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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 8, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaGood morning it s sunday july e our both no. 189 Florence s. C. Daily sunday 15 Ford builds its last convertible Detroit api Ford motor has produced its last convertible general motors now the Lone automaker in the convertible Chrysler and american motors quit earlier. Fprd s last convertible a 1973 Mercury Cougar rolled off the line thursday and was delivered immediately to Floyd Floore. A Chicago automobile collector. William p. Benton. Ford vice president and Lincoln Mercury general manager said air conditioning probably was the greatest single Factor in the demise of the convertible. In 1965. Automakers produced 510.693 an All time High for the Industry. In 1972. The Industry produced 72.110. Ford motor co s Ford division produced 8.783 convertibles in 1972 and its Lincoln Mercury division produced Nixon will not testify or release documents May resign rep. Wilbur d. Mills d-ark., chairman of the House ways and Means commit tee and for years a congressional Leader in eco nomic matters announced saturday he would re sign at the end of his current term if his health does not improve. See Story Page 7a. A it s War on noise for Rome Rome a Rome a Metropolis of noise since the cae sars began an extensive crack Down on its noise problem sat urday. Cynical romans said the pleas for quiet probably will fall on deaf ears. It s War on Home s papers headlined As buses roared horns honked radio and to Sels blared men argued in cafes Over nothing and Mamma screamed Al her children. The Campaign was specific ally aimed Al motorcycles. Officials said other motor vehicles will be next. The City mobilized hundreds of special agents for spot checks setting roadblocks and s i o p i i n g motorcycles sus use Clad of being rigged to go faster and consequently make More noise. Fines ranged from Rome officials have Long suspected that hundreds of thou Sands of motorbikes Are filling the narrow streets of Home Wilh far More noise than the Legal limit. A random Check by police on the eve of the Campaign showed that 13 out of motorcycles were Loo noisy. Besides spot checks. Rome also established a Center to which police can Low noisy bikes for dismantling Tosee How the Muffler is altered to achieve More Speed and noise. San Clemente. Calif. A president Nixon flatly refused saturday to testify be fore the Senate select water Gate committee under any circumstances or to permit Access to his presidential papers. "1 have concluded that if i were to testify before the com Mittee irreparable damage would be done to the constitutional principle of separa Tion of Nixon said. Mis remarks were in q letter from the Western while House to watergate committee chair Man sen. Sam j. Ervin d n.c., in response Tough Cal ions from some committee members that in appear. I must and shall resist any requests which would jeopardize the separation of Powers he said. From his Home in Morgan Lon. N. A. Krvin commented i think that it is very unfortunate that the president of the United slates is unwilling to make a full disclosure to the american people of All that lie the president said he had agreed to permit unrestricted life. Before the House com Mittee on in american Active lies in november 1953. The president pointed out that Truman declined on the grounds that the separation of Powers forbade his appear and Nixon pointed out this position was not challenged by the i Nixon repeated Bis intention to address the watergate mat ters publicly at an appropriate time during your Bui he did not say Ixia or when he would do that. The ranking minority Mem Ber of the watergate com infill dec. Sen. Howard taker. R tenn., had suggested that Nix on might appear informally to Lalk with of the com Ivillee. Hut Zig scr said Nixon would not Lalk informally with committee members either. Ervin. Baker and most of the other five committee members have stated i hey believe a presidential response is needed in View of the claims by former while House counsel John w. Dean 111 that Nixon knew of the Wal Ergal cover up. Nixon said he wanted poem president Nixon irreparable damage testimony of present and for Phasic strongly that his Ducci Mer while House staff Mem Sion was based on his con i airs before the committee list Stith tonal obligation to Powers Ami Are pc he ruled out Access to papers serve compiled by tic president or Rog Alives of the presidency his immediate Slaff to preserve and nol upon any desire to the indispensable principle of withhold information relevant confidentiality of presidential u your while Nixon refused to Lurn press Secretary Ronald l5 Ziegler said Nixon s refusal to appear was a decision made could still be perused hut can by the president to defend the not be taken from the while office of the i Louse. Nixon cited As precedent for Ziegler said thai former his action the refusal of former members of the while House president Harry s. Truman to staff such As presidential aides comply with a Subj Poona to Les . Haldeman and John d. Furl Clunan and Dean would have Access to their papers., in a najor statement on May 22. Nixon said he would not in Voke the right of executive privilege for former or present members of his while House staff As far As testimony concerning possible criminal con duct was concerned and be pointed out Hal lie waives inc Over presidential the. Spoke sri in documents c ask of d c an. Also no cd then that his staff is under instruction to cooperate fully in furnishing pertinent inform Nixcy Siirid saturday that Les Alimony by members of the while House Slaff. Present and former could be permitted and could he limited to mailers within the scope of the water Gate investigation. And he said Licause of the special nature of this particular investigation. I have agreed to permit the unrestricted Lesti Muny of present and former White House staff monitors be fore your of Civet Joist rays before the sen ate watergate was to resume its bearings in Washington with former ally. Gen. John n. Mitchell. Nixon s close Friend and former Campaign manager As Heslar Wilness. Sen. Sam Erving it is very unfortunate development of Missouri Synod or. Preus retains lutheran Post api a Square Jawed lutheran Leader the Hev or. J. A 0. Preus. Saturday fought off Sharp opposition to retain command of his denomination reinforcing his drive to tighten controls on its teachings. of the lutheran Church Missouri Synod regionally named bul with a nationwide membership reflect cd him president after he pledged continued a forts to require uniformity of beliefs and stamp out deviations. A firm conservative lie won with Fishi Voles on a first ballot defeating his nearest opponent the Kev. Or. William ii. Bohnof St. Louis head of the Church s Mission Board. Who received Jio Voles. Another i Oil Voles were scattered among other candidates. had staked his reelection bid on his demand Tor doctrinal conformity. Laying Down his ultimatum shortly before delegates cast ballots in the hard fought presidential contest. Preus declared the Church stands Al a doctrinal Crossroads at this Point in ii cannot continue to profess one position on holy scripture while a lacks on that position from those who have another position he said. Or. Preus. 52. Claiming the president s High to supervise doctrine. Insists on the literal factuality of various biblical accounts which Many scholars see As allegorical. The conflict has shaken the denomination., Wilh repercussions beyond it. Particularly in its relations with other Christian bodies. The big. Midwestern based denomination a Long Lime bastion of inflexibility previously had begun to move into the m a i n s i r e a m of proles and Lex night. But Preus demands a Hall to the trend. Four other candidates ran against Preus Al the governing convention of he member denomination. They were backed by Mode Rales challenging Preus efforts to re strict Hihl ical views. Lizul the most promising Standard Bearcroft the Mode Rales. The Rev. Or. C. J. Joffman. Was eliminated from the race by parliamentary Maneu vers. Hoffman is the speaker on inc internationally broadcast lutheran hour. A chief target of Preus drive has the Church s main Seminary. Concordia of St. Louis which he has charged Wilh leaching heresy. In laying Down his platform for re election Preus told he 1.100 voting delegates he could nol carry out my responsibilities Wilhour authority to Slop Rio clinical dissent. Before god we must stand on Hal basis until our lord s he snid. In the past similar struggles have hit other major denominations Pilling biblical Lilor Aliss against those taking broader approaches Lizul such fights arc largely history. He has since pressed a crusade to purge inc Church of what he Calls false views of the Bible. Acknowledging thai his position has been called Divi Sivc and condemned As and alien to lutheran Theo logy. Preus contends it is the same As Hal held by the denomination at its founding 125 v cirs ago in Missouri. In in another an executive Kastern air lines said Satur Day Hal his corporation refused a request by a Nixon fund Raiser last year that Hie corporation made an illegal contribution to the president s re election Campaign. The disclosure by Eastern senior vice president Jonathan Rinehart came one Day after a spacer Verard Chavn Man of Ait the a con fessed that 555.000 in corporate funds were Given illegally to the Nixon Campaign in iil7l and im72. Spater said the Money was requested by Herbert w. Kal actress Veronica Lake Dies at 51 in Vermont Veronica Lake who gained movie Fame with her blonde peek a boo hair do is dead. Page 7a. Literature and psychiatry now being mixed in an sex ment at Northwestern Host page2d. Saudi Arabia is a country that contradicts itself in Many of Laws and actions. Page 10d. Partly Cloudy and hot through monday with a Chance of thundershowers. Highs Low 90s. Lows mid 70s. Details Page 3a. Eek a. Are Eri ital. That arts business editorials features Horoscope sports women 8b p 6a v 4a 1d j 3d 1b 1c i fran Riggins of Ensley new miss South Carolina api favorite fran Jean Riggins of Kalcy was crowned miss South Carolina of i974 saturday night and will be the state s entrant in the miss America contest in scr Ember. Second through fourth run ners up were Delaine Ann Pautler of St. Andrews Carey Frances Poston of summer v Ille Sandra ice Arlodge of Cave and Frances Elaine Basden of Camden. They were chosen from among 11 finalists. Phyllis Mcl Auren of Harl so Lyle was named miss con geniality by her fellow contestants. The statuesque miss Riggins was the Only announced double Winner in preliminaries win Ning in both swim Suil and Lal Cal All three winners in swimsuit were Tail in inc 5-7 to5 8 Range with statuesque figures in Talent miss Riggins and miss Beall won with their sing ing. Miss Basden with her performance on the of Lulu. Miss Riggins is a senior in elementary education Al Clem new miss South Carolina fran Jean i quins of Easley fac study attacks major Oil companies Washington api Federal Trade commission staff study says the nation s Petroleum shortage is the product of ant competitive practices fostered by government regu lations and manipulated by the major Oil companies to protect their in fits. In the Many Levels in which they interrelate the majors demons Rale a Clear preference for avoiding comp Lilion through Mutual cooperation and die use of exclusionary study said. The Oil companies have behaved in a similar fashion As would a classical monopolist they have attempted to in crease profi shy restricting the Only effective Competition to survive has come from Independent gasoline stations said the Slaff. The study estimated thai independen a stations closed in the first five months of this year. Has happened Here is that the majors have used the shortage As an occasion to at Cpl to debilitate if not eradicate the independen a marketing of the majors attempt is at All successful in diminishing he Markel shares of independents the consumer will pay dearly for this the study said. The study is the result of nearly two years of work. I he staff obtained answers to detailed questionnaires on relationships Between the majors and independents. Attorneys and economists searched the files of More than 50 unidentified cooperating companies. Federal and stale regulators provided data. Exec lives of major Oil companies have been called before nonpublic hearings. The study was intensified at the request of Congress and presented to the five member commission last monday. The commission has not Lakin any action nor made the Locum Cal Public. The associated press obtained a copy from the Etc. Administration May move to end economic fears Washington api Wilh the Dollar plunging overseas and the Slock Market sagging Al Home the Nixon administration plans to pull Back inc curtain on phase wage Price controls within the next Lodas. Not All the details on the Post freeze program May be ready at first bul president Nixon s economic policymakers indicate they Are eager to put the Broad outline before the Public in Hopes of relieving the uncertainty rampant in inc Economy. It is this uncertainty Hal has contributed to the Dollar s Trou Bles in foreign Money Markels and to the Stock Market s Jit ters. Based on current a minis ration thinking. Inc 60-Day Price freeze May be lifted Early in some industries but Kepi in Tacl in others. The system of wage Price controls to follow the freeze will in Tough and comprehensive. Some industries May he forced to absorb some of their own costs instead of being allowed to recover them in Price increases. There May lie different Price rules in different industries Wilh food health and Oil the three areas of the Economy Likely to get separate treat ment. The administration is still de hating whether to lift inc freeze Early in the food Industry. The one sector of the Economy where inflation has been most troublesome. Ii is weighing whether keep ing the freeze intact will cause widespread food shortages so far. Despite stories of baby Chicks being killed by producers the government has not reached a conclusion. Cost of living Council officials realize it May be difficult from a Public relations stand Point to end the freeze in the inflation plagued fowl Industry and keep in Inlall in other areas where Price rises have nol been As much of a problem. Just depends on How in is one official said. The system of wage controls to follow the freeze probably will be much like those adopted for the phase 2 program which followed inc 1971 wage Price generally. The controls would Call for pay increases to be held to 5.5 per cell a year and fringe benefits to 0.7 per cell. Jul the government As in the past is expected to maintain enough in its wage control rules to allow for in creases exceeding this guide line. Despite he toughness of inc program advertised by administration officials in will be de signed also to gel the nation out of wage Price controls. No one has suggested How this can to accomplished. As the planning went Forth t h e administration was slammed with another bad Price report last week. The Bureau of labor statistics said wholesale prices in june soared by 2.4 per cent highest monthly rate in 22 years. The prices went up just before the freeze took effect on june 13. But there was one encouraging note. The nation s unemployment rate which had held steady Al 5 per cent since last november dropped to 4.8 per cent

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