. Creasy National Utu vice president in san Francisco said the Union had assurances there would be no reprisals against up employees participating in the strike. Of the presidential order. He said if nothing suitable is produced in 60 Days Well Proba Bly be right Back where we under the Law the panel must submit a report to the president Union is prohibited from calling another strike for 30 More Days. Then if a second strike is called after the Cooling off period Only Congress at the Federal level can end it. The dispute centers on Union demands for the re employment of thousands of firemen whose jobs were eliminated by a fed eral mediation Board ruling in 1963. President seeks Aid for indians president Nixon says he will ask Congress to permit Indian groups of take Over programs for their Benefit. See Page 7a. Twenty three trial judges will spend j a night in prison to get a taste of Liv ing conditions there. See Page 7d. California grape growers and farm workers apparently have gone a Long Way toward settling their differences. See Page 5a. Index ask Andy 81 classified ii comics deaths editorials markets sports 7d 2a 4a 2d weather partly Cloudy and continued worm through Friday with Chan of thundershowers. High today near 90 Low tonight 70s. Details Page 3a. Bar lev issues warning Tel Aviv a it. Gen. Haim bar lev said wednesday Israel will Deal with soviet involvement in the Middle East conflict and persist in fighting anyone who tries to undermine israeli defences in the Suez Ca Nal zone. This time we shall know How to find the answer to this new and serious line army chief of staff said in a speech at an officer s graduation ceremony. The general warned that so Viet involvement has entered a new phase with the russian presence Felt in everything. Earlier in an interview with the sem official newspaper a Var bar lev said there Are about soviets in Egypt of them soldiers pilots or operators of weapons and mis Siles. The rest Are advisers and instructors he added. But we will not be deterred from any action which is Possi ble and necessary for our con inked hold on the cease fire he said. Bar lev announced monday that the russians had planned and directed the setting up of missile Sites near the canal for Egypt and that soviet Crews were believed to have fixed at israeli aircraft. The israeli embassy in Washington has issued a document claiming that soviet pilots Are expected to Fly missions in the canal zone and even beyond the waterway into israeli held Terri tory. The document asserted that me russians have completed three stages in their military assistance to ment of Sams surface to air missiles near egyptian cities operational missions by soviet pilots in Egypt inner airspace and setting up sam3 bases in the canal zone. 10 Miles from the waterway. The soviets Are waiting to see what will be the direct Reaf Tion to these Steps they have taken and it is Clear that if this reaction is passive they will open a fourth stage which is Likely to include soviet flights Over the canal zone and even beyond the document said. In air action wednesday israeli planes attacked an egyptian sam2 surface to air missile site and antiaircraft batteries in the Southern sector of the Suez canal the military command in Tel Aviv announced. The jets also hit military Camps fortifications and antiaircraft units along the 103 mile waterway the spokesman added. He said All planes re turned safely. It was the first reported israeli attack on sam2 Sites in three Days. The slate department in Washington said wednesday that the . Ambassador to Moscow Jacob beam expects to meet soon with soviet for eign minister Andrei a. Gromyko and probably will discuss Hie Middle East

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