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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 7, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaFlamon watergate Graffiti Jack Anderson John m. O Dowd 1887-1970 James a. Rogers editor Joe , managing editor Dew James associate editor Richard g. Moisio Genera manager _ saturday july 7, 1973 Patchwork no answer the state general Assembly May now attempt to Patch up an old system or come up with something new and in keeping with the changed complexion of South Carolina s population spread. The latter is necessary. We refer to the supreme court s rejection of county lines As a basis for representation in the House of representatives. In doing so it has reaffirmed its earlier ruling in favor of a one Man one vote concept making population Den sity rather than a geographic area the governing Factor in representation. It should come As no Sun prise for disproportionate representation is obvious on the face of it. As an example both Mccormick and Marion coun ties have one representative each in the House. But Mccormick has a population by official count of Only As compared Resi dents in Marion county. Chester Newberry and Union bounties Are other counties in the Range with Only one representative. The old system was of classic design. Each of the state s 46 counties had one senator. House representation was in relation to population but each county regardless of population was entitled to one representative. This system was demolished by a Federal court ruling in 19g5 which declared in favor of on Man one vote. Reorganization of the Senate followed which numerous tries satisfied the requirements of the court. Last week the court reject Ved present apportionment in the lower chamber and left it to legislature to come up with plan. In effect the court voided county lines As a basis for representation and thereby threw out the provision of the South Carolina Constitution which insures one representative for each county without re Spect to population. Disproportionate representation carries with it a corollary disproportionate political Power. While the court did not cite this As a reason for its ruling implicit in that ruling is that proportionate political Power requires proportionate representation. The general Assembly is now faced with the painful process of creating a new design to implement the new ruling. As said in the beginning it can engage in attempts to Patch up the old system or it can take a totally new look at the Popula Tion situation in South Carolina and devise a plan that satisfies fact and the spirit of the court s decision. To attempt the former will be a futile Effort. While the wish to preserve the tradition al political status quo is natural among those who will be affected by change the fact is that the old system is for All practical purposes dead and no at tempt to resurrect it will succeed. It is in truth proper that it should not. The thinning of population in largely Rural coun ties and its concentration in Urban centers is a fact of life which cannot and should not be disregarded in government processes. At this Point the most obvious satisfactory device would be to adopt the present 124-Mem Ber House plan and create 124 House districts having approximately equal population. Some cases this would Cut across county lines hut in every Case it would fulfil the one Man one vote requirement. Bomb no More Compromise the Compromise for Fermi rating u. S. Bombing in indo China by aug. 15 is a Welcome i indication that president Nixon is taking a More conciliatory Tacl with Congress. One surmises that the presi Dent has t gravitated toward tact with willingness or enthusiasm. The pressures of and the Prospect of Congress withholding funds for the routine essential of government with new fiscal year at hand no doubt moved the president to Ward a bombing Compromise. With Confidence in the presi Dency seriously eroded by watergate the president needs As never before to find a common ground with Congress. It is in fact essential if presidential leadership is to assert itself in any. Meaningful Way for the remainder of the Nixon term. The Compromise to end the bombing by aug. 15 is probably More of a face saving Man Euver than one of any real Conse Quence to the diplomatic Initia Tives underway to halt the fight ing in Cambodia. The daily rain of tons of bombs on forces opposing the american backed Lon nol government for the past six months does t seem to have Given much leverage to or. Henry Kissin Ger s efforts to achieve a Cam Bodian it s hard to see How six More weeks of bombing if the presi 1 Dent chooses to continue it up to the deadline will make any real difference. The insurgents in what is fundamentally a civil War will simply bide their time until after the deadline. Barring a cambodian Settle ment before bombing Road line which does t seem Likely it s interesting to contemplate what May happen after Ameri can air Power is withdrawn. Conceivably the Lon nol government will be More willing to make concessions and the various factions in Cambodia will be Able to Hammer out a settlement among themselves. In any Case the president s pledge to end the bombing finally brings within sight a realistic end to this country s Long and agonizing military involve ment in Indochina. Implicit in the Compromise was a White House pledge not to resume hostilities in that part of the world without the expressed approval of Congress. While Congress was unable to Muster the two thirds majority needed to overcome the president s veto of anti bomb ing measures a solid majority in both houses lined up on the Side of denying the president funds to continue them. The Prospect of a final end to this country s combat involve ment in the whole of Southeast Asia and the president s emerging posture of conciliation to Ward Congress opens the door for a needed spirit of teamwork in such vital areas As planning the Economy funding Domestic programs and negotiating Trade pacts designed to strengthen the Dollar in International Trad ing. Circumstances being what they Are the president is obliged to be More conciliatory to Ward Congress. This apparently is the message being impressed upon him by his new Domestic adviser Melvin Laird and apparently it s getting through congressional quarterly land use planning should Federal funds encourage it Washington although the land use policy and planning assistance act passed the Senate with relative ease 64-21 on june 21, opponents of the Bill made it Clear they had serious reservations about its effect on states rights. If enabled into Law the measure would provide for Federal Grants to the states to assist them in develop ing land use programs. The states would be allowed to devise their own programs consistent with guidelines set Down in the Bill. Koligi Billy for Grants would be based on Federal approval of the programs. Advocates of the plan saw the fed eral Grants As incentives As Well As a form of assistance to the slates for developing a National approach to the problems involved in land utilization. Critics Felt that Federal control would follow Federal funds with the subsequent erosion of the traditional authority of stale and local govern ments to regulate properly and control land use. Should the Federal Grants be used As incentives to Stales to adopt land use plans following Are views expressed by participants in the debate. Pro according to projections by the fed eral government the nation must build in the next three decades As Many Homes schools and hospitals As were Buill in the last three Cen Turies. Urban growth atone will take up an area larger than the stale of new Jersey. This expansion will place enormous strains on the country s land resource and will have a National not merely local effect. Some form of nationally coordinated land use policy is needed to assure that land will be used rationally not wastefully. Stale and local governments Are often under budgetary restrictions which prevent them from undertaking extensive planning programs Nec Essary to efficient governing. Federal to assist the states in develop ing land use programs will not Force the states to come up with such a plan but will encourage them. The states will in effect be assisted in exercising their rights. Without an established National land use program a de Facto National policy will evolve from those of the various slates inefficiency and conflict Are sure to result and Only compound the already sizable land use problems. A reversal in american altitudes toward land use is needed. While the Pioneer ethic of buying and Selling land in whatever manner an individual sees fit is not As prevalent As it was in the last Century its residual effects remain. Our land resource is finite and the demands placed upon it increase Mark edly every year. The use to which it is put As with any resource in Short Supply should be carefully controlled. A National land use policy will assure such control. Con a National land use policy could not effectively Deal with the diversity of America s land resources. The states Are Best suited to Deal with the prob Lem. Although the land use policy and planning assistance act does not re quire states to participate in develop ing land use programs the pressure on them to do so will be great. Al most in Federal Grants will be made available Over an eight year period presenting an attractive incentive for states to take part. Continued Grant eligibility will be based on approval of the pro Grams by a Federal Board and the Secretary of the Interior. This puts the slates in a position where they must comply with Federal guidelines in order to receive necessary fund ing a position that seriously endangers state sovereignly. The right of the states to zone and regulate land use is grounded in police Powers historically reserved to the states. Since Federal guidelines would be established for drawing up a land use program the Federal government would in effect be attempt ing to define and broaden already existing authority. The potential for abuse and ultimate usurpation of Stales rights is too great aty answer Billy Grahm do i know you have visited Japan recently and that you arc quite conversant with asian affairs. Do you think that perhaps Japan s Sun is rising again and that she May once More become a Power to be reckoned with . The Sun has risen Japan has now fully recovered from her military and economic defeat of world Warll. She has nol Only healed her War wounds but her psychological wounds As Well. In our visits to Japan in recent years we have found very responsive Anc cooperative people. The japanese sheltered by a Mutual Security treaty with the United states have Bent every Effort to develop Industrial competence. This she has brilliantly done. Just think of the Fields of electronics automobiles and clothing. Japan is now one of the top three major trading areas in the free world. Japan is the Industrial giant of Asia and Many asian leaders Are worried about japanese economic domination. I was even surprised at Hei neighbouring country Korea they too Are making tremendous strides. But the fortunes and the fates of nations Are in the hands of god. The psalmist revealed this when he Drolc psalm All nations shall serve Vhal is More needed than anything else is to gel Back to god and the spiritual bases on which our Republic was formed. As a history Book in 1845 put it my country was the most virtuous among nations this is her Pride not the extent of her Domino nor the wealth of her Revenue this is the source of that great Ness which it becomes her sons to prefer Deal a Devotion irs shuffle rushes big corporations tax audits Washington the nation s largest corporations Many of which strenuously resist audit of their tax returns by the internal Revenue serv ice have just been saved tens of Mil Lions in Back taxes thanks to a go fast order issued to irs auditors. Instructions were sent from Washington last j oct. 27 informing agents j they had a Mere eight j months until june 1973, to finish examining All tax returns filed by the giant corporations prior to 1970. No extra agents were assigned to handle the huge workload. The actual Lime spent auditing re turns from companies with assets Over a Quarter of a billion dollars declined from 927 Man years in fiscal 1972 to 872 Man years in fiscal 1973. Result shoddy audits of the Industrial Gianis. Many agents were understandably shocked when they received word from Washington. You just did l have time to do a proper one agent complained. All you could do was hit the High spots drop All the other issues and get out by a Field auditor based in new York admitted the new directive forced him to ignore All dubious lax items under in cases he was examining. It s still another agent confided but the one class of taxpayers who Are most productive in tax reve nue arc getting a fast the official reasoning for the accelerated order was irs concern that agents working on Large cases had fallen too far behind in their work. So the new instructions were issued in effect depriving the Treasury of millions. Footnote for its part the irs de Nies that recent audits Are of Law Quality citing use of computers and extra clerical help to assist1 beleaguered agents. However such modifications were applied Only to a fraction of he cases under irs review. Official vacation Lamo Duck fed eral Trade commissioner Mary Gardi Ner Jones recently vacationed in is Rael at the expense of the taxpayer even though the Etc s travel office had refused to approve it. So questionable was the journey that Etc executive director Basil mezines who handles the commission ers travel arrangements would not her travel order. He bucked it editorial research reports to chairman Lewis Engman who obligingly signed it to avoid a fuss with his volatile lady co commissioner. All told the trip Cost the taxpayers about As tabulated from miss Jones expense accounts which we have obtained. The resourceful regu Lator got the government to pay the air fare for her week Long vacation by coupling it with an official visit. Here s How she worked it her accounts show that she paid her own expenses in Israel for one week but charged the United Stales for expenses on the second week. Although the official part of her trip was at Israel s invitation sri admitted to us that she had doubts about taking the trip so close to her september de parture from Etc. I was t sure the chairman would approve she conceded then burst out Why Are you trying to Pillory a person who has Given her. Life s blood to the actually commissioner Jones blood giving to the consumer has been desultory. Earlier this year she infuriated Consumers by concealing Etc data about the conglomerate High Jinks of itt Gulf and Western and Litton. In past years she stalled action against abuses by the Aramco trans Mission firm. She also favored a q questionable merger of United fruit with Amk meat packers at a time when it was being pushed by president Nix on s old Law firm. And while she was lobbying to get the chairmanship of the commission in 1969, she flip flopped and voted for a Neiman Marcus merger with Broad Way Hale. One of Broadway Halo s lawyers was her Loyal supporter for the chairman s Job. Quoting senator a Kaki. I m quoting my adv avs bahamian Independence near Britain in t grieving London still another Island de Pendency in the Caribbean stands on the Brink of full Independence. On july 10, the Bahamas will sever All remaining ties with great Brilain. Far from grieving Over the impending loss her majesty s foreign office is relieved to be rid of a potential trouble spot. The Bahamas problems Are troublesome enough As it is. Since bahamian prime minister Lynden 0. Pindling came to Power on Jan. 16, 1967, the archipelago s economic situation has gradually deteriorated. Busi Ness week reports that the hotel Industry lost million last year and the number of air arrivals the Visi tors who spend the most Money is off by 10 per cent and More both al Freeport and at Nassau s Paradise Many observers attribute the Bahamas woes to Pindling s insistence that Blacks be elevated rapidly to High level jobs. This policy it is said has scared away the country s two principal sources of income tourists and offshore financial institutions. Independence will be a novel experience for the Bahamas. Christopher Columbus first landed on the Island of san Salvador in the Eastern part of the archipelago in 1492. The Spanish explorers who followed him made no attempt to colonize the islands. In Stead they abducted the native Ara Wak indians As slave labor for the of Hispaniola. The British arrived on the scene in the 1640s and built a stockade on Eleuthera. From around 1680 Onward the Bahamas gained notoriety As a rendezvous for pirates. For a few Days in 1776 Nassau was held by an american naval Squadron. But the town was recaptured by the British then by the Spanish and finally by the British again in 1783. Numerous american colonists Loyal to the British Crown together with their slaves settled in the Bahamas after the revolution. But their plantations failed and the Island s languished. Prosperity returned in the 1860s when the Bahamas became a depot for vessels running Block Ade against the confederacy. In the 1920s, the islands were a Haven for bootleggers. And now the Bahamas will go it alone As have Jamaica Trinidad and Tobago British Guiana and Barbados in previous years. This Chain reaction is still in motion. Britain is eager to unload its remaining colonies in the Leeward and Windward islands As Well As British Honduras. The dutch have let it be known that they want to abandon the remnants of their Caribbean Empire the islands of Curacao Aruba and Bonaire and Suri Nam on the coast of South Africa. The trouble is that Many of these dependencies have no desire for full sovereignty. British Honduras for example fears that neighbouring Guate Mala will forcibly Annex in once the Union Jack is hauled Down. And inhabitants of the dutch possessions fear that Independence will prove financially disastrous even though the nether lands government has promised continued Aid. The foregoing developments should be of More than Idle interest to Ameri can taxpayers for they Are the ones who May end up supporting these Small poor and overpopulated Terri tories. The . Program of assist Ance to Guyana formerly British Guiana already is among the larg est in the world on a per capita basis. The Lale Charles de Gaulle s description of the Caribbean islands As Mere specks of dust in the Atlantic looks More accurate All the time. But they Are expensive specks and someone will have to pay the Bill. V Florence morning news published daily and sunday i s. Dirty St. Member of in allocated press audit Bureau of circulation Southern newspaper Publ liners Mio Ciai inv the Assoc aled press it entitled exc Luj vely to the use Lor Pool Calten of All local news in mis newspaper one Florence morning news desires to be notified promptly of errors in any 01 its reports. The Florence morning news will Nolte responsible for Advance payment mme to newspaper Sirti Irwi ride office of mis newspaper. By i depend paperboy Independent news we. M4. . . Myrty circulation Telephone number mm771 circulation manager Tom Mcgee second clan pos Laje Paw it Florence s. C

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