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Florence Morning News (Newspaper) - July 7, 1973, Florence, South CarolinaJuly Florence morning news airline made illegal gop gift Elizabeth Taylor has no comment on arrival in la Richard Burton remains in seclusion on Long Island Don t believe in Elizabeth Taylor claims los angles a i really Don l believe in Elizabeth Taylor said nine ago after marrying fifth husband Richard Burton. The couple had created an International stir of sorts when they divorced their mates in to Complete a much publicized Romance begun during the filming of Cleopatra two years earlier. Miss Taylor said then that Bierton was a very sexy has Jungle Burton said he had no idea what total love was and an unfit Mother. We were spat at she recalled. And going through those crowds thank goodness i did t speak italian. I knew what i was doing Loving Richard miss Taylor said later. I Felt terrible heartache because so Many innocent people were involved but i could t help Lov ing miss Taylor had previously married and divorced the late Conrad Nicholas Nicky Mil ton jr., and actor Michael Wilding. She also was the wife see himself falling in of movie magnate Mike Todd with anyone when he was killed in a plane now the couple who weath crash in 1958. Erect a storm of scandal to be mass Taylor had said she husband and wife have married Hilton for a Rose Cov announced a separation. Miss ered cottage Wilding for has flown to Ange Friendship Todd because he is Burton is secluded on i Jig was the pursuing dominating Island. But both say they Hope male and Fisher because she for a reconciliation. Thought he needed . Tie re s no question Aboul at the age of 18. Miss Taylor our Mutual love and Devotion married the 23-year-old Hilton each Burton said in eight months later still if she statement released wednes got a divorce sniffling on the maybe we have loved witness stand that hotel heir each other too miss husband cared More for the Taylor said. Gambling tables than on flip actress and their european honeymoon the British actor were married when she was 19 she married on March 15, 1964. In Montreal. Wilding a suave British actor the marriage came 10 Days who was 20 years senior after miss Taylor s divorce they had two sons in their from Eddie Fisher was final year marriage. A spokesman and it helped squelch outcries of for the couple blamed career Public indignation which had trouble for he split trailed them since the Burton title colourful Cigar chewing Taylor Romance began. Todd was miss Taylor s third Cleopatra began husband. Miss Taylor then shooting in Rome in 1962. Miss Nearis 25 and were Todd was killed in a plane crash. Six months after the crash the widow trying to forget Todd left for Europe. On the Way she encountered Kisher in new York. After a few Days there she cancelled european plans. Fisher and miss Reynolds were divorced on May 12. 1959, and Eddie and miss Tayjor were married. Burton and his first wife. Sybil were divorced in 1963. They had two daughters. He said before he met Eliza Beth "1 had no idea what total love was. I was thrown by it very badly. I was in a terrible state of Shock. Now thank god i can t see myself falling in love with anyone else. Of i might have some Middle aged catastrophe and be Infa Turalee with some pretty Little blonde for five minutes hut Elizabeth would be prepared for that i after their miss Taylor said. We both feel a. Kind of Miracle has happened. And i love him enough to stand by him no matter what he might do " refusing to be separated they made several films together. They., co starred in the taming of the the and who s afraid of Virginia for which both were nominated for Academy awards. The Burtons travelled often Washington a american airlines confessed Friday that it donated in company funds to president Nixon s re election Campaign last year. Special watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox com mended the move and indicated that jail terms and fines May await other corporate officers who fail to admit such illegal gifts. Whether they come Forward or not we intend to get to Bottom of illegal funding prac said. Under Federal Law anyone who gives or receives Campaign gifts from the coffers of corporations labor unions or Banks May be imprisoned up to two years and fined up to american airlines chairman George a. Spa Ter said presi Dent Nixon s personal lawyer and trusted fund Raiser Bert w. Kalmbach told him that the airline was among those from whom was at the time in was seeking to merge with Western airlines. The move required approval from the White House. It was being opposed by United air lines one of Kalmbach s Law clients. The merger later collapsed not because of White because the civil aeronautics Board voted it Down last july. Cox said american had admitted the illegal gift voluntarily and had agreed to Coop Erate fully with the prosecutor s office. Spater said american admit Ted the gifts to mitigate any resulting charges or penalties against the officials he said he took full personal responsibility for ordering the donation. Cox said the admission will be considered As a mitigating circumstance in deciding what charges to a spokesman for would t say whether any. Charges will be filed but said none have Beer filed yet. Both Cox and Spater urged others who have made illegal donations to come Forward and admit them. Cox is investigating reports that Nixon. Fund raisers used extortion to obtain Money from businessmen and others who had tax problems government contracts pending mergers or other reasons to fear that the administration could Hurt them. American chairman Spater Laid the blame for such practices on present Campaign finance Laws which he said should be reformed along lines common cause the self styled citizens lobby. Under the existing Laws a Large part of the Money raised from the business Community for political purposes is Given in fear of what would happen if it were not he said in a four Page statement Given to newsmen. Spater did t say whether Kalmbach knew the Money was from the corporate Treasury and did t say whether Kalmbach had threatened Adverse action on the pending merger. Neither Spater nor Kalmbach were available for newsmen s questions Friday. Spater said that when Kalmbach asked for i knew or. Kalmbach to be both the president s personal coun Sel and counsel for our major competitor. I concluded that z substantial response was Callec he said that at his direction corporation officials donated 3 total of in five payments during the period from novem Ber 1971 to March 1972. The first Spater said he fully supports a crash investigation to find out four payments totalling proposals for Reform of Cam whether the White House pres were from non Orpo Pajgin Laws by common sure the internal Revenue rate sources Spater said bul cause. It is urging creation of a service to. Reject a request for the final payment of in powerful Independent Federal status for the Cen election commission that could Ter on corporate responsibility subpoena evidence and Start inc. The Center contends it had civil or criminal court actions to close its doors this Spring during a Campaign. Also rec after the irs rejected its tax commended Are Federal pay exempt status after a 2 a year ments to qualified candidates delay last week ousted White and stringent limits on the House counsel John w. Dean Iii March was from corporate sources. Spater said the payments were made in Cash. The is part of the estimated Mil lion in secret contributions raised by the Nixon Campaign before april when a new Campaign finance jaw made secret donations illegal. Of the million million was in Cash and was used in part to finance the watergate wiretapping payoffs to silence the watergate wire tappers and other Clandestine Campaign activities. Spater did t say exactly How the Money was transmitted to the Nixon Campaign but did say it i fairly common practice among corporation officials to make donations in their own name for which the corporation reimburses them. He said this is a significant National he said pressures put on businessmen for contributions. Along with the practice of disguised gifts from corporation treasuries Are a significant National the corporation is Usu ally the target of the solicitation and usually receives the political credit for the contributions that Are he said. The corporation with independently wealthy officers or stockholders is thus placed in a preferred position in Coni p a r i s o n with a corporation whose officers or stockholders Are less fortunately amount that candidates May spend or that individuals and groups May contribute. Common cause chairman John Gardner who had been a director of american airlines until december 1971, just before the corporate gift was made said Spater should be commended for admitting the gift. Gardner also called for other corporation directors to find out whether their firms have made similar gifts and to report them. Testified at Senate hearings that the White House tried to use the irs to punish its enemies. American civil Liber ties Union lost a bid to enter. Court proceedings on the Side of watergate wiretapped James w. Mccord jr., who is seeking reversal of his conviction on grounds that two prosecution witnesses now have admitted they lied at his trial. Chief District judge John j. Sirica denied the Acle s request to file a Friend of the court Brief fresh seafood daily networks scramble for new a 11 shows taking with them an enormous living there with married feb. 2. 1957. Best men entourage of servants and a Fisher fourth husband were Fisher and mexican co menagerie of animals. Her two Burton was married to his Brit median Carlin Flash. Fisher s sons and a daughter by Prev is wife Sybil Debbie Reynolds was an Ous marriages lived with them during the filming of Cleo a Ter Danl. On March 22, 1958, until the oldest son married Burton and miss Taylor often were seen on dates while Fisher stayed Home. Soon Fisher flew Back to the United states and filed suit for and Burton s wife Sybil divorced him. The Romance made headlines. Italian news papers branded Elizabeth a Washington i a the Scarlet woman and called for f our. Produced Honor banishment from Home. America Day three years ago is the Vatican newspaper called now plannin2 or Eccl a Monument to the statue Liberty los Angeles api the writers strike against the film producers settled the Tele vision networks Are scrambling to meet the deadline for the opening of the fall season. Chances Are to viewers will be watching More of what they will he getting All summer re runs. Last week s settlement of the in week writers Guild of Amer Ica against the movie studios brought a wave of optimism in the network Headquarters that the 1973-74 season would be Able to begin More or less on schedule. But the networks still face problems. Negotiations will resume in new York wednesday or thurs Day for a settlement of the writers strike against the net works themselves. Said a Guild the talks were going Well last week but the negotiators had to break off be cause of statue of Liberty planned for some West coast port Lewis Hopes to dedicate the should be peace and that it new statue of Liberty by july should inspire .0 19 6. To the world s problems. Bridals formats mothers of the Bride Price and less Virginia s Alley downtown of on the West coast for the nation s Bicentennial. The american historic and cultural society whose leadership includes Bob Hope. Billy Graham hotel restaurant tycoon j. Willard Marriott and Magazine publisher Hoberg annual Sale july 5th thru the 13th. Bridal gowns formats Mother s dresses 30% selected veils and Hak pieces special cute Stowt on All Shower and party Herns 30% off 50% open week Day and thursday eve mugs until 9 p. M. Owing Sale open daily 10 to 5 closed monday 752-5014 Latla s. C. Everything for your wedding while the exact nature of the Monument is still open the theme will be peace and the in cation currently favored is the san Francisco Bay area. We re throwing it out for Public suggestion at this said Honor America executive director John p. Cosgrove. We be decided that we re going to do it. But we re open to suggestion on just what kind of Monument it will suggestions Range from an other heroic statue like Liberty to a dramatic display of Beacon lights. A museum of peace As opposed to the traditional Dis plays of War relics is another suggestion. The idea was that someone should Start to Mark the 200th year of Independence with an appropriate Cosgrove said. We decided the one reason for a preference for san Francisco is that it was the Birthplace of the United nations. There has been no negotiation for a site but the society is be thinking about the now abandoned Alcatraz Island. Liberty was Given to the United states by the people of France in Honor of the nation s 1876 Centennial. It was not completed and dedicated How Ever until 1886. The Honor America group May try to raise Money for the new memorial from the Ameri can Public As the country s birthday gift to itself. The society was formed in 1970 to promote the Day Long Honor America Day on july 4 of that year at a time when Washington was the site of Antiwar demonstration the pastor and members invite you to attend first free will Baptist Church 1507 King ave. This sunday Only live tape shows Are involved in the dispute with the networks. Hardest hit of the networks is Abc which has Long relied on the major studios particularly Universal to Supply its series. Shooting generally starts in april or May on filmed shows for the fall season. Only three of the Abc series were being made by companies which had agreements with the Guild Santord and and two new shows lots Luck with Dom and Diana starring Diana Abc plans to reevaluate its schedule plans and perhaps move the fall lineup from the scheduled sept. 2-1 target Date to compete with other networks earlier starting times. However since Abc depends most heavily on movie studios for production of series Many shows May not be ready on time a spokesman said. If a delay occurs the network will go ahead with what is ready eliminating the traditional premiere week for unveiling new shows. Instead the spokesman said some series would debut later in the month. Abc is still maintaining its schedule sept. 8 Start for the new season but it will be a the deadline. Such shows As Marcus Welby m. The Odd Kung fun and Owen mar shall Are produced by the a Jor studios. There s going to be a lot of overtime earned by studio commented a writers Guild spokesman. Lbs stuck to its goal of a sept. 11 season Start. Most of the network s series Are supplied by producers that had signed with the writers All in the the Mary Tyler Moore the Baraby Etc. Med i Mash were struck As was Here s but Lucille Ball s production company was not. So she was Able to stockpile scripts. One matter still threatens new television season the directors Guild of America is. Negotiating with the film studios for a new contract. But Industry sources were hopeful that the formula for settling the writers strike might satisfy the directors As Well. Decoy program killed Washington a the Pentagon Friday virtually killed a program on which million Lias been spent to develop a hew Decoy to enable b52 bombers to confuse soviet radar. Deputy Secretary of defense William p. Clements notified the Senate armed services committee that he had decided to terminate full engineering development of the subsonic cruise armed Decoy Scad program inasmuch As its projected Cost is incommensurate with its currently perceived instead Clements said the air Force will undertake what he called a vigorous technology program that will keep open the option to resume development of Scad or some other penetration system in minimum time if soviet air de sense should improve More rap idly. He also said that this technology program will provide for a cruise missile that would travel at . The principal contractor for the Scad is the Boeing co. The air Force has indicated at least until recently a consid Erable Lack of enthusiasm for Scad apparently because the Scad would extend the useful life of the b52 As a strategic bomber and thus diminish chances of approval for a Brand new and costly advanced bomber called Thabi. In other watergate related asking that convictions of action Friday Mccord and the six other con was ordered for Spiratos be thrown out. Senate testimony by Gordon Strachan a former aide to . Haldeman once Nixon s chief of staff. The Senate watergate committee asked immunity for Strachan after he offered through his lawyers to testify against Haldeman. Others have testified that Strachan was fully briefed on plans to Bug the watergate saw. Logs of wiretapped conversations and participated in the plot to cover up the scandal. Sources say Strachan has told the com Mittee he is ready to swear that he told Haldeman what was going on. Haldeman has denied knowledge of the wiretapping plans or cover up. District judge Charles r. Richey ordered the Justice department to conduct fresh fish the finest selection of seafood in town Ham s seafood Market 215 n. I Rby Street Florence s. C. Free parking in rear of building 662-0111 rent a car two locations to serve you 294 w. Palmetto Street 600 Street need a car rent a new Ford from Ford 665-0802 Call 669-2121 Fords Torino Mavericks pintos Ford econ line Van for you to rent for whatever the reason. And we re right in the neighbourhood. Our reasonable rates include insurance. As seen in family weekly you have the need we have the car to rent by the Day week or Mon. Keller for House july 10 pm. Pol. Adv. Charles e. Godwin a new Man with new awareness vote tuesday july 10th. To for Charles e. Godwin House of representatives pm. Pol. Adv

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