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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 7, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaThe family circus Blondie my va3uld tudbu2yb Send you a card on ism t its a set Well card in i dose come in 4 at least once they think f5? pfc of Andy Capp bib Fer t Book a room at that wone Woons want this second honeymoon ibeat1 be a Little surpass Mary Worth Rvl Tysl belial Only 6v Chancl the f " Inual i picked inc Raizk the s your. Cue we lost the. 7 vpage.-. I Dick Tracy checking garbage cans sometimes tells a lot. Beetle Bailey no i m not believe i m just to float papers and treat 6 Peall ammo s j Flintstones How come vol Only planted a Cotton knockout with a Little i and v a Green i l Abner we the Bluebird foundation has come to offer you Money Well build a ten million Florence morning news saturday july 7, Carroll Righter s Horoscope from the Carroll Righter Institute crossword Puzzle across Baneg be web baffle he Hoed general tendencies san rolling dramatic and unexpected conditions a litre others Are concerned can occur today and tonight. You would be Wise to accept standpoints and interests of others in the spirit in which they Are presented for there Are some highly beneficial results if you do not resent or become upset by suggestions. Aries mar. 21 to apr. 19 try not to be harsh with others or you could get into a Good Deal of rouble right now. Listen to what others have to say even though you do not agree with their wishes. State yours quietly. Come to a real understanding. Taurus apr. 20 to May 20 Yon can handle that Job now in a unique Way and impress others with your intelligence. A co worker May be acting in a most unusual Way but this is because the creative mind is at work Fie patient. Gemini May 21 to june 21 an invitation can be extended to you unexpectedly which you should accept since it presents a Fine Opportunity to get ahead because of it. Which you have been waiting for. Show More Devotion to the one you love. Moon children june 22 to july 21 Don t gel angry at Home or there could be serious results. Keep your Cool. Show More affection there instead. Make sure you get your financial affairs in better order. Leo july 22 to aug. 21 More care in motion of All kinds is Wise now or you could get into much trouble expense. Make sure you shop wisely and do not leave your purse or Wallet where others can grab it. Avoid one who is not reasonable. Virgo aug. 22 to sept. 22 take care Yon do no commit yourself to expense unknowingly and show Yon Are moderate in All that you do. Use Good judgment. Take time for recreational activities you like in . Have fun. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 Fry not to Scalier your forces so much or you accomplish very Little. Know what is Best to do and carry on in a positive fashion. You can make yourself look very attractive now and keep important appointment. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 you arc Able now to get that data you have Long been searching Foi. Handle Liat business Deal in a most Wise Way. Know your mate s moods and then you can have More rapport romantically. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. 21 a charming Friend can come up with an inspiring idea that cat be most helpful to you. Out to the social in . And meet interesting persons. Dress in Fine style and impress others favourably. 5. Adversary s widow Bible 13.ipecac source 14. Fill Liy in. Exc Samalion 17. Welsher 19. Bird 20. Propeller 21. Onto 23. Shirr 26. Masterpiece 28. Quilt 29. Verve 31. Unbundled Antler 33. Cons Tellalian 34. Beer 36. Point 38. Compete 35. He crossed elephants article 15. Unit it Torce 46. Escalator i Venlo bewitch 19. Roman statesman 50. Signs 51. Corn Shell 3heehhh Nana mom he a Hhd qe3 c3sse solution of Mii Day s Puzzle Down a he 1. Hurried 2. 3. Bailiwick 4. Madrid s Art gallery he is 28 32 4v 3t 5. Esteemed 6. Corn Lily 7. Italian physicist 8. Summer drink 9. Lutetium Symbol 12. High flier 16. Carnivore 18. Sack 19. Coffee 22.0-Jrselves 23. Rain Forest 24.icimyson heroine 25. Cany on a War 27. Customs 30. Compass Point 32. Cotton seeder 3 35. Verse v. Tree later 41.boyfriend 42. Termites 43. Appearance Puppy s Mother 7.748. Definitely not contract Bridge b. Jay Beckerm two strikes and you re out Cal tricorn dec. 22 to Jan. 20 you can acid to prestige by handling that civic or career matter very wisely. A Hicl or up Soho operates in a Moilen manner can do much for North Yon. Get your credit affairs in better order. Think. 10 3 aquarius Jan. Feb. 19 Ideal Day to gel out to v j i new places and be with new acquaintances contacts but make 7 4 i 2 sure you drive with utmost care. Learning new systems is Fine. A 10 c 5 2 be dynamic and get ahead faster. 1 feb. 20 to mar. 20 you can now How West to gel your finest desires quickly. Put your Best Lac nos to East 9 4 a 8 5 k j 9 7 4 work wisely. A cooperative attitude lows ii mate is Wise. T i in avoid one who has an Eye on your assets. K q j 1q 9 g ii your child is born today lie or she will be one of those charming Young people who can do anything Bat South requires neatness and precision. Sometimes unusual conditions a a q j 8 arise that bring Fine Opportunity to get ahead dramatically. Vkq98743 give As excellent an education As you can that will help your 4 _ offspring communicate better with others. There is some musical Talent Here also that requires proper ruining. Slart saving now for the later education which should be collegiate. The stars impel they do not what Yon make of your life is largely up to you Carroll Righter s individual forecast for your sign for than venture into uncharted seas by leading a club unless the club was a Singleton. But South blithely followed Low from Dummy losing to the King and Back came a club which West trumped. Declarer ruffed West s Diamond return and then led a Low Trump won by West with the Ace. When West returned a Diamond South ruffed and crossed to the Jack of Trumps position q 3 the bidding East a South in West 2 North pass West 47652 j 109 producing this East a j 04 a Painter s jacket How Lucky can get and in the Nick of hold it till. The garbage truck makes its pickup. August is now ready. For your copy Send your liar Bdate and Carroll Highler forecast Florence morning news . Bos 62 a Hollywood Calif. 90028. 1973, Mcnaught Syndicate inc 3 ask cot .1 question for Al on a Posl and Illo in Rance Nevis f. 0. Dox Fror Erce. S. C. Andy Andy sends a Complete 20-Vnlnmc Sel of Ilia a Kilt St dents in India in Jennit age 12, of Diamond City Alberta Oruh for her quest Iii what a those uni it in Thi Khz sky surely they in isl in the gun stay fingers of Aurora alias Hie Northern . Sor climes these Wanis and far More gorgeous displays appear in to skies Hanve Canada and parts of the Stales. People who live farther South would love to share the celestial View Lizul Hough auroras have been seen in hit skies above Mexico the event is very very if you Don t know what to you might mistake he Pale beams of Aurora boreal is Lor Scardi lights. From a new shopping Conler. Lint Ali arc Are a to Tell which is which. As a Rule even the Simples Aurora it cams Are tinged with Green and they appear to originate in the nor Hern Parl of the sky. They arc most Likely to occur in March and april Riffil again in september anal october. However in is just possible that somebody to the nor 111 of you is playing with Green tinted searchlights. In this Case you might have another clue if you happen to know what s happening on the Sun. For Aurora lights arc expected to follow a recent rash of Sunspot activity. This we Are told is what causes them. Sunspots Are huge magnetic storms on the face of the Sun. These violent upheavals toss up masses of solar gases and their charged particles Stream out Inlo space. Some of hem head Loward the Earlh and is Dikeou Ripper atmosphere. Charged particles of this sort Are affected by magnetic Fields As they near the Earlh. They veer toward the magnetic poles which Are near the n Orch anal South geographic poles. This is Why the Aurora boreal is lends to censer around the North pole and the Aurora aus Ralis around the South pole. The charged particles from the Sun across 93 million Miles of space silently and invisibly. But this changes when they strike the thin gases in our upper atmosphere. Ilene they collide with molecules of Gas. This upsets their original charges and causes hem to glow Wilh Aurora i glimmers. On a much smaller scale something like this happens in a fluorescent Light. The Glass tube contains a skimpy helping of certain gases. When the electric current is turned on. In causes changes thai make the gaseous atoms and molecules glow with fluorescent Light. The auroras do something like this on a scale big enough to Span the skies. Their glimmering displays Are thought to occur Between fill and Coo Miles above our Heads and they Lake Many forms. Often their Pale greenish searchlights expand and curtain the sky with Gauzy waving draperies sometimes the display spans across the sky in a shimmering hand of Pale Rainbow colors. The most display is said to be a fiery Sunburst Hal pulses in the far Northern sky. In any Case the celestial glory is a entered toward our North magnetic pole and in the Southern hemisphere around the South magnetic pole. Andy sends a seven volume Sci of tue chronicles of Narma Ruggiero age9, of Pittsburgh Penn Sylvania former question vol Len was shorthand invent cd As you know in lakes a Long Lime o Grilc a whole Page in readable longhand letter by Letler and word by word. N blur Nelly a Tot of people though of inventing a quicker Way to do he Job. In fact. Some likly invented a Way Back in g8 . Which was a Otil years ago. Mis name was Marcus trillions Tiro opening Lead eight of clubs. Bridge is a contradictory game. It is so easy to play Well because virtually every part of the game rests on simple logic and yet so difficult to play Well because it is mighty hard to apply simple logic in band after hand without occasionally straying from the straight and narrow. Consider this Deal where Declarer failed twice in one hand. West led a club and South should have realized that the eight was a Singleton. Diamonds having been bid and raised West would almost surely have led one rather 1913 King Syndicate inc South a q j a Vuk q9 Declarer would still have made the contract Lead he led the ten of Spades from Dummy and finessed. But unfortunately he stopped by the Wayside to Lead the Ace of clubs and with that one play sealed his doom. Whatever he discarded he was now destined to go Down one. If he discarded a Low Spade East would play Low on the next Spade from Dummy if he discarded the Jack of Spades East would simply cover the next Spade Lead from Dummy and in that Way Stop the con tract. Here s to your Good health by Peter j. Steincrohn . saturday Alicia by i Kate he. Stein Kuohn m. Exc ass fat Fiji Koll arthritis dear or. Steincrohn i Hope i Slop hearing and Reading about the dangers of obesity. In seems it has become a Fesili of he medical profession to warn us about being Over weight i m already 4h. Past the dangerous age of -10, and still con Sider myself healthy. So lie ally in fad that i Haven t been o my doctor in six years. At Hal time my Electrocardiogram and other tests were All right. The Only thing wrong was some beginning arthritis in my knee joints and he warning that being 40 pounds Over weigh was t going to dome any Good. 1 have no complaints except for occasional aches in my Knees. Why should i go in any special diet o lose when i feel is Heck disc. Lie cause. Because. These arc three of Many reasons Why you should lose weight. Because any insurance company will agree Faller studying hundreds of thousands of statistics Hal the overweight per son in t the healthy because although you feel apparently Well you have no guarantee that your and other less Are As satisfactory As six years ago. Carrying around a surplus of 40 pounds is undoubtedly a Strain on your heart and blood vessels. The third because is Hal the aches you arc complaining about in your Knees Are Likely due loan increasing amount of degenerative changes in your knee joints due to Ost Coar. Chritis. If you ask a Normal weighted person to carry a 20 Pound sack of Poa Lotes in each hand during every waking hour he is bound to complain a Hal Day s end of aches in his Knees. For it is the knee s Hal have to withstand and Bear up under any added weigh loads. If you exp Cal to delay or Fri Lher damage to your Knees. Mrs. A. Belter Lake the extra weigh off. As you re so fed up with lectures against i la forego any discussion Hal extra weight in t any too Good for the heart blood pressure blood vessels Gall bladder pan. . I perhaps i d . What has your full. In Glt. Three Way Mirrow been telling you some limbs such reflection starts people off on a diet much quicker than aching Knees. I

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